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Impressions soleil levant

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Paleodocteur, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Since I had to stay overnight I tried to squeeze more paper-juice at the main Library in Beaubourg

    (IIRC It was one of the first WIFI enabled library .

    I remember in the 2000s there were public display of complains by some employees.
  2. Since then they have probably been replaced with younger WIFI tolerant clerks
    The nice lady showed me a full row of treasures. :)

    Attached Files:

  3. I had one goal but this one caught my attention a moment IMG_20191007_204242.jpg IMG_20191007_204101.jpg IMG_20191007_204129.jpg
  4. I was feverishly scavenging through some heavy volumes before closing time
    so many treasures
    IMG_20191007_204700.jpg IMG_20191007_204847.jpg
    why was my cycle flatten?
  5. gravity is dancing on a 160 minutes beat?!
    IMG_20191007_211333.jpg IMG_20191007_211417.jpg IMG_20191007_211459.jpg
  6. then at last I found this gem that kept me on the floor for a while
  7. OC-2018-00882N_0008.jpeg
    the end of the year was getting fuzzy , it was time for a refill
  8. IMG_6961.jpeg
    we didn't make it to the volcano but those five days felt great
  9. IMG_6958.jpeg
    Candles always look so much brighter after IR load
  10. we flew before to subtropical places and for me there was a quick collapse on the way back home and a long gloomy tunnel would ensue.
    but this time it feels different.
    The benefits seem to last a little longer even though the flight was at night.
    May be because we minimised timezone difference.
    May be because we wised up there.
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  11. the floaters are gone
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  12. Inger

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