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I'm learning...by diane

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by diane, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    O, and also that I'm 27 LOL, if my wording is confusing above: I had my TOTM on Jan. 8 after six months from July 21.

    Gotta love epi-genetic effects where these things happen at younger and younger ages. lol I will say lots of factors surrounding in utero, birth and infancy and toddler hood I think is what provided some difficulties instead of 'shit for diet as child and sit in front of tv'. The latter does not describe my childhood (thankfully). :D Thinking it's more (epi) genetic factors in my case.

    I'm also glad/lucky/was intuitive that I never did weird dieting and starvation b/c even without those types of stresses I STILL had two crashes: 2002 and very very bad like PTSD in 2011. So thankfully I didn't have that on top of things. :D
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks to everyone here for all their suggestions and input. Sometimes you just need to talk things out. LOL.

    Had a revelation in that since I've started taking the thyroid meds, I've really up-ended my morning routine because of this 30 minutes with no food. So what's happening is that I'm not even starting my morning routine for 30 minutes after I take it, which means it's almost an hour before I eat breakfast. Then I've been half-assing the BAB - probably not eating enough. So I'm thinking that eating later and eating less for breakfast may be contributing to my problem. Will also try my own advice re L-Glutamine because when I proactively take this twice a day - cravings are much less.

    But I do think that I need to start adding the thyroid med much faster than what my doctor is recommending. I asked yesterday if i could start increasing every 2 weeks instead of every 4 weeks with testing, and she said no. I will not take this as the final answer. LOL. I think I have enough to start increasing after 3 weeks, so will do that so I can see if there's a difference.

    After talking to the receptionist yesterday, I also found a lab that DOES test RT3 in Canada! Apparently Gamma labs now does it (attention Canadians! Although it's one you have to pay for out of pocket, but I think it could be important for me) according to her - so that's the one I will go to, and have added it to my lab requisition. When I asked the doctor about RT3, she says it's not used that much. She also says my thyroid isn't that much out of range - but I think there's more to it because of symptoms and past history. So if I need to, maybe I can teach her the importance of RT3.

    Also, after Dr. Kruse's answer on the Metformin thread about blood glucose and estrogen, I think it's pretty clear that I'm going to have to start supplementing P. Will get that at my next appointment in early March.

    Have realized that one of my most favourite possessions is my sleep mask. Is that crazy or what?? I have a $14 piece of fabric that I sleep with, but nothing feels so good as putting it on at night LOL. It really has made the difference in my sleep, and given that I can't keep the sliver of light from the lamp in the back (which is in our complex so can't turn it off), this mask rocks. Actually tried a couple before this one and I love it.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What is so much better about your new sleep mask Diane? I have one from a plane trip - but not crazy about it. I was on my laptop last evening and boy does that affect my sleep - even with my blueblockers on.
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm pretty bad about the computer actually - I'm on it a lot. And since my significant other is home, the TV is on more, which I don't like. But yes, I do have the blue blockers on. And when I turn out the lights, I feel noticeably calmer.

    This mask isn't too tight around my head, but it actually pushes out around the eyes and nose so your eyelashes don't hit it. If that makes sense. The plain flat ones felt too close against my eyes. Then I got one that circled the head (rather than just an elastic around the head) but it made my head too hot. LOL. Someone here recommended this one, and I got it on ebay. I think it's called a sweet dreams sleep mask.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks Diane - you made me realise why I don't like mine - my eyelashes hit it and it is too flat against my face - I always wind up taking it off - will look into the other.
  6. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Thanks for the tip on the sleep mask. I've been using one for the last 7-8 months but I'm on my fourth on because the elastic gets too loose. They're just the cheap ones you describe that are too flat, etc. I am definitely checking out the one you mentioned. Hey, did you order your starfish pants yet ;)
  7. diane

    diane Gold

    I had to shorten up the elastic on it a little bit - but it's sooooo comfortable.

