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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your caring and kindness and intuition just blows me away ...... you are a Quantum being for sure .....
  2. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Hi Inger, you haven't posted but I still wanted to say Hello and let you know I am thinking of you and your little lambs. I am sending you all thoughts of healing and love......I don't know if you can feel it, but they are crossing the ocean anyway :)

    I sure hope things calm and settle down for you soon.....I wish you and the little lambs had a magnetico pad :)
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hope,I read the post above from you before going to bed yesterday at 9:00 PM.. and it warmed my heart. Thank you! Everyone is doing amazing so I bet the thoughts helped! :)

    Audrey.. you are just too sweet! But guess what.. most of the time I am just acting out of "despair" because I cannot face people or animals suffering at all. I am way too sensitive in this way.. that is why I could never work as a nurse either - even if finishing nurse school. I think I was born like this.. maybe because mum mom ate almost only potatoes when I when I was in her tummy? I sometimes wonder...

    The lambs mum is better today! I gave her my herbal teas (dry, not as tea..lol) yesterday, I thought if they are good for us why not for her. She liked them so much! I bought her some organic broccoli and cabbage too.. she loved those too! I think she will be fine.

    I will have to raise the smallest lamb by me.. she is just too tiny. And her feet is broken too. I bandaged it as good as I could. She has so much energy! And so adorable..;


    Food has been reindeer from dehydrator, raw, every morning last days. SO yummy!


    My tight budget food is Saithe, prefrozen, with onion/leek, herbs, ginger, EVOO, applecider vinegar.. etc. made into a nice pate'. Actually very tasty, and dirt cheap.


    Had some duck egg foam with lingonberries again for dessert, our duck had a present for me in the hay again in the morning. She is great!

    To drink I had seaweed water and plenty of icecold sunwater.. IDK but I am wanting way more water now! Maybe my body loves it and started to crave it?

    I did not got any oysters this week.. and no mackerel either. Because of the holidays. I will survive, I had 8 kg of mackerel alone in the last 14 days..lol Next week I will get tho!

    The electrician was here and installed the filter so now all electricity coming into the house is filtered! Yay! I already think I feel a difference, like my sleep is deeper...?! Crazy deep! It is only two nights so far but I can tell it feels good in my tummy.

    Still so busy with the lambs so not much time on internet.. and the sunny weather wants me to be outside tanning instead of inside for sure. I tanned nude yesterday 4 hours on my balcony with the lamb.. it is almost too hot for tanning now! + 6 degrees celsius.. and I am sweating. huh. Then we got down in the garden me and the lamb and earthed at least 30 minutes with bare feet planted on the wet ground. The snow had melted at some places, yay! Was 2 minutes in my ice hole too for sure. I am going to measure the temps today, I bought a new meter as the old one had disappeared under the ice somewhere.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2013
  4. Hope

    Hope Gold

    How sweet...that lamb is so sweet. Must be amazing. I admire your strength, I am not sure I could bandage the leg. But maybe I could.

    Wow, do you ever get tired of eating so much mackerel, like a lb each day? That happens to me sometimes....

    I don't know how you do it with the tanning...wow. I am freezing at 10 degrees outside with clothes on. Maybe you're so cold adapted? I would love to get there some day....

    Love that you have your ice hole. I wish I had one here...I think two minutes in ice-cold water would be more fun....

    I will keep thinking of you and sending you and the lambs some love and healing thoughts :)

    Oh and your pics are stunning as usual.....
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - the baby lamb is so gorgeous ..it just melts my heart...sending you much love...

    What is saithe?

    Does your skin get some colour from nude sun bathing when it is cold? Please take very good care of yourself - you are very special to me....
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to tell you .....I think of you every morning when I have my cardamom coffee!!!
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I do get color! I took a pic for you right now, you see my stomach has gotten some color in the early spring sun Finlands...lol (I have not used any tanning bed all winter long and I was pretty white as I started to tan some weeks ago..)


