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Is DNA an antenna for native EMF?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 2, 2014.

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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Infrared energy is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements. Infrared energy elicits vibrational modes in a molecule through a change in the dipole moment, making it a useful frequency range for study of these energy states for molecules of the proper symmetry. This is why infrared spectrum and water are perfect matches. You really need to read Pollack's books. Photons are released from electrons after they are energizes by the sun then fall back to the ground state by giving off a photon to our tissues. It is this light that drives biochemistry and not ATP. The healing photorepair wavelength of light is in the 380 nm range. This work was done by Fritz Popp who I have mentioned on the blog several times. No one has a clue how it works as far as I know but I think I have an idea. 380 nm is an interesting frequency that undergoes Rayleigh scattering in the blue range but at the edge of UV ranges. Many experts differ as to the exact wavelength of UV light waves, but generally speaking, UV light is defined as that part of the invisible spectrum which ranges from 380nm to 200nm. (Nm stands for nanometer which is one billionth of a meter.) This part of the spectrum is divided into UV‑A, (380nm to 315nm), UV‑B, (314nm to 280nm,) and UV‑C (279 to 200nm.) That 380 nm range is a border frequency and this plays a role in refraction.......when water is structured.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Each molecule in our cells sends out a unique electromagnetic field that can "sense" the field of the complimentary molecule. It's as if there is a "dance" in the cellular medium and the molecules move to the rythm. The music is supplied by the bio-photon.

    Veljkovic and Irina Cosic (already spoke about her on my blog once) proposed that molecular interactions are electrical in nature, and they take place over distances that are large compared with the size of molecules. Cosic later introduced the idea of dynamic electromagnetic field interactions, that molecules recognize their particular targets and vice versa by electromagnetic resonance. This is why smart meters fuck us all up. In fact, all non native EMF cause us not to be able to sense the native EMF to coordinate biochemical and circadian cycles. In other words, the molecules send out specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves which not only enable them to 'see' and 'hear' each other, as both photon and phonon modes exist for electromagnetic waves, but also to influence each other at a distance and become ineluctably drawn to each other if vibrating out of phase (in a complementary way).You can read this here: The Real Bioinformatics Revolution: Proteins and Nucleic Acids Singing to One Another? (Paper available at report@i-sis.org.uk)

    There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon...........Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions... We are swimming in an ocean of light. (Hold this thought and my next post,OSF5, will explain this in detail)

    These 'biophoton emission', as Fritz Popp called them, provided an ideal communication system for the transfer of information to many cells across the organism. But the single most important question remained: where was the light coming from? Please remember that Becker found bone actually emitted light too, but the 2 copper ions acted as diodes to change the light into a piezoelectric signal that bone uses. DNA does the same thing but different mechanism. It changes native EMF energies to other forms of light we use to signal.

    A student talked Popp into an amazing experiment years ago. It is known that when ethidium bromide is applied to samples of DNA, it insinuates itself in between the base pairs of the double helix, causing DNA to unwind. Why? Bromine is a dielectric blocker. Where have you heard that before? The student suggested that, after applying the chemical, they might be able to measure the light coming from the sample of DNA. Popp found experimentally that the greater the concentration of ethidium bromide, the MORE the DNA unravelled, but also the stronger the intensity of light was emitted.

    Maybe now you see why my blog EMF 2 is spot on. When you lose energy to the environment you get ill and die quicker. It sounds counter intuitive until you get the physics. Conversely, the less ethidium bromide he used, the less light was emitted. DNA was more stable and light was kept within the double helix. Smart meters and all forms of non native unwind DNA allowing it to emit light to the environment it is within.

    He also found that DNA could send out a wide range of frequencies, some of which seemed to be linked to certain functions. If DNA stored this light, it would naturally emit more light on being unzipped. When collagen is unzipped because of a loss of electrons or excessive cortisol levels as we see in LR or in adrenal fatigue states.

    These and other studies proved to Popp that one of the most essential sources of light and biophoton emissions was DNA. DNA was like the master tuning fork of the body for light. Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It would strike a particular frequency and certain molecules would follow that direction.
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So how does all this electorn photon dance happen? What are the detailed physics that might teach us something?
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    now I can't wait for OSF5 ......
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Non native EMF causes electron steal syndrome everywhere including the water that surrounds DNA. If you get stripped of your of electrons it causes you not to be able to sense the Earth's magnetic field nor the electromagnetic spectrum around your cells. The physics is not complex. Let us consider how it works in cold water........the more electrons you collect the more electron repulsion you generate in cold water or temps so you do not suffer from cold exposure because your endogenous electromagnetic fields protect you.......this is how polar bears, penguins, and fish do it.

