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Iodine + labs

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by rlee314, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    Since beginning iodine supplementation along w/companion nutrients in June 2013 my cycle has gone from 27/28 days to 26 w/a 24 and current 25 day cycle. I'm 35. I'd like to have some labs done. Suggestions? thoughts? Thanks!
  2. melrito

    melrito Gold

    It's been a while since you posted, so I'm not sure if you have already found a solution or not. I can't say anything regarding the iodine supplementation and your cycle length, but I have recently begun having very short cycles over the last few months (as short as 20 days) whereas they were 28 days consistently before. This generally happens when progesterone levels begin to drop in perimenopause, so my first suggestion would be a hormone panel.
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  3. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Get a hormone panel but make sure they are done between days 19-21 of your cycle. My cycles (when I started tracking them) were about every 24-25 days (yuk and I had just turned 40). Hormone doc put me on progesterone and I am on pregnenalone and they have increase to about 28-29 days (WHOOOHOOOO).
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fluoride in water alters bond angles and changes water's ability to carry the correct dose of energy. Watch this video and you will see what the precise amount matters:

    Most people are also unaware that a hydrogen bond is tied to the electromagnetic force. A hydrogen bond is the electromagnetic attractive interaction between polar molecules, in which hydrogen (H) is bound to a highly electronegative atom, such as nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) or fluorine (F). In water’s case, that atom is oxygen. The name hydrogen bond is something of a misnomer, as it is not a true bond but a particularly strong dipole-dipole attraction, and should not be confused with a covalent bond. Water can contain many covalent bonds as well if its environment is entrained to make it happen.

    When a hydrogen bond forms between two water molecules, the redistribution of electrons changes the ability for further hydrogen bonding. The water molecule donating the hydrogen atom has increased electron density in its 'lone pair' region, which encourages hydrogen bond acceptance, and the accepting water molecule has reduced electron density centered on its hydrogen atoms and its remaining 'lone pair' region.

    This action encourages further electron donation but discourages further acceptance of hydrogen bonds. This makes the hydrogen bonding network a chameleon for the transfers of energy and information. This electron redistribution thus results in both the cooperativity (e.g. accepting one hydrogen bond encourages the donation of another) and anti-cooperativity (for example, accepting one hydrogen bond discourages acceptance of another) in hydrogen bond formation in water networks. It can work together or not work together depending upon the environment it is placed in. The hydrogen bonding network in water is about 90% electrostatic and 10% covalent. Fluoride alters that balance in the water inside of every cell of your body. THIS IS WHY FLUORIDE IS BAD.

    Why is all this complex science important to grasp superficially? All memory and information transfer begins with the movement of the hydrogen bonding network in water. Hydrogen bonding carries information about solutes and surfaces over significant distances in liquid water. This information is transmitted by proton flows and resonant vibrations. This is directed to all parts of a cell and throughout the tissues because water touches every part of the collagen network everywhere in the body.
    This is why fluorquinolones cause tendon ruptures too......
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now why is iodine different even though it is also a halogen like Fluoride?
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Halogens act as ionic kosmotropes and they lower hydrogen bonding networks and they also lower the size of the exclusion zone in water possible within a cell. The biggest halogen is iodine and it has a paradoxical quantum effect on water's hydrogen bonding network in cells. Iodine has a beneficial effect on the EZ of water, and its hydrogen bonding network unlike the other halogens. Since its atomic mass is highest of all the halogens it cannot control its own valence electrons well. Fluoride has ultimate control over its valence electrons because its nuclei is very small compared to iodine. Iodine becomes the ideal halogen atom to share electrons with DHA to protect it from oxidation from heat or light because it has 7 electrons far from its nucleus to share with DHA in cell membranes This is why iodine is always found linked in the marine food chain. Iodine outside of seafood DOES NOT OFFER THIS BENEFIT TO HUMANS. This group won't like that bit of news but it is true. You need all your iodine in seafood sources. Iodine also protects DHA from oxidation in neural synapses. It has an atomic mass of 127. Spectroscopic studies of the hydrogen-bonded structure of water around the halide ions F-, Cl-, Br- and I- indicates that the total extent of aqueous hydrogen bonding increases with increasing ionic size. So the experimental data matches the experiments you find in water chemistry.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    just saying use iodine is not enough............YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW AND WHY. What you currently believe is likely not true. You need to be aware your perspective holds you captive.........to beliefs. We may both believe iodine works.......but if you think Lugol's works like an oyster..........you're dead wrong.[​IMG]
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  8. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    thanks all. had hormones done 10/4, day 20 of cycle
    estradiol 169 luteal phase 49-291
    progesterone 16.25 luteal phase 1.55-27.91
    DHEA sulfate 118 39-232 ND says this should be at 300
    estriol <.10 non pregnant female < or = .21ng/mL
    estrone 106 luteal phase 16-173

    so, apparently the iodine--lugols and iodoral fucked me up. i was also taking companion nutrients w/it--selenium, C, mag + bcomplex.

    i also have elevated TSH and thyroid peroxidase antibodies 40

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  9. Danny

    Danny New Member

    rlee, Have you had any resolution to what the supplemental iodine did to you? I am in a similar situation now. Supplemented w/ Lugol's for about 2 months. I am going to the doctor's tomorrow to order some blood panels on my thyroid. I just had a standard check up panel done and it showed my TSH at 1.36 in a range of (.450 - 4.5). I need to get the other markers checked. I don't even know what these numbers mean yet. I really upped my lugol's 2% dose in the last 2 weeks of supplementing and started getting all sorts of symptoms. It's been a month and while my symptoms are better, I'm still experiencing some of them. Thanks!
  10. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    i concluded it was the form of selenium i was taking.
    i had been supplementing iodine for a year+ proior to the labs and symptoms and had been taking the selenomethionine, ran out and got the sulfated form-trace minerals brand-and it really was not a good form for me. i switched back to the selenomethionine form after i got the lab results and symptoms improved near instantly. during that time i also increased my seafoods consumption-i was already doing epi paleo but i went bigger w/it. seafoods at every meal. also started on a homeopathic remedy. all labs improved---got labs again on mid/end november and again in january and was showing steady improvement.
  11. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Thanks for replying! That's good to hear that you've seen improvement from this! I didn't take any of the co-factors when I supplemented w/ iodine. My doctor wants me to try homeopathic iodine (IODIUM). Is this what you took? It's supposed to help remove the iodine from tissues in the body. I also thought that increasing seafood would be beneficial so I've been having more and more. I thought that maybe the natural iodine in fish would somehow usher out the inferior stuff.

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