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Inger's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Inger, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So.. I decided to have a journal too. I think it makes me reflect more, which is good.

    We got lambs. One black and one white. They are so cute I can just sit and watch them play like forever!



    There is one sheep more that will get babies soon.. she is huge. I bet she has 5, last year she had 5 and two died. It was so sad, I tried to rescue one but she could not breath. Hope this year is better!
    Those two are so healthy though, they jump and play all day long!

    Ok I need to split this post or I cannot add pictures...
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Today I had raw lamb for breakfast, I just ate it plain. And then I made me a duck egg foam for dessert, 1 egg from our own duck (that I feed lots of fresh raw fish and shrimp heads..) and 1/2 teaspoon raw wild honey and then whisked into foam and then I added 1 big spoonful wild lingonberries. Yum!

    For lunch I had raw mackerel tartar made with fresh ginger, onion, vinegar, salt.. I did not had any herbs but it was good without too! I ate a big organic avocado too.. with pure balsam vinegar.
    Dinner was a MHS (yuck.. I never get used to these but hey - how they get me feel is totally worth it..lol) for starter, then "burgers" that I made from raw fish fillet, curcumin, spices, olive oil, a splash of vinegar, salt, onion, ginger..... I poured a good EVOO over the hole thing in the end too, it was great! For dessert I had a small shake with raw colostrum-milk and a little lingonberries.. I usually do not drink much of it but I have some in the fridge now in case I need it for the lambs, and it does not hold forever so I thought I might as well drink a bit.


    I had a lot of sunwater too, to 2 glasses I added some unrefined seasalt too. In the morning I had my organic coffee with cardamom and coconut oil and butter too.

    I tanned nude at my balcony for 4 hours today. It was just perfect, a bit cold air but the sun warmed enough to keep you warm... I love to tan in early spring, it is just so mega energizing!

    Yesterday I felt not so good. In fact I felt like in hell..huh. The reason was my own stupidity.
    I had worked in a other place I never had before, because they begged me as they needed help. It was a quite stressful day and I can tell I am happy I do not need to work there..huh! My regular workplace is just.. lovely. As I was quite mentally exhausted I thought I'll take a glass of organic wine on my way home, just to relax. I have not had any wine for weeks now. So I did. I sat down with my glass by the window. Then two gentlemen on the neighbour table started to talk to me. And I talked. And talked. I told them all about my hormone healing protocol, my earthing line, my MHS, the dark cold and boring stuff, and what they can do to keep their hormones well too. Because they wanted me to tel, so I did. OMG. They thought it was so fun. They got me some more wine, the same organic that I had first. And then some more. We had so fun. It come out one knew about the Schumann resonance, he is a singer. The other was a nice guy too with he's own business. They suggested I come with them to party on but I said I must go home I go to bed so early..lol They both wanted to come with me to my place to do earthing with me tied to my copperwire all nite long...LOL even if I said I have it ice cold in my bedroom. I was kinda happy my dad would never allow any stranger man to come in he's house, that is what I told the guys too. They thought it was a nice challenge! I bet guys like challenges..lol He gave me he's visit card too and said he would love to travel to St Petersburg with me.. I have never been there.
    Hubs come and picked me up and he talked to the guys too and we had all fun together. Okay - in the end I had way too much wine. So yesterday I felt like.. dead. Not physically, I was quite fine, but mentally. I have never felt like that, I just had lost my joy inside me. I thought that must be like it is in hell! Thanks god today my joy is back! Huh.. I am not touching wine in a while that's for sure. IDK how I could be so stupid. I bet it was the stress on the workplace, it sure was... ugly. I kind of felt I should not go there but I did. I should have listened to my intuition.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  3. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver


    Glad you started a journal. Lovely pictures! I add sea salt to a couple of glasses of spring water each day too and really like the taste.

    Too much wine will also make me feel horrible. Maybe you didn't rehydrate yourself enough before going to bed to compensate for the amount of wine you drank. Better planning next time!

    p.s. adorable animals :)
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Wait... Inger, you DIDN'T!?!?
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    But they were so cute.....
  6. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Yay, you started a journal!
    (I hear ya about the wine, I have overindulged too many times. Once in a great while it is just plain worth it!! Then you rehydrate at home, and take a high potency B bit. before bed.)
  7. GlenPDQ

    GlenPDQ New Member

    I bet the alcohol wiped out her B6 or B12.

    Sad about one of the lambs, though. More milk for the other one I guess.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger - I am so happy to see you here! I love your pictures. The baby lambs are adorable! Talking to strangers - it is so amazing the new things you learn - quantum magic I am sure.....
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Some wine is good I think! It is good that you don't need to do back to that negative work environment ....destroys our soul I think for sure.
  10. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Inger...do you have Finn sheep? I have two ewes just getting ready to lamb in the next few weeks...The older one has had 5 lambs at a time and I know the record is something like 8!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon...wine is like instant death for me, so I haven't had any for years....Your journal will be a good recipe file for raw foods...thanks!
  11. endless

    endless New Member

    Your food pictures are lovely....I am inspired by them.

