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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well, I have sewed a cool castor oil pack thing, that makes it no hassle at all :) I might put up a picture of it. Very easy to do if you have a sewing machine.

    I am not doing coffee enemas...not sure if that is good.. But I do drink bitter tea, that is good for the liver. And I take a milk thistle supplement once in a while. Not every day as a friend of mine said it can mess up your estrogen. I drink ACV too.

    Funny how much less hot I get now!
    That iron makes one really overheat, at least if you have too much of it.
    Maybe I have to go vegan this summer :D at least almost vegan. I cant let go of my life saver, the oyster.
    I am sure it has helped balance out some of the iron issue I got with all that raw meat. If I would not have had so many oysters I would be in a way worse place.

    My finger is not painful at all anymore! Yay. Thought it was because of working too much but now I know it was iron. Because I work as much, and there is no pain.
    My theory is, I have accumulated too much iron in my organs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, heart, brain, and skin and bone marrow.
    And it is all slowly getting better.

    My mother took iron pills as she was pregnant with many of us, she could not precisely tell me with whom.
    But I suppose she took them when she was pregnant with me because they had very poor food, almost only potatoes. No animal food. My parents were very poor then. I suppose that iron went right to my brain and caused my ADHD issue. Yep. Because I read that taking iron pills when pregnant is very bad for the unborn child, it can accumulate in its organs and cause damage.

    Supposedly being anemic is a protective thing for the unborn child, which is why pregnant mothers also take up less iron from foods at certain stages of the pregnancy. This is a good thing and for a reason. But today people think they need to eat iron pills when pregnant to get iron up :(

    Somehow I am really really thankful to be single right now, I get all the time and peace for the research I need to do - and I can listen to my body very carefully, with no one intervening... or having opinions.
    Even if I really really love having a partner, uh. Why do I love men so much, always have? It is kind of weird. My hormones are still very much alive. But I am not even going to look for anyone before I have solved this iron thing. This are times when being alone really is not a bad thing at all :) :)

    My ex fiance wanted to meet up with me a week ago (he still sometimes calls me and wants to talk. I never call him though, I am not going there), I agreed. He is married now to his new girlfriend.
    I did not want to go because it still hurts a little, as I really loved him so much, but I though okay I will do it. I just take God with me. So I did.
    It went really well, sure it hurt a little, because there was still this strong attraction between us, but I am learning to not be afraid of pain. I just accept it. He asked me if I could forgive him, and I said I have done long ago.. sure. I do not even know what I have to forgive. I mean, when someone leaves and wants another partner, it is his full right to do so. Of course it is painful - but that is solely my issue. It is not a crime to leave someone.

    He said he could feel the love between us. And yes, he is right. It is still there, as present as it was.
    He tells me that he is not happy in his marriage. No intimacy.
    What to do.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2020
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    The sun is getting so strong! Wow :) I have been able to tan in Eves dress quite some hours already, it feel so good. Sun rises higher every day. It is very noticeable when there have been some cloudy days in between.

    I have been thinking a lot. About how I was so stupid to eat such big amounts of raw meat for so long. But I just had no clue about the iron issue. I had no clue that iron can be pretty toxic. So I forgive myself. And I do everything that I can, to correct it.

    I read about lactoferrin, how it helps reduce iron uptake, even heme iron, from food. And same with calcium. So I found a great natural medicine for me now :) :)

    Raw milk cheeses for dessert! Needs to be raw, and that is how I prefer it anyways. I need only about 50 grams of cheese to get more than 300 mg of calcium, that is the required about that studies show prevents iron uptake taken with meals.
    So happy to find this :)


    "In order to determine bovine lactoferrin concentration in cheese, bovine lactoferrin-specific monoclonal antibodies have been raised and an ELISA has been developed to determine lactoferrin concentrations in milk, whey and experimental soft, semi-hard and Swiss-type cheeses made with raw or pasteurised milk. The lactoferrin concentration in cheese was shown to depend on the cheese-making process, with higher values in Swiss-type and semi-hard cheeses than in soft cheeses. Furthermore, Western-blotting analysis of lactoferrin in cheese showed that this protein stayed intact throughout ripening in raw milk cheese, whereas it was partially hydrolysed in cheeses made with pasteurised milk. Based on these observations, we propose that cheese may constitute a natural dairy source of lactoferrin beneficial to health."
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I was in Hamburg(a big city in Germany) yesterday to pick up my new passport from the embassy.
    I sat in the train and next to me sat a woman who had a mask on her face... because of coronavirus. And she talked on her smartphone next to her head. It was really weird to see.
    I saw so many people, they smiled to me a lot, and I smiled back :)

