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INSANE Fatigue + Lethargy After Morning Protein

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by LiveElevated, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    Hello All!

    Today was day-4 of Leptin reset for me.

    Does anyone else experience intense fatigue and lethargy after eating their morning protein? I literally CANNOT function for a few hours after eating. It's like a giant foggy veil has been placed over my eyes, and I go easily go back to bed and sleep for another 4-hours.... and this is NOT like me at all. I nearly always wake up feeling great, and then even better after my usual Bulletproof Coffee with only 11g of added collagen protein.

    Since adding so much protein into my morning eating, it feels very similar to the feeling I've had after carb re-feed, when I've been following a ketogenic diet... except the protein effects seem to be WAY more extreme than the carb fatigue!

    I am otherwise very healthy 31F, little stress, rarely ever sick, love to lift weights, hike, and do intervals,... but limit these activities to no more than once or twice per week, as I fear they may hinder my weight loss efforts if leptin IS my issue.

    I am eating clean, grass-fed/organic sources of protein, and even tried supplementing a bit to include organic/grass-fed whey protein, although I am aware that whey protein affects BG for many people. Basically.. I was mixing it up to see if HOW much food I ate was the culprit. It didn't matter.

    A little backstory: I am new to the forum, but am not new to health, nutrition, or a "paleo-esque" approach to nutrition. After a substantial weight loss in 2011, I later went grain, sugar, wheat, gluten, and processed food free... and have been so for about a year and a half now. I eat "bulletproof" and low carb and usually feel great. Eliminated a million toxins and such from my life. My husband also eats the same way that I do.

    Early last year, I experienced odd fluctuations in my weight (mostly creeping UP) despite being on a relatively low-carb / paleo diet, I obtained a wellness fx blood panel and later a cortisol test which indicated that I was displaying some signs of adrenal fatigue. (Everything else was GREAT, and my triglycerides were insanely optimal... enough to where the doctor commented that I had surpassed anything he personally had ever seen) I was advised to take a number of supplements to support mitochondrial health, and to go into deeper ketosis and keep myself there as long as possible. I also obtained hormone panels and I was told it all looked good.. but recalled seeing something that did look too high or low.

    As of mid-January of this year, my diet has been extremely low-carb (below 15 total per day or less), and I had been maintaining VERY high ketone levels with only a few lbs of losses. I was really only eating two high-fat meals per day, and still little to no losses. I would eat moderate protein+fat if I got hungry in the afternoon - but for the most part, it would be some type of grass-fed meat and veggies for dinner. I had figured I would have lost the 15-ish lbs that I needed to by now... instead it just fluctuates back and forth... and it is now slowly creeping up again. I am not obese, but I look "thick". It's annoying when I eat so clean and have been so disciplined with my eating for so long.

    After reading about leptin resistance, I suspected this may be why I am not losing. After all, I did lose my weight using traditional "low-fat, low calorie" diet methods, and I had a terrible relationship with food in my teens... often not eating for very long periods of time, and then later carb loading because I was a "vegetarian" that rarely got to eat vegetables. It was a recipe for disaster.

    Other than this, sleep is good and light exposure is great. I do not work in a traditional office, and this helps greatly.

    I am thinking about cutting some of the protein back, and/or trying another route. My profession requires me to be mentally at 100%, and I need my morning brainpower. :)

    Any input is greatly appreciated!
  2. Probay won't get an answer until you put a pic up...:)
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  3. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    Really? :D Done and done! I need to take better photos... :/
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  4. One of Jacks rules. :) looking good.
  5. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    Thank you! And thank you for the heads up! :)
  6. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    What do you eat in the morning? If I eat steak or chicken for break fast I feel drained and sleepy. Like it is too much to digest. If I eat same amount of protein in fish, eggs, bacon... I'm totally fine. Also think you need to read Jacks latest blog Ubi 17.

    And why you feel you need to do leptin reset?
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    LiveElevated? I hope not. Read Ubiquitination 1 for why. Half human face gets half answers. Its June....close to the the summer solstice if your in Northern hemisphere............what does that mean for protein if your paying attn to what it says in my book and blogs? Proteins fall as do fats while carbs rise toward the summer solstice. Beginning the LR now requires context of your location and your situation.
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  8. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    Awesome - just read ubi 17! I've tried varying types of protein in the morning. Predominately eggs, or grass-fed beef and/or bacon, in addition to the whey protein that I tried when wondering if simply being full made me so lethargic. I pair with coconut oil or MCT oil w/grass-fed butter in my BP coffee.

