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IGF-1 and progesterone

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Zorica Vuletic, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I know that Jack basically told me I have an IGF-1 deficiency (and IgA deficiency) since last July. I was trying to do things on my own and still am because I never have any money. Getting testing at all is next to impossible and/or finding a decent doctor. I was making really good gains over the summer but really have gone downhill since the Fall.

    I know for sure I have hormonal imbalances. I was struggling a lot with E dominance and have really done a decent job in getting rid of the worst of it. My progesterone sucks since I don't menstate (at least last 6 months). Even when I was somewhat more regular it was still very long in between cycles with excessive bleeding for 7 days. So I think with the less estrogen maybe that's why I simply don't get any cycle at all. (But I don't know if my estrogen is getting all built up and E dominance comes with a revenge...).

    So I would like to know if anyone would have any ideas/suggestions for me if helping to treat an IGF-1 deficiency with [natural/bio-I] progesterone would help it or if there is some way to directly target the IGF 1. *I've used colostrum before but I can't always afford it...and I am not sure if it does anything for my progesterone levels.

    I have a doctor's appointment on Tues, but with my luck over the last few months I don't put much faith.

    I'm very frustrated because I was trying to help myself with this site since last year and I thought I made gains, and over a short few weeks it's all coming undone and my body is falling apart on me. [​IMG]
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    There are lots of ways to support IGF-1.

    1) Eat Epi-Paleo - break out the MHS's that Ingrid is so fond of!
    2) Follow the Leptin Reset (BAB, and focus on making sure you eat at least 3hrs prior to going to bed)
    3) after dusk use red lights to see, and wear blue blocker glasses after the sun goes down
    4) orgasm before going to sleep - it helps get the Leptin, and Meletonin to your brain faster, and helps you release prolactin to support autophage at night.
    5) when you wake up look directly into the rising sun - then have another orgasm - this will help you re-set your circadian cycle and raise your am cortisol and dopamine levels.
    6) CT as much as possible. every day if you can swing it - as it raises both Pg, Testosterone, and Thyorid hormones and IGF-1. do it right after you orgasm in the am, and as soon as the sun goes down... it help sets the table for success.

    when you talk to your doctor tomorrow - let him/her know you're looking for a partner to help you get on the road to optimal health and that you need them to help you navigate the stuff you don't understand. do you're own research and be prepared to discuss...

    note - some people on the forum are using cycloset to help reset their circadian cycles, their am cortisol and dopamine levels, a side effect is that cycloset also raises IGF-1. Depending on your doc - and your situation you may find this might help you. But note, this isn't for everyone. once you find a doctor who will work with you - check out the cycloset thread and read up on it. then talk to your doctor.
  3. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Thanks Shijin!

    A few notes: I did Leptin Reset then Post Leptin reset. I guess today I went back to Letpin Rx. lol I have been epi-paleo since it started in July. I went really hard core and was eating seafood almost exclusively in August, September and October. By November I added some other red meats again. I now have a mix of seafood and red meats (offal cuts etc.).

    I eat apples for quercetin and I figure these are the most 'in season' fruits for this time of year. I eat raw organic honey (for a bit of sweetness to tea or coffee). Butter, eggs, coconut oil, onions, kale, sqaush, carrots, romaine lettuce are my veggies sources. I use all the recommended spices such as tumeric etc. (I'm too addicted to it not to use it). * I am never sure about the coffee thing. I LOVE coffee dearly and I really don't want to give it up. I am on day 3 of not drinking it just to experiment/see how I feel and/or how my sleep is.

    I was always waking up with the sun since last Spring, but over the Fall I was waking up much earlier than the sun even rises. For example I woke up at 6 am and especially after the time change, the sun didn't rise until closer to 8am. *I wonder if for me I should use a light box as my 'sunrise' since it's not always possible to sleep until the sun actually rises (life obligations).