    I had a nice chat with a restaurant owner where I had an espresso outside at his place, a really nice talk! Sad I had to go, he told me he would love if I visit next time I am around.. Will not be soon though, I cant say I enjoy being in the city too much. In fact at one point I got a weird feeling like dizzy. No thanks, it feels way better here where I live, my head feels normal and clear :) :)
    Also met up with an old good friend of mine and he took me out for steak tartare with some raw Comté cheese, in a nice, french restaurant. We had a great chat as always when we meet :) for a couple hours before I had to leave.

    Lactoferrin is also to be found in tears, and in big amounts in human breastmilk! And in sperm. Not going to add anything to that ;)

    I am starting to get more and more aware how complicated the iron metabolism is.
    I have been taking IP6, phytic acid every day last week, but I think I am going to ease off the use. And only take it here and there, not every day. Because seems our body adapts fast to having less iron and it tries to absorb even more from the foods we eat....

    To my understanding so far, the most clever thing to do is just giving blood regularly, and "manipulate" or balance out the iron with other minerals from real, whole food.
    So seafood is very very important - the most important thing of all - to get enough copper to mobilize the iron stored in organs and skin.

    Then to eat natural phytic acid in meals, and also lactoferrin and calcium in raw cheese.
    And drinking tons of green tea :)

    And I have learned, cigarettes and nicotine have lots of iron.... Probably another reason I have accumulated so much iron! Uh oh.. good to learn all this stuff :D
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2020
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  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Thx for update on situation in Germany.

    Hamburg is a large, cosmopolitan city-- did you seen many cell towers (masts), and antennae of all shapes and sizes hanging on power poles and sides of buildings? Germans conceitedly think of themselves as 'Green' what with all their climate alarmism and virtue signalling with solar and wind power, but they seem to have drunk the Koolaid when it comes to embracing a wireless/'smart city' approach.

    Not surprised to see face masks in Western cities becoming a common sight. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still spreading briskly through world.

    A serious problem in US is that health/gov officials are late to party when it comes to containing virus outbreaks. COVID-19 virus testing kits have been in short supply (that may change quickly) and so sick people here who may have been to countries where COVID-19 is already a problem have been simply 'monitored' by officials to see what happens. I am hearing more reports of these sick people now finally being asked to 'self-isolate', e.g. self-quarantine until their cases develop. Long overdue.

    A serious drawback to this stupidly lackadaisical response is, that since we know infected people can be asymptomatic but shedding virus for up to 2 weeks (and some outlier vectors can be 3 weeks or more latency), it is a logical assumption that there are literally thousands of infected persons without symptoms living their regular daily lives and being in close contact with many thousands more people. This is how viral pandemics spread ideally.

    So, if my assumptions are correct (and I dearly hope I'm wrong) during this spring we should see confirmed cases jump into the many hundreds/thousands in the States.

    Experts are not certain there will be a seasonality to this virus (drop off in new infections during summer) but we can hope it will happen to give us more time to prepare.

    Some experts think COVID-19 outbreaks will come in waves (similar to 1918 Spanish Flu), with a new wave this fall/winter after a lessening of infection rate during summer.

    My guess is that the health/gov officials in charge have already quietly given up on COVID-19 containment and are now planning on a Johnny-Come-Lately mitigation strategy.

    The good news is that the virus will eventually be endemic everywhere, and populations will develop herd immunity (unless it turns out to be a mutable virus--not good).

    Stay well.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2020
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  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I cannot really feel any fear about the corona to be honest. I am just going to work on getting my iron down. I do not have high iron in the blood though at all, my body puts it all away.... a clever thing for survival especially against viruses and bacteria, but not so good for the organs long term :rolleyes:

    We can only do our best, and we all have to die one day.
    It is good to put it into right proportions.
    Driving a car is way more dangerous...

