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Is deionized water as good, worse or better than RO?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by kyrakitty, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    So I thought the water delivered to my home was reverse osmosis but it turns out it is actually deionized water. Does anyone have any idea if deionized water is the same, better or worse than RO? I can't tell by what I read on line :/

    Thanks ya'll
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    After reading the wikipedia entry for purified water, I'd say no, Kyra.
    kyrakitty likes this.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What does ionized mean? It means electron affinity or electron loving or electron dense.

    What does deionized mean? It means lack of electron affinity, electron loving, or electron density.

    Ionization energies measure the tendency of a neutral atom to resist the loss of electrons. It takes a considerable amount of energy, for example, to remove an electron from a neutral fluorine atom to form a positively charged ion.

    What do you think now of deionized water for life based upon what you have been learning here?
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  4. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Ohhh nooo! Getting new water source. Thank You sooo much!!!!!!

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