    Yes, I got the starfish pants, but I should have gotten a smaller size. Also saw in one of the inserts that they have straight legged ones - so think I'll use my coupon and get another pair. They definitely are comfortable and pass for dress pants!
  8. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    :) on the Starfish pants. Glad you all like them!

    I do not know the answer to this as I"m not a medical professional. All I know is what I read and what I've experience and my periods for years were regular as clockwork even with all the fibroids. They bled in time to my cycle, the damned things. Sorry.

    Diane, great insights into the cravings!
  9. diane

    diane Gold

    Haven't posted for a couple of days. Major snowstorm today - woo hoo! Love the snow! So many people whine and complain about snow, but it's beautiful and amazing! My dogs love it too, which makes it so much more fun to get out there. Going to go on a snowy hike tomorrow.

    So my hypothesis was right a couple of days ago about increasing breakfast plus L-glutamine. Although did the same thing yesterday, with L-glutamine in the am rather than after lunch, and still had cravings in the evening. Will have L-glutamine here shortly and see what that does today. Also tried my d-rhibose in my tea this morning, and am going to have an herbal tea with more shortly. Am really thinking about the EMF-4 and also watch the hunger video. Stuff is starting to infiltrate my mind lol. I think that sometimes when an issue is reframed - it helps to understand why something may or may not work.

    Am going to resort to counting out the thyroid meds to see if I can do the afternoon one for the last week (making sure I have enough). I find myself getting cold in the afternoon and night. I almost have to put on my winter coat. WHAT! Have been fine all year so far until I started this. So good information, will continue to monitor and adjust until we get it right.
  10. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Bear with me here.

    How's your gut? Are you eating fermented veggies or drinking kombucha, or both? I'm starting to wonder if all these cravings people are having are related to GI stuff.

    But WTH do I know. Not much. I just tried to read the latest EMF post. I've been accused of having a thick skull but this is ridiculous.
  11. diane

    diane Gold

    You could be so right Darleen! I have laid off the fermented stuff lately, except for a Bubbies pickle here and there. And after I read your comment about gut stuff somewhere else, took a swig of the juice. I think I'll make some kombucha today - I have 2 scobies on my counter and got some organic black tea last week. So it's a great time to do it.

    I'm willing to try it! I think L-glutamine has something to do with gut issues as well, so you may be on to something. Probably also has something to do with quick ATP production needs - which may also explain why carbs are craved when i don't sleep as well.

    I'm not saying I get all of the post - but I'm making a little progress. LOL.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    that is precisely what it says...........
  13. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    hmm not so thick headed after all.
  14. diane

    diane Gold

    Hahaha - right on Darleen!

    So I took your suggestion. Actually went out in the snowstorm yesterday to go across the street to get sauerkraut. There's a new little takeout/organic food store, and they started ordering Bubbies products when I requested them to. Now they love them! So they got me some more pickles and sauerkraut. Had that for breakfast today with 2 sausages. Delicious!

    I continue to discover the difference between quantity and quality of sleep. The first clue is puffiness/lines under my eyes. For example, last night I went to bed before 10, slept all the way through to 7:30 this morning. Didn't eat till almost 8 last night because we did some shovelling and then took the dogs out. Therefore quality of sleep poor. There are nights when I go to bed the same time, but may wake up at 5 or so, but feel way more refreshed and no dark circles. So I'm sure quantity of sleep plays into it somehow, but for me, the first step is getting better quality, even if slightly less quantity.

    Also, the cravings were killed yesterday! So doing the L-glutamine and the d-rhibose in early afternoon helped. I also had some bone broth for lunch (made a big batch last week and I usually have some for lunch, along with tuna).
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    Amazing hike today traipsing through knee high snow with some friends and dogs. Man - it was a workout! The dogs were just hopping through it and having a blast. There are advantages to having 4 legs LOL. But they're snoring now - suffice to say they got their fair share of grounding today. LOL. Of course I decided to finally wear my winter coat (wore it last night when we went out, but mainly because of the collar which keeps the blowing snow out of my face). Damn. I was too hot. Should have worn my lighter coat. Will know for next time.