    Take for example two electrons, one inside you from DHA and the other ones in found in abundance of cold water. These act to repel each other due to the electromagnetic force in physics. Physicists say that there is a mediator or exchange particle which is transferred between them, called the photon. A photon is light. A photon is a "particle" of light. A beam of light is a great many photons moving together. If you increase the intensity of a beam of light without changing the frequency, you actually increase the number of photons. Light can act either as an photon or an electron. The difference is that an electron has mass and a photon has none. When an electron drops from an excited state to its ground state, the electron releases one photon. The concepts of "intensity" and "amplitude" do not apply to an individual photon. For an electron, energy can show up as a combination of speed and mass because this is what electrons have. Photons have no mass so their intensity is tied to their wavelength frequency. For a photon, mass is zero and speed is always the same, the speed of light. Frequency is the only variable available to act as the indicator of the photon's energy. If one imagines two ice skaters facing each other as two electrons, and one throws a ball to the other person both skaters will move apart, just as two electrons would repel each other in the scenario above.

    When delving inside the proton (or neutron) it is not the electron which actually 'probes' the nucleon or the nucleus, but the photon. Why? because the mass of the electron limits its action. When it is an electron that gives some of its energy away (and so loses some of its momentum) to the photon. The momentum is the kinetic energy transferred to the photon. Energy can be transferred to another form it can not be created or destroyed. The more momentum which is transferred to the photon, the more energy the electron loses to the released photon. In the photoelectric effect Plank states that E=hf. This means that the energy of the photon is proportional to the frequency. The more energy a photon has the shorter the wavelength of the photon. Conversely, the less momentum is transferred to the photon, the longer the wavelength becomes. The photon of a blue light photon has a lower wavelength than a red light photon, therefore blue light carries more energy. This means blue light has more power than red light does. Intensity of light is tied to longevity in stars and in us. A star that emits more blue light burns brighter but dies sooner. A red giant star can last trillions of years. Your brain tends to be in the habit of collecting red light photons.

    When we consume a food like broccoli, for example, and digest it, it is metabolized into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, plus the light stored from the sun and photosynthesis. We extract the CO2 and eliminate the water, but the light, an electromagnetic wave, must be stored somewhere. When taken in by the body, the energy of these photons dissipates and becomes distributed over the entire spectrum of EM frequencies, from the lowest to the highest. Plants do this in the photopigments in their leaves and we use DHA to do it. This energy is the driving force for all the chemical reactions of molecules in our body. Before any chemical reaction can occur, at least one electron must be activated by a photon with a certain wavelength and enough energy from the sun.

    If the optics of the proteins in your brain are off, for any reason (and there are many)..........you can not collect red light within your brain. This is critical aspect of optical regeneration. So you do not think light can regenerate you?

    It is well known from biological laboratory experiments of Fritz Popp that if you blast a cell with UV light so that 99 per cent of the cell, including its DNA, is destroyed, you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day just by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity. Red light is a lower intensity type of light. To this day, scientists don't understand this phenomenon, called photo-repair. Photorepair works most efficiently at 380 nm. In OSF 4 you heard about UV light optics and how they work with proteins found in us coded for by DNA. UV is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10–400 nm which can cause mutagenic effects by converting a pyrimidine base on DNA to an excited state. The excited base is then capable of reacting with other molecules to form covalently linked stable photoproducts.
    When Vitamin A is high and vitamin D is low in the brain you begin emitting or losing blue light bio-photons to your environment. This is what we see in people with obesity, sleep apnea, AI, brain degeneration, hypothyroidism, and people who can not tolerate cold environments. Anyone who is leptin resistant is not able to collect red photons in the brain's water channels along microtubules.

    Now consider how this links to food: The longer you go ketotic the more performance you can get if your respiratory proteins are condensed. If not food cannot fix anything. It maintains your redox potential and improves EEG, EMG, and fMRI data when you look for it. The key for humans it improves our flow of electrons over cell membranes and in ETC. This generates large voltages everywhere in a cell. When you do this to electrons, sleep improves and the DC current in interfascial water below myelin layers and outside the axons improve. As this improves we see massive changes in EEG's. Magneto-encephalograms also show increase magnetic fluxes in white mater. This is tied to better energy transduction of water confined in microtubules of the brain leading to an eventual increase in performance across all organ systems. It takes 24-36 months to be measured in a non athlete. Dr. Robert O. Becker established that the DC current in interfascial water is the source of the regenerative current in all life forms. The DC current (electron flow) decreases as life becomes more complex. In salamander's they can regenerate totally to re-establish their performance. Becker found in humans the only true ability to regenerate that remains in us is found in bone regeneration and finger tips. Most people believe bone heals, but it actually does not, it regenerates completely. Becker proved this. He did the same in finger tips in humans. The reason behind this was the DC current was centered and collected in the brain's neocortex where DHA is found in abundance to drive complex neocortical function. Dr. Fritz Popp took his work deeper and found some rather shocking results tied to performance and to illness. When electrons in CSF interacts with DHA, a photon is given off to the brain tissue. Popp found the number of photons emitted seemed to also be linked to the organism's position on the evolutionary tree of life. This finding was similar to Becker's findings in electrons in the tree of life at the neuroepithelial junction where injury occurs.
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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Popp found that the more complex the organism was, the "fewer photons" were emitted. Rudimentary animals, like salamander, and even plants, tended to emit 100 photons/cm2/sec at a wavelength of 200-800 nm, corresponding to a very-high-frequency electromagnetic wave well within the visible range of light. It turns out Popp found humans emit only 10 photons/cm2/sec at the same frequency of the wavelength of light. The sheer numbers are different but the frequency of the ground state of the photon emitted was not. Remember that water absorbs best in the 270-80 nm range according to Gerald Pollack's work. What increases water inside cells and microtubules in nerves and the brain? Proper K+ levels controlled by Ca2+. They are also linked to ATP molecules stochastically. What controls muscles to improve or decrease performance? Nerves do. Intracellular water is best structured when we are in ketosis and ketosis increases myelination of nerves to transmit data quicker from the brain to the periphery. A ketogenic diet provides mitochondria more electrons than any other template. The more electrons provided, the more photons are liberated to the brain to be distributed all over the body to increase performance via nerves and the myo-neural junctions. This is how it all happens.

