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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Oh cauliflower rice sushi! What a great great idea!! I need so badly to eat raw, but have a hard time for some reason. There is a part of me that does not find it appealing and it is difficult for me to get past that.

    I also think of you when I add cardamom to my coffee and when I dare to bare myself in the sun....I call it channeling my inner Inger :)

    Your inner and outer beauty are astounding, thank you for all that you share with us.

  2. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

    I've been getting some swelling in my toes which remind me of the Raynaud's I used to get years ago. The last two months it started on day 16 of my cycle which really makes me think it's hormonal. Day 16 is when estrogen falls and progesterone rises, so I think something isn't doing what it's supposed to. Also been waking in the middle of the night feeling very hot and thirsty from about days 19-21. I got ZRT hormone testing done last week so I eagerly await the results. I have a feeling progesterone will show up low.
  3. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Oh Inger that sounds lovely.....Germany isn't Finland of course but you can find great places..in the country too. I would love it if you lived there for sure.... :) I can't help being partial.

    You have SO much to offer anyone you would ever work for. But I see you being in charge of something great. You'd be a great teacher/healer. well you are already, but I mean in terms of teaching other people to do it too.

    So so exciting!!!!

    I too love your pictures. And please - you are gorgeous, Inger. I can't imagine ANY man being able to keep his hands off you!!!!! Your DH must have something going on in his heart. Did he have a difficult upbringing? He is so so fortunate to have you.....wow.

    You are such a treasure, Inger, in every way. All this must be happening for a reason. Something incredible.....

    I wonder if the chocolate or coffee could have affected your foot. BUT, how great it went away with the foot bath etc....yaye! I will send some healing energy to your foot too...

    Great big hug to you......and know that I am taking your great wisdom in your heart with me tomorrow :)
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hmmm.. thanks for this HC! I need to check this, and where I am in my period.. Interesting! I do sleep great actually- I do not wake up and no need to pee either.
    I wonder do wonder now if it came from my toes getting cold? they did the day before it started. I was in my ice hole and right after I went to the shop with my bike, I recall my toes were so cold as they had not warmed up yet and my thin leather boots do not warmed them up.. so they was cold almost one hour. I wonder if that made it. Otherwise I always take care to keep my toes quite warm, like if they are too cold after my ice bath and warm up too slowly themselves I warm them up in the warm shower, the toes only. I feel it is not good for my toes to be too cold for too long. But they are almost good now, thankfully! No fun to have itching toes..huh

    @ Hope,
    hubs do had a hard past. he spended 20 years of he's life in prison. In Russia, Hungary... places where you got to be strong to survive, many kind of abuse going on there.. 6 years of the 20 in total isolation. Could make anyone go crazy.. but he still stayed quite strong. It must have broke him somehow though. That is why I always look a bit behind.. because I know. And I see how he really try, it is just.. he is quite different because of all this.

    @ Christi.. I kind of love the thought we are all channeling another.. because I do too, you lift me up! I love this community :)

    - - - - -

    So I got Jacks book... yay! Going to start reading it today. And the 7% Lugol's I got too! I took maybe 5 drops today.. it was kinda hard to get drops from the bottle. I need to use a pipette me thinks. I got true raw Brazil nuts too, so I had a few of them too. I am thinking of taking Lugol's for a while and see how it feels.. just in case. Hubs really wanted some too and he took 3 drops before leaving for the weekend. he was all exited..lol

    I had reindeer, raw for breakfast, and a BP coffee. Yeah.. still drinking the darn coffee..lol maybe tomorrow not? For lunch I had raw mackerel tartar made of 2 mackerels, 1/2 avocado, 5 Brazil nuts, a handful dried, sun ripened, truly raw and organic Papaya, some celery and cucumber. Dinner will be oysters and something more.. don't know yet.

    I feel great today. No sun though. Emme can walk a bit on her foot now so I took away the bandage. She is growing fast... here she is yesterday on her favorite place, a lambs skin lol


    Weird is.. she has a bald spot on her neck.. what is that? I did not see it until yesterday! Not so good me thinks. I wonder if she needs salt. I got her a salt stone but she do not get how to lick on it even if I tried to pretend I am a sheep and pretended to lick it in front if her. the lambs outside like their salt stone a lot and are driking plenty of water too. Emme not. Even if I try to offer her water too. So I gave her my sun water mixed with some himalayan salt and a tiny bit iodine.. just a half drop, in the bottle. She seemed to like it! Thought it cannot hurt..lol But she is strong and full of energy and have huge appetite, so it cannot be too bad.

