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I'm learning...by diane

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by diane, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. diane

    diane Gold

    Yes, from earthingcanada.ca. Not sure where he's from - but it came really quicky! I haven't read the book that came with it yet - on my to do list.

    I called my anti-aging doctor to see if I could get an RT3 test done - and in the discussion, she told me that Gamma-Daynacare labs now do RT3 tests. Because my doctor didn't specify a lab, I could go to whichever one I wanted - so I went to one of their labs. Apparently they used to have to send it to another lab to be tested, but she told me that they now do it there themselves.
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Oh hello journal. Almost forgot you, I've been getting caught up! LOL.

    I really enjoyed the Q&A tonight - if Jack's reading, thanks so much as you really do go above and beyond with these. They never are less than 2 hours long, and you answer so many questions. I'm glad i asked about the cravings - and I'm getting to the tanning bed this week! I have to find out about my vitamin D level as my lab ranges need to be translated. I think I'm in the range that I can do it though.

    And for god sakes, I need to get into CT again! Especially reading the Dehydration thread today - I see how it's so important. For me it is trying to figure out timing and when I can do it as I have a number of things I need to do when I get home from work. But I have to get serious about it. Who's with me? LOL.

    So my 3 prong plan is:
    - tanning bed (until May)
    - CT
    - Pg - will be asking for compounded Pg on Monday - and will push the issue if I need to. Actually, the doctor mentioned it last time, so now I'm going to ask

    I have been thinking a lot about the brain and brain damage lately. And not just because it's been discussed in various discussions here. I know that I do have brain damage - if overweight is a disease of the brain, then I have brain damage. Couple this with some habits that I've had since I was a kid - kind of OCD-leaning habits. One of them (chronically twisting my hair) I had actually stopped in the fall when I started getting the circadian rhythms down, leaving the house colder, doing more CT, diet was tighter. Since Christmas (ie. when my significant other has been home), while all hell has not broken loose, there's more light, Tv is on more often, he can't stand the cold (so it's still colder than last year, but not as cold as when I was here on my own). And the hair twisting has started again. I had originally thought that this was a reaction to stuff that had happened when I was a kid. But now I'm thinking that this is really an indication of brain function. Need to ask Jack about that.

    Note to self - oxytocin on a grounding mat is still off the charts. There's something to the cold, grounding and oxytocin.

    But back to brain damage thoughts. My thoughts HAVE changed since I started here. I don't react the same to things as I used to. My thought patterns are different.If something bothers me, I can move past it much faster than I could before (can you say obsessed??) and I don't take things as personally as I did. Am not perfect of course. But there has been a noted difference.This is absolutely HUGE for me, as I grew up in one of the most critical families that there are (between my mom, her sisters and my grandmother). So much so that I have been hyper critical of myself my whole life. So for me to let go of that quickly in situations is so unbelievably freeing, I can't explain it.

    Now, if I got out of my 735 sq ft condo (which has been driving me nuts for a few years), quit my job and did my own thing full time (which has been my dream for the last 4 years) - imagine how that would feel. :)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Diane - It sounds like a lot of massive changes are happening for you! That is so great - I am so happy for you. You really have a great ability to distill information - I am really struggling with EMF7

    In light of what you just wrote and the massive changes we are all having - I can't for the life of me understand all the ridicule and meanness levelled at JK.
    He is a just a man with a mission - a purpose so huge it boggles my mind. He isn't God or a guru - he is a man who has gone above and way, way beyond and helped so many of us and wants to change a lot of stuff that needs changing - and he needs help......

    Have you got plans in the works to get your life where you need it to go? you are going to be hugely successful. You have patience and perseverance and kindness in abundance.

    I have got to go read that dehydration thread...
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    Caroline - I don't get all of the EMF blogs - but I do see some really interesting concepts coming out of them, and I think if I understand the concepts I can make more connections. So that's my goal. :)

    I think that there were misunderstandings all around with that thread - broad generalizations were used all around, people took things personally that weren't meant for them. Interesting thing is that everyone took something different out of that thread, depending on their context. If you didn't agree with Jack, you're a troublemaker (not true). If you agree with Jack you're a follower or in a cult (also not true). I also think it comes down to how some people learn. There are people who need to question and poke holes in things. There are people who want to absorb and test and try. One thinks that the other is causing problems by not approaching it in their way, but everyone is different. I think everyone has something to contribute in discussing ideas, and I feel a lot of energy went into something that could have been a lot more productive. My biggest frustration is that there are a couple of people who only contribute when there is something negative going on here. Which then makes it pretty difficult to have discussions as they escalate the tension. Seems to be a game for them. But maybe I just don't understand them and have misinterpreted.