    Since November when I was feeling desperate with constipation and constant coating/infection on my tongue I used betaine HCL + digestive aid. I stopped using those about a week ago. In middle of December I added B50 complex, thyrosense supplement (because was thinking I had something wrong with my thyroid), zinc, b6 +gaba (from NOW), b2 (for ribose...), potassium (b/c of the massive swelling and retention I was having in December which also affected my joints---this was BEFORE Christmas so had nothing to do with any cheats), 7-Keto (only for a week from last week of December: ran out and is expensive). vit D started about Dec. 20 ( 10 000 IU just because I felt like I needed a top up---can continue with normal 5000 IU), vit C from Dec. 25-Jan.2 (stopped b/c I don't know if it's good for someone who struggles with progesterone levels or not* *See I was thinking the vit C would be good for adrenals + liver. *I wonder if I should continue it back to 'force' my cycle.?? Some sources say you can use vit C for that...? I just feel like my abdomen/uterus etc. has been collecting 'crap' ever since July 21. So I have no idea... I also started taking Vitex 3x /day (with meals) for the past 5 days. I am hoping that helps with the progesterone.

    From Dr. K's adrenal rx it mentions green tea extract so I got some of that.

    Yesterday I pretty much slept all day because not sure if I 'had something' or not. I woke up with sun, had breakfast. Slept. Did errands. Had lunch. Slept. Went out to the grocery store ~after sunset (and I did a CT RIGHT when it was sunset before I saw your message lol). Had dinner. 'Rested' and pretty much fell asleep. Then woke up 'stimulated' myself then went to bed. I was very flushed and too warm, got up and peed but fell asleep again easily. Opened my window b/c I forgot to open it. So really, that's a lot of sleeping, but I felt tired. I really hope that whatever upper respiratory or throat 'infection'? can go away! Also am clearing my sinuses I guess...

    Although I feel like my body is crapping out on me and yes, it DOES include weight gain (hate to admit it b/c I don't want it to come across that I only care about that...) but it is only in addition with all the other symptoms like massive fluid retention/ and in the joints, freaking hard to breath after small activity, sore throat, swollen tongue (but the tongue has been swollen for months now), and of course a constant abdoman bloat and/or cramp. *It is a bit reduced since January and my actual stomach does not seem as distended as November. I also am not having constipation in January so far. For Oct. and Nov. especially (and 3 wks of Dec.) it was constipation altered with diahrea always about middle the month for diahrea). Of course no period though. [​IMG] I thought in December I was going to get it due to the massive PMS symptoms...but nope...just the pain w/o the detox effect.

    Jan. 5:
    I decided to try to cut some supplements b/c I have no idea if any of them are bad for me or not...? Last night as I said I felt so flushed and hot and had tingling/over sensitive sensations on my skin. My feet (during the day too) would be ice block but a cold burning sensation. When I pleasured myself last night at least my feet and hands warmed up normally so that was good...then I was overly hot the rest of the night lol. Hope that's a good thing?

    -wake up 7:45am
    -look at sun *It was not blaring sun it was only orange in the sky..is that ok?
    -CT (face dunk in ice water and then went outside and put snow all over my body)
    -Had breakfast (but it was already 9:30 since I ate).

    Will continue update later.

    Thanks for your responses and I hope to do things right this time. It's not that I didn't do things right before, but I think there are a few things which I have learned over the last year.
  4. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    O I forgot to mention. I think I screwed things up further in December when I was kind of doing GAPS in that I ate goat yogurt and milk kefir. I am not 100% sure, but I think these could have contributed even caused the massive problems I was having in December. I have stopped eating these of course. Instead I eat saurkraut and Bubbies pickles and sometimes a Kombucha if I can afford it (as a treat). The thing is that whatever happened in December was like a kindle of fire...so even though I have stopped eating the possibly offending food my body is building up on that still....although I don't feel AS badly as December, at least today after my day of mega rest.

    My basal body temp since July was always pathetically low. Like average of 36.2. For a few weeks in December it was average of 35.9! It has a lot of variation so I know it's not a thyroid 'per se' issue. Only the thyroid was implicated over time is all.

    For the past three days my bbt is 36.4 36.5 and 36.6. I like to see this improvement and hopefully it continues in a good direction and/or at least stays like this and doesn't drop again. Maybe I'm in the progesterone part of the cycle (pls remind me the name lol). If I am, I believe that is still a bit low...but I figure as long as it's higher than 36.3 it's at least better than nothing.
  5. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Maybe I should start a journal or something...