    Sorry about the hangover....but don't beat yourself up about it. We all do it once in awhile!:)
  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    @ Janagram..
    IDK..lol It was not really worth it. A day in hell after? Noooo! I have had hangover only once in my life and that was enough. This time it was different, I did not felt it so much physically, but my "alive" feeling got killed.. and that was like to be in hell I promise! So not worth it. It is very possible to have fun without alcohol too. I am voting for that. Not that I have been drinking a lot of wine, I use to drink 1-2 glasses a few times/month or so. That is ok. Maybe..lol

    @ Nonchalant,
    LOL about the raw lamb.. It was not our own, they are finished long ago. We slaughtered only 2 last fall.

    @ Seahorse,
    you are so right about the wine. I really believe one needs to be careful.. especially if a women and not real healthy.. and having issues to leave it at one glass.
    Did all the lambs stay alive when she got 5? Did you needed to give them milk in a bottle? Wow..8?! OMG I cannot believe how big she must have been..huh. Please tell me how it all went when yours get lambs, ok! There is always so much to learn!
    I sometimes am so unsure if I should rather leave her alone when the lambs get born or if I should help her more.. or if that is only making her confused. Last spring I helped her some, but she was an old first time mum, maybe 5 yo or so. Not so good me thinks. I am so exited how she will do this time!
    I do not remember what kind of sheep they are.. but I think Finn ones? The old mum, the big brown, is different one than the dad. He is smaller too. But he is great. Very kind, he is kind to the lambs too (at least most of the time..lol)
    Here is a picture of the whole family this morning (they are huge as we did not cut the wool last fall, only last spring);


    Here are the lambs kissing! They are crazy in love...lol so small and totally in love already! Wow! The black one is the baby girl and the white the boy..
    I would like to call them the sun and the moon.. it is pure bliss to look at how happy they are.. exploring every little thing and each other..wow.


    This was my breakfast today,
    gently dried raw elk burgers with coconut oil and sea salt and onion and cucumber. They are so yummy I never get tired of them. Ever. I use around one pound elk meat and never have a issue finishing it..


    I had a bulletproof-cardamom-coffee too.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    How do you do the elk burgers again? It seems to me you are very, very happy in this habitat?
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I just do pure ground meat, form them into burgers and place them on my dehydrator over night on 38-40 degree C. I just eat them deliciously warm and "crisp" directly from there, covered with lots of coconutoil or butter, I add raw onion and cucumber too mostly, and some good salt sprinkled over it.. yum! This is yesterday evening. My burgers ready to be dehydrated;


    You could spice them before dehydrating if you like, with onion, salt, seasons.. whatever. I am too lazy..lol I love when food is easy and quick.. but good too. And good for me! That is my first priority always.
    I really am happy with my food I must say. makes me feel just so good! I got 4 kg mackerel again yesterday, and 13 oysters.. am I in heaven..? lol Sure I have no money for clothes but I do not care too much. A healthy body is way more important to me!

    I need to wait 1 more week to get the smart meter filter installed. Huh. I flipped out in the telephone when talking to the electric company.. they are so slow. I felt bad after because it really is not he's fault either. The man I talk with is really nice guy, I mean so nice he does all to help me, he does. I recogniced I have lots to learn and work on with myself. The other day at the foreign restaurant working when it was not so fun was my fault too. I am always responsible for my feelings and my reactions and it is no excuse to be upset even if things are not so well. I could have done my part better, clearly. I see that now. OMG so much to learn here. It goes humbling at times when one sees how little one has learned after all. But every day is a new day, and now I know how to do next time!

    I measured our smart meter and it does show very high radio wave radiation when I hold it close to the "eye". Look here;


    The guy from the electric company says it does not send any radio waves out there but he must not know, because I can clearly see it does? Weird stuff... Gotta cover it with something and earth the whole thing when the snow melts... if I do not get rid of the ugly meter..HA.

    I listened to the free Q/A this whole morning. It was great. Webinar too.. the thing I sensed so strong was Jack pain to get people to see this whole issue. It was like I could feel he's heart so strongly.. it was almost.. unreal.
    I love how honest he is. He has so much courage. I think he is my hero. People who has the courage to face the truth even if it is ugly are true heroes.

    And then.. it is so sad too. It is so incredibly sad what is happening.

    I was cleaning for my parents company yesterday in one house not far from here. It is a radio amateur living there. He had big antennas all over he's garden around the house that lies by a beautiful small lake. It was so shocking to me. So shocking. They had 3 wifis and one in the bedroom, the beds were located right with the head to a wall that had huge TV's and other electronic stuff on the other side.... Iphones, 3 laptops on the table 3 TV's....
    Their son is autistic.

