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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I completely understand your frustration Hope - same thing here....
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hope.. my dear! Me too understand so well you are disappointed! But Hope, if it helps any, you could maybe try to think that you give Jack a gift now... with understanding what he needs to do for him (and your money will be refunded anyways) After all he has given us. After all, this board too and that we are able to communicate, is he's done. He has used so many hours to get all the info out, for free. You have lost some hours of work now getting the labs and stuff together, but the amount of time he has "lost" on us is quite a lot too.. valuable time.. remember he has 2 kids and all.. So please Hope try to think in that way, giving to another is always very blessed and that makes us also happy deep inside! I bet you will start to feel better ASAP. :)

    Take you time to answer Hope, and do not stress about it..lol I ask way too many questions anyways, so no need to answer them all! They are actually more ment to ponder on, sometimes we can get new ideas and solutions when we questions things. I try to question a lot of things in my life, it is quite interesting!

    I have had not too much time for computer last days, so much to do, I was totally alone here the whole weekend as everyone else was on a trip, it was sunny weather and then I am always out, never in front of the screen.. but there are coming rainy days again from tomorrow on and then I will write how the lambs are doing.. and somethings else I got to do yesterday.. I bet I have the most optimal water now (for a while..)... ;) A old way of doing it that is easy and people has been doing here forever... I'll tell what, tomorrow! Now I need to take care of the animals, and then I have to go to work, they called and asked if I could come today and I promised.. I bet it is going to be fun, I have not worked since the lambs got born as I could no way leave them here a day alone having to feed them from the bottle every 4 hours. Today my dad is the one that will have to do that..lol I bet he will survive, having raised 15 kids.
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have been sipping on a couple of liters of maple and birch sap last days... so yum! I have 1 maple and 1 birch tree going (giving me quite a lot sap!) in the garden now. I offered the lambs some and they loved it too!
    I took some pics from our trees;





    I wonder if fresh raw sap is full of electrons....? Must have some great Schumann resonance in it too.... :) and surely the first carbs of the year so far north...
    I have been trying out some fruit last days. I had some sun ripe fresh organic pineapple.. it was good! I thought about introducing some carbs slowly as I am already tanning quite a lot. Maybe a little early..(?) we'll see how it goes!
    I worked yesterday in the city bombarded with EMF and all I wanted was fat! I had no carbs yesterday because of that, I never want any carbs when I work in the restaurant. Just lots of raw protein and fat. So that is what I have. Gives me all the energy I need and then some.....;)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  4. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Inger...I made maple syrup a few years ago from our trees and sampled a lot of the sap. It was very yummy. I have to stay away from anything that sweet these days, but I'm sure it is good for those who can tolerate the sugar. There are a few places in New England that have marketed the sap too. I just read that birch is being looked at to supplement the maple for syrup production here in the Northeast.

    I know horses will drink it right down....there are old stories about the horses on the farm stealing all the sap out of the buckets on the trees when the farmers weren't looking. We have red squirrels that make little sap taps with their teeth and visit the same place over and over for a snack.

    Koreans love the maple sap as a drink too.

    So trees may not need any fat like JK says, but they sure like their sugar!

    Happy tapping.

    (Still no lambs....)
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Seahorse.. it is quite sweet, especially the Maple sap! Lets see if I get a sugar crash..lol So far nothing. Hope you get to see the lambs soon and that all goes well! :)

    Lambs are doing great. I still give them some raw milk extra, but they also get some from their mom... and everybody is happy! Emme has taken her mom back too in her heart and she has now 2 moms..lol she always run to me but when I am not there she runs to her mom. I am so happy!

    I had to take a pic from Ursu. Ursu is the oldest guy.. he is so fat, the fattest of the lambs, as he drinks by he's mom all the time.. and he is very lazy personality..lol He loves to cuddle and is a real guy! He is just so cool!


