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In life, electrons and protons are relative in how they are used in mitochondria

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When an electron is not interacting in matter, the electron is devoid of physical properties: no position, no velocity, no trajectory. Even more radical position of quantum mechanics is that the electron’s properties are real only for the object it’s interacting with and not for other objects on a relative basis.

    This has huge implications for mitochondrial physiology and chloroplast.

    The world fractures into a play of points of view that do not admit a univocal, global vision. QM reveals to us in medicine that facts are relative. The implications are massive when you understand it. Medicine cannot be explained by a RCT.

    It becomes more shocking.

    This perspective that quantum mechanics brings to us blurs the distinction between mental and physical phenomena in humans. Both are products of interactions between parts of the physical world. In arguing that the mind is itself the outcome of a complex web of interactions, QM takes on dualists who distinguish between the mental and the physical and naïve materialists who say that everything begins with particles of matter with well-defined properties.
  2. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    One day on CH I heard you say our Mitochondria are the semi-conductor's of our being...…..I've been focusing on Mitochondrial health for some time now but after hearing you describe it the way you did I've been hyper focused.

    I own a nationwide electrical and automation business so the electrical side of the Mito. hits just right.

    Thanks for all you do and proud to be a member.

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