    Sometimes I get the urge to just scream. Then I go out and look at the sweet lambs playing outside in the sun.. and I get tears in my eyes it is so beautiful. They go and drink milk by their mom ever 5 minutes..lol.
    Then I go and jump into my icehole and I feel all better. I need to collect lots and lots of beautiful moments because they carry me and makes me not despair. And there is so much beauty around! People are smiling at me when I bike to the shop, they are so polite and nice and it makes me feel all so blessed.
    There was another lady selling me my mackerel and she asked what do I do with it? I asked her, if she really wanted to know, because it is heavy. She said, she wanted to know. And I told her everything..lol I can tell her eyes almost dropped out.
    I told her she could try the head smoothies too - it is real good to heal the brain because that is what I need to do. She said she was happy she had no mixer..lol But we had fun for sure. They are all so nice in the shop.
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  15. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Inger, I thought of you yesterday...I was cutting up some very yummy beef that had lots of good fat in it and just started to eat it raw...so most of my lunch was raw and then I quickly cooked a bit for me in a pan with some added fat and another bit for my husband in another pan without so much fat (he's coming with me, but is a few steps behind ;) and then I just looked at these two pans of meat HIS and HERS and started to laugh out loud...then I realized I was thinking everything was just soooo funny and amusing and great. It was like smoking pot forty years ago...instant happiness and fun. Except this time I realized my brain was responding so fast to the raw meat. I know you and Audrey particularly talk about finding so much joy with eating the raw food and I got a "taste" of that yesterday. I think I needed to be getting more sun and the light cycles becoming longer before I could really feel this. I've been eating some raw food for months, but didn't get this effect until now.

    Just thought you might enjoy another joy story...
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  16. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Great pictures, Inger. How wonderful to get to be around those precious animals......how wonderful. :) And I love the Trifield meter picture. I can't wait for mine to arrive. So sorry about the smart meter. It is just awful.

    I will have to try dehydrated burgers sometime. Thanks for sharing all you do!
  17. Hope

    Hope Gold

    PS Inger.....maybe you could ask your parents to build some huts for all your American friends to come visit in the summer....for a fee. And you can teach us what you do in person....and let us swim/CT in your lake :)

    What a dream that would be..
  18. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I really think I can never leave raw. I am not religious about it, but almost all I eat is raw. I just feel so much more alive this way! I do not want to miss that feeling ever... I think it is so cool you feel similar too! I really feel it the best when I eat about all raw.. at least 80%.

    Today I had for breakfast at 6:30 AM
    almost 1 pound raw elk burgers again as above, BP coffee.
    Lunch at 11:30 AM was a second coffee (too much coffee today - I usually have one cup in the morning only.. makes me want to quit the whole coffee habit!) with about 2 tbsp raw coconut oil and 2 tbsp butter.
    Dinner was at 4 PM, 6 oysters, raw, and 2 whole raw mackerels. Heads as smoothie for starter and then the filet (with skin) as a nice tartar rolled into nori rolls. Yum!
    And then maybe 3 liters of cold sunwater, with a tiny bit himalayan salt in it. I stir with a woodstick now too.. to make it more alive.. ;) I got the idea from Jacks last blog.. tastes great to me!

    @ Hope.
    you cannot believe it but here are some huts already..hrm. It is my dad. He has this weird habit of digging into the earth. He has been digging 3 holes on different places in the garden, one he had built to a "basement", cement stones and it has a door and a window too but they are open still, no windows set in. I was think to take this hut for my summer residence..! I could make me a nice home in there! I am going to take some pics for you to see, when the snow melts. Would make a nice guestroom too..lol It has nothing on the floor, only sand. So there must be a good SR! A small faraday cage... I have so many ideas..huh! I told my dad he is so clever digging all those "holes". And I told him why.. and he was all happy..lol Everyone always thought he was crazy doing them. But it was / is like therapy for him I guess. Now I know why!
    You are welcome to come for sure, anytime! And no fee..lol

    I am sensing the EMF from my mouse. It is not so much, but more than my keyboard. When I hold my hand on the mouse it feels weird and warm. I try to take off my hand as much as possible, no need to let the hand rest on the mouse all the time..

    My one brother borrowed the meter and measured he's and he's girlfriends home. He is a student and lives quite close to the city. It was HORRIBLE. Every place in he's home had way above 3 milligauss. It does not mattered where, the bedroom, everywhere! He said to me around 10!!! Shocking. I could not believe it really! It does not look like such a place at all.. I say, just EVERYONE, go and buy a meter! It cost you about 100 € and it helps HUGE!
    My other bro was here today, they have a baby.. and he took the meter to measure he's home today. I have told them all about how bad EMFs are for kids and they are all in to limit all they can. Sunday he brings the meter back and tells me how it went.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
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  19. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Inger, your dad is brilliant!! That hut he built sounds like a perfect place to sleep...and how great you have a lot of ideas, indeed. Funny how "crazy" is really just unknown brilliance sometimes, eh? Oh, you better not open your place.....you will get run over :) I can only dream of experiencing a place like that...

    What will you do with the lambs? They are just so cute....and I love the pictures you share...keep them coming.... :)

    That is amazing your brothers are open to what you are sharing and so on....I wish my DH would too, but maybe when I get the meter, he'll start believing me.

    I just LOVE that you are sharing with everyone.....
  20. Inger, I love your journal! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the hut idea. I'm half Finnish, and it is my dream to someday visit Finland and Norway (the other half). Maybe by then you'll have your vacation huts up and running, with raw elk burgers, and CT holes to enjoy! ;)
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