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Impressions soleil levant

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Paleodocteur, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. Impression Soleil Levant (Sunrise Impressions)

    It is the title of Monet’s first exhibited painting which figure a morning sun peering through the foggy waters of a seaport.

    The painting initially was not well received. The critics sarcastically mocked the loose unfinished brushstrokes and used its name to ridicule the group of painters who later became known as the Impressionists. They where aiming to capture Nature’s Law. Monet was passionate by the elements of changing light and color perception.

    An impression can be defined as a printed picture but it is also a thought , a fragile intuition, a feeling.

    I happen to experience most of my impressions in the morning, either in bed or in the rising sunlight. Alas, they often evaporate with the dew.
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  2. Lately, I decided to try to render them a little more solid so they would stop escaping me. So I grabbed my old brushes and started to paint.

    With large strokes on big paper I tried to realize the visions. The funny surprise was that by materializing the knowledge, I had to leave the scientific literature aside and my freed mind started to build.

    The simple act of focusing on the brush movement, enabled my intuition to connect things and make sense of some of the concepts/colors that laid here and there in the cognitive impressionist Quilt.
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  3. I thought I would start a thread where I can upload ongoing thoughts that are not really related to a current blog. I have been following the forum since the beginning but seldom expressed my own opinion. Part of it is shyness, translation problems, personality trait, grain brain, lack of DAYtime, dopamine crush, or the feeling of running behind so I HAD to try to catch up with the ongoing subject by reading even more.

    Compelled by curiosity I have been reading blogs and commentaries and links and abstracts and articles and papers and papers and books and other books. This never-ending marathon leaves me with a sense that, “yes, I gained much more knowledge, that’s for sure, but my paper-bulimia didn’t lead me to a firm understanding of the world.” It ‘s foggy, cloudy at best. There are big shadows of doubt, fears. I do see a glimmer of light over the horizon. As me 6 year old son says “In the darkness, there is a little light.”

    Each of your testimonies feel like sunlight to me and I feel indebted to some of you for your courage to follow the protocols, the insight you give us. Now is my time to share.
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  4. As for my thread, the picture quality may vary but it’s less about their appearance and more about what it means or what came up in my mind when the paintbrush passed there. They are freshly made from that week or that day.

    Don’t hesitate to post comments…especially if I seem to go the wrong way with concepts as I am not sure I can afford to wander too much. Unfortunately, I most likely won’t answer for the reasons listed above, but I’ll read you and think about it.

    I haven’t opened my OJ yet. This is similar, since you can read my mind just by looking at my posts.

    Beware that pictures can be more sticky than words and somehow a beautiful picture can be awfully wrong.
  5. On this site, dogmas had been smashed left and right, but what to make of the rubbles? How to build something that makes sense?
  6. So where was I?
  7. nmr.jpg I will start with yesterday’s impressions, in the -not cold at all- shower. It started with the NMR
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  8. What H+ are responding to the field? (CH2)n <>H2O<>H6O6<>H3O…. so probably EZ in the SVZ or by the aqueduct must appears differently base on patients' zeta potential . Damn! we usually leave those pictures to the radiologist eyes and usually only read the summary … sometime we pretend to know and mumble a couple of explanations to the patients but really we don't know squat….Gonna have to look at some more closely ….
  9. so water now a little more like that, with some active protons. NucleusH.jpg NucleusH.jpg
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  10. It's not even close, it's more wavy...
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  11. which explains why it can catch store retrieve photons...
  12. to bad I sucked at physics … I remember there were some orbitals….
  13. How they came up with those i don't know
    What I notice is
    1 those shapes have a main axis and if the electron is spinning around or in it then it must generate a field that will have a main axis too
    2 whatever is happening in the nucleus must be affecting the electron field too, aside from Z>the P axis shrinks ( at least for C>N>O)
  14. so to go back to NMR , I don't know how our earthly relatively weak field can bounce some nucleus spins but it can surely play on our electron spins can't it? espin.jpg
  15. Especially if they are like a swarm of aligned ones, like on a drop or on a cell dropplet.jpg
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