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Improvement Warrior Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jason Yun, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Hello, my name is Jason Yun.

    I originally was introduced to Jack Kruse I believe 3 or 4 years ago from I believe Ben Greenfield's podcast. Went through his book and implemented some of the stuff in there. It's hard to figure out precisely what I did from exactly JK as I listen and read to a lot of things. But the ones I can say I have been doing the longest have been blue blockers, amber/red lights, cold showers (just got a cold tub this week, currently being filled by rain and self), using phone as little as possible, and it's on airplane mode most of the time.

    During this time I would always say my health was a 10.

    I was recently re-introduced to Jack through a podcast he did on EMF with Nicolas Pinneault and that led to watching both of his Nourish Vermont's video, over and over and over again.

    Since that time I have been devouring everything I can.

    I'm currently reading John ott's book Health and Light. And the EMF blog series.

    I started doing the sphinx in the morning sun with my dogs and 4 year old daughter which I have since switched to a squat hold position because the sphinx pose was jacking my neck up or I was just doing it wrong. I've been doing this for about a month now and trying to get as much sun as I can throughout the day. Nowadays it isn't much with our weather here.
    I live in Columbus, Ohio.

    Our morning sun we actually have to walk to another part of the neighborhood and we are across the street from a house. The guy came out, Gary, and asked me it was a ritual. I told him what I was doing. Nice guy. The other day he asked me what i do if there is no sun which there was none.

    I also am grounding a lot more. Before during this time of year I probably would get just walking to the mailbox. I try to get at least an hour a day now.

    I've switched at least a part of my workouts to be outside and the parts indoors I workout in either IR light or just the daylight from the small windows in the basement (currently working on switching all lights over, as we just moved in September.)

    I also am wearing blue blockers all day now when working. Sleep is vastly improved as I only used to wear these at night when I got home usually around 8 or 9 pm.

    Again, I used to say my health was always a 10 back then, but now with implementing just these things I can say it was probably only a 7 to 7.5.

    A little background on me. I own a training studio, or gym for ease, but not the typical gym. We offer group strength and conditioning classes for both adults and youth. Been in business for 11 years.

    Before owning my gym during my college years I was bit by Arnold's pumping iron and went on a quest to get huge. My sophomore year I went from 167 to 222 pounds in just 7 months. Still have the stretch marks to prove it, all drug free. I followed the standard bodybuilding diet back then of high carb, high protein and low fat. I took low fat to an extreme. I think I was pretty much under 7% everyday--- although I was eating 5000-6500 calories a day just to maintain that weight.

    I followed this lifestyle for about a decade and it nearly killed me. I went through major depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide for almost 4 years. I had injured myself- herniated disc and sciatica- which I pushed through for about 3 years until the pain got so bad I had to stop lifting. I lost 71 pounds in 5 months, 50 in the first 3 months and that was one of the reasons for the depression. My whole identity was tied to working out.

    It took me 9 months to fully recover and be able to start working out again. When I started back I started on the Paleo diet and got my weight back up to 202 pounds. This was also the time I started my business. in 2007. On Paleo I felt the best I ever felt in my life, but I think any nutrition would of made me felt better when you go from drinking 4 gallons of skim milk, 2 loafs of wheat bread, 2 boxes of cherrios a week :)

    I still was very disappointed with the way I looked because I could never get rid of my belly bloat. So I always felt like the fat trainer or a fraud talking to people about nutrition In 2013 I found a nutritional cleanse program that allowed me to see my abs for the first time since college while still doing a paleo type nutrition approach. 2014 I started keto and it's morphed into a keto/LCHF type of plan.

    2012 was the year that I started a program called Unbeatable Mind from Navy Seal Mark Devine which has been an amazing journey and I still use a lot of the program today. Was one of the most important things in my life so far.

    I plan on becoming a member of JK very soon. Just want to get through the recommended reading first.

    I recently had my labs done however they didn't do my vitamin D like I asked and after reading some stuff on here I didn't get all the tests I needed.

