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IF you live right now in Australia you must devise a plan to leave.

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. Crimson Funk

    Crimson Funk New Member

    Thanks mate, I appreciate your reply very much.
    I became a single issue voter when Craig Kelly was one of two who opposed vaccine passports and everyone else walked out cracking jokes. I remember thinking:
    fk me, I can't believe I'm going to vote for Clive Palmers party, then
    fk me ... How had I formed my opinion of Clive Palmer...? Then,
    Fk me, I'd listened to the same people, that I'm now frustrated that others are listening to. Then, holy shit that was a 15 second rollercoaster of emotions and enlightenment.

    Out of all this, the thing I hate second most is that I'll probably end up getting it. If my parents become ill, I'll need it to visit (they are in QLD) and they are getting on in life. I will pretty much need it to travel as well - wife is Chinese, family is spread wide globally, and a whole bunch of normally reasonable people have taken the mainstream narrative hook, line and sinker. I think we are f*cked in Oz, I really hope UAP can do the impossible but there are too many brainwashed people for me to put much stock in it.

    The thing I hate most is that I know they are coming for my kids next. Again reasonable people say things like "fk yeah I want my 10y/o daughter to get the vax, I'd never forgive myself if she got covid and died". I might respond with "but she has a greater risk of dying from the vaccine", to which the response is "stop believing what you read on social media". I hope they are right, but I know they are not and I don't wish upon them the consequences required to get them to change their mind.

    As depressing as it is, I will get the most extensive blood work I can, done before and after as it is at least now compensable under workers compensation if you have proof.

    Is there a best of a bad lot? (41 fairly healthy, 152 nmol vit D).
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  3. Crimson Funk

    Crimson Funk New Member

    You tell it like it is
    It will come up over summer, but you are correct, there are plenty of improvements to be made. Any suggestions as to which poison might do me the least harm?
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Red Sperti
    EMR Inferno light
    adjust your skin
    so you are able to stand next to Sperti, touching it,
    for the whole time of the timer (16 minutes/day)(8min front, 8min back)
    I do not use eye glasses.
    Have Inferno next to you when using Sperti.




    Last edited: Oct 27, 2021
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  5. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    If you want to protect and provide for your family.... not getting the poison would be wisest!! You can’t protect or provide for them if you suffer irreversible conditions or die. It is fare to say “they” lie and ingredients aren’t been forthright for a reason. Your family will follow your example... you take the poison they will follow. We all know one poison will never be enough.... you’ll be taking the poison the rest of your life in order to stay obedient. The Sun should be your only Rx...

  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes. To take those vaccines is a big mistake IMHO. And in my view if you take it - you are part of the problem, not the solution. Not a situation I would ever put myself in.
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  7. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    @Crimson Funk
    "Does anyone know how I could try to hold my member of parliament accountable for a breach of the Nuremberg code?"
    Don't take Laudy's advice. Be more dramatic. :D
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  8. @Crimson Funk I hear your frustration, I agree with your exact thoughts about Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly and same as you I think any Aussies in this group became single issue Craig Kelly supporters/voters when he came out opposing the vaccine passports. I still cant believe we'd vote for Clive but he is the only one seemingly talking the talk and not afraid to walk the walk. Don't know if you saw his press conference in defence of Craig Kelly about a month ago when the TGA threatened to sue Craig over the release of TGA info...........I love how he did not back down and we haven't heard anything from the TGA since.. for those who haven't heard it here is the link, it made my day to see someone have the balls to stand up for whats right and go against this narrative.

    I agree with your sentiments, Australia is well and truly fucked, certainly not the country my parents came to in the 1950's nor the one I was born and grew up in so with the difficult decision of living in a place all my life with family and friends I never thought I would really leave and if I did I would come back.

    Well that is no longer the way of thinking, I now think it is about being a nomad and living wherever there is freedoms and community. Family and friends have been divided sadly, people in Melbourne are feral. I cannot believe the attitude of the vaccinated and sadly this government has created hatred, division and segregation. Even with my husbands health challenges stacked against us the next few weeks will decide not whether rather how quickly we escape the state based on the vote in the upper house on the insane bill DA is trying to have passed. This will truly turn the state into a communist one where I will not live. Next move will be most likely to Latin America if it continues to decline in Aus!

