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Inna’s optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inna, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    Labs - see below
    Born in St. Petersburg Russia
    Vaginal delivery, mom was 42 year old when I was born.
    Mom died at 99 from dementia and pneumonia (which we decided not to treat to prevent suffering)
    She needed 24 hr assistance the last year of her life, but was fairly independent and lived at home before her death.
    I have been in fairly good health physically. I live in USA north shore of Boston since 1988.
    Had microdiskectomy L4-5 in my 40s. Found Dr Kruse 15 months ago, using epipaleo diet, CT, did leptin prescription. Widowed. Lost my beloved husband 5 years ago. Have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids in NY and NJ
    Work as physician (pulmonologist) increasingly dissatisfied with current American medical establishment, find it difficult to practice, particularly after I started to study quantum health. Now I am sort of at a crossroads: have much freedom to move wherever I want and to do whatever I want, however feel a bit paralyzed re the next step and direction. Ultimately would love to find some partnership with another mitochondriac. My late husband David was mitochondriac ‘par excellence’ and we had much fun together and I learned so much from him! Hope to be able to practice quantum medicine someday, to be really able to help people to find their way to optimal health

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  2. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    My daughters and new (2018) granddaughters! The one on the R is also a doctor (actually double doctor md/phd) - a very firm believer in “evidence based medicine” not so much in quantum health. Albeit It is comforting that they all have my mitochondria

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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    beautiful pic Inna - thanks for sharing.

    New partnerships are possible - I am living proof.

    Why not go to the "Farm" at Christmas time and check it out [and Jack and Sandy too!] .....and go to Playa and join some amazing mitochondriac's for New Year's.

    I promise you .....your life will change dramatically......

    Why not spend a couple of weeks in Mexico and refocus......

    I think [just thinking out loud here] when we lose our beloved partner we have a shroud of sadness around us.

    I used to often have tears of sadness and guilt when I was at the ocean - for all I had lost......and then one magical day - I realised I had tears but they were tears of joy for being alive and well and healthy and then the rest was up to me.......it didn't take long.

    Once you are able to love yourself again and shrug off the sadness - you can and will move forward. Notice I didn't say forget - we never, ever forget our beloveds.

    I found Jack about that time .....and you have too!

    I was going to wish you good luck - but you have already found this amazing place.......

    dig in ...and light up the world - you have so much to offer.
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  4. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    Caroline, thank you so much for your kind words.

    Yes, I feel very fortunate having found Dr Kruse and this community. It gives me hope.

    I am eagerly awaiting for Dr Kruse longevity farm to open, I am very excited about opportunity to learn so I could really have positive impact to people’s health.
    I hope to do more with my md degree... I will definitely take any opportunity I could get to participate in the farm. I am so very grateful for Dr. Kruse being a pioneer in quantum health and holding a light torch for all of us. I am also very grateful to this community.

    I did go to Vermont this year and was delighted to meet Dr. Kruse, Sandy and all the wonderful mitochondriacs!

    I am also very fortunate to be in fairly good health, thanks to my moms mitochondria, which I want to be careful not to squander.

    Yet, now and again I find myself in a bit of lonely place, however I do realize that that place is inside, and the best therapy for me is to be in nature. I am fortunate to live on the ocean, which I swim and paddleboard in daily when I am at home. There is nothing better for melancholic mood than to jump into 50 degree F/ 10 degree C water and to feel vibrantly alive again!

    . And yes I am planning a trip to playa del Carmen for the new year optimal health event with . Since I will be leaving my job end of December, I might stay in playa for the month of January if I find an affordable place to stay there. My older daughter Jane goes to PDC every year last week of January with her family and her in laws, so I might wait for them there rather than flying back and forth.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you have a great plan in place Inna!

    There is a grand open house at the farm - on the 29th, Dec - I think .....ask mission control ....and get your dancing shoes packed! Invitations were sent out long ago to members - I don't know what the status is now tho.

    You are on a fantastic journey .....enjoy the ride!

    BTW - my DH was a wonderful and loving and caring and kind man - we were married for 4o+ years.....I never had any notion of another after he passed.

    Then Jack came into my life .....and after many baby steps ..... I find myself in the most exciting, vibrant and loving and sexy relationship with someone who says "Jack says" more often than me!!
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    There are former members who live in that vicinity of Mexico I think ......Jack was talking to a guy on the last Q&A.
  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hi Inna;

    What time was the blood drawn for cortisol?
    Still menstruating?

  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Since you are medical provider
    I suggest that you get account at
    Then you will be able to use their testing for your self and your patients.
    May also be helpful to get account at
    The test is available over internet
    but having account you may get some extra suggestions not otherwise published.

    I am not a doctor.

    On you labs you have some obvious areas of concern.
    Some similar to mine.
    I am working on mine for good 20 years now. That is long before I found Jack.
    Lucky for me I have found Jack relatively early, on MDA site. marksdailyapple
    Other than following Jack the best I can I am still using (heavily) pills.
    Hopefully as you learn the ropes the Jacks way you will find how to naturally adjust your DHEAs, e2 and progesterone among other.
    When you do, let me know.