    So I need to leave soon to get her some raw goat milk from the city again!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2013
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Never try to sleep with a lamb in your bed. :rolleyes:

    I did tonight.. Emme is so sweet and I felt so sad about her having to sleep in a box alone inn the kitchen so I though, hubs is gone for a few days.. yay I can do whatever I want, I am going to sleep on the floor with Emme.:)
    She was so very happy, and crawled up against my head and neck. She put her little soft head on my mouth..lol That far all was good.. and I fall to sleep quite quickly, we both did. But then, after not so long time, Emme started to get so energetic..huh She crawled and tried to suck on my nose and neck and everywhere.. it was impossible to sleep. After a long time with this going on I decided, to get any sleep, I have to put her back in her box. So I got up, gave her some raw goats milk and put her in the box. She didn't like it for sure, but pretty soon she calmed down and I went back to sleep at least for a few hours.

    So not too much sleep tonight..uh. Anyways, I feel great! I had a nice time yesterday by my friend, I showed him how to wash windows, we cleaned he's windows together and it was fun! I did some shopping too..
    Now it is raining. that is good because that is when I get to do some cleaning here too.. and other stuff that I do not care to do when sunny outside.

    My fridge is filled with mackerel and oysters again, the oysters were weird this time, so dry, and like they were too old.. I ate them anyways and no issues so far. The mackerels were also not so fresh looking, but I am so thankful they order them to me so I did not say anything yet. Maybe next time I go to the shop.. I think it cannot be too bad eating a bit old fish as they traditionally made fermented / aged fish too? IDK. I never felt ill from it so far.

    I have eaten quite a lot of organic celery last days, I love the slight salty taste and the crispiness. I just eat the stick raw and plain, with maybe some Brazil nut. I like the papaya too. I am going to start eating some once in a while, they have very few carbs and I digest papaya so well, different then other fruits. I love to have some for dessert. I actually am happy that spring is here and I am able to add some variation to my menu.. :) more greens and a little bit lowcarb fruit / berries too. I am going to go very slow and if I feel not so good about it I'll cut back for sure. I am waiting so much for the wild greens to show up, I love those baby greens like nettles and dandelion.. they are so delicious when young and I have missed them so all winter long!

    Had maybe 6 drops 7% Lugol's with my breakfast (raw reindeer + reindeer marrow, raw sauerkraut, raw celery, a few pieces raw dried papaya, BP coffee). 3 Brazil nuts too. I am so curious how it will affect me.. N=1 are always so much fun!
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It sounds like you are doing so well with your diet Inger. I am not eating any carbs hardly at all - don't feel like it - but I wonder if I should have some? I bought some sweet potatoes last week but I haven't done anything with them yet. I want to make fries I think - but baked with lots of butter would be so good too.

    That is so sweet ...sleeping with emme to keep her company! When will you put her back with her family?
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Audrey with adding carbs.. IDK. I am testing myself, I have no labs to go with as I have not the money for labs now. But I am fairly healthy too (even if far from optimal yet..lol) so I guess that is why I play around a bit. I think if high EMF exposure one should be careful with carbs. I am very very picky with what carbs I add too. I could not eat cooked/fried sweet potatoes Audrey. I tried once last winter/spring and they made me so tired. Not good.
    BTW it is possible to eat sweet potatoes raw too, you could try if they are ok? IDK I do not do them myself but I know someone who does.

    I really like my carbs raw, I get a different feeling and energy from it that way. I do only organic, sun ripened fruits, if any. And low glyc and low fructose. This is so important to me, if I do not pay attention to those things I get bloated and I feel not so well. Papaya is my first choice when eating fruit, after wild berries. They are the best. So very healing, very little carbs and very nutrient dense. In the webinar Jack was eating figs.. those are great too. Not so cultivated (the more cultivated the worse the fruits affect me), and so good for us in many ways. Always choose fruit with much "stone" inside. This is a sign they are less cultivated. Wild fruits often have way more stone/s as others.

