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is epi genetics really > genetics?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Aerose91, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I ask this based on my own observations. They go as such:

    I started getting sick at 25 and got reeeally sick at 26, declining ever since (31 now). I kept late hours but ate paleo, was in great shape and slept 6ish hours/night.

    All of my friends pulled the same schedules as me, many much worse. Add to that they would drink/party, take sleeping meds and sleep less cuz they woke up earlier for work. None of them are remotely sick.

    I have a few good friends in some special op.s units of the military. I talk to my one friend, a Navy SEAL, and when he tells me about the training schedule they keep its even more awful than you'd think. Completely overworked every day, no rest, next to no sleep and awful nutrition. Just 100% stress all the time. During deployment they sleep a few hours during the day (many times going days on no sleep) and run missions all night. They call it vampire hours. These guys should be dropping like flies but he can't tell me of one guy who has gotten any type of neolithic disease. Physical injuries yes, but no diseases.

    Another friend i have has the worst diet ive ever seen. For the 15 years I've known her she lives on sugar- nothing else. Im talking, one meal a day and its either cereal or gummy bears. For 15 years. She never steps foot outside and is up late every night on the computer. No health problems whatsoever.

    I'm not saying these people may not have a few things under the surface but most definitely nothing remotely compared to a disabling health condition. There must be something else that makes certain people susceptible to these things, no?
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    yep........low redox = no assimilation of UV light
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. You need to read the new blog carefully.
    2. The environment’s message is given, and it’s never designed to be the same in this design. This is why no two people can have the same results. Their environments are never equivalent. Arose our environment has sucked since you got here and you just keep glossing over it. You will continue to get what your get until you adapt. We are designed to disrupt electrical, proton, and water plasma's in a cell using full spectrum sunlight. Once you open a plasma you have the magic wand of cosmic design at your disposal to innovate a solution. At night we re condense proteins when light should be missing. Just as person will never give a message that everybody will agree with. So the receiver has to be able to decipher the code. The sensor and receiver mechanism is called resonant energy transfer. I know that even my most faithful readers will never agree 100% with what I say. Nor should they because their environmental canvas is not the same as my own. The easiest way to control people to be passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum. I have a sense this is why nature controls the light spectrum in us to maintain order of our proteins. “Spectrum” being the key concept across disciplines. With light, “spectrum” has a precision, while prevailing opinions of people are germane to the time they are formulated in but not as precise as time scales of society change. This is why light’s spectrum changes as the seasons change too. When the spectrum changes and proteins are designed to remain relatively stable the key metric that can change is the amount of UV light a cell releases. That light tells us about the change in a tissue. That variable is seen in ubiqutin rates. The more turnover we have the more copying errors we should expect. The more errors we get the more variation we see provided that the time scale of interaction allows the change to manifest. It it occurs too quickly death maybe the result by extinction. This is how evolution creates time and uses its arrow of time to drive change.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New idea’s can be quite fragile at their outset. When we first unleash them on the world they can be minimized by a "yawn"; they can also be slowly bleed to death by a sharp comment, or killed by a facial frown. But when an idea is really special, it is a rude awakening to the new dawn's sleepy eyes. A new idea is like a beautiful sunrise; it begins whispering to the world that something new is happening on the world's stage for the very first time. It's time for you to wipe the sandman from your eyes and wake up to this reality.
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  5. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I dont post here too much because im frequently too sick to, but i've spent the entirety of my last two years putting forth effort to change my environment. I had planned to move into a tent in the desert, avoiding all nnemf and trying to get engulfed in natural circadian rythems. I spent two years building and prepping stuff and the whole plan got shattered when i found out my brain swells at anything over 1600 feet.

    After getting out of the hospital (HACE) i managed to get to the other side of the country where the air is better and have been living in my car for several months, waiting for it to cool down enough for me to go to a different desert. I can't even be in a forest for more than a few minutes at a clip before i start getting sicker.

    I could have tried to make it back home but i only declined there and i have to try and live outside anyway possible. I recently came in contact with mold and it has started a downward spiral of over a month and counting. However, i still do c/t and earthing every day in the ocean as much as possible.

    All ive done the past two years is focus on creating a conducive environment and hit roadblock after roadblock but am still waiting it out till i can put this plan into action.

