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immune thrombocytopenia treatment

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Radek Lemfeld, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Radek Lemfeld

    Radek Lemfeld New Member

    Dear Jack,

    I was diagnosed this week with immune thrombocytopenia and started to be cured with corticosteroids (Solumedrol 500mg). My blood platelet levels was before the start of treatment only on 5 000 per microliter. Other levels in blood panel are OK.

    To my history of the illness, I had only 7 years ago a Hondgkin´s lymphoma (6 year in remission, checked once per year, last check November 2019, no signs of low blood platenal levels).

    I am 30 years old, sporting whole my life (ice hockey, running, playing tennis, regular gym training). I divided into world of biohacking about one or two year before and applied a lot of changes, what should help me to prevent all diseases (at least I hoped). My circadian rhythm is regular (waking up every day the same time without a clock a going to sleep at the same time). Blocking the blue light at evening (red glasses) at least two hours before the bedtime. Avoiding the processed food and other junk foods as well, eating what according my observations suits to me the best (some hybrid of paleo and low carb). Eating schedule based on breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and in last time I am trying to keep my eating window from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m. As I am very active person I am also trying to move whole day (increase my NEAT) and I have no problem to hold my fat percentage under 10% whole year.

    I read your blood last few months and applied the CT therapy (5 times per week) and also with my new infra-red sauna (at least 3 times per week) sometimes I combine this two techniques. I also read the Barry´s blog on your forum and in last months I started to run a lot, I can run fasted with no problems, I could run 20km and also managed to do the fasted marathon run.

    I know you wrote in your forum to this disease, that it is most caused by the environment, what are my thoughts about it? I live in Czech republic (Europe) in city Liberec, what is near to mountains and with air better than the rest of the world and with all other things I do, i should be in perfect shape (I feel myself great, expect the thrombocytopenia).

    What are my assumptions about my state, is that I did a lot of training, endurance and gym training and pushed myself to far. I did in last months a more training as useal, but tried to compensate that in my infra red sauna, log sun sessions outdoors nad CT therapy.

    If you have any advice for me, I would be totally gratefully to you :)

    Sorry for my English, I am not native speaker

    Your fan


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