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I'm learning...by diane

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by diane, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. diane

    diane Gold

    Zorica - I would have no idea. It's been in the family for a couple of generations - my grandfather and his brothers had it. Actually they don't own the land, just rent it. It's not right in the park as I don't believe there's any hunting there.

    Next time you get a chance to go to Algonquin, leap on it! :)
  2. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks SeaHorse. I have to call tomorrow to change my appointment anyway, so may ask them to send a prescription to the compounding pharmacy for more - will say I don't have enough to make it to the appointment. LOL. Or just tell them straight up I need to increase. I am not exactly sure what it is honestly - but could ask the compounding pharmacy. Drugs aren't easy to get online here, as I'm sure you know. :)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I thought Thyroidgold can be gotten over the counter in the states? I have read a lot of good things about it
  4. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Yes, you can get Thryrogold on line only. They will send to other countries too with a disclaimer. But, if you can get your pharmacy to give you more...go for it. It's best to stay with the same product when you're increasing anyway
  5. endless

    endless New Member

    I have to get on those books too....I screwed up my cycle by (I think( taking the progesterone all month. I had a 25 day cycle, then a 23 day cycle. My doc didn't tell me to do it only in the luteal phase though. That's what I'm doing this month. It's a bit frustrating how long everything takes!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sometimes I feel like i am floundering in the dark......I screwed up one hormone panel because I didn't know exactly what to do - well - I thought I did .... and that was a $250.00 test.
    Oh well ... when we know better - we will do better .......
  7. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    What mistakes did you make Caroline? Perhaps we can learn from you as to what not to do. I'm looking to buy some hormone panels and need to know so I don't make the obvious mistakes. Yes $250 is a lot of cash.
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I stopped taking the hormones for too long before the test - ZRT/cortisol saliva. I wasn't exactly sure what day I was going to do the test. I think they tell you to stop 36 hours before testing so - I don't know why - but I thought longer wouldn't matter. I needed to work out how long it would take to get the test back to the states and then get results for my consult. It wasn't a complete disaster but it didn't really reflect accurately my hormone status.

    The one great thing about ZRT - within 3 days of getting your test they post results on line .... faster than aussie labs and about the same price and I think more comprehensive. I know my Doc was really surprised when he saw the ZRT results.

    I didn't think the last cortisol was at midnight..... I know the melatonin one is....but I am pretty sure I have seen JK say - the best time for melatonin is 3 am.
    so I need to clarify that and check on timing of the last cortisol [I am pretty positive it wasn't midnight - but maybe ZRT has different guidelines]. You definitely need a diurnal cortisol 4x

    Also - be aware for the melatonin saliva test - here in Oz ....I used Healthscope and they batch test - so I waited 6 weeks for results and then didn't have it for my consult.......so much to think about
    If you go online to Complimentary Compounding pharmacy - they use Nutripath labs n Melbourne. It is owned by a PHD Chemist - Michael and you can email him with questions. I am going to contact Nutripath and get info - I can let you know. There prices are quite good for Pg etc.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sorry Diane - didn't mean to hijack your journal! How are you doing???
  10. diane

    diane Gold

    Oh Caroline - no problem at all! That's not hijacking - it's providing useful information!

    Going through some interesting things lately. Started T3/T4 bio-identical combo on 1/25. Started Metformin 2/2. Once started the thyroid, wanted carbs every day. It wasn't from the cravings, although they were still there (but felt a bit less), but felt the need for something carb. Add Metformin. Almost instantly, the cravings were gone. Even when grocery shopping I didn't feel the need to add stuff in my cart. Until yesterday. Last night, cravings were back. Even had some (gasp) bread. Son of a B!! Although didn't go as crazy as I had in the past. Oh, small wonders lol.

    Also, yesterday morning I noticed I was getting the crusty things in my eyes (you know, the ones you get when you have an eye infection). I was getting them every day a couple of years ago - would wake up with my eyes stuck together some days. And my eyes have been running even more. So maybe there's something in the pills that is doing this? I'm thinking that I should stop the Metformin, keep with the thyroid for a couple more weeks, then add back again and see what happens. I've been reading a lot about thyroid, and the more I read, the more I'm convinced I've had thyroid issues since I was young.

    Now, to be fair, I haven't been as hungry - like yesterday lunch was almost a non event. But my BAB was a HAB - 2 sausages. That's probably my issue right there. Ok, one issue identified.

    Also noticed my hands are freezing when I'm outside. Have not felt cold in my hands all winter. Now I remember when I was young my hands and my feet used to be freezing quite a bit. My feet almost to the point of tears sometimes - even if the rest of me wasn't cold. I've been feeling colder overall the last few days - but could be related to TOM as well.