    I also forgot that symptoms I struggled with since October is a bad body odour (but got much worse in November and December). I refuse to wear deoderant b/c I don't like chemicals so obviously it's not a good idea if you actually have a BO problem. Also I always have some degree of darkness under my eyes (and usually but not always a puffiness under them). The puffiness was more of a problem in December to present. I can't recall about October, but I don't really think so, just a slight darkness.

    Always had the tongue coating problem since starting end of September. I thought I got rid of it but it came back in October-Dec. It is pretty much cleared but not 100%, it's lighter and much less space and not nasty thick and yellow like before. Sorry for TMI lol. Always have some kind of upper respiratory infection of some sort which I think I was getting end of September. I think it must be pretty obvious why my progesterone sucks....geez.

    I will post some lab results even if they are basic and not as sensitive and they are from November.

    Again, thanks!
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Journaling = Hawthorne effect.

    Hawthorne effect is 100% of the reason Weight Watcher works according to research because it is not the food choices.

    Just sayin'
  7. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Hi Jack, thanks for your reply!

    I was recording/journaling since mid-November, so I'm not sure about that...it was more of an observation of things going downhill? I don't know. I really wish I didn't try the kefir and yoghurt...I can't say that is the blame 100%, but it really set me back (I think).

    Anyways, it's probably better to put things public, so that I can have help from others with the interpretation of things.

    One thing for sure I can say is I'm lucky that I never have had cravings for crap at night. Never. I think this is at least a good sign even if things got a bit messy.

    I can't find my lab test results, so I might have to wait until Monday to get my new labs from the Dr. I see on that day. These labs are actually end of October instead of November. I 'forgot' about getting some labs and assumed I'd never get called back---I did on Dec. 28. In the meantime I went to another dr. who turned out to be CRAPPY! Says I'm 'fine' and healthy and finally after 'complaining' decides to refer me to GI...um...ok so all the hints about female problems doesn't make you think to refer me to OBGYN? Ok then....
  8. ashryn

    ashryn New Member

    From what I understand from my natural birthing friends, ObGyn is primarily a surgeon.. So perhaps yr doc was doing you a favour by not sending you there..
  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I am so sorry you are struggling Zoretica! Some suggestions I do have that I think could help!

    I would never heat the raw honey, is your coffee or tea warm when you put it in? IMHO the raw honey changes in what it does my body if I heat it... and is it truly raw? Could be better to use honey comb.. Then.. maybe if you are still so messed up, you would do better to ditch the honey. And the coffee. That is what I would do. Ditch the fruits too. I do very bad on fruits, only wild berries work well, from those I can eat as much as I want and have zero issues! I tried our own good old apples from the garden twice this fall and both times.. bloating and fungus on my foot. I would ditch the eggs too. If they are not 100% pastured. But they are not because we have chickens and in winter they lay no eggs if you do not give them powerfoods like grains and stuff.. I do not eat their eggs now, because they get chicken feed and I feel not good from the eggs now. I tried. In summer they are free outside and get no grains and then I felt fine from the eggs. So I would say eggs in winter is not a good idea if you are broken.

    What if you eat seaweeds for veges only, and then only seafoods and offal and grassfed meat and fat? Would that work? Because some people have reactions to different vegetables and if you eat only seaweeds as vegetable you would get all you need for K2 and minerals! Try to get raw dried or fresh and eat them soaked or raw.

    I would suggest to eat as much raw as you can. If you are capable, do 100%. The most healing foods in my experience... I bet you will feel different in just a day or two!
    Make high meat too, it is very easy! If you want it to get ready fast, you can ferment it in room temp too.

    Zoretica, to me wild foods are the most healing. So if you want to hear my opinion on mega fast recovery... eat all wild and raw foods... try to get wild greens and herbs too if they grow now where you live. If all is full of snow and ice you will do perfectly well with just what grows. Like game and seafood and such. Soon spring is here and then you can eat from the small greens that starts growing. Very healing in my experience. You do not need much, just a little here and there.
    If you can get Chaga mushroom you could drink that as tea too. AKMan knows its health benefits well.. Tastes a bit like coffee too!