    When a material (diet or subatomic particle) has greater energy within it, the individual molecules within the material vibrate at a greater frequency. When electrons within an atom have greater energy, they orbit more quickly. So summer time electrons in food have higher energies compared to winter time electrons. To generate a higher frequency light wave, the reaction that produces the wave is a reaction that gives up greater energy per photon. That happens in summer time. Summertime has more blue light. Winter time has more red light photons.

    The important observation is that the energy of the emitted photon from the electron, does not depend upon the intensity of the "light" photons. The electric current however, that is the number of electrons, depends upon the intensity of the impinging radiation from the sun's seasonal light, but NOT the energy of those electrons. So this means that DHA is designed to capture electrons that have already been impacted by the sun's power in its light. Within our brain and tissues these electrons then are designed to fall back to their ground state and release photons of energy to our optical systems. We can harness that power carried in electrons, released by in the resultant photon, for free, based upon how our cell is set up by nature. In this way, we are designed by nature, and led by the science of quantum physics.

    In contrast, the electric current, that is the number of electrons emitted from the semiconductor or conductor's surface, is proportional to the intensity of the impinging "light" that originally energized it. This means to fully capture the power of the sun's light you must have the ability to capture this power using electrons in your cells. DHA is the only way animals can do this.

    Do not confuse the energy of the electrons emitted with their shear number, that is their intensity. There can be a lot of electrons (large electron current) all with a small energy, or there can be a few electrons (small electron current) each with a large energy." This is how seasonal power varies.

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In a stressed state, the rate of biophoton emissions goes up. In certain diseases......you can have too much blue light photons......and this can causes massive disease. An example is Multiple Sclerosis
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MS is an excess of blue highly powered photons that cause a massive protein shape conformational change to the AQA mechanism that controls water flows in the brain......
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  14. Josh

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  15. Josh

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    I need a hypoxic week on the Gulf eating seafood to digest all of this........
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  16. Jack Kruse

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    Higher blue light from modern life = results in low Vitamin D levels in the brain and plasma. Vitamin D is a chromphore and it is causes an optical shift in the brain......Too much light cooperative harmony prevents the metastability that cause innovation and flexibility and individuality the cell's in myelin need to innovate. Remember that myelinated cells block native EMF naturally. This is why the neocortex is unmyelinated normally, because it is a better EMF antenna like DNA is.

    When you overwhelm the system with blue light, myelin breaks down because of the frequency of the light wave.......When you over load cells with blue light you lose cell signaling and oncogenesis is more likely. Life is designed to be metastable to gain its longevity. Autophagy and apoptosis are 2 programs designed to keep us metastable in all respects. It turns out red light is metastable for life.......blue light is not.

    Why? Energy is ultimately tied to mass equivalence, isn't it? This is fundamentally what Einstein proved. Since photons have no mass, the key is the power in the light they emit. This means the key to health span and death span is tied to the light we emit or that our DNA emits. Stars with white or blue light emit light of great power, are hotter, and burn bright, but they die fast in a supernova.......red giants are thermodynamically stable and can last trillions of years. What happens in a star, also happens in your brain too. The process is exactly the same using the quantum mechanisms. The laws of physics scale everywhere. The brain is reproducing what happens in a star. If you are a sick star you emit more light and die quicker. If you are healthy you will emit less light and last longer.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Where should this all lead you? Could this be another major reason Dawkins and Darwin are wrong? After all, if DNA uses frequencies of light of every variety as an information tool, this suggests life's nucleic acids use a feedback system of "perfect communication" through electromagnetic waves that encode and transfer information between life forms exists........that is where I am headed.

    Sounds hard to fathom?

    Just remember that the internet is sent all over the world by EMF signals and via fiberoptic cables too........if you think this is not possible.

    The internet works the same way.............BOOM

    The same physics is at work moving information around space around you right now on this forum.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Neuroscientists can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Experiments have confirmed a long-standing theory for how memories are made and stored in the brain. Researchers have created and erased frightening associations in rats' brains using light, providing the most direct demonstration yet that the strengthening and weakening of connections between neurons is the basis for memory. www.nature.com/news/flashes-of-light-show-how-memories-are-made-1.15330?WT.mc_id=TWT_NatureNews


    Just light.
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  20. Josh

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    Most religious traditions are split between light and sound, it is probably a translation thing because the root is usually vibration and people understood vibration=sound long before they also understood vibration=light+++
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