    My labs

    • LDL-P 1402
    • LDL-C-145
    • HDL 77
    • Total 232
    • Triglycerides- 52
    • HDL-P 31.1
    • Small LDL-p 177
    • LDL size 21.6
    • LP-IR score <25
    • WBC 5.3
    • RBC 4.80
    • Hemoglobin 14.5
    • Hemacrit 43
    • Glucose 74
    • BUN 11
    • Creatinine 1.03
    • Sodium 144
    • potassium3.9
    • chloride 104
    • Co2 23
    • Calcium 9.2 protein 6.7
    • DHEA 262- originally they said this 1251
    • TSH- 1.020
    • Uric acid6.4
    • C-reactive protein .04

    My fitness business is called Improvement Warrior Fitness, so my catch phrase so to speak is
    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!
  2. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    rained all day today so no sun at all.

    was a cleanse day today for me. needed after halloween :eek:

    Got 47 minutes of grounding in today in 5 sessions.

    no training today. Thursdays and Sundays is my usual off-day..

    Forecast through next Tuesday is all clouds and rain. Hopefully it will peak through here soon.

    Planning on getting my first CT session in my new tub. Is CT also considered a cold shower, or being naked outside in cold weather?
  3. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold


    Feel great today

    Sun: none. not even a peak today.

    Grounding: 50:00 3 sessions

    Cold Tub: 15:33- 1st time doing this. Some parts were difficult, mostly when I was doing deep deep breathing, but when just relaxed was super easy.

    Contract shower: 3:17 in cold. 3 rounds of each.

    Training: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpsokFfg3lb/
    Today's training ️‍♂️
    1. 90% deadlift 4,4,3,3. 335

    1. Kettlebell lunge 3 x 8 x 48 kg.
    Superset with KB windmill 3 x 8 x24 kg.

    1. Kettlebell.swings 3x30 x 44 kg.

    Walkie time With pups and 24 kg kettlebell rack walk.

    Macros: 2887 | P 172 | C 61 (19= 42 net) | F 225

    Meal 1: Smoothie
    Meal 2: Sardine and Shrimp salad with butter and avocado mayo, sauerkraut, avocado, pork rinds
    Meal 3: Ropa Vieja

    Protein is usually not this high. The Ropa Vieja was super high. But good

  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    still was very disappointed with the way I looked because I could never get rid of my belly bloat.


    belly bloat=
    excess gas
    Visceral fat is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Belly bloat = A vitamin A problem. Vitamin A controls the brush border and enterocytes therefore it controls the microbiome too. My What went down in Vermont blog on linkedin covers that.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Jason......
  7. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Realize this now. I still have a inclination to dumbing things down for clients.

    Had no idea will check it out.

    Thank you Caroline.
  8. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #3

    Picked up some grass-fed liver and bones from local farmer today as well.
    Daughter is also spending a lot of time with me in sun and grounding when she is not at school. Still working on getting her to keep her blue blockers on. They are on and off throughout the night.

    Sun: Morning sun 18:00
    Sun while driving approximately 20:00. Wonder what people think as I stick my head out the window like a dog actually who cares.
    Outside training was all in sun.
    another 7 minutes or so reading around 3 pm.

    Grounding: 1:26 over 6 sessions.

    Cold Tub: 16:02 50 degrees. This was a lot easier today. Shivered only about 1 minute after getting out, yesterday was about 15 minutes.

    Contract shower: 3:31 cold 6 total rounds

    Training: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpus3VOgv7I/
    Inside. Had to adjust a little bit because of shoulder pain oh, plan was to do barbell overhead presses but that wasn't happening today.

    Triset of
    1. kettlebell overhead press with a mini band with 16 kg, four sets of 7 reps.
    2. barbell shrugs with a light band and 95 lb 4 sets of 5 to 8 reps.
    3. AB wheel standing four sets for 3 to 4 reps.

    Outside Triset 2. 4 sets
    1. Lateral raises 12 kg and 16 kg
    2. bent over lateral raises 12 kg
    3. push ups 8 reps (4-5 second reps)

    Metcon was 5 minute kettlebell snatch test with 20 kilos, 111 reps, new PR.

    Macros: 3207 cals, 171 P, 72 C (24 fiber- 48 net), 256 F

    Meal 1: Smoothie
    Meal 2: sardine salad
    Meal 3: Ropa vieja again and shrimp/bacon fried cauli rice

    Mobilizations: couch stretch and foot rolling

    Meditation/Yoga: 6:13 meditation under IR
  9. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold


    Found these in garage left from previous owner. Are these blue light free? They shine yellow. Couldn't find any info on them online
  10. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #4 11.4.18

    Was a great day up until dinner. Ate too much. Planning on doing a 5-day fast from Sunday dinner to Friday dinner. So didn't really feel like doing anything after dinner. Plan was to go back to work, get another grounding session in but not happening.