    And yes.. that with naked tanning and light management and CT you already know.[​IMG]
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I wanted to add, I think Gretchen gave you such great advice!

    Zoretica I took a picture from my lunch today to show you what I think is healing foods. I had raw elk marrow..I just dig it out from the bone with a long knife. Then some organic raw sauerkraut and some berries from the garden I picked and freezed late this fall fall. Then I had a glass of raw soaked Dulce-seaweeds + water that I put into the mixer.


    I would choose this over any delicious cooked traditional Christmas dinner.

    I know this might be weird and yucky for most but for me not as I can feel how healing such foods are on me... I can tell the elk marrow was actually very delish! I have gotten elk bones for very cheap in the petfood store and I am going to eat this more often! Instead of raw butter. You could maybe get something similar wher you live?

    Maybe I do broth on the bones left over too!
  11. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    give me your address and I send you Colostrum and Chaga. I have lots and can spare. I also have a study about IGF-1 levels rising when using cold processed colostrum. Aside from that Shijin and Ingers adivse is best.
  12. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Thanks Charlotte for your help! I pm'd you. If you need compensation just let me know.

    I think I will stick to offal and bone cuts, some pork here and there, seafood when I can, no eggs (but I don't know I don't want to waste the ones I have left which is not a lot...maybe I'll space them apart so it's less assault on my body). I will eat only seaweeds for veggies (it's actually cheaper anyway). I was enjoying squash and apples (but not a million apples, just some). I eat sesam seeds and pumpkin seeds only recently and I feel this really helps with bowel movements. Hopefully there's nothing too problematic about these.

    I just dug out a HUGE beef marrow bone that I will use tomorrow. Sweet!

    I am giving up coffee (for now) NOT a permanant thing...NO WAY IN HELL. But I will give my body a break from it for now. Not that I blame coffee, only that I think it did not allow for the correct improvement. After a few days with no coffee I hate to say it, but I do feel that it lessens my bad body odour. I still have it (sad) but I don't think it's as strong, so if that's an encouragement to take a break from it, I don't know what is. I am drinking green tea instead, and I am actually enjoying it too.

    I'm making some bacon and pork and seaweed in coconut oil. YUM! It smells so good.

    I must say that today I felt a lot better at least in being able to stay awake during the day. In the morning after breakfast I was not crashed (not to the point I needed to sleep) and again after lunch I did not crash so hard and I even went out skating.

    I will be super strict for January (at least) and I will track my progress. I have no idea if the Vitex is starting to kick in and that explains a little bit better energy level or not...who knows. At night my sleep does still suck though, in that I am very flushed and hot (but not sweating). I might wake up a few times in the night but (at least in the last few nights) not have to pee. I would LOVE for my darkness under my eyes to finally go away...FINALLY! I thought with each passing month that for sure they would get better, but they only got worse in the last two months.

    I do have confidence though that with the increasing light levels it will only get better from here on out. *cross fingers*

    Next Fall I don't know if I can be an advocate for 'cold and dark'...and I will try using a light box in the AM. We'll see and we'll see based upon my health by then.

    Thanks all for your help!

    I will just keep writing about my experiences and treat this as my journal.
  13. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Yesterday and today I had a bbt of 36.8! That makes me very optimistic. I really really hope it stays like that. By the way I've not had a bbt that high since I started recording in JULY! (Maybe I had it before in my life time, but not when I was recording).

    I have a few questions. I find it hard to sleep in until almost sunrise ~7:45am. Today I got up at 6:45am and also there was no 'sun' as in it's overcast. I still did a face dunk in ice water. (Helps to clear the sinus---yesterday I got rid of THREE kleenix worth of 'crap'). I ate my breakfast before the face dunk though b/c I felt hungry.

    When I go to sleep I 'massage' myself and I find this really helps. I also do the same when I wake up (and I feel the natural urge to do so anyway). So probably a good sign from my body. When I tried it a few nights ago my hands and feet went from cold to warm so I was happy for that.