    And the best way to enjoy fruits are together with wild greens. They fit and makes the whole meal even more healing.

    If I were you Audrey I would not do cooked sweet potatoes.. instead I would search for wild fruits from your area. Ther should be some ripe now, I guess? Do you know them? You might find some for free in the forest? That is what I do in the late summer / fall here.. I search for berries all the time.. and I eat them right there.. So healthy, so very good for me. That way, eaten from the bush, they have huge healing properties.. and nothing in the world could stop me from enjoying them..lol Wild raspberries are one of my favorite..


    Do you have those where you live? Or those black raspberries that grows plenty in Germany? Here they grow only cultivated but they are so good too.

    Audrey you really should choose wild berries over sweet potato IMHO. The difference is so huge you will be amazed if testing both out. I promise. Always choose wild stuff and local if you can... and raw, eaten from the bush 100% fresh. You know what? I bet there is nothing more electron dense than those.. when it comes to vegetable matter. Wild herbs and berries/fruit. They will heal you. To me cooked/ fried sweet potato is only bad for my health. I know many see it different but that is my own N=1. Try it and you will know how it is for you.

    Emme is getting so wild I hope to get her out to her family in a week or so! Her foot have to heal 100% first tho. Her mom is not too friendly to her.. lol. She need to be strong enough to cope with that. She tries to eat my cat toilets sand she is hard to watch huh! I have put the cat toilet on a table so she cannot reach it.. My cat is not too happy about Emme and Emme does not get it at all. She wants to play with my cat but she gets angry..grrr. Poor Emme. Righty now Emme sleeps on a lambs skin beside me and my cat is on my lap. Not too easy with so many "kids"..;)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You have quite a little family there inger! kids can be difficult - that is for sure!

    I don't know any thing about wild fruits in this area - I highly doubt it. We have a farmer's market here every Friday - I will have to make a closer inspection this week. A few weeks ago the market had fresh figs and I wanted some so bad! I love fresh figs and goat cheese. Fruit kind of worries me - the sugar content - I think I am really susceptible to it and then crave it - I will have to test that out. Last week I had an apple and I was fine.
    I am pretty sure I am fine with sweet potatoes - I have been dying for some french fries! But it might be more the thought of sitting at the ocean and having them!
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I think I had a bit too much dried papayas yesterday too. To me it is always hard to eat just a little of them.

    Look Audrey.. I would not eat those sweet potato french fries anyways because to me they are plain dead..lol and I never eat anything fried either.. when, then cooked in water. And if one is ill, one needs to only eat the most healing foods. That is how I think. I still am ill, or say, I am not as good as I could be and that is the reason why I am not eating such stuff either. I need to feed my body healing foods only. When I do cheat.. it is with drugs like coffee.. or some dark chocolate....lol
    But maybe I should try the sweet potato again? Hmmm.. I so remember how very tired I became after I tired them last winter. OMG it was horrible.

    I think I must be very broken because if I got to eat stuff like fried bacon, sausages, sweet potato fries, cooked eggs.. I would just feel like a stone sinking in Atlantic..huh! :confused: IDK. I sometimes feel weird. And I wonder how anyone can feel good on those foods.. I really do. But then, it must be I need to be more strict because I am so broken somehow. Everyone is different for sure. :) I do feel amazing on my high raw and wild diet..lol

    Audrey I cannot believe you have no wild fruits..? Ask at farmers market. they will know! Or check the library if they have any books about it, or take a walk into the forest.. Do you have any forest where you live?
    Apples are heavily cultivated.. Figs are way less cultivated and has less fructose too... I would choose figs over apples any day. But they must always be tree/sun ripened! Very important.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2013
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Toes are fine since a few days already, the Iodine protocol is going great! No issues so far, just great energy!