    That said, in the train so many people were couching. Yeah. Many have flu now anyways, many are sick. My landlord too.. she and her kid are sick a lot. So far I have not had any flu or anything this winter. Even if I have had plenty of possible contact to viruses. Maybe because my body hides the iron so well. Or because I make sure to always be outside when I can. And do not have a smart-phone - who knows!

    I just realized, after dipping in my rain barrel today - I have been dipping in a iron bath every day for more than six years :thumbsdown:

    I fill the rainbarrel with water from the well on this property, it is free. But it is high in iron, even a tiny bit yellowish. Too much iron to drink it.
    And iron absorbs through skin.
    And I always take a hot shower first - and then directly after go and dip into the water for a few minutes, the pores open from the hot water, absorbing iron even more :tears:
    Holy moly. I realize new things all the time!

    I am going to fill my rainbarrel with tap water today instead. Our tap water is great, no fluoride, no chloride and great drinking quality.

    So many pieces to the puzzle.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2020
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I skype often with my ex husband, we are good friends.

    So he told me today, I need to try sleep with my mouth open and on the side, and see if that might help removing iron from my body, big chunks can start falling out in the night

    :D :D :D

    It is so hilarious , he has always have had this black humor and I totally love it - it makes me laugh so hard....:rofl:

    Then I said he should come visit me and hold me for a while when I feel overwhelmed sometimes (he lives in another country)
    and then he said that is not possible because he is so full of iron he will be drawn to my magnetico mattress and not be able to remove himself from it anymore ....:rofl:
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  7. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Fear is expected in some situations (e.g. a soldier in battle), but this virus outbreak is not worthy of being feared.

    Mostly, this virus is more lethal to elderly and those with serious preexisting health problems (so do check in on your elders with regard to their safety and protection as we go forward).

    Fear and worry are counterproductive as we all know. It interferes with clear, calm, and rational thinking (and that is in very short supply in this Krazy Klown World we live in today).

    Practice all your protocols, live as healthy as possible, and yes, this too shall pass.
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I went full body tanning on my terrace for maybe 5 hours today... it was amazing :) :) :)

    The sun is really strong already, feels like summer to me! All I did today was laying around in the sun, reading, eating Spanish aged raw sheep-milk cheese and cucumber.... wow I am addicted to these cheeses. Cant stop eating them!
    In fact I really like this iron-overload-diet now, that I have given myself until I get my iron down. The raw cheese with raw veggies, and raw chocolate part is really good :) :) and of course I love the seafood too.
    I made a oyster soup a few days ago, first time. It was really really good, huh! And simple :)

    I sauteed some chopped onion a minute or so, then added in the oyster juice that I had separated by shucking the oysters, then added a cup of heavy cream, spices, brought it all to boil, then added the raw shucked oysters and let them sit in the hot liquid a few minutes until they were done.
    This was so good.

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  9. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Must try your oyster soup - really struggle with eating oysters still
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Try it Jenny. Add your favorite spices! If you like curry/tumeric you can add that as well :)

    Have you tried oysters baked in the oven, topped with grated cheese? Parmesan or Roquefort are my favorite for that, but I guess you can use any cheese.
    You could treat yourself with an oyster cookbook, I have 2 of them, got them from amazon. Tons of delicious oysters recipes, raw and cooked :). That would help you start liking them I am sure :) :)
  11. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Thanks Inger, no haven't tried oven baked, was guessing they're better for you raw, & no cookbooks either - going to have to get my act into gear aren't I!!
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Try them lightly on the bbq ....and add a bit of melted butter and parmesan
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  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    it depends Jenny!
    Sure they are best raw because you get all the viruses and bacteria and enzymes and omega 3 etc etc unadultered! BUT. Sometimes it might me better to cook them. For some people.
    I have cooked them lately because trying to lower my iron load. Iron gets less absorbed from cooked foods, you see. And oysters are high in iron too. I do eat them raw too, but also cooked. Both.
    Also some people cant tolerate them raw. Even if you cook them, they are still one of the best food on earth, believe me :) :)

    After learning about iron overload, I have come to realize at least one reason why cooking might be clever sometimes! Who would have thought ;)

