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Intermittent fasting and CT - Swedish Style!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by FF_BC, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    I copy paste my contribution in the meet and greet section of the forum (posted 2012-03-27):

    So now I've been travelling for a couple of days, not having access to a bathtub. Tried a cold shower, but I rather try waterboarding, showers are like torture!

    I'm usually fasting for 16-23h a day, just drinking coffee and water until breaking the fast.

    My goal with this journal is to write down my heavy lifting and CT-sessions.

    Today it was Squat day!

    * Squat 3 set x 5 reps at 100 kg

    * 5*5 pullups - I've been noticing a improvment since starting with CT, don't know if it is due to loosing weight or getting stronger

    I just want to add that I'm a rookie at lifting weights, until 2 months ago I never lifted weights. Right now I'm focusing on technique rather than lifting the heaviest weights.

    I rate todays workout 8/10!
  2. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    No training today, rest day. Working the nightshift now and I'm suspecting CT has influenced my hormone balance. First night yesterday I was so tired I could barely keep awake betweem 5-7 am. This despite having slept more than I usually do before the first night...

    Now I'm preparing myself for deadlifts tomorrow - RPT style!
  3. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    do you fast every day?
  4. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Yes, I fast everyday between 16 and 23 hours :) Some periods I do 23h fasts for three or four days in a row, then spend a day or two overeating. :)
  5. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    So I didn't do deads yesterday, I decided it was better to take another day of rather than pushing my body too far with nightwork and all.

    Did deads today instead. Fasted 22h. Tried 130 kg but wasn't able to lift it of the ground :( Lowered to 120kg and made two reps, lost my grip and as I set the barbell to the floor, tried to switch grip but lost momentum and had to quit. Then lowered to 110 kg and did 5 reps.


    120kg *2


    Chins (palm towards face)


    Really need to buy a belt, so I can add weight to my chins/pullups.

    Last nightshift, only 8h left!! :)
  6. AmyJ

    AmyJ Silver

    "Last nightshift, only 8h left!! "

    Yay! here's to sleeping when it's dark!

    I'm so happy for all the people who have found Dr. K while they are young!
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    i agree. If I can save one young kid its worth it......they could be the starfish
  8. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Sleeping when it's dark is awesome! Dr J.K I plan on living for as long as I can, figure if I start as soon as possible my chances increases...

    So I'm done abusing my body for at least a couple of weeks. Stayed awake from 18:45 pm sunday until 20:10 pm monday, 25h. Slept 13h, woke up around 9am (swedish time). So I've been abusing my circadian rythm quite hard.

    Watched the lecture from Cambridge on circadian receptors yesterday, in the lecture prof Foster said that there was circadian receptors many places in the body, heart, eye, gut, etc. So i thought: "How do I tell my body it's time to be awake and reset my circadian rythm?" so with that in my mind I decided to eat breakfast today. Ate a high protein breakfast, with lots of coffee. Actually that did no good to my "nightshift hangover", it might have made things worse even... The next time I'm working nightshift I will stick to IF when "turning the clock", that works better for some reason.

    I grew more frustrated at the abuse of my body...

    So I did what every screwed up human (hormone wise) should do, I poured myself a tub of cold water and sat there for 20 minutes.

    Due to the abuse of my body the 20 minute session was more uncomfortable than the 40 minute session I did almost a week ago. Got out of the tub and went to the balcony (in shorts) and dried in the sun :) The sun and the CT did wonders to my nightshift hangover! Dried in the sun for about 10 minutes, it is 6 degrees Celsius (42 fahrenheit) outside and a little windy so after 10 minutes I went inside to type this and put some clothes on. Now I'm going to pour myself another cup of coffee and read a book in the sun :)
  9. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Just came home from my squat workout, fasted 16h.





    Can definitely increase to 105kg without problem next time. I was planning on taking 105kg this time, but...

