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I'm learning...by diane

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by diane, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. diane

    diane Gold

    Good point - I can't remember if she's a vegetarian or not. I know she also had terrible eczema as well. But she's a photographer and works in front of a screen for much of the day too.
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I had a very nice one - pretty relaxing, made prime rib steak, scallops with bacon at home. I actually worked from home that day, but had a little bit of wine while I finished some of my calls. LOL. Hey - I used to work in advertising agencies and that would be a regular Friday! :)

    We are dogsitting one of my friend's dogs this weekend. She's awesome - and so much fun. I'm taking them all hiking tomorrow at a group hike - will hopefully be 25 or 30 dogs there. Then to a friend's house for dinner, where there will probably be at least 10 dogs LOL.

    My earthing mat is here! Well, actually at my neighbour's house - but haven't gone to get it yet. I did get one because I want to try it at work. I have to try something.

    Oh - look what I found! An eco-lodge that is totally "off the grid" - no cell phone reception, no wi-fi, no hydro wires. Any electricity is run off their falls. Plus the pictures have people in the ice hole! LOL. It's a 3 hour drive from here. Then when you get there, it's a 2.5 km walk from the parking lot. Sounds awesome! Although just told my partner about it and he's asking what do you do there. LOL. There's lots of activities, then you SLEEP. Sounds heavenly to me!
  3. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Can I go with you??? Sounds wonderful.
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    Maybe we should plan a group trip there! Wouldn't that be fun!!
  5. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    That lodge looks like a wonderful place to get away. I have always wanted to try dog sledding. I am sure it's not as easy as it looks!

    My favorite wintertime activity used to be snowmobiling. Really need to be conscious of your surroundings though. Fence lines in fields and large obstacles hidden underneath snow can be deadly.
  6. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Count me in...dog sledding particularly!!
  7. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    Looks great! I wonder if we could get them to make Epi-paleo food? I find getting the right food when traveling to be a challenge, especially without access to a kitchen. Too many places in the world have never heard of a vegetable (other than iceberg lettuce) nor do they know how to prepare seafood without breading it and frying it.
  8. diane

    diane Gold

    I've never been dog sledding before - would be a very interesting experience. We used to cross country ski when I was young - and now downhill ski. My parents have a couple of snowmobiles - but didn't have them until after I moved away from home. Now how's that for timing!

    I love almost any kind of outdoor winter activity!
  9. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm sure we could! :)
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That sounds so fun - count me in too! Crap you miss alot when you are gone for a bit!!
  11. diane

    diane Gold

    Such an amazing long weekend here! Went for a hike with 40 dogs (plus people) yesterday for 2 hours, then to a friend's place for dinner. We had 17 dogs in a townhouse! They were all so amazing (especially after a 2 hour hike LOL).

    Then another 2 hour hike today - snow shoeing with a dozen dogs! It was so much fun! Except that one of my dogs kept walking behind me and stepping on my snow shoe! Little monkey. I would go lurching forward every time she did it LOL. I borrowed snow shoes but am thinking of getting a pair. Then we can really go off the trail! It really was one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend - with many dogs, great people and most of it spent outside. Except I didn't strip down and sit in the snow. LOL.

    The dog I was dog sitting went home. After meeting about 50 dogs and 4 hours of hiking in 2 days - I think she'll sleep for a couple of days LOL. And I may just too!
  12. endless

    endless New Member

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I bought my snowshoes in the summer...got a great deal!
  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That sounds so awesome Diane - you must feel so healthy and invigorated!
  14. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Diane, I am trying to imagine 17 dogs in a townhouse! Amazing how well they socialize, isn't it?
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    Krista -I'm thinking of getting them off season - will be much cheaper!

    It was quite a sight seeing them all in there. And imagine we all ate dinner there and there was no begging or stealing food! Actually, a number of us are trainers, and all of these dogs have been well educated and socialized. They were calm and so well behaved - I was so proud!
  16. janagram

    janagram New Member

    amazing....17 dogs in a townhouse! You and your friends must be awesome with animals.....I would be beside myself!!!
  17. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I miss our dogs. We had 3 of the best over the years. But they're little lives are so short I just can't stand it. My cats are another story. Missy is 20 this year, Sammy is 14 and Three will be 4. They keep me hoppin'.
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    Oh Darleen - I can't even think of it. We had our last dog for only 4 years - we adopted him from the pound, and he was older than they told us. Not that it would have made a difference - just shocking when they tell you the dog is 4 or 5, and when you do xrays, the vet says he's probably 9 or 10 - so it was more of a shock of the realization that we would have less time with him. He was so amazing - a shepherd mix, but so much taller and leaner than the typical shepherd. And I can't even imagine the 2 I have now. That's why I see if I can apply any of the stuff here to the dogs to see if it will help - epi-paleo, D-rhibose, CoQ10, gut health. Now for the EMf....
  19. diane

    diane Gold

    Time to catch up.

    Have been using the earthing mat and strap for a few days now. My sleep the last few nights has been stellar. I don't wake up during the night, but still wake up feeling more refreshed than I have in the past. And my diet has been OFF since the weekend. Although the cravings are getting better - now it's just my brain thinking I need the stuff. It's different - doesn't feel like a compulsion (and that's a horrible feeling).

    I had the best breakfast today. Bacon with smoked salmon and sauerkraut. I actually tell people what I eat and they think I'm nuts! Hahaha - I love it. But it was amazing. When my doctor asked me what I ate for breakfast, I lied. She was probably waiting to hear something like bagel and cream cheese or cereal - i didn't mention the bacon, but I did tell her I eat fish or leftovers for breakfast (which is true). I don't eat bacon every day - but I know the guilt trip she would have given me about the bacon would have been worse than had I said bagel!

    FINALLY got the rest of my tests done yesterday. Had to wait for almost 2 hours - have never experienced that before. And had to wait to day 21 in my cycle for the progesterone. It was worth it. I went to a certain lab, because yes fellow Canadians, I got my RT3 tested! Cost me $90, I think my benefits plan will cover it. So got my FT3, FT4, TSH, RT3, Iodine, progesterone, estrogen, DHEA-S tested. Not sure if I should admit this, but I had the doctor's rec, so I just wrote in some of them myself. LOL. Like RT3 - I kept asking, no one thought it was needed, so I took matters into my own hands. Should have the results in a week or so.

    Here's my prediction - thyroid, no change since taking the meds. DHEA-S - will be worse because of the lifestyle changes since my partner is now at home full time (damn him!). Progesterone in the tank (from the period issues I'm having). Estrogen - that one I'm not sure. Guessing lower than before, but my PG:E2 ratio will be worse. I cannot believe it took me freaking 6 months to get these all done. Holy crap in a handbag.

    I'm reading through EMF 7 now. I used to pile through the blogs to get through them, but am finding that taking it in bite size pieces and letting it soak in, think about it, then move on has been helpful. In some ways, reading through these things without a science background is probably helpful because I don't have any preconceived notions. I think when new information comes, it's much harder to change pre-existing thoughts than not. I also don't have that much of an aptitude for science (did I just admit that?) so I'm not emotional about my beliefs or not. I've pretty much gone with my intuition as to what makes sense and I accept or test and what I reject. Believe me, I read a lot of different stuff - but I dismiss a lot of it.

    Lots of tension on here lately - maybe we all just need some oxytocin!! LOL!!
  20. endless

    endless New Member

    I did that last time as well....I decided I wanted my cholesterol checked so I just added it. How did you find out where to get the RT3 done? I am willing to pay but I have no idea where to look!

    Glad the earthing stuff is working for you...did you order from earthingcanada.ca? The guy in Calgary?

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