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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. baccheion

    baccheion New Member

    What effect has this eating pattern had on aging? Accelerated, neutral, slowed? How are wrinkles (, etc) prevented when IGF-1 is lower? Any intermittent fasting? Vitamin D3? Iodine? Melatonin? What supplements currently and how much? What macros?
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    a new landscape is before us, a terrain never before traversed.
    We are called to take one step at a time, gentle yet firm, neither looking backwards to how it was nor looking forwards to how we imagine it could be. We are invited to befriend the unknown, to get right up close and intimate with an openness the mind cannot possess.

    Now, we feel flattened, overwhelmed, confused, enraged, as we experience inner and outer worlds crumble and fall. Now, we walk through the valley of death, our hearts broken open and the suffering of humanity pouring in.

    And as we keep still, perhaps we feel the silent goodness that runs through it all, an undercurrent of aliveness that is always here and so easily missed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so easily bypassed by the acquisitive mind. Perhaps now, we are naked enough to be touched by the impermanence of the world, the insanity of giving our allegiance to fear, the futility of holding onto the known at all costs.

    Perhaps now, we are down on our knees enough to be humble enough and grateful enough and kind enough to attend to what is more essential than our cherished beliefs and opinions and ideas of right and wrong.

    Perhaps now, as we fall into this unknown moment, we will be resurrected into the verticality of being and walk this new terrain as warriors of an open heart.

    Perhaps now, we will be rooted in our true immunity of presence, in our true authority as love, and in our true birthright of freedom.

    My friend, do not miss this opportunity.

    - Amoda Maa
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I am aging less... aging has stopped and is reversing ;) :)

    I eat 3 times a day mostly now when days are longer (in winter I did 2 times/day) and have between 14 and 16 hours fast during the night right now, normally.

    At Christmas it was 40, doctor said very good. I do not supplement and have not done it either. I use the sun and sometimes UVB tanning salon.
    I now tan a lot as we have had lots of sunny days, already got a nice tan all over my body. I often am 10 hours outside, naked / in tan tru bikini.

    Eating lots of seafood + using iodine topically on my skin several times/week.

    Must be awesome ;). I get sooo sleepy at 9 PM. Have zero issues falling asleep, and my sleep is great. I do not use fake light at night, just a candle.
    (at work this is not possible as a waitress, so then I have some evening with fake light after sunset if customers stay late. But normally that is only a issue in fall when days are shorter. But I cant work as a waitress right now because restaurants are all closed)

    Just some nutritional yeast, a spoonful or two and B1. Not every day. B1, 100-300 mg when I take it. Some days in between I take milk thistle for my liver.
    I just started a new supplement today. TUDCA. I still have some minor liver/gallbladder discomfort at times, I am trying if it helps anything.
    Oh, and sometimes I take collagen because I still have some and it tastes sooo good to me, uh! Not going to buy any more though.. somehow it feels unnatural and it makes me addicted to it... weird I know

    Low carb as I eat mainly seafood, raw sheep cheese, eggs. Coconut oil and olive oil for fat. Some green salad and veggies, onions regularly. Mushrooms some days. A tiny bit raw honey here and there.
    Lots of dark chocolate/raw cocoa, green tea. 1 coffee/day but I want to stop that again.. green tea is even better for lowering non heme absorption.
    I do not count macros at all - or calories.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2020
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  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    where is your picture/Avatar...? Would be nice to see who I am talking to :)
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Wow, what an awesome Easter this year. Sky is clear, air is so fresh... sun is so strong. Birds are singing so joyfully :) :) :)
    I am getting tons of sun!! What an opportunity :) :)
    And I am deep diving into the science about iron and the human body. It is so fascinating. WOW. I am kind of happy now I got the iron overload issue because without it I would never have learned this! And without corona I would never have gotten this much sun this spring. So many blessings right now :) :)
    The rash I got I am now sure was from an antibiotic my dentist injected behind a teeth that had a little infected root. Yep. He has done it three times now, each time 1 week later.. and longer in between. Her is trying to heal that teeth, so far it seems working. First time I got no issue, second time he got a little excited about injecting it a bit too much...:D I remember very well how he injected in the front, then in the back and then another place too by another teeth and as he did he said, well. lets put a little here too, it certainly cant hurt!
    haha,.. I had no idea what he was injecting back then, he said it is a medicine to help the tooth heal. I feltsos good and relaxed in his hands and enjoyed the experience so I did not think twice it might cause any harm.
    Later I read about it and asked what he had injected. So an antibiotic might cause skin issues.