    The labs you posted
    you did fasting, but when?
    I assume that it was sometime between your wake up time and noon.
    That would make your cortisol rather low.
    So the #1 of what Jack preaches, the Sun, does not have good enough chance to provide your body with information.

    DUTCH test would give you better information on Circadian Rhythm, but you already know it is your #1 problem to work on.
    Good idea that you are refusing statins.
    Good news that you your cholesterol is high. High is better than very low.
    Now you have to use that building material.

    Before you do any more testing, I would suggest to get
    insulin fasting

    and getting Red Sperti lamp
    I am white 78 yo man, originally from Poland, living in NJ 07054. My DW died almost a year ago.
    That lamp I am using 30min/day to naked body at very close distance.
    Also, while thinking about that exemplary healthy crew in Chicago's restaurant
    I let that lamp shine on me very often throughout the day while I am near it. (UVa at work).


    "Well of the Sea," in the basement of the Hotel Sherman in Chicago.


    Last edited: Jul 30, 2018
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    [QU OTE="Jack Kruse, post: 247121, member: 1031"]Today's quantum medicine lesson directly harvested from the data contained in my Vermont 2018 talk: Why do people with bad mitochondria always feel like they need to eat 6 times a day? Because most are blue light toxic and have destroyed the loose covalent bond between melanopsin and retinol in some way unbeknownst to them. I'll give you an example. Think about Electron Chain Transport flow people: electron flow is altered when the skin and eye do not get sunlight.
    What is the collateral effects of this situation?
    No sunlight = no sulfated vitamin D3 = no estradiol = lowered testosterone = no progesterone = dehydration due to poor mitochondrial flux = no sex drive = no sex = no oxytocin = you need to eat 6 times a day.

    You want to regain it?
    Get some sun and lower your heteroplasmy rate via your eyes and skin.
    So how does sunlight help blood vessels?
    Where is melanopsin?
    Eyes, skin and skin arterioles where the sun hits the skin above.
    We found this out in 2014 as the paper below shows.
    Well many ways as I have discussed here before but one way you might not know is via the sex steroid hormone pathways of progesterone.
    In males, luteinizing hormone (LH) causes the production of testosterone, whereas in females it affects estrogen and progesterone levels........
    In females, luteinizing hormone works on the ovaries--where it makes its effects by changing the levels of estradiol.
    The levels made are tied to the amount or lack of sun one gets.
    The more blue light one gets the more estrogen on makes and the less progesterone one makes.
    Sunlight increases both sulfated Vitamin D3 and progesterone in case you did not know this.
    People should be more aware that progesterone has many important functions: it looks after the smoothness of blood vessels;
    The link below shows you how these pathways affect are arterial health.
    Progesterone also affects the myelin sheaths of nerves in men, women, and children and it links why MS is tied to a lack of solar exposure; and it prevents water retention in the brain of men, women, and children and this affects the amount of CSF that is made and recycled in the brain.
  15. Inna

    Inna Platinum


    Caroline, thank you so much for the encouragements! So sorry re your DH, and am also very happy for you, sound like you are in Great relationship. How did you two meet?

    I might follow your advice re December 29, will need to change my plans and fly to PDC from NOLA instead of Boston.
    BTW NOLA is my older daughter’s favorite place , so much so that she had her wedding there and named her cat NOLA
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  16. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    1. 9 am
    2. No, but thanks for asking
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  17. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Inna wins the internet today
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  18. Inna

    Inna Platinum

    JanSz, thank you so much for your responses. So sorry about your loss of your DW, and so recent. May her memory be for blessing...

    You seem to know lot about Labs, tests, and other stuff. Voluminously so...

    I have a bit different approach, not so much numbers, but more of a gestalt...

    Having been in medicine for over 25 years I am acutely aware of limitations of my profession and medical establishment. Thus instead of spending money, resources, efforts on tests and doctors, I prefer common sense approach: Nature = Good, Civilization = not so (good), thus I focus on maximizing the former and minimizing the latter. I plan / expect to live to be over 100 and sincerely hope to see quantum medicine to flourish in my lifetime. Take a good care...
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Over 100 is a good goal.
    Will see you there.

    I would modify the second part of:
    Nature = Good, Civilization = not so (good)

    Jack is helping those with skin in the game to survive the civilizations pitfalls.
    I think that Jack does not shy from rather extensive testing, there are parts of his Quilt where he talks about it.

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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    would you believe eharmony???? I was cajoled by friends here and only went on to see how it works - I love the mechanics of things. I didn't get how they match people up ....I don't think that looking at a pic and choosing someone that way doesn't seemed right!

    The first guy was telling me all this BS about how he was falling in love with me and sending me poems and music etc. etc.. I did wind up meeting him for coffee but he was fat and ugly with a crummy attitude ......however - he did make me realise how much I was missing someones touch and love and companionship. Was going to forget about it ....and then answered one more reply. Almost 4 years later now - how things have changed!

    Good luck with going to the farm ....Jack did mention awhile ago that it may be hard to book flights from NOLA to PDC....

    I love your journey!

    One more thing .....how do you feel about seeing a medium?
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