    I was driving 180 km today with hubs (he was so busy but still wanted to help me which I find so very kind of him - he just drive so crazy fast that I have to close my eyes often to not get an heart attack OMG.. He is a great driver though and never crashed but he totally makes up he's own rules and drives faster as Mika Häkkinen...) to get a goose lover for our lonely goose lady... I hold the goose guy on my lap the whole way. Now they are both together inside and tomorrow I will let them out and they can swim in their pool! She seemed so happy to finally get a partner again.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  6. Hope

    Hope Gold

    That's so sweet, Inger. I love the animals you share about even if I have never met them. You make me long so much more to have my own farm...just today I thought I should go back to school and learn to really raise vegetables, and then have a farm with goats and lambs and chickens and cats and dogs. What a dream. And a horse.

    Thanks for your inspiration....and your response too (and I agree with you, though my lost time is truly lost, his is invested and thousands of people benefit. In my case, no one did. Although I now see it all as a blessing, except for the lack of even an acknowledgment/kind word). It has taught me so much about human nature, and about not idolizing anyone, no matter how much you look up to and admire them.)

    Love your birch sap as well. How cool!!!!! Have you thought about doing a blog about country life?? :)
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes it does is fun Hope, to have animals! But I have no clue either how to do it all and sometimes it all grows over my head and I get so stressed out.. especially when someone dies or gets sick.. Great way to learn humbleness though. Even if often not so pleasant. But when I see the 5 sweet lambs playing, running and jumping around in the sunset on their pasture.. exploding from energy and joy.. then I get tears in my eyes from joy too and I think, it was all so much worth it. :)

    No time for blogging about countrylife..lol If I had the time I would rather do a book.. a special art work. I do hope one day...

    Hope... I can understand you are disappointed.. But does it feel good to be? No.. So I would just let it go. I myself have learned something in life that really helps not getting disappointed on others. Never demand anything.
    Demand only from yourself. It will be easy for you Hope, you have such a beautiful heart.
    I am thinking, others, what can you do, and what does it bring to demand anything from anyone? Only I am responsible for my happiness. It makes a huge difference to me. And often, it also helps to see it from the other persons angle. We often forget that, we see it only from our own egoistic view. It does not bring happiness at all.. at least not to me. Give, and you will recieve. This is magic pure.. and it works. My own N=1

    What is it we all are looking for? A healthy, happy life. So that is what I create. That is to me a life worth living. I do fail, sure, but not for long and then I realize I made a thinking error.. and that is why I felt not great. I hate feeling not good, so I change my thinking fast. And the joy comes back fast too..:)

    Hope, I usually do it that way, I "idolize" a part of the human, that part I really really love and want for me too.. and the rest I just do not look at too much..lol Because there is not one man on earth that has it all right, that I can promise for sure. Me neither. I have kind of made an odd realization... when you look at the beautiful thing in others... it kind of expands? And they benefit from it too! Maybe we need to be loved? Maybe when we get loved without any demands we get better? Sure the times in my life when I felt 100% loved have been a HUGE blessing to me. I can think back on those times, and they give me strength and power to go through the hardest times. they fill me with joy and love, and I am able to share too. That has made me realize how very important this is. And that is what I want to be better at, so I remind myself of it again and again. There is still so many gains for me to make, so many!

    I have promised myself to never ever become a grumpy old lady, ever! I am going to fill my life with sunshine and joy and life and love and stay like a child - exploring life and our beautiful world and people- until I leave... with a smile on my face

    I had such a fun night tonight. I dreamed 3 different dreams, and I laughed in them all! I laughed so hard I waked up a little from it..lol I told hubs i the morning as we were both in the bathroom (he had to leave for a few days today) and he said, oh, I heard you had fun..lol. You laughed so loud! crazy funny night. ;)
    Maybe it was all the birch and maple sap I drank yesterday? Hmmmm...

    I have counted how much water I get in about in a day and it is about 4 liters. It is easy done. I usually drink 3 glasses at once when I do. That way it is no issue to get a lot of water in.
    I feel so great! No tiredness at all waking up at 6 AM.. and such a sweet tiredness when going to bed at 9:30 PM. No peeing at night at all anymore even if drinking so much water.
    Today is tanning day... sun is here! yay! :) I amk going to fix the fence around the lambs pasture too... (as good as I can..lol I can assure I am really no expert when it comes to building fences..)
    And I cut back on the Iodine. Going slow now. I forgot detox is not so fun..lol
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hope I was thinking about what you said as I was out feeding the chickens and lambs. So I needed to come back here to share with you what I thought about.. maybe it could help.

