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Impressions soleil levant

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Paleodocteur, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. IMG_5834.jpg
    Any morning without it made rest of the day more... chaotic
  2. building my own trap
    Asking Alex the Robot ("isn't it nice to have a computer that would talk to you? ") to read me about NAD
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  3. IMG_5842.jpg
    Sun cravings brought back a memory
    The biggest IR panel I have ever seen
    No electricity ( At least back in the 90s')
    Men with brocken bones and non-union would travel from far far away to this outdoor clinic

    The Medicine man would give them plants. Remove the POP and use little pieces of bark to cast their limbs .
    In the crevices of the red cliff was a faint stream. A toguna ( pile of layers of shrug) would provide some moist and shadow
    Their was nothing else to do but wait and talk while the sun was pounding the cliff.
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  4. soot all over the place...
    IMG_4900 (1).jpg
    not too many soot days like these in 2018
  5. to much pink and to much blue
  6. then long low light tunnel
    only feel alive in the ocean
    morning underwater swimms to sensitize receptors, easier apneas
    then after a an hour the cortisol/ DA/ Ascorbate surge vanishes
    then I crash into fears if I don't move or get outside
    getting more sensitive to some appliances
    Iris biohacker mode is no longer enough by itself , it requires BB glasses on top
  7. the irony , found a gasping guinea pig and CRP at 4 this morning
    roler coaster
  8. IMG_5937.jpg
    getting lost again
    but never settling

    Attached Files:

  9. IMG_5991.jpg
    there seem ro be resonance everywhere
  10. long dark tunnel may have varying yeld
    depends of the crust thickness
  11. IMG_6006.jpg
    darn I wish they'd put some numbers down there
  12. how on earth do we make terpene ?
  13. IMG_5978 (1).jpg IMG_5985.jpg IMG_5984.jpg IMG_5979 (1).jpg IMG_5983.jpg
  14. time contraction during January every thing slowed down
    sudden time expansions in February,
    one February monday = 3 January days
    yet UVBs only come in march so the light must have been coming from within
    or it is just the escaping from the ordinary
    new pacing , adaptative ACTH response.
    Feeling good sleeping well.
    dosing the stressors to coast on the cortisol without burning it down.

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