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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hope, get the meter! Now. I promise you he'll believe you that very second he sees what's up. At least that is what I am experiencing when I showing it to people in my life.

    Chrysanthemama, are you half Norwegian half Finn..? That is cool! I am 100% Norwegian but born in Finland, I do have some Scottish (or was it Irish? I always forget which one..) and Swedish ancestors. You are welcome to visit anytime you like!
    Wow it would be so fun to have some Kruse members for visit.. :)

    - - - - -

    I got my period..?! One week to early..huh What's up? This never happends to me, I am so regular! No pain, no issues but totally too early. I wonder if it was the bottle of red wine last saturday? I did not had that much wine for many many years. Maybe last time was in nursing school (everyone was drinking a lot there and partying all the time..). Or... it could also be 2 oxytocin sessions last weeks... they were a bomb..huh..lol I wonder if that could have made my hormones go crazy? Hmmm.. Or could it have been the radio amateur's home I was cleaning in for 2 hours the other day, with all those huge antennas on the yard? After the weekend "hangover"? That it was all too much? I am kind of sad because I just figured out that my period was in sync with the moon.. when fullmoon, the egg was ripe. Now it is all thrown off. :rolleyes: It was fullmoon a few days ago and my period started now.
    Okay, all will be good. It is going to be interesting to see what happends next.. I usually feel so well on my period if I had done the right things or not the previous weeks. Like two years ago when I had a infected tooth after eating out.. and I ate huge amounts of pain killers. Next period was the worst in my life.. so painful and heavy I could barely move! And when I do everything right I have zero issues at all.. just smooth sailing. We women are kind of blessed to have such a thing to show us if we are on the right path, for sure! :)
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  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    The lambs we eat in fall, we freeze a part too. Last fall we slaughtered 2 of them. This year I hope we will have maybe 4-5! I already cannot wait to get the brains..lol I am so happy no one else wants them so I get them all for me. ha

    You know Hope.. my family believes me very much (most of them) but they have not much discipline at all. So like my dad, he got really exited about healing he's brain and started eating ketogenic.. but it lasted only a few days and I saw he ate bread with the others. In front of my mentally sick (schizophrenia) brother that was visiting. I got so sad I cried alone in my dark bathroom. I cried and cried. But I realized I cannot help others and be responsible for them This is a tough one for me to learn, a very tough one. But I WANT to learn it. I know it is my own issue and I can solve it. I know it in theory how it should be but the practice it tough for me. I often fail. I need to let others go, to let them choose their path and still be able to love. I need to use my energy more on my own healing, as you see above I am not so far yet. Only that way I can really help others.
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Oxytocin sessions?? are you just going to leave us hanging ... or tell us more please. It is for educational purposes ... you know how we love to learn stuff here!
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Haha.. nooo Audrey no way can I tell details here... ;) sometimes a women need to have her secrets to keep her sanity...:) Life is just so beautiful and I have decided to live it 100% long ago.. and I do it my way and that might be a bit weird as my life is a bit weird too..lol.. so I better not share huh!
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Made me think.....
    I have kind of intuitively avoided all this stuff for years... Not consciously but I just do not care for it too much somehow. I do use earrings at work at times. This made me think.... Maybe different metals act differently with EMFs. hmmm.
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  6. endless

    endless New Member

    I have never worn much jewelry, but I have a navel ring and a watch. I wonder what people with titanium or surgical steel medical parts could do to offset the increased risk? My ex has 8 long screws in his left foot, and they are permanent.
  7. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    One BIG thing i think... How do we eat food today? With forks and knives and so on. With a storm of EMF around us we put the antenna direct into our mouth just because of good behaviour. Take that together with all the people who eats in front of their laptop, iPad or iPhone. I like to think that if we can not eat the food with our bare hands, it´s simply not food anymore.
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Peter.. one good reason to use chopsticks! Way more fun to eat with! I always eat my burgers with my hands like a sandwich.. yay! And the stuff I eat with fork and knife I am going to change to chopsticks now! Cool! Ok I am not going religious with this either but sure I am going to change something! How is it going Peter? I would love to learn more about how you live! We are almost neighbours! :)

    Krista, hubs has titanium in he's chest too, after he got shot in he's heart. He sometimes feels pain in he's chest. I have to ask if it is after EMF exposure...
    I have not used a watch in maybe 6 years.
  9. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Just some thoughts for this nice day...