    Didn't you quit coffee, Audrey..? lol I had my last coffee today morning, I have not bought any new on purpose. I need to find something else to drink tomorrow morning. I was thinking about organic rooibush vanilla tea? I love that! I could mix in some cardamom too.. do not want to miss that.. Maybe I could make some BP chai like Krista does it? hmmmm...
    Saithe is also Pollock, I use google translator and it is weird.. when I tip the Swedish word for the fish (sej) it gives Saithe, when I tip the German name it gives Pollock? No idea..lol Anyway it is caught in North Atlantic outside of north Norway and wild. Not fatty and I do not like it raw and plain but I love it mixed into a pate' like above, raw! Very delicious I have to say. I love to use lots of curry spice too and curcumin, gives a very pretty color to the whole thing.

    it was +6 degree Celcius.. it is 42,8 degree F.. In the sun it is pretty hot! I am not sure if I am that cold adapted, as I do mostly only 2 minutes in my ice hole. I measured the water temp, and it was - 0,2 degree C (little less that 32 degree F)! Yesterday I dipped twice, when I was tanning I got too hot so I had to go and cool down in the hole.. huh! I tanned about 4 hours yesterday too. Now the weather is getting cloudy so the tanning sessions are over for a while me thinks!
    The little lamb (I gave her the name Emma Emme Chickpea) had pain when I bandaged her foot.. was a bit hard to do but I had to. You could too, Hope! It is amazing things what one can do when trying to save someones life or help.. all fear goes out of the window all of the sudden.. and you try just anything.

    Emme was tanning with me too.. here she enjoys the evening sun under a chair on the west side balcony;


    Check her ears.. they are sooo sweet! She has a bit reddish hair on her tiny head..lol


    Their mom (which is healthy again! yay!) do not want to give them milk yet so it is a fight...huh. Me and my mom do it together, we hold the sheep and try to get the two other lambs to drink. Emme stays with me only, she is way too tiny to be with the others they could step on her again and her foot is still painful. But she has lots and lots of energy..lol and drinks so much milk from the bottle! I have raw organic goat milk for her.

    I had raw reindeer for breakfast again yesterday, and BP coffee.
    Lunch was about 300 g Salmon sashimi and some raw cabbage and maybe 5 Brazil nuts.
    Dinner was 250 g cooked, prefrozen mussels made into a salad with leek, avocado, cucumber, a bit EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Very cheap meal too!


    Raw mussels are way more expensive.. and I cannot eat many raw either. I like oysters raw way better!

    I had plenty of cold and ice cold sun water, some of them with some salt in it, and a couple of glasses of Carrageenan-Seaweed water too. And then a cup of Chaga tea.

    I went to bed at 9:30 PM yesterday and waked up at 6:00 AM today.. and rushed to feed the lambs. Sleep was great!
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - I did give up Coffee for a few days but I still couldn't sleep so I thought - WTH......

    That baby lamb Emme - is the most adorable animal ever .....do you put a nappie on her when she is in your apartment????
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I forgot to say - you have quite a bit of color - that gives me hope .... too bad my tummy doesn't look like yours!
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I do have a nappie on her mostly.. but today i didn't and she peed 3 times on my wool carpet.. huh! Her pee is just clean baby pee so it is not too bad - I wiped it up as good as I could - but I should have used a nappie lol. Now she sleeps on my knees. So sweet. I need to go out to the other lambs now to check but how on earth can I move when this tiny little thing sleeps so soundly..?!
  11. GlenPDQ

    GlenPDQ New Member

    I was looking at the price of geoduck yesterday. Its a type of clam. Do you have those where you live?

    Yesterday I ate my first raw (previously frozen) piece of red sockeye salmon, about 5 ounces. I was intrigued by how "sweet" it tasted.
    Freezing really does a number on the texture but still very edible.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013
  12. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, wow, I love your pics. What an adorable little lamb. Your belly looks amazing. I was channeling you and Audrey today as I was in the sun, in my bathing suit....but it got windy....we had today a pretty warm day, 17 C. It has been in the 40s and 50s. That is OK but not for being half/naked for sure...for me. I am pretty sure you must be pretty cold adapted now. I think that temperature of the water is amazing, even at 2 minutes. Kind of reminds me of Finnish sauna a little :)

    That is so sweet Emma is sleeping on your lap. I couldn't get up either....so so sweet. I love the name you gave her. She is so so lucky to have you. You are surely a great mom to her!!

