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Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Jack Kruse, May 29, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    WHERE IS THE EDGE OF BIOLOGY in 2019 my misfits? It appears Jack has been right all along. If you have diabetes you better pay deep attention to Uncle Jack. Melanopsin defects ALWAYS predate leptin resistance in man's chronic diseases. Leptin resistance trumps defects in cortisol in the human cascade in the brain and body because melanopsin dysfunction destroys melatonin before cortisol cycles are RUINED. Cortisol is a slow acting hormone and melatonin is rapidly active on the colony of mitochondria of man. So anytime cellular stress is high (high High Sensitivity CRP), it also forces all the hormone backbone substrate called pregnenolone to be shunted to cortisol production. This is called pregnenolone steal syndrome. What exactly does this mean? All of the hormones made from a common precursor -- DHEA, Androstenedione, Vitamin D, testosterone, estrogen, and aldosterone production -- fall dramatically. Remember that chronic Leptin resistance leads to huge hypercortisolism all the time! This also means that Leptin resistance clinically will lead to low vitamin D levels, which in turn, down-regulates T regulatory cells of the immune system, and it will decrease bone metabolism as well since vitamin D3 metabolites (1000 of them) are cofactors in bone metabolism.
    Since DHEA and Androstenedione are lowered, too, the sex steroids are also lowered because they are made from DHEA and Andro. In younger humans, this leads to early andropause, low libido, and early onset perimenopause anytime stress is present. When this occurs in older humans, like postmenopausal women, it destroys libido and electrolyte balance (low aldosterone effects) and causes osteopenia and osteoporosis." Cherry-picked from Dr. Kruse's post, Hormones 101: Clinical Thoughts Revealed:
    "Nice to see science catching up to my madness in print huh? Leptin should be the chemical that is light-controlled by the central retinal pathways between the retina and the hypothalamus which entangles the molecule to photons to connect between the neuroendocrine and immune systems in the brain to control thermodynamics of the organism. This master photonic hormone acts in the brain as energy homeostasis regulating factor that triggers a decrease in food intake and an increase in energy consumption by inducing anorexigenic factors and suppressing orexigenic factors by inducing size and shape changes of other photonic hormones in the brain during day and night cycles in a complicated quantum dance. Its own synthesis is mainly regulated by food intake. Food is formed by photosynthesis UNDER THE CONTROL of the sun rays everywhere on Earth. This means food takes its directive from the sun’s specific frequencies which is contrary to the food paradigms viewpoints today. Since leptin is responsive to food it implies it really pays deep attention to spectral frequencies from light in the human environment to alter growth metabolism body wide. This effect causes eating-related hormones dynamism diurnally and seasonally but also depends on energy status created locally by mitochondrial flux. Leptin also controls fecundity by controlling the sex hormone cascade because leptin synthesis can be suppressed by testosterone and increased by estrogen and progesterone due to a changing light environment. Now you can see science is no longer blinded by the food paradigm……….they are waking up to new world order."
    Just how far is my tribe ahead of the GAME? READ THIS BAD BOY.

    Uncle Jack remains white hot. Why are you lagging? Might you be listening to the wrong guru's who focus on the wrong topics?

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