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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Alper

    Alper New Member

    There was no sun in Hannover at all. All cloudy :( Maybe I need to think about the aluminum foil, too.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the antenna in your pictures, Inger. I'm pretty sure that's an HF directional finder. In other words it's a receiver and not a transmitter.
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Optimalbound :)
    We will not move there though anyway but good to know!

    I just tried my about 4 months old, aged lambs hearts (high meat) and it was awesome :) :) I just tried a little tiny piece first as to be sure it did not make me sick as I have aired them more than about once a week only.. I always forget! Very stinky but taste was very gorgonzola like :love:
    I already feel a boost :) :)
    Cool stuff!
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    My Kombu-seaweedwater today...


    I just CRAVE this stuff right now... tastes like heaven to me
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I just spent 6 days in Cannes with the boyfriend. It was amazing place to be! Even nicer as Nice! :) :)
    It is a smaller city, and it has 2 wonderful islands outside of it, 15 minutes with a boat to go there.
    My favorite was the monk island, Saint Honorat.... There is a monastery, and wine yards.. they make their own, organic wines. We bought a bottle to share. It was awesome! It is a tiny tiny island. No cars. Only 1 restaurant.

    I will post some pics when I get them. I found a small laguna at the monk island... it was my favorite memory from the trip. I want to go there again and just sleep on the beach.. no hotels. I do not need any comfort like that at all. I just need the nature and the sea and the sun!
    It is the pre season there and not many tourists yet, which made it all even nicer :)

    I realized I could eat ice cream and get no stuffed nose at all!
    I even tried home made tarte de pomme in a small local restaurant - no issues at all... They had the best fish soup I have ever had!
    Here I need to be very strict with my foods too, to feel my best. What a difference the sun and the environment makes! One day I will move to the mediterranean. I feel so good there. The people are so pretty there. There was a couple of old men and women who met at the beach every day, totally tanned, deep brown color.. and they went for a 40 minute swim in the ocean, water was 14 degree C. They seemed to enjoy life to 100% :) :) :)

    Our hotel had a nice pool and garden.....but it had horrible readings with my RF meter! Up to 15 milli(!)watt/m2 :confused: every corner of the garden was totally radiated! On the hotel roof top was an antenna... hidden into a tree on the roof....
    Our room had around 200-600 mikrowatt/m2... way much more than I have here (I have around 25 mikrowatt/m2 in my home and outside) our balcony even more. Thankfully we did not spend much time in the hotel room. Still, I slept pretty well! Must have been the sun :) :) I really got a nice recharge :) :)
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Some picture from our vacation in Cannes. Quality is not great, need to find another picture uploader.,..uh, the old one I used did not work anymore.

    If anyone goes to Cannes, I really recommend the Monk island (Saint Honorat)! The first pictures are from there... it was so silent and lonely there.... just awesome. I felt such a peace at the laguna I found. I could have stayed there forever........


    Tanning at the laguna...


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    There was only one cafe/restaurant there, very beautiful, located in the shade of beautiful trees


    Here I am buying me a soft ice cream :D had to test if I get stuffed nose in high quantum environment, and.. I did not ;)


    A picture from the other island outside Cannes, also very beautiful, but not as silent and lonely as the Monk island behind it


    Taking a swim at the beach in Cannes, the water was so awesome!

  7. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Nice idea for a drink, it's just water and Kombu?
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes, just water and Kombu. Mostly I use the Spaghetti-Seaweed tho for my seaweed water, as it is my favorite :). Also from the French Atlantic coast, raw and dried, not roasted or heated.

    I am doing the Iodine protocol right now.... :glasses: in addition to seaweeds and seafood/oysters :)
    Taking 150 mg Iodine/ day through 25 drops of Lugols. Doing great so far a few weeks in! One evening I even had an awesome euphoria that made me feel like every cell of my body laughed.... LOL It was after a whole day in the sun on my terrace in the winter/spring sun :). What an awesome experience :) This time I have not got any bad symptoms like I did a few years ago as I tried the Iodine protocol the first time..... Maybe I do have detoxed quite some bromide and fluoride out already? :)
    Using some on my skin too... thanks to Doris :) :) Lets see where it takes me ;) I know it can be risky but I always have to test some stuff :D
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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

  10. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    Sometimes I am at a loss for words and this is one of those times....... :love::love::love:
    Thank you for sharing this Inger
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Rose.... :love: just had to share... I get the chills from this one.....
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  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Time for an update! :)

    I have had such nice results with the Iodine protocol! :) :) :)
    Taking it for about 4 months now.... orally and also painting on my breasts and skin otherwhere...
    After a few weeks painting my breasts, they swelled up and got sore.. and it lasted for a few weeks and then they got small again.. and then I realized the cyst I have had on my right breasts had totally disappeared! I was there since my teens, and it then often hurt.. and made me so scared.. It got better as I got healthier and it did not bothered me anymore at all... but it was still a tiny remnant there. Now.. it is gone! I cant believe it! I really needed high doses of Iodine to it completely disappear :) :)