    Dips, BW


    Now awaits a great postworkout meal, and walk in the forest with my German Shepherd and GF :)
  10. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    I did 15 minutes of CT yesterday evening (120404), I was pretty sore after walking quite far and wearing boots all day. Usually I'm sore the day after walking that far, but today I feel nothing! I have no soreness in my legs or feet today despite of squating yesterday, though I have soreness in my shoulders after the dips, but my shoulders did not get any CT yesterday ;)

    It seems that CT really boosts recovery after workouts!
  11. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    So I've been away for a while, visiting family and friends. Yesterday (120410) was squat day. When I'm forced to take multiple rest days, I often start with Squats after the break, since the squat is the most important exercise.





    Weighted pullups




    Best workout in a long long time!! :)
  12. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    After reading this thread: http://forum.jackkruse.com/showthread.php?704-Ice-Cold-post-exercise-Blunts-Adaptations I have decided to change my CT timing. It seems my experience that CT boosts recovery are false, it limits recovery somewhat by decreasing the acute inflammation post exercise - hence no muscle soreness...

    With that in mind I will now do CT in the evenings on rest days (after breaking the fast), this will be my "real CT" session were I focus on cold adaptation and CT endurance.

    On workout days I will do a shorter session of CT in a fasted state in the mornings. This CT session will be a lot harder to endure and will not bring the same cold adaptation effect as CT with food in my stomach, I know. However the morning pre training CT session will increase my energy expenditure therefore possibly letting me be "more fasted" :rolleyes:

    Also I'm getting CT abstinence... Being at work and travelling not having a access to a tub :( But I hope cold showers and sleeping with the window open (0-7 degrees celsius outside) will maintain the small cold adaptation I've been getting so far...
  13. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member



    Last time I had a really hard time with 120kg, this time it went up like it was nothing! :D It felt so easy i didn't bother lowering the weight for the next set.

    Did 5 reps pullups 2 set, then 1 set of chins. A nerv in my elbow seems to be a bit sensitive so I switched to chins but that didn't help... So I tried some pushups, did 20 of them then felt the nerv again... Not painful or anything, but you got to listen to your body!
  14. hellojtm

    hellojtm New Member

    Good stuff.
  15. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Yesterday (120417) was squat day. Having some issues at home I used all that anger and frustration to fuel a new PR!


    110kg (242lbs)*4 PR

    100kg (220lbs)*5

    90 kg (198lbs)*6

    Weighted Pullups

    BW+20kg(45lbs)*4 PR!!



    It seems I'm on a PR-streak in the gym ;)
  16. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    So yesterday I did my first round of CT for quite a long while. Though I've been wearing less clothes outside and been sleeping on the floor with the window open.

    I did 15 minutes of CT

    Another thing that happened yesterday: I had a debate with a person on Facebook, this person was telling me that we are adapted by evolution to eat carbohydrates and that you're supposed to eat every third hour to stoke the metabolic fire :confused:

    One thing lead to another, and now we have a challenge going on. We take pictures today and then compare in a year who has gotten the best results. IF + low carb VS. Eat every third hour + high carb.

    I'm keeping CT a secret, it's my secret weapon ;)

    A huge motivational boost to keep CT:ing, IF:ing and eating low carb :)
  17. .lina

    .lina New Member

    haha! nothing to motivate you like some competition regarding hardcore beliefs :) my heja is on you!
  18. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Thanks Lina, I heja for you as well :D
  19. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    So I'm not dead or anything. I've been travelling a lot the last couple of weeks and have not been able to work out. I've been doing a couple of CT sessions though!

    I'm still travelling, I'm still CT:ing, I'm still IF:ing...
  20. FF_BC

    FF_BC New Member

    Did 25 minutes CT at my hotell today. I don't shiver anymore when I lower myself into the water, hope this is a sign that I'm cold adapting! :) Also it feels like my bodyfat is just melting away and no binges since starting CT.

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