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I'm 56 & have breast tenderness: Leptin Rx?

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by PAL-PIP-WI, Feb 28, 2015.


    PAL-PIP-WI New Member

    Hello, I ve been doing a VERY BASIC leptin reset for 3.5 weeks. Mostly following the TIMING of meals & no snacks as suggested. I have been making myself have a 50-75 grams protein breakfast as soon as I can upon waking (I've never been hungry in the morning my whole life). I am counting carbs and staying under 25 grams a day. I am TRYING to source grass fed beef and dairy (butter, yogurt, cheese -- not giving those up at this point).
    That's it. (I don't believe I will EVER drink a fish head smoothie -- you guys are NUTZ!)
    Despite some lovely women on here telling me to jump in with both feet, I am not, I'm putting a few toes in.

    Question: for the first time since I entered peri-menopause at age 44, I am having breast tenderness, pain, soreness. It feels so odd to be dealing with a sex hormone sitch at my age! I had my last period at age 49.

    Is this a result of resetting Leptin?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Seafood with iodine.............big deal for boobs.
  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Yeah - Dr. K talked about it in his book - how a doctor put some Lugol's iodine on a woman's breasts that were painful and it was like an instant fix...
  4. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I wont drink a fish head smoothie either...I make it a point in life to never say never but I'm pretty sure I never will.

    DO not use any deodorant/antiperspirant with any crap in it at all especially aluminum. My boobs used to feel like painful sacks of gravel on my chest....Dr K is right the seafood is a big deal. Iodine and DHA.

    Just have seafood with your BAB while you are doing the leptinrx. Salmon and eggs....whatever works for you.

    Boobs store toxins like mad....focus on lymphatic cleansing. Trampoline outside in the sun is my favorite, vibration plate another option. Drink lots of good water.

    You should see a difference quite quickly if you are doing it right...if you are not seeing a good response you are missing something.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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    PAL-PIP-WI New Member

    Thx for the quick response Dr. Kruse.
    NOW I HAVE A PIMPLE (again, 1st one in years!)
    and my bf says I'm being more bitchy than usual.
    Hormonal I guess.

    Thx other women also, I have salmon & eggs planned for breakfast tomorrow.
  7. louise

    louise New Member

    hi I had horrible breast tenderness EVERY month for a few years and after a couple of months on the seafood and leptin diet they just disappeared....completely.....they would be red hot sometimes.....very painful against my clothes etc.......I haven't been very leptinesque lately and slipped off the wagon big style but haven't had any recurring episodes of p.m.t stuff...yet.....that's why im starting again just incase anything horrible happens to me and I will have to blame myself for not sticking it out
  8. rlee314

    rlee314 Silver

    epi paleo!!!

    also high quality water w/out halides-fluoride and chlorine.

    epsom salts breast soaks.

    liver supportive nutrient herbal infusions--nettles, dandelion, reishi mushrooms

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