    Also, I have noticed some gray/white hair on the top of my head since a few years... you cant see it well as I am pretty blonde but now... the white hairs are getting less! :) :)

    On the German Iodine facebook Gropu more than one has noticed their gray hair totally reverse since Iodine, I would love if that happens to me too :) But they are getting less!!! yay :) :)

    Also my skin is real nice now, I use Ghee mixed with 2 drops of Iodine on my face, I love it! I used to have this little bit of dry skin on my nose often, that is gone now :)

    Of course I do loads of oysters, seafood, sun and everything else I have done all the time too :) :). Life is so good :) :)

    I have noticed, Iodine also soothe my nerves in a very cool way... When the boyfriend fights with me I am just totally calm and I just have to laugh! At work when issues come up and coworkers get angry, I am just so calm and I do not get upset at all, not one bit... I just laugh all the time ....LOL It is very good, because it helps everybody :). There cant be a fight from one person alone for sure!

    I have had at least 2 times an awesome euphoria coming over my whole body... like every cell was laughing.... I often (i would say always!) have such a calm calm and nice feeling now.
    I was feeling good before too, but now I feel even better :) :) :)

    I think everyone is deficient in Iodine today, really. I believe we are meant to live by the sea, off the sea. No one does that today. Then, imagine all the Fluoride, Chloride and Bromide that have accumulated in our bodies through our lives, that block the receptors.... no wonder people are having issues with awareness.. because I truly believe Iodine is so needed for that! And of course, together with seafood and sun from dawn to dusk :) :)

    The boyfriend says he has issues with concentrating and awareness.. he is starting the Iodine too now, just a small amount like 2 drops of 5 %.. I am so happy he does it because i notice he needs it!
    When he is at my place we just sit outside on my terrace almost naked in the sun/light and read Osho and talk and cuddle, that is. He loves it.. I too :) If he wants to see me that is what he has to do, I am stone hard on that. But now he has become to love it too :) :) It is going slow, but it is going forward :) :)

    My sister visited me on her drive with family from south Spain to Finland.. we had 2 days together and it was awesome :) :) She is totally better now, and can tolerate nnEMF again!! She does not notice anything anymore when she uses their induction stove! And it used to make her so sick....
    The sun really is the most powerful healer ever... She also have started Iodine.. and she is so happy being on the road to health :) They use no lights at home, just candles.. her kids are so sweet :). She now can tolerate foods she could not before.

    I am now going to the oyster beach now picking a bag of oysters :) Sun is out... life is good :) :)
  13. Danny

    Danny New Member

    What a fanstastic update! So happy to hear the progress. I have been wanting to try iodine again, but I had such a negative experience w/ it a few years back. I think I over did it when I was trying it. I felt fantastic for a few months and just kept increasing the dose until I crashed down... foolish... but a good lesson in taking it slow.
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  14. Very interesting, especially the case with the white hair! I read, that some people use diluted iodine directly on the scalp, I consider trying that.
    I also use 5% iodine solution for my thyroid, 1 drop at the moment. I also tried it on the skin, but it takes very long to disappear, what could be a sign, that one need not much more of it.
    May I ask you which dose you are taking and how long it takes your body to soak it up?
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I started with a few drops, like 4, and then increased in two weeks to 15, like boom :). I did got detox like headache, some small pimples and rashes, tiredness, some swelling in my body like i thought I had gained but it was just water because it went away fast in a few days or weeks. I also got a real hurtful bromaderma under my arm, uh! But I knew it was detox because always after I felt even better as before :). So it was worth the suffering :).

    I do believe when doing Iodine you need to really listen to your body, and sometimes take a break to let the body get rid of stuff, and do lots of things to help it do it. Like tanning nude, lots of water, oysters and other amazing foods with lots of Zink and other minerals, getting lots of fresh air on the skin, dry brush, I also wash my body once in a while with Meine Base, a mineral salt that has a PH about 8-9 - always feels so good after.. and the water get so grey at times even if I do it after a hot shower and dry brushing!

    IDK what to think about the painting test on skin... For me it takes about 12 hours for it to disappear but it varies, where I paint it etc. I think it has also lot to do with skin thickness and dryness...

    Also, if you cant assimilate the Iodine because your symporters does not work well, it makes no sense to take high doses either. Many get great results just with a drop or two / day... It sure is a biohack! And you need to know that you can get bad detox.. and be ready to rest then. If you have a stressing work and little freetime I would suggest to go very slow...
    But then, some people say that taking high doses makes less detox than low.. It is all a testing out. But being careful can never hurt. I think if your mithocondria are not working well it might not be a good idea to take too much Iodine at all. But I am very healthy and I heal fast so I am not afraid to test more. I also have pretty much time to tan and heal because I work only 150 hours / month and always have time to be outside in the morning...and my work is also lot outside on the terrace in the restaurant - which is so good :).