    Now, an interesting thing happened. My TOM has been going for 9 days, and this time it was heavier, but just stopped in 5 days (which was where it used to be). The heavier flow kinda scared me for a day or so, but then it stopped. My doctor says she uses Metformin for controlling cycles, so now not sure what else it does. Need to put this on the Metformin thread.

    Have been more emotional lately too. Getting teary really easily - like watching the bloody Clydesdales Bud ad and I get teary. Watching stupid movies I get teary. It's the happy/touched emotional kind - not depressed/sad. And usually from something I'm watching.

    And have felt "puffy". My fingers, toes, face - but they don't necessarily look so swollen, but they feel that way. May be TOM related, but not sure. Also sleep has gone downhill, and now can see it in my face. Doesn't take long for that to appear. Have eaten later the last couple of nights which may be the cause of this.

    Have been feeling really down on myself since being weighed at the doctors. Hey, it's not that I was in denial before about my weight, but the number really shocked me. I've always been heavier than what I look (have been measured and have a lot of lean body mass), but this is higher than I've ever been. But I know that I've got so much wrong going on in my body, that it's not about me controlling it, it's about me working to fix it. Have to keep reminding myself of that. My legs and waist are suffering through this. It feels so out of my control right now.

    Yesterday started my "no poo" experiment. Read through the no-poo (ie. shampoo lol) thread again, but have decided to give the baking soda/ACV method a shot. Wasn't half as horrible the first day as I thought. Can see how a lot of brushing of hair will be helpful - and where the old advice of brushing your hair 100 strokes came from. Will see how long this lasts, but my hair has been getting harder and harder to manage (and I've always had easy and amazing hair), so need to try something different. Probably linked to lower growth hormone as well. I'm very interested to see where this goes.

    Guess I had a lot to update today. I told myself this morning - I need to find strategies to find solutions, not will my way through this.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
  11. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I'm sure you already know this and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds like ... menopause to me. Especially the crying at commercials thing. When my estrogen level went south I would cry buckets at toilet paper commercials. I'd sit there sobbing and wondering WTH was wrong with me.

    It is astonishing to me how much havoc falling hormones can wreak on one.

    I do not get the "no shampoo" thing. Sorry. Most of my life I was so oily (hair and face and body) that if I didn't shower and shampoo daily I was a total mess. Stringy hair, greasy face. Nowadays I can get away with every other day as long as my hair is SHORT SHORT. Let it get past a certain point and it's shampoo daily. I have tried those "dry shampoos" and for me, they're a total waste of money and time.

    But that's me.

    Retaining fluid thing? Not sure about that either. The only time that's been problematic for me is if I've eaten WAY too much salt. The body will always adjust things to keep itself in perfect balance (homeostasis). Too much salt and it will hold onto fluid to keep the sodium levels right where they are supposed to be. That's all I know. Not much but it's the best I have to offer.
  12. diane

    diane Gold

    Well, damn Darleen. Hadn't even thought menopause!! LOL!! I'm 46 - not sure why that's such a shock. :) But it's gotten worse in the last couple of months - so wondering if it's tied to the change in cycle, etc. Which I was hoping was a sign of change for the positive. LOL. Oh I may just be in denial big time. :)

    I don't actually eat much salt - I put my own sea salt on food, but don't really eat processed stuff. But that's a good suggestion.

    I'm trying to see if natural hair will be better than the silicone coated stuff. I can't find any shampoo that works that well - so now I'm trying something different. :) I use dry shampoo - some are good, some aren't but I've been using them for a couple of years to extend the time I need to wash it. Will see if it works!
  13. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    Hi Diane, good post.. I like em long!
    Just want to weigh in to support you being in denial ;) remember that you are playing with your hormones in general, and it stands to reason that your reproductive ones might have a similar adjustment period (heh, see what I did there?) teary and puffy and water retention are PMS symptoms too, not just menopause..
    Also sleep is controlled by hormones too. I must admit I haven't read all that much on thyroid, and still haven't got my head around how all the Ts work together, but it seems that a lot of people who start thyroid meds or doing stuff to sort out thyroid have these issues.

