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I'm back, and I brought my kids!

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by NaturalHealthForLife, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. About two years ago I was doing HIIT and CT (7 minute cold showers at the gym) and was the slimmest I had been since freshman year of high school (130 lbs at 5'9"). I was pretty happy (except my boobs got tiny!) lol

    Then I got lazy, we moved (still in Seattle area) etc and I gained 15 lbs over two years.

    Now I'm back and I brought my kids!

    My 8 yo son has almost completely recovered from autism and he has been really good about a paleo/GAPS type diet since he was three and is doing great!

    Anyway, we are starting homeschooling this year and I'm trying to think outside the box to get them used to an optimized schedule.

    Any thoughts on how to make this better?

    1) I am doing Leptin reset with BAB of 2 oysters, 1 can of sardines, and 4 eggs daily. Also going outside to drink 4 cups of ice water with bare feet and looking at the sky when I first get up at 7 am.

    My son eats 2-3 oysters plus two eggs for breakfast. He also likes his carbs and I've been letting him eat his fruit and carrots as long as we get the seafood in. Maybe this is bad, esp tropical fruits like mango. We are grain free and he is at a fine weight. No muscle tone, skinny with bad posture. :(

    2) We go for a barefoot 1 mile walk on our road at 7:30 am and 6:30 pm daily. Try to wear minimal clothing (chilly walk).

    3) turn off wifi at night and during day (only on for a few hours when mr IT hubby is home. )

    4) we have a full spectrum sauna and I try to do an hour in there 3-4 times per week. Kid hasn't done this much.

    5) yellow glasses and lights off after sunset

    6) kids asleep from 8/9 pm - 7 am. In bed with red light at 7:30. We kill the electricity in kids rooms when we go to bed.

    7) I have started opening a lot of Windows at night which cools the house down to about 58 degrees. Brrr! Freezing when we go to bed and get up. (Hard to get out of blanket!)

    8) I am getting back into CT with five minutes of cool-cold water showers after sauna and ice packs on stomach/neck while watching tv at night.

    9) grow our own veggie garden and keep chickens, quail and rabbits for meet and eggs. Mostly feed them weeds and greens from garden. Plus chickens get kitchen scraps and meat bones etc.

    Q1) Any other crazy stuff I can do? I am thinking of making the kids study/read outside all morning to get cold and light. We may have to go into garage with garage door open when it rains. We are in a cloudy maritime climate so uv in winter is very low.

    Q2) I also want to start lifting heavy and or sprint training in a couple weeks with the kids. I see I should do this after 5 pm. Kids also do swimming and gymnastics (indoor) for exercise.

    Q3) We live a couple miles from super cold lake and a little farther from ocean, but I will have to work up to that so I can actually drive home safely/ don't drown or freeze. Hehe. Need to get more hardcore with the cold.

    Q4) Any thoughts on what time of day is best for sauna? I'm currently doing daytime (mid day when sun is high) but after dark would be more convenient.

    Q5) drinking 4 cups EZ ice water 3 times daily. is this enough?

    Hope to optimize myself and make the next generation think these bio hacks are all normal.

    Looking forward to getting our quantlet and taking turns with that!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome back with the kiddos ...sounds like you are doing a terrific job.

    Please start a journal so everyone can follow your journey.....

    Maybe get your son to start a journal and write everyday how he is feeling and what he is noticing in the world around him....

    Walking in the surf with the kids will be wonderful ...even in the rain.

    How about doing a movnat type thing every morning or so ....

    Get your son to follow Jeremy Thomley ....

    What other variety of child do you have?
  3. Hi. Thanks. I think we could work in beach walks on a weekly basis. Sounds doable!

    My daughter is five and very counter-control so it can be hard to get her to follow the plan. She likes shrimp and salmon patties from Costco, so that will probably be her main seafood.

    She is a major carb and dairy lover and getting her to cut those out of her diet has been more challenging. I have to get my husband to not buy these when he goes to the store.

    She has a big tendency toward congestion. And any dairy gets her stuffed up with blocked ears and drippy nose.

    She is doing the barefoot walks, orange glasses at night and likes the outdoor classroom idea. She also likes to sauna. Hopefully we can get enough good stuff going in that the diet is of lesser importance.

    I'll look for the area to get the journal setup. :)
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Emily ....Don't forget to check out Jeremy Thomley - he is a game changer

    All the carbs and dairy could be affecting your daughter's behaviour?

    have you had a look at Paleo cook books with children in mind? get your daughter to help make wise choices and then help make a shopping list and then shop .....and then cook, It gives them some control.