    I love your meals too. Wow. I haven't done raw yet. But would love to get a dehydrator to try. So much to do.....

    Thanks for all you wrote on my journal. Your beauty, humility and authenticity move me to tears. You are one of the most amazing human beings I have ever 'met'. I so appreciate all you share. I will respond too, but maybe in a few days....I am trying to reduce my usage of the internet with wifi as much as I can until I get the ethernet cable!! I can't' wait. Ordered a keyboard for my laptop as well.

    Know that I am thinking of you and sending you love and also healing thoughts to all the lamb babies and mommy :)

    Thanks for being who you are....
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - How did you make the saithe? It looks very interesting....

    Inger - have you ever thought that maybe you are exactly where you should be? You have such an affinity for people and animals ....maybe you could raise chickens and ducks and geese etc and have a business?
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I thaw the saithefilets, then I put them in the food processor with fresh organic ginger, herbs if I have - dill or coriander or whatever you like, leek or onion, spices (I love lots of curry and curcumin) some good salt, EVOO, raw applecider vinegar or white wine vinegar or lime juice, sometimes I add a little raw fermented honey too. You could add a raw eggyolk, and whatever else you like. That is so fun as you can get it to taste absolutely great in the end, and I am no fan from raw plain saithe at all.. like I am from salmon and mackerel. They are lovely as sashimi. I never make pate' out of them..lol

    If you have no food processor you could just chop it all finely? I do wonder about what the EMF does to my food.. there are a lots from the food processor an from the dehydrator too. I do try to stay a bit away when the thing is running.

    @ Glen,
    IDK what geoducks are? I guess we do not have those. Here I pretty much get only those blue mussels and oysters and sometimes those heart mussels but they are way too expensive.. Often they have no fresh mussels at all. I do get frozen and cooked mussels always, and they are cheap.

    @ Hope,
    you really should try raw! I do feel a difference when eating raw that is why I cannot go back..lol have been doing it for years already.

    I tried to take a pic from me and Emme but it was hard, she cannot stand still for a second, huh! She has such a huge appetite, I need to go into the city to get some more raw goats milk for her. Going to meet a good friend at the same time, it will be fun.:)


    I was a little tired today as I woke up, even if sleeping well for 8 hours minimum. Weird. Maybe the tiredness comes later when have slept too little some nights, when I had to feed the lambs in the night too. I do it no more but now all of a sudden I feel a bit exhausted. Hmmm. So I took a half cup out of hubbys coffee maschine today.. I actually wanted to quit. I have no own coffee anymore and I am not going to buy it either. How good I got hubs those organic nice whole coffee beans..lol

    This is how it looked from my window yesterday evening.. is the winter coming back..huh?


    At least I got to make some snow water again, yay!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I haven't had coffee for a couple of days - but I miss it ....I love coffee! This morning I am having a decaf tea with cardamom and butter - not bad.
    Your baby lamb is so precious ...emme must be very attached to you.......maybe she will become a permanent room mate??
  16. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, love the pics...you look like an ABBA member. I know they are Swedish of course.....but you are so beautiful. Love your winter pic too! And Emma = so so cute!

    Wow, I LOVE your recipes...I will have to try the raw soon. Your MHS (still haven't tried it) and also the recipe you noted above sure sound amazing. I have had ceviche before but not for a while.

    Hope you had fun with your friend in the city.

    Do you come up with the recipes yourself and just mix it all together?

    And yes I am concerned about food in EMF myself. Jack is making me think of SO many things.....whew.

    I am sure you will feel more energized soon! It happens to me too, often, I feel more tired a day after I don't sleep well, i.e. the second day, rather than the first....if that makes sense :)
  17. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, haven't heard from you but wanted to let you know I am still thinking of you and sending you joy and peace and love for you and Emma and the lambs :)

    I will be going dark soon too as I am out of town and decided not to bring my laptop and spend as little time as possible with anything with a screen. But I will keep thinking of you and looking forward to catching up when I get back....and responding to your beautiful post on my journal, too......

