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Impressions soleil levant

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Paleodocteur, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Tide of the century is coming
  2. and it s a full moon tonight
    I think I see a planet next to it
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  3. Spring at last.
    March sun burnt my skin
    Day on the grass
    March ant burnt my foreskin …
  4. Ubi rhythm is getting me...hard to keep up … but the Sun helps
    Photo du 13-03-15 à 09.02.jpg
  5. Cloudy sky blocked the eclipse…Missed the view.
    though it felt like spring sprung backward to a brief winter and the lowish moods.
    The all planet is woobling hard, an so is the sea, and water density in our heads.

    Tide of the Century > lowest tide till 2033>hilarious pêche à pied> bigorneaux and new dreams
  6. ha? where are the pics?
  7. not much sun this week
    trying to keep the Inger Rx scheduled :p
  8. no more ant bites
    they leave me alone when I don't use the laptop over their ground .
    It gets them mad too...
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  9. Trying to get some natural Schuman too
  10. then I look at the date I printed that one : 27/03/2013 16:58
    Holy cow!
    I 've been on the run to get a better field for 2 years now!
  11. 2 years ago the initial measuring were awful, kind of like sleeping on a cellPhone looking for a base. Over the range of the reader,
    like a regular in town measuring….
    ELFs where not good , by my chair at work, and on my side of the bed , by my head.
  12. So we moved ... and we moved… and we moved again…
    This place looked decent on the EHF side , with a little garden. to ground and sun bath, at last.
    But there was a problem . I could feel the ELFs, and there were not the kind you can get rid of by turning off the switch or the fuse or the board.
    It became apparent in winter evenings that the source of that field was the power line on the street . I know it isn't much ( 150-80nT) , but enough to bother and keep worrying cause nobody really knows what is the limit.
    It decreases a bit while going away from the line. Although it doesn't follow square law reduction , so I guess there some kind of induction on the house frame work.
    I get son to sleep as far away as I can . But I worry.
    DW, got fed up to sleep in living room so we moved to the front bedroom . I must say sleep good there. Tinnitus arising in the evening though...
  13. while it s obvious there biologic effects in cells in a dish
    nobody knows for sure what it does on complex flesh pods with multilayers of fields in fields
  14. time just accelerates

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