    Re the no poo thang.. I tried that for a bit when I had holidays in jan, but I couldn't cope once it got to the really greasy stage they say lasts a few days.. So I gave it a wash.. I decided to compromise and don't use silicone based shampoo these days, and only need to wash it once a week, which is acceptable to me. My hair is reasonably short though (jaw length) and bleached and coloured with pink and purple streaks, so jet he dry factor of the bleach probably helps stop the oily. Good luck if you can get through the transition, I have read. Stacks of anecdotal evidence about how great it is when you get to the end of it
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I wish I had something to offer ...... I can vaguely remember my periods being all over the place - would miss the odd one - some were much heavier and longer and I think that went on for a few years before they stopped all together. Your Doc can tell if you are in peri menopause - have you done blood work?

    weight is such a tough issue for women - takes away our self confidence etc. It is one thing to know that our health has to come first but why oh why can't we be skinny while we are working on our health ........
  15. diane

    diane Gold

    Yep, have done some bloodwork, getting the rest done in 2 weeks. yes, the docs are all telling me peri-menopause, but more because of my age.

    Actually, even though I'm documenting what's going on, in previous winters I've been depressed and really b**chy and miserable in Jan and Feb. So while the weight has gone up (and I'm confident that once I start figuring this out it will come down) I'm much better off than I've been in previous winters! :)
  16. endless

    endless New Member

    My hormones were tanked when I tested them, and I'm 44. I'm definitely on the perimenopausal train too. Just had follow up bloodwork after 2 months on Pg, E2, DHEA and pregnenalone so keeping my fingers crossed for higher numbers!

    I don't find I'm particularly weepy, but I can get pretty bitchy at times!
  17. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Irritable, bitc*y, weepy...yup it all sucks but is really bad when it all happens at the same time! Diane, i think if this is your "happiest" winter compared to others you're doing something right!
  18. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    I'm confused in this area. I really thought it was too much estrogen that causes weepy and tears? I don't doubt for you guys at your age that it really is lower E (but again in comparison to Pg might it still be 'high')?

    Thanks for your insights and experiences on this matter. :)
  19. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Progesterone can be zero and you still can be having periods. Pg is produced when you pop an egg. I realized after reading "sex, lies & menopause" that i must have blown out all my eggs when I was in my late 20's because of massive, unrelenting amounts of stress. Which then led me down the estrogen dominant path and you all know how that turned out.
  20. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Thanks for your response.

    So if someone can have cycles but such low pg which would then mean too much E (b/c I know it would make a person bleed but w/o the ovulation etc)...so if a person goes very long periods of time between cycles is that low pg AND low E?

    It took 6 months to have my cycle in January (and I hypothesize with the help of Vitex) also after a month long of what felt like PMS and/or very bad swelling/water retention to the point that my joints hurt to bend (lol) so I am waiting to see if it will arrive this month (would be 'due' any day now if all things go well).

    So far I am VERY lucky in that I am not suffering water retention this month. I believe it might have to do with my Mg intake over the last month. woo hoo! Sadly though the bad mood I think has gotten me the last couple days (and you can probably see that in my comments lately). Feeling teary and sad also (today for no reason over such a minor thing lol). So I am hopoing that means I'm 'on schedule' but also am a bit concerned if it means still an imbalance.

    I know it's stupid to not have tests/labs but I don't find a doc that will work with me and I can't pay anything out of pocket (at the moment---maybe if I can get a GOOD job one day, then yes I would certainly love to invest in private tests). So it makes the process a bit slower/harder b/c of so much trial and error.

    I am also staying with the Vitex for now. In July after it was a 3 month 'wait' I was concerned at that time too so I took a tincture which contained Vitex as main ingredient. When my TOTM came July 21 I was soooo excited!! The time leading up to it sucked but the TOTM was painless, effortless and was 5 days instead of 7. This was the time I started the heavy seafood too, so I thought I was 'good to go' and didn't need any supps at all since my diet was so perfect. Soooo, 6 months later....lol. So I am going to give Vitex a 3 month trial this time. lol If I still see irregularities, well then I know obviously I have some bigger issue, but for now this is the route I'm taking.

    Also remember I'm taking D3 (since mid Dec.) and Mg oil (mid Jan) and Mg malate (end of Jan). Despite my apparent crankiness I really do feel a benefit from Mg and that I'm calmer (I know sounds paradoxical). But I think that the magnitude of such 'moodiness' is actually quite less and more specifically I do not feel so drained throughout the day. That is probably where I am noticing it more versus a bit of weepy or bitchiness (but still I subjectively feel it's not THAT bad) is the fact that I don't feel like death tired by the afternoon and I am NOT having brain fog/fuzzy in the head. (I did in December and it really affected my cognitive performance for this short term job I was doing...:S ).

    Thanks again for your response. You're super cool and no matter what your life was and what messages you got from people in it, I think you're pretty cool!! :)

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