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I'm simply treading water!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dr. Deb, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Dr. Deb

    Dr. Deb New Member

    I am Deb. Vibrant, active, mother of 10. Have been APRN since 1983 and realized about 8 years ago that everything I'd learned in school and in religion was "the wrong stuff." I have been playing catch-up ever since--almost frenetically--I might add. Finding Jack seems to be the treasure I found after digging and digging--at least down one of the holes! I am overwhelmed, have ordered 20 books, printed off countless blogs, listened to about 20 you tubes, wear my blue blocker glasses, lie neaked in 43 degree weather in the early am Anchorage sunlight on the deck. I need to figure out how to ground myself so I can stay naked--too many folks on the ground! Can I stick a wire into the earth and then around my wrist or ankle so that I can stay on the deck? The love of my life is not in on it, but does wear the glasses when using computer and some iphone testing and reading. I bought scallops and shrimp and salmon--looking for the oysters, which I have never tried! I work 2 weeks a month in SLC, then return home. I'm trying to figure out how to get all the light I need in AK. Right now, I know very little, so anyone with biohacks or mitohacks, please advise me! Also tryng to figure out if I need to do the whole reset (On chapter 3 Epi-Paleo RX). I am 5'7, 135, A1C 5.0, and up to now, a believer in supplements!!
    My 25-OH vitamin D is 71
    DHEA-S 41
    TC 143
    HDL 53
    Trigs 63
    LDL 76
    HS CRP 1.2
    BUN 15
    Creat. 0.75
    BUN/creat ratio 20
    Just from what I've heard, I think you will be cringing!

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