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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Anya

    Anya Gold

    aww no
    have you made icecream?
    love roquefort too :p
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Anya, yes I have made ice cream too :) or Parfait is more correct I guess. It is so easy, just whisk egg yolks with a tiny bit honey into foam, whisk some heavy cream into foam, mix both and add... wild berries, or cacao/dark chocolate, vanilla or whatever else you like for taste :) and freeze. I use more eggyolks than I use cream. But you can vary as you like it.

    My mom use to make this ice cream, we loved it as kids too. But she used sugar in it. I use almost no sweetener, just a tiny bit of honey. And I do it just a couple time/year if even that. Did not do it even once last year.... But it tastes really good. Had some at Christmas at my parents home, my brother had made lots of it for Christmas. Also with honey as sweetener. Was a little bit too sweet for me but very tasty :).
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    My landlords cat got injuries on his back legs - pretty ugly ones. Yesterday as I sat in front of my redlight in the morning he came into my living room through the open terrace door and placed himself between my butt/back and my couch. I sit on the floor always in the mornings when I do my redlight session, and have my light in the front of me on a chair.
    When I was ready I raised and let the light on, and as I had placed it on the floor it shined right on him, he seemed to like it. I guess it will help his injuries. At least he is doing way better now! Poor cat. Normally I want let him come into my home, but now I have let him be here as much as he want to help him heal. Funny he wants to be at my place so much.


    Also the daughter of my landlord want to be here all the time. She has now learned to open oysters, she is only 6 yo. She was SO proud when she first time managed to do it all by herself! It was really hard to let her try it and not help her too much, she pushed and pushed and trembled and fought with the oyster knife and oyster...lol so cute! Now she wants to open oysters for me all the time....and serve them to me with a squeeze of lemon. :)
    (okay, the ones she opens are often a bit full of shell pieces and stuff... but who cares... :D)

    ohh.. and she loves my redlight too!!!
    One evening she was here and I said I have to do my evening session, which is, I shine the light on my back for a few minutes. She asked if she can do it too with me together. I said, sure! So she took off her shirt too and so there we sat both in front of the lamp, shining it on our naked backs. side by side.
    Suddenly she started to take off her clothes and soon she danced naked in front of the light....LOL
    I asked if she liked it and she said - yes! She lied down in front of it and sunned her naked butt in the light.... so funny!
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Awesome day off work today. Blue sky all day. Spring is fully here :) :)
    And I sunned around 8 hours in my EveĀ“s dress today! :) :) :) Then had oysters 3 times outside in the sun too, around 50 oysters alltogether.. I just craved them so bad today, I could not get enough. I could have had more!
    Used my new favorite sauce on them, so yummy. The vinaigrette I described above. I added fresh ginger to it too today. Awesome.
    Then I went for a walk in the woods and sat down in the grass and earthed in the evening sun. Walked barefoot in the grass. Ate lots of wild greens on the way home,. What an awesome day :) :) :). Got enough energy I guess, for work the rest of the week.
  5. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    Inger, cats are very energy sensitive and they can be excellent healers, of themselves and others. So I'm curious how long the cat remained under the red light and did that stop because he moved or because you turned the light off? I think I need to set something up for one of my cats.
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  6. Veg

    Veg New Member

    These are Plant Grow Lights, which are very cheap and starting from 30 Euros. Why can't they be used as red light therapy?

    For example, this one:

    Cost: 25 USD



    Led Quantity: 225 leds
    Led Configuration: 165Red+60 Blue
    LED Wavelength: Red: 660nm; Blue: 460nm

    There are many other such plant growing devices on Ebay, where spectrum goes from red to infra-red too.

    Are the blue lights dangerous? I dont think so. And the blue lights could be covered too using black tape.