    At least one could have benefitted from the whole thing.. I think you did'n see that.. and it is Jack. If you give him understanding instead of sad mood I bet it is making it easier for him, it cannot be a fun thing to cancel all those consults...
    Check how Beach Bunny responded to her cancelled consult;


    I remember when I read that my heart got so warm all of the sudden. A great gift to give Jack... I bet it warmed he's heart too.

    I always think, if I could make only ONE human happy in my life, or contribute to he's / her's happiness, then my life was not to no avail, or without meaning. But then, it was so worth it.... :)

    Hope, we are doing this together. You are going to get healthy as a horse...! I know! Soon enough. It will just take some time but you already have great improvements! We have all the tools now, and we know what to do. And we can help each other as we have this great community. :)
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
  9. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Dear Inger, you are so sweet!

    I wish I could feed the chickens and lambs with you!!!!!!!! When I was in Florida last week, I got to go to a butterfly rainforest, and they had these feeding plates with bananas. I have never seen anything like it. I would post it but it doesn't belong on your amazing thread and I Haven't had time to update my own journal yet. LOL. I just feel so much better when I reduce online time to the minimum needed. Amazing!! I feel like a different person off the computer :

    Thanks again for all your great heart-sharing :) Sending you and all your precious farm animals LOTS of love ~ and I promise I will write more soon :)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Not so sure it is wise to start eating fruits yet. I will push it forward and drink sap and use the tiny bit raw honey for carbs and that's about it... until it gets real summer. till snow at places here... but temps are getting warm! Around 10 degrees C. The water temp too, it is +2 degrees C now. Ice is gone.

    Was working yesterday, had lost and lots of energy, but I felt exhausted going home. I could feel how it dehydrated me.... really. My work is a EMF hell for sure, but I am ok with it as I work so few days. I cancelled the other workplace because I realized I need to be free now and that work would have tied me to it the whole summer saison. So I decided to stay by my old work, also less stress as I know everything there so well. I had a little too little foods with me yesterday me thinks, I could have taken more. I had maybe 1 pounds of raw grassfed beef heart and some raw beef fat. My coworkers always wants to know what I eat..lol they are great for sure. We had lots of fun again and the customers were awesome!
    It was good coming home and drink fresh cold sap. :)

    I am so amazed how refreshed I wake up these days! It is just amazing to be not tired at all in the morning! And I always wake up early, 5-6 AM.
    My toes are not itching at all anymore either, and not swollen or painful either. But I am going very slow now with the Iodine, I just take it some days in the week and some not, and only a few drops. I am not going to paint my breast every day either, but today I will. Maybe every other day. I need to be sure my breast keeps firm as I hate to use BHs. I thought if I they get enough Iodine they will. At least Grizz wife's breasts got perky again after using it! I did the pencil test and the pencil did fell down so I think I need to not use BH at least not at home. At work, sure..lol

    The webinar is here! Yay! I am going to feed the lambs now, and then listen to it.. it is rainy day today - so perfect.:)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Just wanted to show how my skin looks like these days, IDK but I really think the hydration does it good! And I am one that always struggled with my skin. I am getting hope one day I might have the skin I always wished for. :)
    I did not made my hair I just let it air dry, as I am about to go to the shop and it is raining.. it is going to curl up wildly anyways..lol I never need to put rouge anymore... since face dunking every morning my cheeks always has some color.:)


    One more thing. My clothes do not fit?! I am not feeling fat at all, and I like how I look naked, but still my clothes are small, the ones I used last summer. Maybe I have gotten fat or it is muscles, IDK I feel I have gotten bigger....?! Weird! But I will get some bigger clothes that's it...lol I actually like it being a curvy women. I think men like it better too, instead of the model thin women we so try to be like.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your skin is beautiful Inger .... just lovely and natural and glowing ..what more could you wish for! we are definitely getting younger!!

