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Inclined bed + magnetico, anyone?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Inger, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I cant seem to figure out what sleeping inclined on a magnetico really does to my body. I would so much appreciate if anyone else have tried it out - if you could share what you felt and how it went?
    Or if you have not yet tried it, please would you consider trying it in the name of science? :)

    So I am now pretty sure it works differently than sleeping without a magnetico and inclined.

    I immediately liked it a lot, how I felt and slept on te incline.
    Several weeks/or a month and more into the experiment I seemed to once in a while feel some slight discomfort in my liver area. I did realize that my digestion somehow had slowed down but I did not think about it much.
    Now I wonder if it made my gallbladder/liver somehow sluggish. So I have put my bed flat again to see what happens.

    The thing is, in Chinese medicine, the Liver has its peak detox/working time between 12 and 3 AM I think, at midnight. One reason why it is important to go early to bed they say. Of course I do that too. But I wonder if my body get so "numbed" from the incline+magnetco that it cannot work/detox properly?
    Because that is how "numbed" it feels. And I love that feeling!
    It feels like my body get sooo relaxed, heavy, tired but very nice feeling. It is hard to come out of bed because it feels so good. Like I had been taking a drug, really. It is that strong.

    I tried to sleep on a much lower incline yesterday, 4 cm only, but the effect was still there and strong!!
    Tonight I slept flat again and effect was gone. I slept normal and good but not that heavy, deep, relaxed drugged feeling.

    What is this. and why. I want to try just1 cm incline. Maybe that is all that is needed with magnetico. Or maybe a magnetico does not fit well with inclining the bed. Or it is a personal issue I have.
    I need to let my liver catch up before I try the 1 cm though. So I am going to sleep flat for a while untl this stressed liver feeling goes away. It is like pressure in the liver/gallbladder at certain movements or times of the day. I have no others symptoms of liver problems and all labs were great so I guess my liver is just congested somehow.

    I would love if someone could share some insights. Maybe someone is a physic geek and knows/understands what happens in the body when you have a 10 gauss mattress and then sleeps inclined up to 5 degree?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2020

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