    I had some amazing feeling occur yesterday late afternoon/early evening after my dinner. It felt like every cell in my body was laughing..?! Just so cool! No idea why, the Iodine? Or my dinner? It was a smoothie with 3 mackerel heads, quite a lot of raw mackerel roe and fishmilk and 2 livers too. Strained. Then after that a green salad all organic, with cucumber, lettuce, little tomato, red onion, wild Siberian pine nuts, 1/2 three ripened avocado, raw EVOO, raw apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt. Didn't had any salads for long.. it was delish for sure! My stomach sometimes get little upset from too much mixed in and my bowels can get a small bloat.. but not too bad.

    My mom and dad have started the Iodine protocol too.. :)

    Emme is out with the others now, this night was the first without her since her birth. Breaks my heart for sure to leave her out and she is a bit sad but I am sure it will pass. She must learn she is a sheep.. not a human..lol But OMG she was sweet to sleep with. She always crawled up to my head and neck, putting her tiny soft head on my mouth. It smelled so good, like babies do. But life has to go on, and she will grow big and she need to be out. She is healthier there, getting grounded 100% of the time. :)

    It is gray / rainy here. Good day to finally clean up the chicken and ducks home.. and put some fresh dry hay on the floor for them to play in. they need to get some love too :)

    PS. I forgot to tell my skin has gone so very soft...?! I had some dry skin issues again on certain places like legs and upper arms after introducing warm showers again.. but it helped a lot to use lots of EVOO on moist skin after the shower. IDK if it is that or the Iodine or the many raw mackerels.. or something else but now, - just last days - I think mys skin is even softer!? So baby soft!
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2013
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your salad sounds so yummy Inger. I bought 2 figs yesterday - they were so delicious and I treated myself to some smoked salmon and cucumbers and carrots etc. rolled in nori ----hmmmmmm - such a treat......I just savored every last bite!
  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Audrey.. figs are great, a true health bomb.. very rich in minerals and also used as a aphrodisiac in the old Arabian world!
    My book about fruits says so much great about them that I want to indulge right now..lol But everything in concept. To me only a little bit of papaya is ok now. Too early spring here, I need to wait for summer before eating more fruit. But you should be in the right season, if you feel they do you good! :) I could not eat them with fish though.. lol I get serous digestive trouble if I mix raw fruit and raw animal food. Only papaya goes well after meat or fish, but it is also a special fruit that helps digestion too. Maybe pineapple would be ok too? Wild berries I can always eat together with meat and fish and whatever. They are great!
    Did you got organic figs, Audrey? Or wild would be even better! If there grow some?
    Your nori rolls sound so great! Arn't we fortunate to have such amazing foods to enjoy that are so good for us at the same time! I love that!

    - - - - - -

    So.. I feel a bit sad about the people that left here.. Kiwi Lauren, Charlotte, Souldancer, Cavemam, AKMan, Quelsen... so many more. IDK I am so not good in separations. I hate when people separate, I would love to have a big community and I do not care one bit if we are all different. I guess I am way too sensible about it but maybe no wonder after getting thrown out from the community I grew up in.. and losing every single friend we had in family. Only family left. It was kind of traumatic.. so I got an aversion about divorces in any form. I should look forward again but sure I would love to have them all. Well. Maybe I have sad mood today as it is so rainy and dark here last days..

    I was thinking about something today. What I have all learned from Jack. It is just amazing, what I do so different today, no one else ever made me look into the stuff he has.
    Things I do different just this last year or so;

    -I do not use artificial lights, if, very minor and with sunglasses on. I never thought about limiting those in my whole life.

    -I go early to bed, instead of late, as before.

    -I raise early too, not like I used to, to sleep until 11-12 AM!

    -I do not eat late, latest meal is mostly at 5 PM. I used to eat way later!

    -I look into the sun/heaven when raising. I never cared to do that ever before... how stupid I was!

    -I eat way more from the sea! At least once / day, mostly more. I used to think grassfed meat and organs were the healthiest stuff....!?

    -I do MHS. Jacks fault and darn they make me feel great! Without him I would never have gotten the idea- he is the one that showed me what a treasure fish is.

    -I do not fear the cold at all, I just think different about the whole thing. I used to avoid cold at any cost....

    -I tan even more naked..lol I did before knowing Jack too but now I really know how good it is.