    I don't have plans Caroline. That's my problem LOL. Well, my side business is part of my plan. I used to think it was my plan, but have found out it can't stand on it's own. But because of the training and experience I have because of it - it opens me up to many other things. Courage is part of it - lack of it on my part. :)
  5. janagram

    janagram New Member

    interesting, Diane, do you feel like telling us what your side business is? (you may not feel like it...which is fine!) I think it sounds entrepreneurial!
  6. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm sure anyone who has read has figured out it has to do with dogs. LOL. It's a dog training business. Which then sets me up to do daycare, retail - lots of different things. I have a fascination with raw feeding as well.

    I'm a marketer in "real life". LOL. But dogs are my passion. And after working in an office for more than 20 years, I'm so itching to do something different!
  7. endless

    endless New Member

    Too bad you are so far away...I could use a few tips on helping my deaf dog socialize better. She has fear aggression towards other dogs and it drives me nuts!

    I wasn't able to attend the Q&A....I'm kinda bummed about it!
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    diane youre right.........and they wont participate in that manner again if it continues........I can promise you that.
  9. diane

    diane Gold

    Krista, we do a lot of work with deaf dogs as our method works well with them. If you PM me your location I can see if there are other trainers in that area.
  10. kathylu

    kathylu Gold

    I'm assuming polite dissension is ok? Although I don't like straw man arguments and ad hominem attacks, I appreciate hearing well-supported dissenting POV's.
  11. diane

    diane Gold

    Kathylu - I'm assuming your question is for Jack. I have no problem with dissenting POVs LOL. :)
  12. endless

    endless New Member

    Diane, I am near Nelson BC. Other nearby towns are Trail or Castlegar. If you find anyone near me I'd love to know their conduct info!
  13. diane

    diane Gold

    Just looked - we have a few in BC, but either Vancouver or Okanagan.
  14. endless

    endless New Member

    I am planning to ask a local trainer if she has any experience with this...
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    Definitely good to get another opinion and some ideas on how to handle it.
  16. endless

    endless New Member

    I'm open to your opinion as well if you feel like throwing anything out there...but I figured it might be too complex for that!
  17. diane

    diane Gold

    I have no problem with helping- except it's much like what Jack faces. Context is everything LOL. I usually have to ask a thousand questions (and it really helps to see) for me to understand. A good trainer will understand the specific dog, not just make general recommendations. I will give some recommendations, see how they work, tweak and try other things because every dog is different. Some things get fixed, some don't - then we focus there. Sound familiar? :) Wonder why I like what Jack does lol.
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    First tanning session tonight. I was in for a whole 4 minutes. Whoot! Kinda claustrophobic in there, but I'm sure it's something you get used to.

    Then I figure that the ratio of CT to tanning should be higher. So I did some spot CT'ing when I got home. Need to get in the tub more often.

    And my no shampoo experiment. ABORT! It's been almost a month - I can't stand it anymore because my hair looks horrible. I don't know if wearing hats has made it worse, but it's done. Washing tomorrow.
  19. endless

    endless New Member

    I haven't tried that no-poo thing (makes me laugh, calling it that..) but I know I'd hate it. I love washing my hair.

    I'm thinking of going with the stand up tanning booth instead of the bed...I did it once before years ago for a trip, and I just remember it being warm and windy in there. And smelling like fake coconuts.
  20. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Damn You went a whole MONTH without shampoo????? I last 2 days, tops and then it's hit the showers 'cause I can't stand it. But then my hair is baby fine and thin so it doesn't take much to make it look like crap. If I didn't have 3 sebaceous cysts on my head I have thought about shaving it and being done with it.

    Krista, the lie down bed is quite comfy. And they all have fans because of the heat. I did the stand up the other day because I noticed I was getting white sidewalls, lol. I'll be doing that one again Friday. You do less time standing up, too. I didn't like it because it was HOT in there. The lie downs are much cooler.

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