    The night before last my sleep sucked (falling asleep was fine w/ massage) but I woke up maybe once or twice during the night (but not to go pee or anything). I even had sharp pains in my feet (the soles) and my calves felt heavy. Last night it was a lot better, fell asleep just as good, felt like I woke up during the night but no bathroom visit and no sharp pains.

    I know Jack does not like 'fish oil', but I caved yesterday and I tried some Carlesons cod liver oil that my friend had. At lunch I felt that distinct 'poisen' or heavy eyes feeling. So I tried the CLO and instantly I was brightened for the rest of the afternoon. I went skating before having the CLO but after the CLO I went to the lake for the sunset and I felt like I could bend my legs properly and had the urge to run, so I did. (Not long distance, just a sprint).

    This morning since I don't want to waste my eggs, I had three and I did not enjoy them. I had to eat some salmon and seaweed to help make me full. So, I will not eat eggs again until at least Spring, where I will experiment again (and seeing as how they would be fresher /natural/ eating better grass etc), it is something for me to file away. I also took TWO teaspoons of CLO this morning b/c I just felt like I needed it.

    Thanks again folks!!

    O, also what was nice, last night while going out (wear blue blocker glasses) I went to choir, but noone was there---so instead I jammed on the piano instead. hehe. Good times! Then read before bed (I couldn't do that for a long while b/c my eyes felt too heavy 'for like the last 4 months'.

    I hope I'm doing things better/right this time around. Because technically I started this all last year almost this time, but more like February with the CT protocols. I guess I didn't understand my own situation as well as I do now, and even now I still fly blind with crappy basic non-sensitive testing. I honestly can't afford fancy tests of ANY kind and I'm struggling with additional supplements (that I feel a benefit from). Clearly in the last few months it taught me that even super good epi-paleo was not enough for me (somehow).

    Also I am familiar about the liver, T3, vit A and conversion to LDL cholestorol which should be converted to pregnenalone then to progesterone. So I am also wanting to target my liver health to help support this. This has direct impact on thyroid. I want my liver, ovaries and thyroid to be in tip top shape!!

    ** p.s. I have a question: Does anyone know what Jack thinks for women once their ovaries are finished producing the hormones and the rest coming from adrenals? Does he advocate BHRT, or does he believe it can be healthily maintained with same focus on liver function with NAC, glutothione and/or silymarin etc.? I can theorize that if one does not have an estrogen dominance problem to begin with (or they got rid of it 'years ago', maybe it can be done this way? I always think about menopause even though I'm only 27 just because of my troubles with PMS and/or lack of menses... So I don't know if I have a genetic component that makes my ovaries a little less 'vigorous'...?

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  14. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Ok, it appeared I FINALLY got my period TODAY!

    I ask if it's worth it though? Here's why:

    -I don't want my own kids (I want to adopt instead. I was adopted so I would like to give another child the fortunate experience I was able to have by being adopted by loving parents).
    -If being 'regular' just means super PMS EVEN when eating healthy...is that even normal? In September and even October I felt much better and more agile and WAYYYYYYYYYY better mood/attitude and I was not menstruating. I felt a little concerned only because females are 'supposed' to have 28 day cycle. Ok, well I'd rather be without one and have better health than with one and feel like slug, slow, weight gain SHITTY mood, can' concentrate, etc. etc. etc.
    -Can I just force myself into menapause? Seriously...but I mean without the E dominance of course (because that would just be asking for cancer).

    So, I don't know if I should be happy or not about this.

    p.s. In July on my last cycle it was very terrible for the few weeks leading up to it, BUT on the day it arrived it was SUPER sweet. Today's is not and I felt very sick.

    p.p.s. I will look into ox bile (again).

    I had beef marrow soup with seaweed-yum! For dinner I just ate the same thing and added sardines (not cooked sardines). I took extra zinc+b6+potassium today because I felt water retentioned.