    And yes, please get yourself an oyster cookbook! They are absolutely awesome :) :) :)
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Weather is gorgeous today, spending the day outside on my terrace all day - SKIN IN THE GAME GUYS :) :) - I cant complain :) :)
    Talking to neighbors, they are outside too, the kid even put on a bikini, telling her mom she want to do like me...lol
    guessing we do the best virus prevention ;)

    I did went to the shop and got me ascorbic acid and nicotine gum - just in case someone will need it.
    There was no shortage of vitC (or anything else except desinfecting stuff and some hand soaps) yet.
  16. Jenny S

    Jenny S Gold

    Well that's given me a good laugh Inger!!
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  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Jenny, glad you could laugh...lol I laughed too! I love black humor... :D I just cant do it myself - my ex is the black humor king...:D

    - - - - -

    Iron update.

    So things are going great so far. I am still not eating any red meat. Just seafood and eggs and raw sheep cheeses. And veggies.,. and raw chocolate ;)
    Started to make some nettle smoothies too as nettles and other wild greens are popping up :) :)

    I notice, if I do too many herring head smoothies, or even too much herring, I get some heart palps.... I wonder if it is too much omega 3 or too much boron, or what. hmmm. I will limit my herrings to 5-10 pieces / week, no more. Rest will be seafood that have less fat, like cod, shrimp.. oysters.

    Next week I will go to my second blood donation sessione hopefully! I am so seeing forward to it :) If this corona craze does not disturb the red cross workers.. I so hope not.

    Liver discomfort is getting less :) And guess what I have noticed.
    THE SUN is the most potent medicine for my liver discomfort!! Who would have thought??
    It is as the sun just takes it away!! Wow :) :) :) I am naked outside in the sun all the time and I do not notice my liver anymore!
    But when I read Jacks blogs, it is no surprise at all. Isnt it amazing how great a doctor the sun is :) :)
    My home is quite chaotic right now, but I will clean it when the sun is gone and clouds are back. I am single now anyways... and who cares how the home is looking when sun is out and corona makes no one enter your home anyways...:whistle: :)
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
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  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Since a few days I have some funny rash on my belly, back and chest.. started at the belly with small "pimples", and when I feel the skin of my belly it is just full of tiny bumps!
    I am trying to think why it is.
    Might be the nutritional yeast pills I started to take a week ago... they are conventional ones. That is the only new thing I am doing. I am not taking them for now and lest see what the rash do....
  19. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    This reminds me of what we call 'goose bumps'-- small raised bumps on skin. Everyone knows about goose bumps that are caused by exposure to cold or excitement.

    Some people develop these bumps on a more permanent basis and not related to cold (Keratosis pilaris). It seems to be harmless, and its cause not readily ascertained.

    But if you have inflammation (rash) with the bumps then it is likely some other condition. An allergic reaction, or detox symptom maybe?
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    yes these are not goosebumps...lol
    It is some sort of rash. Pretty similar to what I got when I started Iodine, some bromide detox pimples. Tiny bumps might have some water in them. They does not really itch, thankfully.
    I suppose it is the Nutritional yest. Or it is the extreme amount of sun I have gotten last days that has triggered some detox.. hopefully it is iron that is coming out...! :D would love them to be iron bumps!
    As long as I do not have them on my face I am fine ;). They are just on my belly and back and decolte. Arms, legs, head, breasts are fine :) yeah.

    Might be psychological too! I have to say, honestly this whole corona thing has not been easy for me mentally. The isolation thing is hard. I have always loved people and community, and I am single now and live alone anyways so I really enjoy being at work and seeing people when I do(even if I enjoy being alone too a lot), and that is way less now. It is like, something in me suffers... and cries.
    I went out in the woods yesterday, and I just had to cry... the trees were so beautiful! There was a scream in me that wanted to come out! It was really strong. It was so sane out there. I could just think all the time, wow.. how is it so sane here, in the woods everything was peaceful and silent and close and present.. like always. No isolation. No panic.

    Recently there was some stuff going on and I talked to my neighbor the landlord and the girl.. and she was hurt.. and I wanted so badly to take her in my arms, but I could not. Because we have to keep distance. Such kind of stuff kills me. I have a hard time handle it as I am a very physical person too, that loves contact with others.

    Maybe it is that pain that comes out in the rash.. who knows ;)
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