    Also went to load up on raw meat for the dogs. Got beef tripe, lamb tripe (probiotics for the dogs), duck necks, duck feet, chicken feet, lamb chunks, offal. Wanted the game mix (bone and offal) but they were out. Forgot to pick up some of the salmon bellies. And got a bottle of d-rhibose, which they forgot to charge me for. Shoulda bought the liquid D3 too. This place is almost an hour drive from me, but when we go for hikes in the area, I will go since I'm out that way. I would actually love to have a store like that.

    Am going to experiment with d-rhibose with the dogs, see what it does. Or not. Mushed it into the sardines for dinner lol. They get sardines and/or salmon every day. Haven't figured out how I will tell if the d-rhibose is doing anything though. Started giving them CoQ10 a few weeks ago - I figure this is preventative at this point. I'm actually just as interested in what I'm reading here not only for myself, but for them. I would imagine that many of the environmental things like artificial light, EMF impacts them more with their shorter life span. And more and more dogs are getting cancer and serious diseases younger (even at 2 and 3). My dog is about to turn 7, and some of her buddies are gone already. I've already got them on a good diet (raw with seafood, although probably could increase that a bit). They are outside walking for about an hour a day (grounding - no boots are any of that crap for them). Turning out the lights helps them too. Now for my plan to move....
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sounds like you and the dogs had an awesome day. You take such good care of your dogs and you have so much patience.
    So you don't put coats etc on your dogs?
  17. diane

    diane Gold

    Caroline, I just do my best every day to make their lives better. Once I understood what a dog truly needs (not the modern day version of what a dog is), it's very hard to not fulfill that to my best ability. When you know better, you do better. :)

    In terms of coats and boots - no way! Especially after what I've learned here. If I can cold adapt, so do the dogs. Boots - doesn't that take away their opportunity for connecting to the earth? (I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately, the way that many people put boots on their dogs when they don't need it, carry the dogs - is this also part of the reason that dog there is a lack of dog manners and bad behaviour? So many other things as well, but I'm sure this plays a role). We have a lot of salt here, so I try to stay on back streets, or let them walk on the lawn parts where there isn't salt. If they get salt in the paw, they hold it up and I take it out. LOL. Smart dogs! The only time I've put a coat or boots on them was with injuries - if they have a cut pad, yep, the boots go on. Otherwise, they can definitely adapt to the environment.
  18. diane

    diane Gold

    Yo ho! It's been a few days since my last update. Has been a good week - why not, it's Valentine's week! LOL. Actually , we don't really do too much for Valentine's day, other than make a special dinner. Everything is crowded and overpriced! I believe that surf & turf is on the menu for tomorrow night. However, would also settle for another batch of that Brazilian seafood stew that Shijin posted in the recipe thread. Super delicious!

    Still not feeling anything from the thyroid meds. Other than definitely colder later in the day. I have a hard time with the cold bedroom, and am getting under the blanket I had only put on his half of the bed. Definitely think I need more before it kicks in.

    This morning I had that draggy feeling again. First time in a long time. I figure it's because last night I had a session with a client until 9:30, then stayed up until 11. I can't believe that's late for me. LOL. I'm not complaining - I actually like going to bed earlier, especially because I see what a difference it makes for me.

    A friend on facebook was complaining about how she took her dogs for an hour walk and then was wiped. I know she's had other health problems - so I posted the Adrenal Fatigue Rx on her wall. She also said she eats salad most of the time and still can't lose weight. Sound familiar anyone? Hopefully she can find something that can help! Well, I'm sure she can! :)
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    That's is so familiar - eat only lettuce and no weight loss - yep - I remember those days well!

    now that we know better - we do better..........thanks JK
  20. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Tell her she needs to eat the animals that eat the salad. Then she'll have energy. :)

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