    The ONLY good thing I like about this so far compared to the last few months is that I at least got warm to HOT hands and feet. A nice change from cold hands and feet. *I am pretty sure that December my body was trying hard to have a period too. I had all the PMS of this month but NO freaking 'detox'. So annoying. So at least this month I will have the detox part.
  15. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Also, I think why I am so extra sensitive to all of this is that because it seems to affect my mood the worst more so than body. I mean yes of course I get bad physical side affects too but compared to some people who only seem to get the physical downfalls I am more skewed for the mood aspect, so that is why I probably have tried harder to correct/help my self in terms of health.
  16. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    It's day 4 of my flow and woke up with bbt of 36.4. I don't know if it's going to get super low again---I really hope with my Vitex this area can be evened out etc.

    I started taking some ox bile yesterday. (500 mg/capsule) We'll see how that goes. I don't know if I notice a difference in bloating yet...but I did see something from MamaG where she posted after a week that bloating was not gone yet but that her stools were sinking. Now after a few months I see that she says her bloating is completely gone now. My stools are sinking so that's good.

    Today though I honestly feel constipated again. When I woke up my tongue was even more swollen (than it normally is). In the afternoon I felt really bad cramps where it was very lower abdomen and into the anus. Very uncomfortable and painful. It seems to have subsided a bit in the cramping but I feel that my BM is not easy. I feel like stuff is stuck (but only in the lower colon part). Also with the pain it makes my hands, but more so my feet (or toes) go like ice block cold or a bit of a numb sensation.

    I still have puffiness under my eyes. I wish this would go away. I'm also not really seeing any improvement in the darkness under my eyes. I felt like I slept more solidly the past 2 nights at least not where I am super awake...it's hard to tell. I was very hot and flushed over the past few nights probably because of my cycle. I do tend to wake up ~6 but I don't get up at this time anymore, since if I do it makes me have less energy the rest of the day so I stay and (go back to sleep) until I wake again ~7:30. I then go outside and also do my face dunks (in ice water). Then eat breakfast. My tongue is always swollen to some degree. It might still have a bit of a coating on it, just not as bad as the Fall. (So I guess that's good).

    I am not eating the offending foods anymore. I am eating either seafood or offal/bone cuts of meat. I use coconut oil, pork belly and/or olive oil etc. I eat seaweed with every meal now. Just to let you know I was eating all these foods before, just that I added eggs, made the mistake of the dates and yoghurt/kefir in December.

    Yesterday I did feel like my stomach felt a little less bloated, maybe just a tad.

    I hope I am just having some detox or something and that I get better faster/sooner. I don't like how I am having the problems of Fall but with additional new problems. I would honestly rather go back to September and October. Sure I was concerned about some kind of infection, but I otherwise looked and felt pretty good. Now I don't feel very well, look bad and clothes don't fit, plus I don't know how the status of my possible infection is...sigh.

    On the one hand my head does feel clear and I might be a little less tired AT LEAST COMPARED to December. I think December was very bad because I was fuzzy in the head PLUS very fatigued and the PMS (which didn't lead to a cycle in that month, only instead this month). So it was like a month long PMS.
  17. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    I think it might be rough just for this little while until things get more sorted after some time taking Vitex and ox bile in particular. I think taking the vit D has helped because I think my teeth are less stained. I really noticed in November they started to get yellow discolouration. I can't blame the coffee, because I was drinking coffee for months on end before with no changes in teeth colour.

    I probably just need to be patient. I am just so cautious this time because last year I thought I was making all of this progress and it seemed like suddenly it all unravelled. So I don't want to be naive in thinking I 'fixed' everything, not just yet.

    I do also have the complication of not being able to get a decent doctor and not affording proper tests. I am lucky enough that I am having some help from ppl on the forum, so that is a god-send! As if angels DO exist.