    Do you follow Nom Nom Paleo? Michelle is a really good cook and has great recipes. She cooks with her two boys and does youtube demos with them. Her first cookbook is a knockout - lots of great food pics and lots of pics with her boys.
  5. Great suggestions! Yes! I have seen mom mom paleo online. I didn't know she had a cookbook I will have a look.

    Trying to switch my dd over to the BAB. She is having a salmon burger and two eggs for breakfast and I'm stopping buying the fruit and dairy since it's fall here now so hopefully that will help wean her off.

    Is Jeremy Thomley a forum member? I will do a search for him.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome and tips!
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes - Jeremy is a forum member. Dr. K. did a webinar about him and then one with Jeremy.

    Jeremy Thomley - Mohawk Steel Co. ...... have a look/read his story
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Time for some fireworks tonight. This new podcast with Wallace helps explain how vaccines MIGHT effect mtDNA and be causative to energy flows in susceptible haplogroups via the melanopsin/retinol system. A vaccine is given in the SQ space where melanopsin is and this will lower melatonin to affect mtDNA haplotypes to lower energy. None of the skeptics have a clue how this data link to the phenotype. Vaccines have adjuvants in them that draw nnEMF to them and the energies in these EMF's can disrupt the retinol from melanopsin to lower melatonin and cause more mitochondrial damage. At the 1:119 -1:23 mark Wallace lays it all out on the mitochondrial side. All the mitochondriac has to do is lay out the melanopsin side that I gave you in the Vermont 2018 talk. That is what lowers the melatonin level to lower energy flux to cause the neuronal manifestations of the disease. Black Swan Mitochondriac wisdom present here in the post. California leads the charge in new autism cases because they embrace more technology than any other place in the USA. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC report found that autism is now diagnosed in one in every 59 American children, representing 2 ½ times more autism in 12 years and a 15 percent increase in just two years. This is DEFINITIVE proof autism is not a GENETIC disease related to the NUCLEAR genome.

    The alarming increase in autism prevalence over the past 10 years signals the need for a significant change in the federal response to addressing autism in the United States. We need advocacy for technology diets for these kids. A more accountable, effective, and strategic plan is necessary to meet the needs of those with autism and their caregivers today. Concerned Americans should be working toward a major overhaul of the current response as the Autism CARES Act is reauthorized.

    If you want to have a kid and avoid autism begin educating yourself about blue light toxicity and how it changes the epigenetic switches in your own germ line. That is where the disease begins in my opinion. Once the epigenetic changes occur it changes the free radical signals made in mitochondria which change signaling to the nuclear genome and this can hard wire nuclear changes into the offspring. Usually, this is not the case. Most of the changes associated with autism are transgenerational post-translational modifications that can be changed. The reason is obvious. They are mitochondrial defects. If you become a mitochondrion before you have sex to have a kid you can prevent this condition. If it was a nuclear genomic disease, there statistics over the last 30 years in autism would be impossible. Because the mtDNA changes 3-5 times more quickly it should be obvious this is a mitochondrial disease at its core.

    The CDC report, “Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Children Aged 8 Years—Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 11 Sites, United States, 2014,” states that in some of the communities represented in the network, nearly three percent of eight-year-olds had an autism diagnosis in 2014. It uses the same methodology that produced the CDC’s 2010 prevalence findings of 1 in 68 children with autism.

    The extraordinary cost of autism care is expected to escalate dramatically as prevalence continues to increase. University of California Davis health economists estimates the national cost of caring for all people with autism in the billions, heading towards $1 trillion. Their forecasts for autism-related medical, nonmedical, and productivity losses were $268 billion for 2015 and $461 billion for 2025. The researchers noted that if ASD prevalence continues to increase as it has in recent years while effective interventions and preventive treatments are not identified and made widely available, the costs could reach $1 trillion by 2025.

    Notably, the economic and social costs related to the autism crisis will continue to impact every American taxpayer as funding and priorities are redirected into areas, including, but not limited to: WE need to recommend all kids AVOID all blue light devices until the brain is fully myelinated. We need to educate pediatricians, teachers, school boards, and technology companies how their beliefs are COMPLICIT in this pandemic.

    Medical and other health insurance expenditures for co-occurring conditions. Research shows that 47 percent of children with autism had at least one co-occurring condition
    Increased funding for social security disability and SSI benefits
    Training of public safety resources to manage the explosive increase in wandering and development cases, as 49 percent of children with autism wander/elope
    Programs addressing the needs of adults with autism including employment, housing, and community integration.https://www.ihmc.us/stemtalk/episode-67/

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