    Sun: Morning sun about 17:00 735 am
    Another sun session 13:29 with just my kinicki on around 1027 am.
    Then got major cloud cover after my cold tub so more sun.

    Grounding: 4 sessions for 1:06.

    Cold Tub: 17:27 at 1136 am. Sun shining on me whole time. Was actually shivering in tub for about 1/2 time. 52 degrees.

    Cold shower: 3:43

    Training: Off-day. I have my office set up for little things like pullups, swings and squats throughout the day:

    Macros: 4136 cal, 189 p, 133 c (60 fiber- 73 net), 331 fat)

    Meal 1: Smoothie
    Meal 2: Cheese sandwich
    Meal 3: bacon/cheese burger on keto bun, leftover shirmp/bacon fried rice, keto ice cream

    Mobilizations: Couch stretch 5:00 each leg.

    Meditation/Yoga: None

    Reading: Health and Light, EMF Blog 3, What went down in Vermont-Jack's linkedin blog.

    Podcast/Videos: none
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  11. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #5 and 6.


    Monday: 11:00, no sun in the morning. Huge cloud.
    Then sun periodically through day but mostly, 60% through a cloud.

    Tuesday 12:39 first thing in morning, again not much sun. Even bigger cloud. I usually try to get 15:00.

    What is super special is my daughter comes with me. My wife wants her to sleep, sometimes I need to wake her up, sometimes she's up. But I know this is more important for her. Plus she still gets her naps. She's 4 and she'll usually sit on my neck while I do it. I want her to be grounded as well, but can't win them all :)

    Grounding: Monday 3 sessions for 31 min.
    Tuesday: 7 sessions for 53 min.
    Cold Tub: Monday 20:45
    Tuesday 21:56 recovery from this was super hard. Was second day of fasting and just read sholdn't do Cold Tub on empty stomach. Morning sun I'm usually just in shorts so air is so much easier for me. Debating weather should do it the rest of the fast. Planning through Friday dinner time. Was shivering for like 3 hours afterwards.
    Cold shower:
    Monday: 3:44 cold
    Tuesday none
    Cutting volume down a lot while fasting. Just doing 1 exercise and max out.
    Monday hit new PR for back squat 2 sets of 1 @ 330. My all-time best about 12 years ago was 380 but was also 42 pounds heavier. So pound for pound strongest I've ever been.
    Dips worked up to new PR of 1 rep with 88 pounds.
    Nutrition: Started fast Sunday night, planning on going to Friday night. My previous longest one was 84 hours. Had some issues last night with dizziness but managed to get through it with some extra water and salt.
    Monday and Tuesday got around 5-6 liters of salt water.
    Macros: 0,0,0,0
    Meal 1: n/a
    Meal 2: n/a
    Meal 3: n/a

    Monday: Gut, quad and hip smashing with softball and pvc pipe.
    Tuesday: Foot smashes, voodoo band wrap on knees, shoulder stretches.
    Monday: 9:00 meditation
    Tuesday none
    Reading: Finished EMF blog 3, What went down in Vermont from Linkedin, and Cold Thermogenesis blog 1. I specifically remember reading CT 1 about 3 years ago when first introduced to Jack and doing the face plunge but didn't stick with it for some reason, this was even before started cold showers.
    Also read some more of Health and Light.
    Podcast/Videos: Watched the Jeff Leach Nourish Vermont video on the hadza.
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  12. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Welcome Jason! I love how thorough you are with your logging. Do you carry a stop watch and note pad everywhere? Is this a skill that can be taught? :rofl:

    Nice hang board. Reminds me I could be using ours...

    I also love how you include your daughter, and think the morning light exposure more than makes up for any sleep deficit. What a nourishing and life-saving habit you’re instilling in her! Wish I could have done the same.

    When it’s cloudy you guys can start speculating what that mischievous sun is doing hiding behind the clouds...

    I find CT much easier after a fatty, fishy meal (and 32 ounces cold water). Still not easy, but easier.

    You’ll probably be encouraged to drop the Keto/Paleo food substitutes. Hard I know... Still can’t fathom getting through the winter on little more than protein and fat.
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  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    32 ounces=0.946353
    almost 1 Liter

    During marathon mitochondria could make that much within 6 minutes
    And it would be
    105ppm D/H
    as a bonus all that healing IR

  14. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #7 11.7.18
    Sun: Morning: 16:49 about half of it was clear, also got some while driving home for gym.
    12:00 did another 15:00 session in my kiniki.
    Another session 1:50 for 12:00 in t-shirt and kiniki. Was reading as well. No clouds!
    Another 5:00 session around 3 pm. No clouds!