    I know for sure my potential problems are:

    -infection of some sort: is it viral (and at that upper respiratory), fungal, parasitic etc? Exactly what?
    -sex hormone related issues such as tendency to either be estrogen 'collector' (probably related to the liver, because I managed to 'get rid' of a lot of the estrogen before, but if it comes back that means more of a 'collector'. Also I know that my P is low (if estrogen has such bad effects). So with Vitex I hope to help boost my P as naturally as possible without needing a Rx
    -Thyroid: I have a lot of hypo symptoms
    -Liver: I hope that if I address liver with ox bile and in general (I would like to see how NAC would help: I tried this a little bit in June....but didn't stick with it b/c of cost etc.) I was thinking of trying Silymarin but I don't think I will any longer since I have read it has 'estrogen mimicking' effects. Maybe not the right thing for me/my age.
    -Adrenals: If adrenals are related it's only b/c of the above things which have caused strain on them is all. I know I am prone to experiencing and/or relying too much on adrenaline rather than something more stable and calming. *I will admit that I am not feeling overly elated but instead when a good mood strikes me it does feel much calmer. I feel like I can trust that feeling much more than when it's feeling super excited (but a bit on the unfounded side) ie. adrenaline.

    It would be sweet if I can help the hormones and the thyroid simply by hard core addressing the liver. How sweet would that be? I am surely a fan of NDT for thyroid, but it's a. hard to get from a dr. and b. It's expensive and/or hard to get online (Paypal always has a problem and they don't seem to accept pre-paid credit cards either). ( I don't own a credit card...lol let's not even go there hehe).

    As stated above I am eating epi-paleo. I sometimes forget to mention that I use the recommended spices as well as I am eating onions raw and cooked like crazy now. I eat either saurkraut or bubbies pickles (with the live cultures of course). I like green tea and I like chamomille sometimes too. I don't feel to drink loads and loads of green tea, just sometimes. I eat avacadoes too.

    I would like to know if there are other veggies I should be adding or anything?

    I think I will try a sleep mask just in case if the lights from outside are considered still too bright. I am always never sure though since in nature you'll still get the light from the stars and the moon. *At my parent's place it is more like that, so I would probably not bother with a sleep mask there. But here I think maybe the street lights would still be considered too much (even though there are very few). I will try it.

    I think I will also incorporate some squats. I think this might help over all as described in the blog post from JK. I do feel good if I do them. In karate we used to do horse stance (squat basically). Your legs get tired but it really does feel good---I miss karate so much. [​IMG] Not being able to afford it for one but afterwards learning that it's probably not a good idea if one is having some adrenal issues makes it OK to not afford it AND the dojo I was at in Brantford, I only like that place. I don't know if I'd like it as much any place else b/c the sensai, and all the people-the community is what I really enjoyed. The first day I stepped into that dojo I was at home and I was welcomed. I still have friends on FB from karate. Such wonderful people!
  18. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    This is what I wrote on September 18 regarding a thread on progesterone:

    I wonder how Vitex and betaine helps with progesterone production. I know that Chocolate has discussed using this as a method to increase her pg. levels. Hmmm….sounds very interesting.
    See, in beginning of July I was coming out of a prolonged constipation and absence of period (and probably ovulation) of 3 months. I felt 'mad'. Anyways out of such a desperation I went to a naturalpath and got prescribed a tincture of 3 ingredients which included Vitex. I took it for about 3 weeks. (This is still in the presence of eating pretty well and having done CT since March and following this blog etc.) Then on July 21 I finally menstrated. I also started the seafood-rich diet in mid-July. So I don't know what was giving me the 'boost'. I felt immediately better after that date. At the end of July I felt so positive that I ditched ALL supplements (b/c I felt like I was being consumed negatively by them etc.) So for August I did not menstrate, but did get spotting the week before I 'should' have menstrated. I did not feel 'worried' though. I still felt pretty damn good. I'm pretty sure I ovulated at the end of August, but did not menstrate this month. Hmmm… The thing is, I DO feel good though so that is interesting. Now with epi-paleo and super good circadian cycles, my mind is much clearer, and I have acquired and assimilated even more information in the last two months in this better mind state. So I think it would be a good idea to re-visit betaine and Vitex. I have been taking Maca for the last three weeks. I decided I should try that and be more disciplined with it…since in the past I never took it for long enough. lol I feel much more familiar with my body chemistry and what my unique needs are. This is helpful as I can have a better base from which to address things. Especially if in the presence of epi-paleo and circadian cycles (and CT in the form of nature…hee hee). So I know that despite super healthy, that mechanisms from past epi-genetics is still needing to be addressed. Overall though, I feel blessed and privileged to have even come across this website at all. Honestly I have to say life-changing and even 'saving'. I had the mentality that "I will NOT let myself get worse…I HAVE THE POWER TO HELP MYSELF…I'LL STOP AT NOTHING TO GET THERE!" While this can be viewed as extreme and it takes you on some dark paths occasionally, when you come out the other end, being stronger and triumphant…then you cannot argue against the necessity of having such a strong opinion.