    “Productive stupidity means being ignorant by choice. Focusing on important questions puts us in the awkward position of being ignorant. One of the beautiful things about science is that it allows us to bumble along, getting it wrong time after time, and feel perfectly fine as long as we learn something each time. No doubt, this can be difficult for students who are accustomed to getting the answers right. No doubt, reasonable levels of confidence and emotional resilience help, but I think scientific education might do more to ease what is a very big transition: from learning what other people once discovered to making your own discoveries. The more comfortable we become with being stupid, the deeper we will wade into the unknown and the more likely we are to make big discoveries.” -Martin A. Schwartz
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  10. My Mom is full Finn and my Dad is mostly Norwegian with a little Irish from my Granmother's side. How funny!
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    @ Chrysanthemama,
    that is funny..! I checked you blog yesterday.. very nice!

    @ Peter,

    thank you for those nice thoughts, very nice indeed! I always receive exactly what I need.. wow. Pure magic!?

    - - - - -

    Yesterdays food;

    Upon waking
    3 glasses of icecold sunwater with a little Himalayan salt. I created a vortex with a chopstick before drinking..lol

    BAB 6:30 AM
    about one pound of "dehydrated" raw elk burgers with coconut oil, onion and cucumber, Himalayan salt
    BP coffee

    Luch 11:30 AM
    3 Mackerels without head, made into a delicious tartar with fresh coriander, onion......


    10 Brazil nuts together with 3 celery sticks for dessert. A tea made from peppermint leaves from own garden. I love that tea after something fatty.. actually it is always good!

    Dinner 4:30 PM
    4 oysters, fresh and raw. I love the taste so much I do not care for the lime juice anymore.. those are really addicting!
    MHS. I strained it, and it makes it way easier to drink! The yucky part for me are those pieces in there... strained it goes down so much better! Holding my breath for sure!
    2 mackerels as tartar again, this time rolled in nori leaves with some sauerkraut.. it was yummy!


    For dessert 1 own duck egg whisked into foam with 1/2 teaspoon raw wild honey, 2 spoons of wild lingonberries on the top..

    Had 2 glasses of Wakame-seaweed water too and plenty of ice cold sunwater.
    I tanned nude too.. 3,5 hours. On my balcony with my earthing strap tied to my feet. My winterwhite skin is slowly starting to get some nice color!
    Dipped in my icehole too for sure, my feet planted in the sand on the bottom, whole body in. Felt just great.

    I went to bed at 8 PM.. I already was tired. Slept until maybe 5:30 AM.. I love my sleep. I always wake up when it starts getting light outside.. maybe 1 hour before sunrise. It is almost weird! I think this pattern started when I began using my earthing strap... since then I never sleep longer... even if I go a bit later to bed (which seldom happends) and I get so tired at 8:30 PM I cannot stay up any longer.
    It is still -10 degree C here at night, and I love the ice cold bedroom. I always have my window wide open. Breaker shut off. Earthing strap tied to my foot. I do not need to pee at night if I just take care to not drink much the last hour before bed. If I drink much right before bed I need to go up in early morning around 3-4 AM and pee. So I avoid that. Drinking in the day has no impact, so I drink lots and lots then instead! Maybe at 6-7 PM I drink a couple of glasses with my magnesium and that is fine too. Does not make me pee in the night.

    My only supplement the whole winter is a magnesium with vitamin B. IDK if it does any good but it does not cost much and I think it could not hurt..lol
    I have not had any issues with the change to fall/winter.. even if I did zero vit D supplementing. I bet because tanning so much naked all summer long? Or the ice hole dips saved me? Or the raw fisheads..? lol hard to know.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2013
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  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    My facination with water grows... :cool:

    that is the water of our sheep outside frozen on the top over night yesterday.. WTH..? What a funny little thing has raised from the water..huh I was amazed when I saw it wanting to change their water in the morning..