    I also think it is a great thing to get lots of Zink, Selenium and magnesium and iron through food when you take Iodine. I also do seaweed. I am so lucky to be able to eat as many oysters I like for free :)

    Also getting enough unrefined salt is so important.

    I did the protocol a few years ago but I also got scared then by the strong detox (Real bad pimples on my face and depression) so I stopped. This time it is way easier and detox is not as bad :) And I know more so I do it better :). My environment is better (less nnEMF) and I have stronger sun and way more oysters :)

    For very ill people it might be better to just get the Iodine through food - IDK.... at least until they heal more? Anyways, it is an interesting journey!

    How is your thyroid doing with the Iodine?
    You could join the German Iodine facebook group for more help - there are people who have totally healed their thyroid through Iodine :). But I have the feeling, people who are successful go to the nature a lot and use other tools to help the detox and heal.
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  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes, that was a good lesson ;). It is so important to listen very well to the body, and also take breaks for a few days and not push too hard..... it is a long journey, and there are no quick fix - except being naked in the nature and sun...lol it heals right there in the moment :) :)
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  17. Thanks for so much input!
    I will definitely look for the German Iodine facebook Group...
    And I know MeineBase - I use it in my bathtub :love:

    I'm totally new to the iodine protocol and don't have much experience so far. I took 1 drop for several weeks but don't recognize anything. I think I will increase a bit. But surely not 15 drops, I'm not brave like you ;) No, I mean, I have no really good connection to my body, but I want to improve this, so that I can rely on myself. My mitochondria actually are not working well, so I will go slow :(

    So far, there arent't any felt improvements with the thyroid but I have to do some labs. My MD told me to measure my temperature in the morning to see if it increases with the iodine (which is the goal) to 36,8 ° C, but mine is still lower.
  18. endless

    endless New Member

    Thanks for sharing your iodine experiences...I was doing it for awhile but stopped. I might just give it another try and do more topical than internal this time....
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Still taking Iodine, but just 5-8 drops now + topically. Feels good!
    But it is only a good idea if one knows and listens well to ones body, I think.. and have decent working mithocondria.. It is important to read Lynne Farrows book the Iodine crisis, before starting the protocol, or the ones from Brownstein.

    I bought the same nnEMF meter that Alex (Butters) have, and I like it! Comes a lot of info material with it, which makes it fun for beginners :)
    @ Queen of Elves, this would be a great one for you! Any meter is better than non, tho, IMHO. It is SO important to own one today...

    I was house hunting today... me and my fiance are looking for a house to rent, and it has not been easy to find one that suits boths needs! But this one could be it :) :)

    It has a pretty big garden to tan in, and no neighbors can look into it so nude tanning is fine :) :) That as a must for me! My partner likes it too ;). Neighbor is a organic farm, and the cows are grassing right behind the garden. Beautiful!
    It has a big basement, with small windows even, so possibly one could sleep there :) It is dry and nice :). No mold. All rooms on ground floor.

    Bad thing is there is an antenna about 500-600 meter away - you cant see it but it is there. As I measured in the garden with my meter it turned green-orange....so readings are pretty good still but not as good as where I live now tho.. I guess I will go with it, because it is a stone house and inside I guess will be fine. And on the other side there are no antennas but far away, so I can always take my bike and tan on the small lakes or somewhere in the nature if I want even less nnEMF - plenty of silent places there!

    Good thing is, no wifi from neighbors, no smart meters either.
    Only 200 people living in the town..and I can buy raw organic cheese and meat and eggs from the farm...and the farmers son was there too today as they showed me the house, he is around 20 yo I think and we immediately got a beautiful connection!!! We talked about the sun, and he told me how he never use sunglasses because the sun needs the sun to get signals for the skin to not burn! How cool! He was barefoot all the time.... and he said he loves to be like that.. he loves nature... he wants to come pick oysters with me :) :) I told him I had a raw lambs lung smoothie for breakfast and he thought it was so cool..lol
    He said he is soo happy if we move in there :) They live just close to the house by the farmers shop :)

    Uh this is so exciting :) :)
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  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    well.. thinking about it... I do I am not so sure we will rent that house... I am feeling weird in my belly about the antenna...and the electric fence surrounding part of the garden to keep the cattle on the pasture. Antenna and fence are directly there where I am going to tan nude... Other side of the house has no tanning space and sun...
    I am so happy my fiance is together with me on this, and says we will only take the best for us! If I feel uneasy about it, we will let it pass. He is so respecting all my health choices. Feels so good.. Huh! Not easy, this moving thing!

    Feeling sad about the farmers / landlords boy tho.. I could see love in his eyes...we share the same passion.. he is about 20 yo and I am 40 yo but in the heart we were the same.. That I could feel so strong! Still.. I cant let that make me do wrong choices.....
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