    I feel rounder somehow - as you said - more womanly. I always had very skinny legs - but they are definitely rounder and fuller - my skinny jeans don't fit the same!! LOL but I weigh less ......I am firmer too......

    You still face dunk everyday? I had stopped doing that ... better rethink that! Do your lips have more colour too?
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have no clue what I weigh Audrey...:eek: As a former bulemic I need no stress about weight changes..lol I go from how I feel, and I feel great now! Never any desire to binge a purge.. yay :) Ok..lol I do binge at times, I just eat sooo much! Loads of fat and protein.. but only the good stuff! I never have any desire to purge! And I do not feel bad after either! I just think, I must have needed all this food..lol Yum!

    Yes I facedunk every single morning. I dunk about 5-6 times maybe, not much. But I love it! I love how it makes me feel so refreshed!:)

    I do think my lips has gotten a little bit more color too... They were so very pale. I do use a tiny little bit organic good quality lipstick though. But very little. One lipstick lasts me a year or so...lol
    I am waiting for my lips to get even more color... but they are improving! I have always had those weird very small white "bumps" on my upper lip, not noticable unless I stretch my lip and look very close... but they are there. I think they are tiny fat bumps. I have them only on my upper lip actually. I really wonder why they are? And I really wonder if they could go away. I think they also make my upper lip look a bit more pale. But they really are so small no one can see them really. Anyways I do think it is not how it should be and I guess it could be from my intestines being not totally healed yet. At least in Chinese Medicine the upper lip = small intestine. Those are things I really am curious to if they disappear. I have the feeling some have disappeared? I have not counted..lol but I find they look like less now...

    I had a "pimple" on my nose for years... it never healed really! It was scary... But after I started the Kruse protocol it healed! And has not come back... for over a year already! I am so happy. Those tiny small things tells me I am on the right path. Not even my mega healthy raw animal food diet made the pimle disappear... so weird. But the Kruse protocol did. :)
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I was with my friend shopping today. I was not shopping in a long long time. But he's mom wanted to buy me a beautiful summer dress because I showed her son how to wash windows...lol I washed he's windows in he's apartment, actually we did it togehter. She thought it was so nice I did that, that she wanted to give me a gift. Unbelievable what a nice mother. I have not even met her ever! So I had to go shopping with him then. ;) We (actually my friends catch) found a very nice dress, white with small, light blue flowers, absolutely beautiful! So now I am the owner of the most beautiful short summer dress ever. Cannot wait for it getting warmer so I can wear it....:)
    No idea how I can pay back this beautiful gesture, really. Have to come up with something.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Our inner glow touches many people I think in unexpected ways.......... I now notice other people with this .. and it is very heart warming to me. [not the people that I wish this for however]
  16. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, you look amazing!! Wow. Skin looks amazing too. So I am back but I have had so much energy this week, I have been decluttering our house. I am still in shock about it all but just charging ahead - it feels so good to clean out, be outside whenever i don't have to be indoors. But I am now so behind with things on the forum. That dress you got sounds lovely! But you'd look good in a garbage bag, I am sure. I thought of you this weekend as I wore shorts for the first time, and let my thighs be seen by the world. First time since 1994. LOL.

    How are the lambs? That is neat you can see and feel the warmth coming back. I have started tanning and love it. My friends were laughing when I talked about it. I have never tanned before.

    Anyway, DH just got home and must tend to him. LOL. Just know I am thinking of you and the lambs and hope to sit down and write more soon :) I think being away from the computer when I can is so good for me....
  17. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Just something to watch...