    This week as I was by him again to get that shot, I told about my rash. he took it very serious and said he has not read about anything like that with this antibiotic, but he will research and call me if he find anything. Then as he injected the shot this time, he did just a little bit, on one place, no more! And he said; Well.. it might have something to do with the amount, too.....
    LOVE my dentist. :) :) :)
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Mask are going mandatory here end of this month. I cant believe it.
    With Germanys low death rate and now this? Why?
    It makes me angry.
    I am thinking of not using a mask. It is cruel. I can keep distance. I do not like what the masks are doing psychologically at all. You cant see the faces. People get reminded of fear.
    This is not intelligent.
    Is this a form of control?

    I wonder what they will do if one wears no mask. I will get the answer soon enough.

    I need to come over this shock now. Maybe one night and I can adapt. Not to the mask..lol but to reality as it is now. Really feels more like a dream.
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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Today I made a decision. A scary one.

    We had a meeting at work yesterday as we now open up, and the boss told us all the new rules and how we have to act. Masks are mandatory, and we have to use the masks that work place offers, no own masks.
    I cant breath in them. I feel like a imprisoned wild animal. I cant see peoples mouths. It feels sickening. We have to play police, and make sure the guests follow all the rules, there are plenty.
    I cried so much as I came in the door at home after the meeting.
    During the meeting I just wanted to vomit on the floor.
    I was the only one not wearing a mask during meeting, and I sat way back and far away from everyone, because of that.
    (funny thing is, as we cleaned the restaurant a couple days earlier, no one wear a mask, we are hugging, kidding, all is like normal. Boom - when we open up, we have to play the game as everyone else)

    After thinking for a while about it, I got the answer.
    I cant do it.
    Today I called my boss and asked him to fire me, and I told him why. He understood.

    I said I will come back anytime when masks are not mandatory anymore, but I cant do mask. I cant breath. He said he cant do anything with it as he just follow rules given from government-or they will close the restaurant and no one has a job anymore.. He told me he will always take me back when I want.
    So I have to work 2 weeks only and then I am work-less again.

    I am going to be dirt poor, but I think I can hold my head over the water with cleaning out for people. I rather do that, earning way less and working way harder, but not having to wear a mask.
    It hurts because the work at the oyster beach restaurant is my all time favorite work place. I love it, in so many ways. It really breaks my heart.

    But I feel peace inside. Like I did the right thing.

    Meanwhile, my ex husband and friend, has a cancer tumor on his back that hurts, and is growing, and they are not giving him an appointment for surgery. Maybe in a month... yeah.. who knows. Because of corona.
    It makes me so angry.
    Last edited: May 19, 2020
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    we all have to make hard decisions Inger.....that is the reality of our existence.

    It just makes us stronger and stronger and much more appreciative of all life's simple pleasures - all the things we weren't paying much attention to?

    Thankfully, we have learned so much here. We are growing and becoming stronger and kinder and more fulfilled in ways we never knew possible.

    Now the simplest things excite me and give me purpose.

    I value love and patience and kindness and a super charged desire to learn and move forward.

    Inger ....I look forward to hearing what new doors are opening for you and all of us.

    New opportunities are the air we breathe...the joy in our heart.

    Turn on the radio and dance!
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Caroline... what you write means a ton to me :love: :love: :love:

    "It just makes us stronger and stronger and much more appreciative of all life's simple pleasures - all the things we weren't paying much attention to?"

    Yes, you are so right about this...! :)
    Thank you for the reminder. You have such a beautiful spirit. :love:

    Today morning I sat naked in the morning sun on the grass... and then came the two cats that are not good friends at all. A male and a woman.
    The male cat climbed into my lap.. and the female cat came and lied down right next to him by my feet (I sat cross legged). She did not say anything... Normally she fights him, do not tolerate him close.
    So there we sat all 3. Silently, enjoying the morning sun.... it was so peaceful and so much love in the air. I just had to cry because it made all that ice melt inside again. the trauma ice that builds up from what happens now.
    I love those morning-moments :) :)
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  10. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Hi Inger--thank you. Giving you a hug. I love your guts. Thank you again.
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  11. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

  12. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    ok thoughts : can you keep your thoughts that after the 2 weeks work with masks, very soon after it wont be necessary. can you keep this up, feel it with all your senses and you will create your reality.
    i will do it with you everyday , it is called an intention , it works . anybodyelse can join in 5/10mn a day in their heart sending love care appreciation
    and seeing you without mask in the oyster bar.
    shall we have a go
    your choice xx.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dear Anne .... I love your spirit and spirituality and how connected you are to all of us.

    I love how you see clearly and purposefully and simply.

    Of course we should have a go! This is what we all should be about.