    The bubbles in my frozen sunwater yesterday...

    Last edited: Mar 31, 2013
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Happy that holidays are over.. and life turns peaceful again! Was fun to meet sister and other kids and we had fun moments. We showered the goose too that was so dirty as she cannot bath whole winter long poor girl. She really liked it! The kids too..lol
    Yesterday I ate my last mackerels (5) and now I need to go shopping for more fish! I seriously consider quitting coffee. Now.. I should just do it... like Audrey.

    Brother borrowed the meter and checked their home, was pretty good allover, the electric piano was really bad, and their little baby guy has been playing on it a lot on the floor... They were so happy that they checked it, bro said the baby will not play on it anymore at all! The baby is only 10 months but the dentist said they need to start brushing he's teeth with fluorinated toothpaste twice a day. huh! I told them about the dangers and they were shocked. I gave them one of my toothpastes that are totally safe, no fluoride and only natural ingredients. I love it and have been brushing with it for many years already. They were just happy. It would not matter if the baby swallowed some at all! Gotta save this little sunshine guys brain!

    The lambs are growing so fast! Other mum has still not got her lambs and I hope she will soon..
    I had to take some pics from the lambs playing... they are just too cute...



    Last edited: Apr 2, 2013
  14. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi Inger, I have to say that I always enjoy your posts and pictures. I need to learn how to do them like you and get them on the page easily! Thanks for the inspiration in all that you do.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The baby Lambs are so gorgeous Inger - thanks for sharing pictures. You seem so happy around animals.....
    I truly hope your new baby lambs are doing well now .... I am sending you big hugs xoxoxo
    thinking of you....
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    so Martin ... will we be seeing pictures of your gorgeous chickens sometime soon???
  17. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I am in awe. Your pictures, your foods, your water, your tanning, your ice hole....I love it all!

    You have inspired me....I am going to read outside in the chilly sunshine topless :)
  18. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Dear Inger, I have been thinking of you and the lambs all day. They are SO lucky to have you even if the mom is not a great one....I love animals so much too. I tried to save two birds a few years ago, one of them was OK, the other sadly died. We can't have pets where we live so I have to appreciate the squirrels and birdies which sing all kinds of songs. Once I saw a bluebird chase a squirrel up and down a tree.

    I hope you got or are now getting some good rest and that the lamb baby you were worried about is OK, and the other survived too....

    You are amazing.....
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Just a quick check in... I need to say you are all too lovely...! I want to write more but why the day has only 24 hours..?! When the baby lambs are strong - in a few days me thinks - I can relax..:)

    Two lambs died. The mum stepped on one.. he got some serious injuries.. and the other could barely breath from the birth on and could not drink either. So hard for me to see them suffer. Really hard. But when they had died I kissed them gently on their forehead and said good buy.. put them in a plastic bag.. and daddy brought them to the trash. We could not bury them as it is still snow and frozen here. But now I do all I can to keep the other 3 healthy. They are fine so far. :) I have them inside in my apartment..lol The mom is sick. She barely eats.. actually I think she was not well from the beginning after the birth. Maybe that is why she stepped on her son. I have tried all I can to help. I offered her birch ash, she did not care. I offered her raw organic apple cider vinegar water - she liked it! I gave her some of my seaweed too, she ate some. Then I sawed a pine limb and gave her, she immediately started to gnaw on it!!! yay! I am sure she will get healthy soon. She is eating some hay too. I gave her some oats too in the morning, our sheep normally get only hay and grass. IDK if that was stupid or not?! I bet the pine will do her good. They love the bark especially, they eat needles too.
    I am totally behind here. I want to listen to the Q/A too but no time yet. Hope it is up until today evening, then I am going to listen..
  20. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, I am so so sorry that two babies were lost...how sad. But how wonderful you are doing all this for the precious animals, and even the mom!!

    I am sure the QA will be available.....it will there for you when you are ready. Your work on LIFE is so great!!

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