    Grounding: 4 sessions for 48 min

    Cold Tub: skipped today. I was still considering doing it around 12 after my second sun session, however about 1 I started getting super cold and it lasted the rest of the night. I even had to sleep in pants and shirt, normally I'm just shorts. This morning, I'm feeling a little off, think my temp is in slight fever land will check it later. I might be ending my fast early. I made some bone broth last night for my first meal when I finish my fast, so might also just try to drink a cup and see if that makes me feel better and see if can make it the rest of the time on that.

    Contract shower: none

    Training: None. Life happened. Was my 7th missed scheduled workout of 2018. Will make it up Thursday.

    Steps 12404

    still fasting. Yesterday morning was a little hungry but it's since passed. Went to grocery store which was a FAIL on my part. The smell of everything was intoxicating. FAIL on grocery store is they are giving away free candy at checkout at all registers.
    Tested my ketones which haven't done in long time on the ketonix and still reading in the blue (which is none), I'm at 71.5 hours fasting now. Tested again today this morning and still blue.

    Macros: 0,0,0,0
    Water 5 liters
    Meal 1:
    Meal 2:
    Meal 3:

    Mobilizations: foot smashing


    Health and light John Ott.
    Started EMF 4

    Restarted Jack Kruse Nourish Vermont 2016

    Fish oil 5 grams
    Vitamin D: 491 from sun, 3000 IU supplemented with K.
    Multi Vit
    Magnesium 800 mg
    Vitamin C 1000
  15. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    I have an android and track everything through samsung health. I use archery as my grounding. Hang gliding as my cold showers. Scuba diving as my cold immersion. Martial arts as my meditation. Yoga as Yoga.

    I've actually taught her to 'push the clouds away'.

    which substitues? That will probably be even harder for me, I'm still focused on body compsition. Eat around 2800-3200.

    what's the D/H mean?
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    105ppm D/H

    105 deuterium atoms
    million of hydrogen atoms

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    the 150ppm in blood serum
    on a slide in previous post.

    At first I thought that that number is cast in stone,
    it is not.

    I could use discussion on that.

  19. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #8 11.8.18, 11.9.18, 11.10.18


    Fasted a total of 81.5 hours. The hunger just wouldn't go away like it normally did so I knew it was time to end it. Missed record of 84 hours. I'll get it another time :)

    This entry is covering Thursday- Saturday because I messed up on rotation of my blogs. Friday and Saturday fell asleep on couch both nights, breaking one of my rules of life--- never fall asleep on the couch. Last night Rocky 4 and then Creed was on. Creed 2 open 11.21. It's basically the sequel to my fave movie of all-time and the reason I got into fitness and strength. But still shouldn't let that happen. Fell asleep way early so was dead tired for some reason.

    736 am: 17:03 , weather under 30 degrees. Feet got a little cold and fingertips towards the end. Sun was 100% unblocked.
    119 pm: 6:18
    158 pm 9:15
    Sun as driving as well. My drive to my gym is about 30 minutes.

    Was raining and cloudy all day. So none all day.

    18:34 morning sun 735 am
    In between classes: 5:01 @ 1003 am, 4:29 @ 1108 am
    Whole workout outside in sun, no clouds: 48:21

    Thursday: 4 sessions for 42 minutes
    Friday 4 sessions for 37 minutes
    Saturday: 5 sessions 1:24 minutes

    Cold Tub:
    Thursday: none.
    5:14. Temp was 42 degrees. Just wasn't ready for it. But did second part of my workout outside in tank and shorts. Air cold is so much easier.
    Saturday: 12:00. Much easier. Even though temp was 36 degrees. This time I wore a hat and gloves and kept my toes out of the tub and covered my toes with my hands.

    Contract shower:
    Thursday: none
    Friday: 3:07 in the cold
    Saturday: 4:28 in cold.

    Thursday: Pullup max. Worked up to 1 rep max of 79.2 pounds. Crushed PR by 29 pounds.

    Friday: Indoors https://www.instagram.com/p/BqAgMlNgcnq/

    Deadlift, 225 * 5, 275 x 3, 315 * 2, fail 365 x 1 2 fails, 315 * 4 * 2 sets. My goal was to hit a new PR which would have been 375 but obviously wasn't in the cards today.

    Back lunge 3 sets of 8 by 135 lb.