    I felt the need to do leptin reset given that my body absolutely will not let go of these last 15lbs no matter how I modify my eating. I unfortunately did the low cal/low fat/low carb thing to lose a ton of weight in the past - most of which I have kept off. As you all know, low cal diets are NOT sustainable and they wreck you.
  9. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    I would hope so! I used to suffer from terrible insomnia in my 20's and I now sleep a solid 7-8 per night. It took a lot of work to rectify, but I am so happy to not be a zombie anymore! I take supplements for DHA and drink TONS of water. Unfortunately, I cannot eat any fish or seafood... which I know is highly recommended to be eating for LR.
  10. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    "LiveElevated" is meant figuratively... perhaps I should have made it "LiveOptimized"? :) Ironically, I DID move to the very state that the article mentions just last Winter... from sea level in Santa Monica, CA. I grew up all over So. Cal. I actually feel a lot better living here at 5600 ft. It likely did not help that I was in downtown Santa Monica, in a large building... I felt on-edge and my sleep did suffer when I was there.

    I am just now power-reading my way through many of your blog posts that I had not previously read, and your book is my next read. The concept of proteins falling and fats/carbs rising toward Summer solstice absolutely makes sense though! Thank you!

    PS: If my half-human face is a bother, I will replace with a full human face. :D
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    your call.......I like to know who I am talking to.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Well why you can't eat seafood is a big deal..........so you need to understand why it is a big deal. Any of the members who heard the 2:45 Q & A for June webinar are sure to fill you in. Yew asked a question very directed at this issue tonight. So you'll need to fill in that context.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The info here can be obtained simply. Read and ask questions and participate. When you think youre stuck you will find lots of help here with people who been on this journey a long time. When you ask directed things we can direct you to where your answer may lie, in a blog , book, paper, webinar, or Q & A or even podcast. The more you read the less rational you will become and the more ripe you will be for transformation. Why do we think all discoveries must manifest by rational thinking? The divergent mind sees new things in concepts no one has thought yet. My members on my site read what I write because they know I dare to breach the surface and sink to find the treasures that biology has missed. The key is will you be ready for what awaits you? If you read, you will.......that choice is now yours. How you proceed is up to you.
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  14. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    I concur - your website clearly has an abundance of information! I have had a long journey of weight loss, and healing and am always looking to take it to the next level. Hopefully I can also be of assistance to those in your forums who may be struggling in areas that I have overcome.

    And for every piece of great information that I have read on your website, I have also stumbled upon countering information by naysayers on other websites. To me, this is a wonderful sign. In my own life, I have achieved my biggest successes by doing what others simply will not do... because they are afraid, lazy, or skeptical. I love the saying: "Do what others do, to have what others have.". What do MOST people have? Terrible health, debt, unrest, stress, unfulfilling careers, and closed minds. This is certainly not a coincidence.

    I understand that when you go against the grain in any manner, you will acquire a healthy amount of people who will tell you that you are wrong. It is unfortunate that many may not hear about things such as leptin resistance... simply because others said it was irrelevant.

    In any event, it is troubling to hear that my lack of seafood is directly correlated with my primary question. I will do some digging on your website, as I am sure there are answers everywhere. I know that supplements can only do so much (if anything).
  15. LiveElevated

    LiveElevated New Member

    Knowledge bombs abound - Recommended reading if you are following this thread: http://www.jackkruse.com/brain-gut-12-dare-to-disagree/

    "We are designed to eat a marine diet year round to lower the oxidative state in our cells to support the metabolic rate of our nervous system. Oxidation creates inflammation. Inflammation causes leptin resistance. When we do not eat a marine diet, leptin resistance is the result. Neolithic disease follows."
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  17. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    This is a great forum thread!

    I've been doing Keto for 3+ years now. From my personal experiences, I used to get foggy and lethargic after any meal with 20-25+ grams of protein. But in the past month and 4 weeks of CT, I've been able to bring my breakfast up to 60 grams of protein without any lethargy whatsoever, and breakfast lasts me over for full for 5 hours. I've been doing a pattern of around 60 grams of protein in the morning, 30ish at lunch and 15 at dinner. I'm typically eating seafood over other protein-sources, but that has been MAGIC for the first meal of the day. I typically get a slice of salmon with two eggs, or some shrimp since they are so high in protein content. No lethargy whatsoever. I've also tested my Blood-glucose and Ketones and they've also been way-better this past month, again, most likely great thanks to the CT, improved DHA levels, better water sources and blue-light blocking.

    For these reasons, I believe now I've been under the wrong assumptions for years on Keto that 20+ grams of ANY protein at any meal could cause the lethargy. That was one-sided biochemistry-only thinking rather than considering the biophysics.

    Also as a side issue with coffee..., I also used to get adrenal strain in my lower-back after any coffee and chocolate, and avoided it like the plague until I found high-elevation, high-quality coffee beans from south america. In thinking back to the years I also used to get it drinking iced-tea, I'm like 99% convinced it's the molds in them. This south-american coffee so far has been the only type of coffee that doesn't invoke this reaction in my lower back, which is probably inflammation over-straining the kidneys along with pounding the adrenals that sit on top of the kidneys. Now it's time to find an 85% or higher dark chocolate that also doesn't invoke that response. Any clues here?
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