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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Inger .....so glad to see a post from you ....and your new pic!

    It seems like you are well - and very optimal.........

    I love the sounds of your breakfast!

    Any thoughts on moving? You had mentioned France or Spain......
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I am working on it Caroline :) :love: Always something to optimize! I had to update my avatar because the old one was more than 2 year old!

    Last year was hard for me, lots of work, fiance left... and I started meditating/being in silence more and more I did not know what else to do I was in so much pain. and now I am so glad everything went as it did, because I learned, and continue to learn, a ton :) :) :)
    Life is really the best school, but sometimes it does hurts like hell :shhh: ;)

    Yes, I do wanted to move to the south but so far it did not happen because of changed circumstances... My eyes are wide open tho, if there comes a possibility in my way. That said, I feel really good here too, I love my both jobs, bosses, coworkers, where I live... my landlord is so good to me etc etc. and I have a seasonal work, which means winter is more silent time which I really really love.
    And this is a pretty good place to live nnEMF wise so far. Not many people, not many antennas. Oysters for free,m plenty of nude beaches..lol

    I just plastered my hallway with extra thick alufoil, and living room another layer on top of what I already had done, and wow, seems that it really did something! One pretty strong signal seems to be totally gone.. at least for now. I have new neighbors now, and they seem to have a pretty strong wifi, I want to get rid of!
    I do feel a little sorry for them because the thick foil will probably reflect the signal back to them so they get even more fried... but what to do....
  3. Anya

    Anya Gold

    hi Inger
    what breed are your sheep?
    do you still have them and your duck? :D
    my ducks eat fish heads too!
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Anya, idk what the breed name is, but it is the most common one in Finland. I also had a little mixed breeds because I had a ram of different breed. You can see it in this video that I took living at my parents house :). I do not have sheep here, I have no space for it :(.
    I loved to take care of the sheep. My absolute favorite thing to do! Maybe one day I will have sheep again, who knows! :)

    How many sheep do you have? So cool you have ducks too :) :)
    Do you have hens? They are sooo cute too :) and own eggs are just the best!

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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well, as I wrote above, I have been doing another layer on my wall, and also my hallway, with aluminium foil, but this time I did it better! Always learning something from my failures..lol

    Thought I post it here what I did differently if someone else could have any use of not repeating my mistakes :)

    So instead of using regular aluminium foil for the kitchen, I bought the one for construction, is not expensive either, and way thicker! So one layer is enough :) Makes it way easier to cover the wall!
    And... the wallpaper that I put on the top... I found this stone imitate, it was also cheap, and it helps covering up the uneven aluminium foil and tape underneath. Because I only used tape to keep it on place. That makes it really easy to remove when I move out, as this is a rental.

    When you look at it briefly, without knowing what is underneath, you will not even notice it looks weird..lol
    This can only be used if you are certain where the wifi signal comes from, and it is only from 1 or 2 directions. I would never make more that 2 walls in my room covered, I did not want to make a faraday cage, that can make it worse, and the windows would have to be covered too!

    I still get a little bit of the wifi in here, but it is really reduced now. I guess the little signal that is left climbs over the wall and comes through the roof, but I am not going to cover the roof..lol

    I feel really good in my apartment so I guess it is pretty good now :) :) My ESI24 meter shows all green too.

    This is as the wallpaper was still wet, just had put it on the wall, so it is a bit wrinkly, but that disappeared as it dried :) ;


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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Somehow I feel really good!
    And it is getting darker and darker. And I love it!

    I wonder if this darkness and the long nights and relaxing a ton, changes the hormones? Because my breasts have really gotten perkier.... and a little tender too at times. Like they are growing!
    I am not sad about that at all because they were really tiny..lol

    I do put iodine on them almost every other evening before going to bed. To make sure they get enough. And I make sure my breasts and nipples (in the ideal world I dream of shirts that has 2 holes for the nipples to get sun/light, because somehow I feel they are sort of an antenna - light information-antenna!) get the natural light information everyday, even if just a few minutes. If sunny, I keep them in the sun for hours.