    Lots of love across the miles~
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hope, I am glad you get some time "off"! :) It will do you only good I am sure! My grandmas mom was Swedish... and I think I look better in pictures as in real life..lol (cannot see the wrinkles too well in pics.. ha)

    My food I usually come up with myself, but I do take inspiration from the road.. working as a waitress for so long makes one see much awesome foods for sure!
    I make sushi from fishfillet pure like mackerel with some avocado, cucumber, sauerkraut.. etc,


    or I do some tartar made from salmon or mackerel inside the nori rolls and eat as wrap, I have also tried sushi with cauliflower "rice".
    They were tasty too! But too much hassle for me..lol


    I like when food is easy and fast done, and I like rather raw. The cauliflower has to be "cooked/sauteed" to get moist like rice after chopped into fine grains with the processor. But nice for parties or together with friends for sure!

    Emme sure is a family member. She runs after me every where..lol She is growing so fast and no wonder, how much she eats huh. But I cannot have her here as an big sheep...lol that would be too funny! I take her out to the other every day, she must get used to be there one day, maybe in a week or two... as her feet is healed fully..

    I do not think to stay here forever. I need a place where I can bring my friends as I like and be free and not living others rules too much.. But for now this is ok but I do think about moving this fall. IDK if it works out but I might move back to Germany. I know what kind of place to look for now so it is interesting! I am going to check for a really healthy place to live. So thankful for all the information I have gotten until now, makes one avoid big mistakes for sure. I really would like to have some sheep.. and chickens! Those are so easy to take care of, and gives you so much. If hubs get he's businesses going well it is going to be reality me hopes. Ok we are more friends than mates but I do not care right now, it is ok. He really wants to go back to Germany too and we could manage it together me thinks, if everything go as planned. It might not, for sure.. lol My life is always full of surprises..

    I have had duck egg foam with lingonberries almost every day.. I so love that treat! I make it from a just layed egg.. 100% fresh the day it is made. The duck gives maybe 4 eggs/week or so.


    I had some weird stuff going on with my toes on my left foot? All of a sudden.. Itchy, reddish and a bit swollen.. I could barely sleep yesterday it was quite horrible. I wonder why. Maybe hubbys coffeemashine coffee? That might have mold in it? Hmmm.. I have not been able to quit yet so I have drunk he's stuff.. but I will. I am not buying me any own coffee that is for sure. Or some dark chocolate I had last days could be it? I usually do not have this but I ate one whole plate in two days last days, I kind of needed it after all this lambs stress huh. Yesterday evening I made me an foot bath wit epsom salt and sea salt, and in the night my toes was so much better, no itching, and I slept very well. They still are a tiny bit sore but better!

    I cut both mama sheep yesterday, it was fun! With a scissor. I got so much wool! Sure it was hard as the baby lambs tried to eat the scissor all the time and jumped around..lol My mom helped me too as she come home from work. Now they look so great! Need to do the papa too, he has so long wool and he loves to be cut BTW.

    I got some nude tanning in too yesterday, a few hours. It was so good. We were all on the balcony. Emme, my cat and I.. sucking in the sun beams.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2013
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your pictures are beautiful Inger - I might try the sushi roll but I am getting quite lazy too! I love cauliflower rice...
    What do you do with the wool? You could move to australia and become a sheep shearer LOL!
    That is exciting for you if you could move back to Germany. I hope your hub's business goes very well and makes a lot of money and, of course, gives it all to you ...you deserve it...
  20. Linz

    Linz Gold

    Inger, my toes have been the same. It got worse after I injured one, but both feet are affected. I thought it might be the unseasonal cold weather we have had here as my feet and hands, which have been warm all winter, have been really cold when I go outside in the morning. Epsom salts, mag oil and cold foot baths have helped a lot and they are absolutely fine outside barefoot - just can't go shopping like that! It has almost gone in the last few days and I haven't changed the chocolate or coffee.

    The backs of my hands have also been very dry which is unusual now -I wonder if adjusting to more more coconut oil and sat fats may have helped my feet as the days are getting longer - hands are still dry ( and I can't blame the sheep as I haven't been lambing). Please send some sunbeams over here. It's cold, damp and grey.

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