    Question is why to pay 1000 USD for similar devices. It is too much money for such devices.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  7. Veg

    Veg New Member

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    ^^^^flicker master.
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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Katie, wow this is so old post... I am sorry.. I lost my journal of sight :oops:
    The cat did not go away, I shut the light off after about 15-20 minutes because I did not wanted to overdo it for him... and also increase my electric bill without reason... ;)
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  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    You need to read a book about the subject to understand why cheap lights want do it.
    If you are really interested, in deep, like "skin in the game-style" ;), get a book like the one I bought when ordering my light. Red Light Therapy by Ari Whitten. Others might be great or better, but that book made me understand fully why a cheap light is like trowing the money in the trash.
    250-300 euro is still affordable, even for the poor ones.
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I got a lesson about how unpredictable life is o_O

    The evening before going to Munich, I hit my foot with a pitchfork, like quite bad...it almost went through. Looked like Jesus feet as he was crucified :rolleyes: I did not think it was that bad but in the night it hurt so much I could not sleep.. and next morning I was not able to step on the foot. It became painfully clear to me that I am not going to Munich with that wound... what a bummer
    I just had to stay home to heal it. So I did. My heart did broke a little though :tears:
    I had been seeing so much forward to meet Jack and others there.....
    Told Ron he needs to tell me all about it and be my eyes and ears. So he promised that.
    It was fun to have Ron here, he ate lots of oysters too, and raw beef heart carpaccio :) but weather was not so nice, he came to see the windy, colder side of the coast here, which also is pretty nice and wild though ;)

    Life really is unpredictable. Better to get used to it sooner than later!
    But it sure will not be the last gathering of members so next time I will stay away from pitchforks the days before, that I am sure of :rolleyes:

    My foot has healed absolutely wonderfully though. I took off the plaster the doctor put on it, and I just let it be open in the air and sun and light, being outside a ton, grounded, with lots of skin exposed.
    Having oysters and raw beef heart to speed the healing.

    Doctor wanted to give me a tetanus vaccine but I told him I do not want any vaccine, sorry.. but instead tell me how I know if I get that tetanus illness and how it starts so I will know.

    It was a really funny situation, because I sensed my doctor did not really believe in the tetanus vaccine either...lol so he told me about the symptoms, also that he had never seen anyone suffering that illness in his career (he is pretty old) and then we both laughed...
    Later I read about the vaccine and that illness a lot and decided as long as bloodflow is normal/good, the wound is bleeding and you keep it in the air and sun there will be zero concern.
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  12. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Good clarification Inger, cuz I always default to thinking about baby Jesus (feet) first.
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yesterday my uncle died. The uncle I had spent most time with of all my uncles.
    It feels so weird, sad.

    He got a huge stroke, my brother found him on the basement floor a couple days ago, unconscious. Helicopter and ambulance came and they did everything to save him but he went brain dead pretty fast. They just hold him alive until his daughters came to see him and then they took off the machine and in 15 minutes his heart stopped beating.

    He had suffered from high blood pressure, he did not want to take the medication either.. and also he avoided the sun, he was very pale the last year.
    I told him Christmas as I was there that he needs tons of sun on ALL his body to help the blood pressure issue but he said the sun is dangerous too. So what can I do, people do what they want.

    The True AGE machine of my dad, as we tested it again at Christmas, showed him to be over 80 yo even if he was only 60. (my dad is 74 and the machine told him his true age is 45-50 and my dad does look and are way healthier as his younger brother was)

    I am glad he did got a nice last time of his life living by my parents and having the son of my sister, little Jack, around him the last 6 months. Jack is just the cutest little boy.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    LOL. Drezy.... :) :) :)
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  15. drezy

    drezy New Member

    FWIW your uncle's disease is exactly the bullet with my name on it too. I take account of in my every move and choice.
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    yeah. Me too Drezy.
    My moms mother died of a huge heart attack, and my grandpa her husband died of multiple strokes. My dads mother died of Alzheimer.
    I am doing all I can to avoid that fate. Thus being naked outside whenever is possible... and eating the best foods I can afford and minding my environment etc.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    We've got similar cards in our hand.
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  18. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    Inger, I'm sorry about your favorite uncle. The relatives who didn't have to die so young, or from what they did die of, have been my inspiration too to take control of my life and do things differently. Also sorry you missed the Munich gathering, that would have been fun.

    I'm about to have breakfast. Oysters! I always think of you as I'm shucking them. Still have all my fingers.
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  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

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