    -I do not think Keto, or other strict diets like that are great. I think SEASONAL now. It is totally different. First I was eating a high fruit diet year round.. then I switched to a raw animal food year round.. but now I see those were both not ideal..lol

    -I have understood how crazy good it is walking barefoot. I always loved it but I did not understood how important it really is and used crogs / flip flops a lot last summer... Not this one, that is for sure.

    -I got aware about EMF's, and was able to make lots of changes. I am so very thankful for that, I cannot even explain it in words. I never lost a thought on it ever before. Never. I always was with my laptop on my lap everywhere. Not anymore.

    -I am drinking way more water now. I never was a big water drinker sadly. I just forgot about it. Not anymore. Now I really take care to drink at least 2-3 liters / day of great water.

    -Seaweeds, and Iodine. I never thought a second about those my hole life! How could I miss it...?! Now I eat lots of seaweeds and I have started the Iodine protocol too to test. In a world full of Halides it can not hurt...

    -My view has changed.. I am able to look at stuff from a higher view now than before, what helps in many things..

    There might be more but those are what comes into my mind right now. I got this all for free. And I thought I was a heath nut before... LOL HA how much was I missing!
    All those things makes me feel awesome. I just know 100% they are all doing me only good!

    I have eaten all the 3 kg mackerels and the 13 oysters too.. and then I had to go low budget again. Which means Saithe, raw and pureed..lol
    Had it for breakfast today. Not too bad as I get it to taste great now, here it is a bit on the green side;


    I got raw grassfed hearts and fat from Germany today so I had some raw heart carpaccio for lunch with raw grassfed beef fat added in.
    So delicious! I only added raw onion, salt, EVOO and balsamic vinegar made of 100% grapes, organic.


    Dinner will be saithe mousse again..lol. I sometimes roll it in nori or lettuce leaves, that way it is really good.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2013
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - the figs I bought weren't organic but I will look tomorrow at the farmer's market. Have you tried them with goat's cheese?

    I am feeling as you do - I don't understand all of this stuff. I am appalled at the meanness and hatred..where does that come from? As Peter said this is a free forum - feel free to join or not .....take on board protocols or not - if it doesn't suit or not working - there are lots of other forums and lots of other protocols.

    Like you - My Life is 100% different from what it was a year ago. I have struggled with cravings and compulsive eating for most of my life - now - I am completely free from that and have been from 1 week into the leptin reset. If I had gained nothing else it would have been worth it and it didn't cost me a dime ... but over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on books and programs to try and figure out what was wrong with me and be better.

    I always thought there was something the matter with me - why couldn't I control this? - but now I know so much better ...it was completely out of my control - I used to feel like such a loser because of it.

    I am sitting here eating shrimp and avocado for breakfast - the breakfast of champions! before - I would probably have had a bagel and a danish etc.

    I used to pride myself on as little sleep as possible - maybe 4 or 5 hours - I thought I was superwoman and could do it all....and I could for a time ...people used to marvel at me at how I could just keep going ...but at what cost? I know now that I am very lucky that I didn't do myself in completely!
    I really thought I was superwoman when I got a laptop - I could be attached 24/7 and get so much done - how wrong could I be???

    I struggled with Doctors - and I have been lucky enough to have had good doctors - but I wasn't asking the right questions - didn't know what the right questions were. Now - my Doctor trusts me that I am trying to be on top of this and learning and being a partner in my health and educating him too. He has thanked me many times for the things I and Jack bring to his attention. He has been most gracious and has apologised that his information is so limited in some areas ...so we learn together.

    I understand now why I have always craved the ocean and walking bare foot along the beach in a swimsuit [I know, I know - naked would be better!] Every single day I can hear the waves crashing - that is what I fall asleep to. I can sit on my balcony at nite and look at the ocean and the stars and sometimes have a small glass of wine and some dark chocolate ... and I think I am the luckiest person in the world and feel so satisfied. I don't think I really ever felt so satisfied before - always striving for something else....