    This is about our humanity ....our care and appreciation for one another ....our quantum entanglement.
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  14. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Inger, you could perhaps biohack the mask your employer gives you by concealing a 2cm buffer inside to allow air flow.
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  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Anne :love: yes please do it, I will too!

    I have been thinking so much!!
    Thinking about what is wisest to do. Jack has said - now is the survival of the wisest.
    So these are my conclusions so far;

    -I need money. I need them to be able to move from here to another country if things go bad. Also for healthy food and water.

    -This place is still very healthy to live, and i might be able to mitigate quite some damage from mask use with being naked in fresh air when I am off work.. so all my skin can breath too. I can be naked here all the time on my terrace if I like. No one cares, my landlord not, neighbors not.
    Skin breaths too, ask Jeremy! :) :)

    -It is only 5 months, and restaurant closes for the winter, I get unemployment money...which is not enough but I always save up because I earn great money the summer months. I could manage 5 months with less air.. or some discomfort.

    -I can manipulate the mask to some degree.. I put it on so that I get more air.. I have realized how to do this now. Even covering my nose. People do not notice.
    Also I have ordered other kind of masks that are plastic helmets kind of, my boss aid he allows me to use them if I like. Then I can at least see people. And smile to them :). It is stupid as it covers my face but I get way better air that way. I could alternate between that helmet and the regular mask.

    -a great positive is that the restaurant is by the sea, and the air is very clean and fresh. Waitressers in the cities with bad air quality and masks on the top of it are in a way worse situation :(.
    So the air I do get through the mask is superior.

    -I realize the better I eat, more raw seafood and raw foods, my body seems to be better oxygenated, or at least feeling very good so being very mindful of what I eat would help. It makes a huge difference to how I feel. As soon as I put something crappy in my mouth I get to feel it. No crappy cream in my coffee at work!!

    -This fall I will know more where the world is going. Then I can decide what to do, if moving makes sense or what else is needed to do. Good to have some spare money then.
    if I decide to stay here I will not need to work with mask all winter at least. My second job at the vets is mask free ;)
    Last edited: May 26, 2020
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    wise thinking Inger! People go to restaurants for the food ..sort of....but it is the ambience and staff that is the glue and makes people come again and again and again.

    At work you meet so many people from all walks of life and have a chance for wonderful conversations and this lifts your spirits and you gain so much knowledge and then there comes so many possibilities!

    Money is very, very useful too!

    your boss and fellow staff members and all the clientele who you graciously take care of /pamper as your family - that is the glue that binds us all together.

    The food has to be good for people to come back .....but amazing staff makes the place soar.

    I know that you love your job as I loved mine ....and, altho it is very hard work - it is incredibly satisfying and it makes your heart sing :):):)
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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Thank you Caroline :love:
    Yes, you describe it perfectly! We are both gastronomers of heart.... i work because of the people. I know you know how I feel :)

    And I have not gotten sick yet from 4 days of mask working. It was hell at times yes. But I want to challenge myself to find solutions to this. I will at least try :)
    And as I meet lots of people I get possibilities to talk to them too.. also about what crazy is happening.... and it feels good to be understood. It helps my psyche. Also most of my coworkers are woken up. The see through the crazyness. They hate it and the wrongdoing that happens now. It helps too.

    The fact that I am a Libra, makes it difficult I guess. I am very sensitive when it comes to injustices. It almost kills me, really.
    So these times are really tough for me.. I want to scream.
    But I see there is something here to learn.
    To go deeper, inwards.. looking deeper instead. Meeting what is there, and listen. Learning to listen.
    Last edited: May 27, 2020
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Learning to listen and patience are traits we need to develop to become wise I think.

    You are so right about challenging ourselves to be better, to be more....
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  19. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Inger, you got me eating half dozen raw Khaki Campbell yolks a day now. Waiting on ceramic egg trays to arrive so I can start plating and garnishing them, probably with wild fruit jams but thinking sliced cornichons would work too.

    Have to say even with just salt it's culinary perfection.

    Getting tired though of making supersized meringue cookies to deal with the endless egg whites. Less you have a better solution.
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  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    that is cool :)
    I mostly toss the whites.
    Sometimes I saute onions with thyme or other spices, and toss in some egg whites in the end. Add some fat if you like. That is a pretty nice and simple meal too. Especially if money is tight and it feels too sad to toss the whites ;)

    I have a favorite ice cream now, made of 4 eggyolks, I just whip them, and as it is quite foamy, I add a cup of frozen wild blueberries. Mix them with a spoon into the foam and - and enjoy!
    Really really nice in the hot sun :) Not too sweet, just perfect. No honey needed.
    And eggyolks and blueberries are both great for liver health :)
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