    Admittedly, some nights i get pissed when a few minutes of mold or a muggy day will flatten me for days, weeks or months and a friend drinks like a fish and never sees the light of day, yet is healthy and happy as can be. It makes me wonder a bit. I'm still not defeated yet though, im sticking it out.
  6. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I've bought into your ideas hook, line and sinker from the beginning. I don't post here too much because im usually too sick but I've spent the last two years prepping and building stuff so i could move into a tent in the desert with only candles for light and no cell phone, etc. I found out the hard way that my brain swells over 1600 feet, but after getting released from the hospital (HACE) managed to get myself the rest of the way across the country. Ive been living in my car the past few months because the only desert i can go to now is still too hot so i have to wait it out. I never even considered going back home because i only got worse there and changing my environment has been the ONLY thing I've been focused on.

    The homelessness is a huge stress which makes me worse but i still stick it out because i know there's no other option. I do manage to do c/t and earthing most days in the ocean though, when im healthy enough to walk a little.

    Had a mold exposure about a month ago and it triggered a nasty downward spiral which im still fighting and admittedly, some days i get pissed thinking about friends who drink like fish, live off caffeine and ambien and never see the light of day who are happy and healthy as ever. Im not wavering though, im still sticking this plan out.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mold is killed by UV light. People devoid of UV light get mold diseases.

  8. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Interesting that UV was used to heal rickets. However, does UV have an internal effect in that mold inhaled or injested cant live in someone who is exposed to enough UV, or that the spores are killed when exposed to UV, which i have used.

    I do have a major issue with this though that perhaps you would know the answer to? If I'm exposed to direct sunlight for more than about 30 minutes, it will crash me badly for at least several weeks- sometimes months. This is mostly if i try to take my shirt off and have more skin exposed to the sun. However, i can be outside as long as I'm protected from direct sunlight, such as under an awning or something. If im outisde away from direct UV im fine most of the day, if its direct UV the best i can do is about 10 minutes in the morning and 30-60 minutes before sunset. I always ground while im out in the sun, too. Grounding is the only thing that doesn't have an upper limit for me. Cold and sun yes, grounding, the more the better.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    IT is an eye story........not just a skin story. Read Ubi 24.
  10. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member


    And that's a kick in the teeth, im the only one in my family who wears glasses and have since 11 years old. Is there any way to help this? I need glasses or contacts just to brush my teeth so doing stuff with nothing would be tough.

    I understand that the skin is good but your eye is the best receptor?

    What about people who work third shift jobs, bartenders etc.. probably under flourescent light. How are they not dropping like flies with serious disease?
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Dude look at you avatar.............do you have tarp on your eyes while outdoors?

    This is why I tell all members who are shift workers to QUIT. This is why I tell people who lack UV light to move. These people do get ill way more than other people.........you just never hear about it. This is why ER's are busier during the night and not the day. People who alter their light environment at night are playing with fire.

    It is impossible to rehearse life or foretell the future but medicine keeps the genomic fairy tail alive. A secure future comes from controlling your surroundings. The environment’s random messages is a thermodynamic given, in life's design. Because of this peculiar relationship, time has to be created from the interaction of light and proteins. This is why no two people can have the exact same results. Genetic identical twins even show this variation. Their environments are never equivalent, even though their genomes are, but their lives always vary. Medicine keeps looking in the genome for answers, while it is our altered light spectrum that has sucked since 1885, and we just keep glossing over it. Stop following lemmings. Cells cannot prevent what they cannot predict. When you alter the spectrum any time you are causing biologic destruction.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So you think this light thing I keep bringing up is nothing event? Let go deeper to another epithelial cancer people are making billions of dollars off of selling solutions that enrich the meme creators and not people who abuse blue lit things. Several papers have shown that women blind to light have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. People living in low levels of ambient lighting such as the Arctic also have a lower prevalence of breast cancer. Conversely, women exposed to light at night (eg night and shift workers) have a higher incidence of breast cancer. A simultaneous decline in serum melatonin levels with increasing tumour growth has been demonstrated in preoperative breast cancer patients. Decreased melatonin secretion has also been noted in patients with other type of cancers. Both physiological and pharmacological levels of administered melatonin demonstrate oncostatic properties. CITES: 1. Glickman G, Levin R, Brainard GC. Ocular input for human melatonin regulation: relevance to breast cancer. Neuro Endocrinol Lett 2002; 23(Suppl 2): 17–22.
    2. Lissoni P, Viviani S, Bajetta E, Buzzoni R, Barreca A, Mauri R et al. A clinical study of the pineal gland activity in oncologic patients. Cancer 1986; 57: 837–842.
    3. Blask DE, Sauer LA, Dauchy RT. Melatonin as a chronobiotic/anticancer agent: cellular, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms of action and their implications for circadian-based cancer therapy. Curr Top Med Chem 2002; 2: 113–132. HEY YOU STILL THINK LIGHT IS NOT IMPORTANT? YOU THINK A PALEO DIET CAN SOLVE THIS? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL, FOLKS.
  13. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Epigenetics or not? who cares?
    When faced with something you don't like you've got basically 2 choices:
    1-Do nothing about it. Accept it fully and don't resist it.
    2-Change it.
    That's it.

