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Is a cold shower sufficient for CT?

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Nate A, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Nate A

    Nate A New Member

    Hi Dr. Kruse,

    I contacted you last year regarding my herniated L4/L5 and was a bit anxious for answers at the time due to my wife and I expecting twin daughters. After exhausting all conservative options and therapy available to me in Germany, I underwent emergency back surgery at the end of January 2012 at the Regensburg University Hospital. Three days later, my twin daughters were born. Because of the timing, rest and recovery time was limited and hard to come by, although I did do my best. I did attend all of my prescribed PT sessions (10 was all I was allowed), and continued doing the PT at home along with other stretches and bodyweight exercises. Things were coming along, albeit slowly, and I was getting better. The problem was I was just never able to get quite enough rest for my back, eventually leading to quite a bit of soreness in the muscles of my lower back.

    Fast forward to three weeks ago. To protect my back, I was utilizing all proper lifting methods as taught to me by my PT (and just using common sense) when picking up my daughters. One day while doing lunge stretches to loosen up my hips and back, I felt a pop in my knee. Turns out I tore my lateral meniscus in my right knee. About a week later, unable to bend my knee, I had bent over to pick up one of my daughters and felt something in my back 'go out'. An MRI last week confirmed that I had herniated my L4/L5 again and that I also had a slight bulge in my L5/S1. Again, conservative therapy is the prescription, but things are different this time around. The sciatica I'm experiencing is much worse, and even becomes bilateral as the day wears on. It is not pleasant. Although I don't have the pain from the DDD in the L4/L5 anymore, there still is quite a lot of pain along the spine where I had surgery and down through the tailbone.

    Okay, sorry for the length of that. My question is, would CT be beneficial for me? My diet is now finely tuned, I'm still taking all the supplements you suggested late last year, my weight is static, and beside the back and knee, I'm doing well. Right now, because my mobility is so limited, I'm not able to get in or out of our deep German bathtub. However, I still can take showers, and our water gets quite cold (40 F at the coldest perhaps). I must say, I have stood in the cold water for up to 10 minutes so far, and it does feel good (I like cold anyway, dislike heat).

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    CT is huge for you........but showers wont cut the cheese for your issue. Embrace the arctic.

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