    Today I will have to endure some complete mismatch tho. I have to work(waitress) until 10 PM. Horrible I know. But if I do such a shift once or twice a month or so during the winter I guess I can heal it again with being really really strict with fake light after dark all the other days :) :)

    Doing these shifts once in a while really makes me value my home environment even more. I so hate the alien lights.. even more after dark, it is pretty much a horror.. and when I am home, and use just one candle, I can just sit there on my couch and do nothing, just be soooo happy and thankful because it feels so freaking awesome, so silent, so peaceful, so healing :) :) :)

    Who would have thought one can enjoy the plain darkness and silence so much!
    Very interesting to observe.
    Must be something we all crave in the deepest of our soul, if we just allow it, and endure and accept the dark feelings that might pop up at least in the beginning. When we stop running after something, or away from something... and just.. be.
  7. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Nice update!! I wanna try the thick aluminum foil hack, because my cellphone sees 3 weak wifi nets on my room... My mum Will kill me thou
  8. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @Inger I appreciate your thoughts on silence and allowing yourself to be. A few months into following doc and adopting some of what he educates us on, I started to (and continue to!) feel the same. Almost an amazing feeling of peace no matter what is going on.
    Are you from Norway? My grandfather came to the US from Norway. I was fortunate enough to take my mom there last summer and it was truly an amazing experience :). Another good (kind of odd at first) feeling of peace and “home”.
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I used to be in internet contact with a truck driver.
    Originally from Somali, living and driving in Norway.
    Sad story of sunlight.

  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    @recoen, yes I am Norwegian, although my grand-grandma was Swedish and my grand-grandpa was from Ireland or Scotland.. I always forget which..lol
    Yes weird how you feel like "home" when you visit the country of your ancestors! It sure is a nice feeling :)

    @JanSz, yes.. sounds like a real mismatch. One of my sisters husband is from Pakistan, and he recently got diagnosed with Diabetes 2. Doctor said he has to tale medicine because his blood sugar was so high, but he did not want to. He still has this natural intuition it could not be good. So he went very low carb instead, and his blood sugar improved dramatically very fast!
    So he is now able to just monitor it with his diet :) :)
    When he goes off rail though, he has to take the prescription pills from his doc to control his blood sugar.. which can happen at special occasions. I am so happy he was willing to quit the carbs. But sure, what he really need is sun, what will not happen much as they live in Sweden...

    @Eric, why do you think your mum will kill you? It will not destroy the walls or anything, very easy to remove if you move out :). Try it! If it does not work you can always take it off. Cost is less than 100 euro :) Just put a nice wallpaper on the top and no one will notice even :)
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Just put a nice wallpaper on the top and no one will notice even

    THere must be wallpapers that are mostly aluminum foil.
    I had that in my house when I bought them.
    They were popular in 60's.

  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well, that might be there are such wall papers too! :) Would save one working step :)
    I have not seen anything like that here though. But one could ask in the shops where they sell all kind of construction stuff.
    Then just take a small piece of that paper and wrap it around your cellphone, and check how much connection got lost. When I did that with the thick aluminium foil, there were zero connection so I guess it shields pretty well!
  13. John Saf

    John Saf New Member

    Where did you get the thick alu.foil? Norwegian shop? :)
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

  15. Anya

    Anya Gold

    so cute!
    want a sheep! it's on my list :p
    did you get milk from them?
    have some cute silkies, they lay the best small eggs!
    my duck is sitting, hopefully baby ducklings soon :love:
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I did milk one of the sheep once, right after it got babies, to try the coclostrum.. it was devine! But I did not milk them otherwise. We did had goats too as I was yonger, and we did milk them :). Just a couple gouts.
    Yes, lets hope you get baby duckling soon, they are just too cute :) :) :)
    You are so lucky to be able to have all those animals! Such a great source of joy and also great nutrtion, nothing trumps food raised by yourself or harvested by yourself (I am lucky to be able to harvest my own oysters though ;) :) ) :love:
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Wow.. Tonight I dreamed so sweet!
    I met my first boyfriend again in the dream (I was about 19 yo as we had the relationship so that is 23 years ago..). So weird because I have not been thinking about him lately! But he was in my dream tonight and we kissed.. and it was the most tender kiss EVER.. and soo long! LOL.. totally crazy, so electrifying.