    Wow, it is remarkable to see the difference in what I write since September. I felt really great as you can see...but obviously I was headed in a bad direction without even knowing it. I was also stupid to not take my own freaking advice regarding the betaine and Vitex. If I had tried it in October instead of waiting until now. So I am taking Vitex since last days of December. I had my period and on day 6 (more like spotting than anything). I will probably still have a bit of release tomorrow too...

    As mentioned before the PMS was super bad and even during the TOTM it's not really that great. I think my bbt's are at least a LITTLE higher even after the shedding eg. 36.48 around there instead of dropping to 36.3 or even worse like a month agao 35.9!

    I am taking ox bile and I feel like it helps in that my stools are nice dark brown and sinking, but it's not helping with 'borderline' constipation (and that they are kind of small etc). I also still have massive bloat. It's kind of similar to that Sean guy where even after water, I bloat.

    I will have to wait for February before spending any more money on supplement etc, but I will try to re-add the betaine hcl as well as ox bile and Vitex. I will keep using D3 b/c I feel like that helps although there's not quantifiable method to prove this on...I just feel like it helps as opposed to when I tried a lot of vit C in December, I did not really feel a benefit (instead I felt kind of bad).

    I must have a thyroid problem of some sort, but I am really wanting to be able to see if fixing my Pg (and liver) can then help the thyroid down the stream.

    I registered with Dzugan online so I will see if through that I can somehow find a doc in my area to help me out etc. Also if I can find a way to pay or what would be covered etc. Cross fingers that this can help.

    I also know that Shijin /Gretchen stated on that thread that Vitex had helped her in the past (or that she had had success with it).

    I am drinking a beet carrot and seaweed tea that I made myself. I am just trying anything and everything to help me as much as possible.
  19. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Today is January 28 so I will write in this journal. I don't think anyone reads it anymore so maybe I can move it to the journal section....makes more sense to do that. We'll see if I do. hehe

    I got magnesium oil shortly after that last post. So almost 2 weeks (that's it) lol. Already I think it DOES give a benefit for sure. I know with magnesium it can take a few months to notice a true benefit and/or be truly restored at cellular level. Also I continue with the Vitex and I also consume massive amounts of green tea. Here are some benefits so far I gain:

    -I don't think I am constipated
    -I 'think' darkness under eye is actually decreasing/going away
    -I honestly think my skin tone has 'darkened'. Does that even make sense? I'm less pale and I feel like I look like I have a bit of a 'tan'. Hmmm, cool and very welcome. I was lamenting starting end of December that I 'lost' all my colour for winter. Well now I got it back. yay!

    I am in the period leading up to my cycle (will it come normally in February, we shall see). I still have to fight water retention a little bit but not so much. On the one hand I feel like my stomach has some how gotten a little flatter but of course not ass and thighs. (sigh). I don't even care about 'belly' I only care about bad composition. Not cool. Meas my IGF 1 still sucks. *I don't know what happened to the package from Charlotte either....FEDEX is /was giving a problem...

    If I compare this date in December to this month at least I feel MUCH better. I don't feel like on a decline.

    I've also been doing more grounding techniques at least to my best ability. Every morning now I will go out in bare feet and place my hands on a tree. I also try to climb a tree if I can. I just 'go outside' a bit more (which I thought I did well enough before).

    So cross fingers that the continued use of magnesium oil and Vitex (in particular) help to restore quicker/sooner etc.

    I am trying to find nagiri flakes which apparently is magnesium chloride to make my own mag oil which is obviously cheaper so that instead I can afford the ox bile still. I like the ox bile and I think it is helpful even if I am not regular in using it.
  20. Zorica Vuletic

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    This thread is dead. I will see if I can close it or delete it...

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