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Impressions soleil levant

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Paleodocteur, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. and autumns have lots of weather changes
  2. I worked more than usual this summer
  3. I had access to the ocean in the morning and frequent breaks

    Some beaches are nose clogging free ( nosecloggometer)

    Mood was good. I understand moodometer is not by itself sufficient marker ( when you are able to make more cortisol mood is good)

    Sensitivity was low even though tourist density was high.
  4. IMG_20190906_165943.jpg
    I had too much of an appetite.
    To little time in my bucket.
    I couldn't meet my goals
    but still found some nice nuggets
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  5. :)
    It seems that coupling efficiency is low... for most
    IMG_20190903_135519.jpg IMG_20190903_153313.jpg
  6. IMG_20190903_153719.jpg It better be

    I am heading back to a new cage with low readings and

    easier outdoor access and no need for artificial light
  7. low readings is not enough
  8. Just moved into my new cage

    I have a cold

    Last time I had a cold was spring equinox last year

    It is all wobbly. one day you put back your raincoat on. then cold doesn’t come

    then you do regular routine

    IMG_20190904_090028.jpg IMG_20190905_203616.jpg IMG_20190902_112046.jpg

    and Pif Paf you get a cold
  9. I am a shy guy , not eloquent at all,

    and I had a sore throat back then ( equinoctial)

    Last year I went on stage and called for a nightlight curfew in my town

    This year we got it. It is implemented from midnight till 6 .

    100 000 more souls get six hours of straight night

    Now the new fight is going to keep the street lights off in the morning so we don’t get blasted on our walk at dawn
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  10. the Universe left me a lovely little book about its origins on the street
    Its funny how they embraced controversies back in the seventies
    IMG_20190921_165546.jpg IMG_20190921_170426.jpg

    I want one like that
  11. UV attract e

    Attached Files:

  12. IMG_20190921_165250.jpg
    where are we now?
  13. Then I had to go to the city of light . to learn how to speak better

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