    We got all this for free - no one made us try any of this and we can leave anytime we like. This has given me my true life back and I could never really completely express my gratitude to Jack and all the supportive people here.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2013
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Audrey, I have not tried figs with goats cheese yet.. maybe on a menu eating out sometimes but not myself. I need to try in summer. Sounds so good!
    Guess what, I dreamed about Jack tonight... lol We was meeting and talking about rawfoods and he said he started a biohack with 100% rawfood now. He said to know the difference one had to do 100% raw for 1 week, also no coffee! lol He said he thinks coffee is bad now. It was quite a fun dream and fun talking to him..... ;)

    You have such a great place Audrey, you can sit on the balcony and look at the ocean...?! Wow! That is amazing! Cheating with great wine and dark chocolate absolutely is worth it once in a while.. to me too! You are so right. I just take care of not making it a habit and not over indulge, then it is fine. :)

    My tiredness went away quick because I got so scared today. One baby lamb got something (a kale leave I gave them?) stuck in its throat and it was horrible.. I got so freaking scared to lose one more.. OMG. My nerves are not the best when it comes to see lambs die, or anything else... to much of it lately. But luckily he seemed fine after a while.. a bit silent maybe. But he might have gotten a shock himself! I went to buy the sheep vitamins and minerals today (they loved it!:)). As one mum has some weird big zits on the side of her nipples. She did not want her lambs to drink, it must hurt.I can tell it is not easy when one has no clue how to take care of lambs. making lots of mistakes, learning through them.. it is quite humiliating. I have done a lot of reading today about them and I think I am a little bit cleverer.

    I made a discovery about my saithe mousse. It is even better when I add whole organic lemon with peel and all, instead of raw apple cider vinegar! It is absolutely delish! I added some raw fermented honey too. Yum!

    I have eaten 500 grams of dried organic sunripened raw papaya in one week.... help! Now I am out of it and will get no more in weeks and weeks. I am a bit happy though as it does gives me a bit bloat.. when I eat much. And man it is so delish.. love the not so sweet taste and the chewiness.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2013
  15. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I need a translation!
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - Do you make goat cheese? It is pretty simple I think. I once went to a farm in California that was quite famous for their goat cheese. It was a young woman who started simply with a few goats ....
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Peter, thank you so much for this....! I watched it yesterday evening.. wow! My mother grew up right there on the Lofoten (Harstad) quite close... I have to show this video to her! She loved it there. My family has a cottage there up in the mountains where everyone can go on vacation for free, just pay the electricity what one uses. I am dreaming about going there with my bro for vacation one day.. and only live from the sea. there is so much fish there! My parents go there for vacation lately every summer. It never goes warm, maybe 10-15 degree C in summer, but man, there is a magic, wild feeling up there.
    Wow. I must say I would not mind to live like her at all... I think I would love it.

    the video tells about this women who left all behind and got to live on this lonely island in Norway where no one else live. She plans to make a retreat there, for sick people. And other guests too. She used to work as a journalist in mid east.

    I do have made goat cheese, it is so easy! I made those last winter from raw organic goats milk,



    they were both so delicious I could not stop eating them. OMG! Very easy to make. I just warmed the milk util 38 degree C and added the stuff for cheese making (IDK what it is in English.. we say "löpe", it is from calf's stomach) and then stir and let it stay warm and then strain. Ready. I added cumin to one and to the other nothing. I didn't even used salt. It was the creamiest most delicious cheese ever!

    Weird, I feel not tired today! And I did'n even sleep as much as I needed, had to wake up too early.. but now I feel great! Wow this is good. :) Must have been some weird detox. I took care to drink lots and lots of water yesterday, it must have helped.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
  19. Hope

    Hope Gold

    hi Inger (and Audrey!),

    just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm back from my trip and still getting settled. It's been awesome to be away from the computer for 8 days.....I have had some sadness too and being away from here has been healing for me. Also I realized the biggest part of my fatigue comes from being at the laptop and so I must spend only the time I must here....online etc.

    I have been thinking of you and wondered how the lambs are and you, and sending you love and healing thoughts. Hope that one with troubles is OK and Emma too.

    I hope to respond to your posts on my journal soon :) and catch up on all you have shared. LOVE, as always, the pics. Inger, have you thought of writing your own paleo/raw cookbook? Ebooks could be a nice added source of income for you. I am certain many people would buy it.....and you take great pics too!! :)

    Love and light to you ~
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  20. Hope

    Hope Gold


    would you mind sharing your raw heart source in Germany??? Would love to check them out.....amazing pics of your creations....

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