    Superset of kettlebell swings. 36 kg four sets of 21, 22, 23.

    With kettlebell windmill. Three sets of four with 36 kg. New PR.

    Metcon. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off of kettlebell swing, clean, squat period with a double 20 kg kettlebell.

    Then followed up with a 6 block Walkie time with the pups and a kettlebell rack carry with a 20-kilogram kettlebell.

    Saturday: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqA6Y6wAAGN/

    Overhead press with bands. First set with mini band. Two sets of three with the 24kg Kettlebell. Then one set of 3 with the mini band, and then failure with the monster mini band with one rep.

    Then try set. Three sets of

    Lateral raise with 12 kg.10,10,11.
    Triceps skull crusher 12 kg. 11,10,8.
    Rope hammer curls 20kg. 7,6,7.

    Waiter walks 24kg x2.
    Battle rope 22 rep slams . .

    Thursday 10460
    Friday 5076
    Saturday 10006

    Ended the fast at 81:50. 84 hours was my longest. The hunger just wouldn't go away. Ended it with 2 cups of bone broth that I made last night. INstantly felt energy and self come back to normal. I actually didn't have a fever when I thought I did, it was 97.5 degrees, but just felt off. Coldness in my body went away as well.

    Thursday: 3051 cal, 112 p, 62 c (37 net), 269 fat

    Meal 1: Beef bone broth
    Meal 2: Bulletproof adaptogen tea with greens
    Meal 3: Smoothie

    Meal 4: cheese sandwich (just cheese and butter)
    Meal 5: Sardine Salad with sauerkraut

    Friday: 4030, 193 p, 64 c (34 net), 345 F
    Meal 1: bone broth
    Meal 2: cheese sandwich, pork rinds with gauc
    Meal 3: Big sardine and shrimp salad
    Meal 4: Keto Loaded Cauliflower 'potato'

    Saturday: 4525, 176 p, 87 C (33 net), 394 F
    Meal 1: smoothie
    Meal 2: pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and coconut oil (pre-tub snack)
    Meal 3: salmon salad (cado mayo and EVOO) and avocado
    Meal 4: cauli mash with eggs, cheese, bacon. keto ice cream

    Thursday: neck mobility

    Friday: Child's pose, psoas smash
    Saturday: none

    Thursday: none

    Friday: 10:00 meditation under IR light.
    Saturday: none

    Thursday and Friday:
    Health and Light John Ott, EMF blog 4.

    Saturday none

    finished JK nourish vermont 2016

    Vitamin C 1000
    Fish oil 4
    magnesium 1000
    Vitamin D, 40 sun, 8000
    multi vitamin.

    Friday: ?

    Saturday 0

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  20. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Entry #9 11.11.18

    Cold adaption coming along nicely. This early morning was super easy. Love the crazy looks ;)
    Got 4 Lohas sleep-aid lights and 2 more amber bulbs. The lohas lights are a lot smaller then thought and they actually work as fridge lights, so was big surprise have been looking for light to switch out there. Added 2 of the amber bulbs to my basement gym. The other day my wife came down and asked 'are you seriously working out in the dark.........you need psychiatric help :)'

    #1- 18:26 746 am no clouds!
    #2. Cleaned garage so we could move both our cars in it. T-shirt and pants rolled up. Was about 20-30 minutes in sun.
    #3- Cold tub 1200 pm
    #4- 5:00 reading session- 227 pm
    #5- 5:00 reading session- 311 pm

    4 sessions for 31 minutes
    Cold Tub:
    24:59. New record! Water was 39 degrees. Daughter had a great time picking up the ice sheets in the water and punching them :)

    After cold tub was not planning on doing shower today but was shivering non-stop for 15:00 to the point where hips started cramping and hurting. So gave in.
    Contrast shower:

    3:17 in the cold water.
    152 oz water
    2978 calories, 150 P, 61 C (43 net), 238 fat

    Meal 1: bone broth and smoothie
    Meal 2: salmon with EVOO and cado mayo
    Meal 3: salmon, cod, shrimp, calamari salad. Pumpkin seeds. Bulletproof adaptogen drink and bone broth

    Child's pose: low back really tight.
    Couch stretch 2:00 each leg
    Psoas Smash with softball


    John Ott Health and Light

    Gray Cook Lecture Compendium

    Vitamin D: Sun 230 | Supplement with K 8000 IU's
    Magnesium 800 mg
    Vitamin C 1000 mg
    Cod liver oil: 4 g

    945-645 hr. 9 hours

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