  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    @ Hope.. yay for using shorts! I love shorts :) (not allowed to use them here tho because of my parents dogmas..ha but soon enough I will have a own place and use shorts all the time.. I cannot wait ;)..)
    The lambs are doing great Hope! I have been by the neighbour helping milking he's goats and get some milk to feed the lambs too. The neighbour is such a nice guy in my age, divorced, and we have fun sharing our stories and milking goats together..lol I am not good at milking goats, I get one milked when he get 4..! He is not into healthy food at all.. lol but I tell him all weirdos I eat and he is kind shocked.. ha (actually I guess he thinks I am a bit crazy because I showed him the copper wire I earth with hanging from my bedroom window as he was checking out my parents lambs..)

    @ Peter,
    thank you for the video. it was beautiful... made me want to go there and ask if I could live with him..lol maybe he would take me as he's wife? ;) (but he seemed a bit too conservative for me..lol I guess I need someone who loves change..) You has this great gift to always give me those beautiful gifts exactly when I need.. I was sad last days because of my dear friend that is suffering this cerebral malaria.. and I was so concerned and this video of yours lifted me up.. :) Thank you Peter. I need to visit you one day if you allow me! Are you living far from Stockholm? My bro lives there so I am going to visit them I guess this summer too.
    Last edited: May 4, 2013
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger .... you are changing the world - one person at a time!
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    It was cloudy today morning as I looked into the sky.... but I thought the sky was still so beautiful


    I grieve. My heart aches for my good friend that suffers cerebral malaria down in Africa. so weird pain in my chest. I lied down on the couch for a while I was so sad and tired.. and then i thought of him and my heart got so warm. Like someone put a warm hand right where my heart was. It was feeling so strange and good at the same time.. and I got such a weird thought. Like he was suddenly in my heart... a part of me now. The feeling was quite strong. I have always admired him how special he was / is. He never feared any challenges.. he hunted bears alone, with bow and arrow... ate the meat raw.. organs and all. I want him to live. I want him to not be brain damaged. It makes me crazy to not be able to help him now. I know this darkness will pass and the pain too. Maybe tomorrow is better. Good I will have quite much work next week so I get some distraction, that will do good for sure.

    A chicken was taken by a predator yesterday. I found another lady down in the yard as I went looking for the missing ones.. and she was turning turning turning around in circles totally in panic. Her neck was weird somehow. After some trying I finally got her inside and safe. I think she is fine now, at least she seemed ok today. I got so sad because of that one chicken that got lost. But we are getting baby chicks soon so that helps for sure. They are so cute! This chick is from last summer.. we put the egg in the oven for the last days because the mother did not cared to lay on the last eggs being so busy with the other babies.. and we managed to get live small chicks that I had to help out from the shell...


    The wild greens are finally coming!
    Had some for breakfast with my raw elk burgers + coconut oil, and I had some for lunch sprinkled on my salmon tartar with Dulce seaweeds.. it was so yummy


    For dessert I had 1 duck egg as foam with 1/2 tsp raw honey and a few lingonberries and raw chocolate powder.

    Then for dinner I had some more! I cannot get enough of these. One handful of nettles and one handful of ground elder (?)
    and some other greens. I made a smoothie from them with maple sap + birch sap. OMG it was good! Totally for free and wild. I love wild foods.
    I had two glasses of the smoothie and then 9 oysters au naturel. I think oysters are the most beautiful food ever


    Then a handful raw cabbage to chew on as i like to chew on something hard at times.
    I think that was quite a perfect dinner. I would love to have one like that every day. But oysters cost 2,40 € / piece now...

    I was thinking about doing a challenge. Avoid all unnecessary electric equipment for "cooking". No dehydrator, no mixer.. etc. For one week, just to see if there is any difference and what the EMFs do to my foods. I love raw and have no issue eating all raw as I can make so many delicious things with mixers and stuff. So it would really be a challenge to me, way less enjoyment. Me thinks.... It might be the opposite, who knows! I really want to try it out. Maybe next week. The mixer and dehydrator sure emits a lot of EMFs, I have measured them all and got quite shocked. So I have had this challenge-thought playing in my head for a while...

    My Iodine pimples are healing up fine, also the weird bump on my finger is getting better. Not painting any Iodine still though! I need to get the cofactors first, so for now I only drink seaweed water.
    Last edited: May 5, 2013

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