    So funny I have those nice dreams every so often :D :D
    Love it :)
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  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    ..and tonight I flied in my dream... sooo high, over green mountains and valleys. Amazing! :) :)
    Still dreaming so much and clearly every night, wow. And I never have to pee in the night anymore! I feel DDW helped with this. Because I sometimes had to pee once in the night. Not since my DDW batches I had during summer/fall. Qlarivia, 1/4. Nice!

    I was in Finland over Christmas, visiting my parents. It was really nice. Went dipping in my moms ice-hole with my brother, did snow angels... talked and talked. So much love!
    My mom had saved a raw deer heart for me! I ate that divided up on two breakfasts, raw, as carpaccio. It was so delicious! The best Christmas food I had all the time there :) :) Made me feel really good! Raw, wild animal hearts always gives me somehow a magic feeling, very subtle, but it is there.

    We measured our ages on my dads "True Age" machine, and laughed so much! I still had the best results, being 14 yo ;) (I am 42 yo) My mom (67) and dad (72) both were around 10-20 years younger than their age so that was great too, but they are really healthy I guess! At least no complaints and high functioning. But my uncle that live in my parents house too, did the test, it was horrible. He has Hepatitis C, and was really really sick, he is now doing a bit better as he got some new medicine from Norway that helps kill the virus. But he has high blodpressure too and many other issues, Reynauds etc. His real age is 60, and the "True Age" machine said he was 82 yo. Crazy! But he looks old too..

    I have a new hack I am doing!
    And this is to see what I can do for my skin - I just quit using nicotine gums, after using them for almost 5 years..uh! I realized I had got addicted.. not to the nicotine that much, but to the combination of sweetener I guess? and the chewing, and the nicotine! But I was not able to stop because my life had too much stress.. and now... this winter, I have made enough space for me to clear my head. And that is when I was able to stop using them. Yay!
    But I guess all that nic.gum was not too great for my skin (in addition to tanning salong in winter) I guess it makes more wrinkles? So I wanted to see if I can do some good for my face :)

    I am not doing tanning salon anymore either, instead I really try go outside more, and I am planning a vacation to the sun if I can afford it this winter.

    So my hack is very easy and cheap, 10 euro :)

    That is the cost of a cheap Philips infrared lamp 100 watt. I want a better one, but I have to save a little bit to get that. So I have started with this cheap lamp.

    I do cold face dunks for a few minutes, then I use the red light about 3-4 minutes, and then I dunk in the cold water again, and do red light again. It all takes about 15 minutes max. I do this every morning and every evening, I try to do it near sunset if I can.

    I want to know if this combination cold and red light does my skin any good :). So far it feels great! I have just done it a week but I feel my skin already is improving a little?
    I have not been doing real face dunks for long time! I do dunk my face a little when I sit in the rainbarrel every morning, but it is not so much.

    Cant wait until I get the real red light of Alex from the facebook group! :) I guess that will be a wise thing to invest in :)

    Otherwise I am doing really well, enjoying the dark and cozy evenings. Not too many weeks of darkness left as it gets lighter every day now, so I really need to enjoy the dark silent time I have left before they days get long again! :)
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Red light and skin beauty is very possible.
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  20. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Vivid and memorable dreams are awesome. I love hearing about peoples dream progress.

    So when people say that their heart belongs to you they'd better have an actual heart to give you!

    Great recipe idea.

    FWIW I set up similar evening hack for my wife. I never explained it, but she just plays along and seems to like the IR+red in the evening.

    She was having some hyper-pigmentation or some other issue with some random darker splotches starting to show up. They are almost gone now that she works outside 2 days a week and uses a light like yours in the evening.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019

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