    The thing I hate the most is that people just cannot see what is going on and what is wrong, seriously we are now living in a two class society and the 'high and mighty' vaccinated think that its ok; they see nothing wrong with this and if you get our news over in WA they are celebrating what they are calling freedom day and attacking the unvaccinated. They have gone as far as saying 'if you dont get the jab then you shouldn't be afforded medical care or allowed to be treated in hospitals' - it defies what my brain can fathom!!!

    I cannot believe they are coming after the children and would never ever vax children, we stand a better chance of fighting covid is my personal opinion and the very obvious opinion of many in this group.

    If your parents are in Qld my personal opinion for what its worth is to head out of WA and into Qld before borders close and the noose tightens further and you get caught in WA. I would pull my kids out of mainstream schools and either homeschool or unschool them and create a life in a community of like minded souls without vaccination however easy for me to say not knowing your circumstances. These are the most difficult choices we will all have to make in our lives but we need to back ourselves and not cave in.

    There has to be another way and time will tell, please wait it out as long as possible.

    If you do decide to vaccinate then look into Novavax if you really cannot go without it... not a huge amount of info out there about it but the TGA website says Australian government purchased 50 million doses and its due for release next year. It is said to be the closest in form to traditional vaccines and is based on a protein rather than mRNA (Pfizer & Moderna) or viral vector (Astra Zeneca).

    There is a lot of fuckery going on, all of a sudden Astra Zeneca has been taken off the market as of end of year here and Pfizer now the front runner with booster shot approval. Moderna is the only other approved vax so don't know whats going on but it definitely cannot be beneficial for the public.

    Be cautious and don't rush into this, wait and see what happens, you cannot reverse your decision, your family needs you well.

    I have 2 girlfriends now both kicking themselves for succumbing to the vax when the mandates were issued, against their better judgement, just so they could work and as one said 'participate in society'. Well one has cardiovascular issues and can barely walk, the other has massive neurological issues and can barely function. What kind of quality of life are they going to have now? Both women have young families, both in their early 40's and both slim, fit and healthy with no other health concerns!

    Lots of food for thought, wishing you the best of luck and health whatever you decide is best for you and your family.
  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Very well said Laudy.

    An Amazing truth .....we have to back ourself.

    As Jack said on the pow wow ...."DONT BE AFRAID - GET ANGRY"
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    yes, this is so cool. When you get angry you cant be afraid, all fear just go away! Anger sometimes is a really good thing I think. I have felt so much anger lately and it feels just right. And I can tell you, I am almost never angry, I have never been that kind of a person. But now, all the hidden anger in me seems to awaken..grrrrr
  11. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    It’s great to get angry especially if you can think critically. Our thinking should prompt actions that benefit each of us and make our circle healthier.

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Anyone who stayed in OZ against my advice, you are reaping what you sowed.
    The Lower House of Victoria, Australia has approved pandemic legislation to give Premier Dan Andrews unilateral power to declare an emergency, ignoring head of State Bar who called it “appalling.” Something rotten in Victoria. This is getting very dangerous for your freedoms.

  13. caroline

    caroline New Member

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  14. Thank you for sharing
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  15. :mad:
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  16. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    He is bloody good that fella
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  17. So so unfortunate the majority of people in Aus are not seeing the insanity of what is happening nor understanding the gravity of their non chalant attitudes is irreversible.

    How can anyone in their right mind possibly think that it is ok to pass this kind of a bill into law giving the premier of the day and the minister for health such power? How is it ever ok to include a paragraph outlining how 'a pandemic order can be applied to 'classes of person' identified by their characteristics, attributes or circumstances. There are a lot of choice words swirling around in my head that I wont write, but what the actual hell is wrong with people!

    The bill now going in front of the upper house, 21 votes needed to pass. He has 17 seats already and it is believed he has the support of the Greens and two independents. It doesn't look good. Mass exodus already starting from Melbourne into northern NSW and Qld.

    If Victoria falls then our country is done! I believe the damage done already is irreversible.

    In an unprecedented move today 26 lawyers including 23 QC's joined an open letter opposing the pandemic laws passed last night.

    Hope its not too little too late !

    Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 9.22.24 pm.png Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 9.22.36 pm.png Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 9.22.46 pm.png
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  18. Just sharing some amazing footage in Melbourne today. Tears of joy and pride that people are finally coming together. Victoria will never be the same again, people too divided but this makes me believe there are still people who know right from wrong and will fight for those beliefs.

  19. Thank you for sharing
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