    You've got a problem, and you should do what's good for yourself. Don't give a shit about others. Discover ideas. Then experiment. Then analyse.
  14. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Who says I'm not doing anything about it? I would argue im doing more than anyone else ive ever met who is sick. I've gotten rid of all my belongings, driven across the country (which nearly killed me), have lived homeless for 5 months and am moving into a tent off the grid in the desert- solely because thats the only way i can have 100% control over my environment.

    I'm simply an enquisive person and want to know every possible factor i can put into place when i apply all this. Currently i have a checklist of over 60 items to make sure are done correctly each day down to minute details, the bulk of which are grounded from this site.

    And Dr Kruse, that pic is many years old, its the only one i had of my face. I never, ever wear sunglasses. Like i said though, contacts or glasses have been every day for decades so ill have to make myself time in the am and pm to sit still outisde without them
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  15. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Alright then that's impressive. I was thinking that you used the genetics as an excuse not to do what's good for yourself.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Aerose 91 it matters little how old the pic is.........that is the pic you decided to freeze in time here. It encapsulates how you think. The fact you over looked it makes me wonder how many other things you over look?

    Did I just cross a line with you , or did I just show you my boundary?

    Good........it is time for you to improve the fidelity of your thoughts.

    It is screwing you.

    Are you really all in, or are you selling out too cheaply Aerose91? This Jekyl and Hyde life many create is rough at times. It is a place where they’ll pay you thousands of dollars for a kiss and just fifty cents for your soul. Tough transaction.

    I won't let you off so easy if you persist.

    I believe how we spin infinity now is by capturing moments in our life and really using introspection of those moments. That is what journaling is all about. Do you write the truth or are you just another pretender? What if we are not like the others? What if we are not one of life’s other simple plays? What then can we become?

    That is the tune I spin here.

    You get to decide if you listen to that quantum jazz or continue on the subway of life with blue tooth in your ears.

    Your picture speaks a thousand words to me...........why doesn't it speak to you?

    Ponder that.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
  17. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    To me its just an old picture, it doesn't represent everything about me today. Once you directed me to ubi 24 i learned that new info and have to apply it.

    I was never an arrogant person, but have been humbled time and time again in the past 4 years. I haven't bothered mentioning all the tribulations ive had to deal with in the years before this last move. Having to leave my best friends because they thought i was psychiatric only to move back in with my parents to have them admit me to a psychiatrist who prescribed me multiple anti psychotics and anti seizure meds. I had to move again and again to random places and dissociate from most people in my life, including my parents because they all thought i was off my rocker for not taking psych med.s. Each move makes me worse but i knew i couldnt stay where i was or take any meds i was given.
    It took some remaining friends throwing me a fundraiser for me to have the money to see a "functional" neurologist to finally get a correct diagnosis. The list goes on and on over the years.

    Thats about the time i found this site and though i havent read everything because i cant read well enough a lot of the time, i was able to put together enough from what i did read and asking questions here on the forum to know that these basic factors had to be in place first before the antibiotics, methylation or other protocols would even have a chance to work and have since found out which things ive learned here that are counter productive for me.

    I wouldn't be living in my car, declining daily from the overexertion if i wasnt commited to the plan i have. My asking these questions doesnt mean i hold no value to it or am abandoning this protocol, it means i want to know every possible detail i can to add in. Nothing is too large or small. Once i go out into that tent ill be pretty disconnected and want all the ammo i can going in.
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  18. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Brillant effort Aerose...do keep on going ......bloody hard when one isn't functioning well.

    Hats off to you:D:D:D (no doubt the sunnies will be missing in the next pic;))
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  19. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Thank you Jude, you've always been very kind
  20. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    As Jude said - brilliant effort. As you know will be worth it in the long run - you will be healthy & all you family & friends will be getting sicker

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