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Iatrogenic hypopituatarism

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Mork-eye, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Hi @Jack Kruse and all other whizz kids

    My history is 41 yo female living in UK since 2004, prior to this, born and bred New Zealander.

    Born eating seafood raw before anything else. Not currently implementing many protocols but I am absolutely committed. Have purchased red light device and clear light sauna. Drinking Icelandic glacial but MUCH work to be done.

    No history of Illness, never used sunblock, all natural cleaners and body products for years. Cycled on and off paleo type eating for a few years. Felt wonderful in my youth all exercise outdoors, lots of seafood although had a tendency to sun stroke and heat stroke.

    On with story. Feb 14 2017 gave birth to healthy son. Last 8 weeks of pregnancy progressive right sided facial pain and numbness. End stage labour non progressive emergency episiotomy with spinal block and gas and air (hated sensation of this and shouted to stop). Within short time of birth had a grand mal seizure (never had before and never since) with acute onset eclampsia, docs couldn’t get blood pressure down with mega doses of potassium under GA so had an MRI revealed base of brain moderately large meningioma causing trigeminal neuropathy. Facial symptoms abated almost instantly obviously superseded by anxiety upon consciousness but all in all I’ve dealt with the diagnosis well as I have an inherent inbuilt belief in the healing capacity of my body given the right inputs so know I can overcome themeningioma. Regrettably I was ushered into a craniotomy 3 months after birth ( I wish I had declined as symptomatically I was ‘fine’) Post surgically short dose dexamethasone and ongoing use of AEDs which I also terminated sooner than advised and have been fine. I did it with their full knowledge I’m not reckless. Also woke with 4th nerve cranial palsy therefore double vision and also concomitant hypopituatarism particularly low cortisol. I am not medicating as I’m still breastfeeding and am also feeling well enough not to. The pressure to medicate is strong from my endo. My question is “is it possible or even conceivable that I can heal from these iatrogenic injuries by applying myself to these protocols?”.

    I will do what it takes and spend what I need to with the full support of my other half.

    Thanks for anyone’s input but especially you Jack as this also involves your other speciality ‘neurosurgery’ though I’m not looking for or asking for unsolicited medical advice.
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  2. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Also I spoke directly to the surgeon about my symptoms and he stated he had not cut the pituitary or hay it had been crushed or pulled but that he could not rule out a potential concussive injury or an infarct within the pituitary blood vessels. i was told post surgically that “of course the trochlear nerve could be expected to be injured as it has a long course to run and is very thin”. So of course I should expect double vision then Huh. No significant improvement in the vision since surgery may 17 and ophthalmologist wants to do more surgery. Not buying it. I know as a Chiropractor nerves can take a long time to heal. Doesn’t help that said child is not a great sleeper so not exactly conducive to healing....
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  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi and welcome to the forum from another UK member! :)

    I think Jack will be at the Mexico member event still. I'd suggest you transfer your information into a journal in the optimal journal section, adding in what you know about your mother and grandmother's health, how many "low hanging fruit" changes you have made (such as seeing the sunrise, blue blocking at night etc). Although I don't know of where, (if anywhere) in Cornwall that has 5G, it would be useful to know what your environment is like in relation to artificial light at night, nnemf, how many wifi signals you can pick up etc. Your son's sleep might be being impacted, so any changes you make could improve his sleep, and yours. ;)

    In terms of spending, I can't comment on anything related to your medical diagnosis, but if you don't know what your environment is like in terms of wifi signals and other nnemf, a meter would be useful for anyone. In your position I would also be signing up as gold member to have access to the current and all the past catalogue of webinars and Q&As. Although time difference wise it might not be optimal, if you joined the Q&A live, you would have the opportunity to ask questions. But what is there already is a goldmine. :)
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  4. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Hi Sue and lovely to meet you. Thanks for your response.

    Tbh I’m already a gold member and have been since 2017. I’m slowly downloading the information although admittedly I have been a silent observer. Should I post somewhere that I’m a gold member?

    Yep you’re right I haven’t looked at our nnemf. Definitely no 5g here but not much sunlight either. Thinking about moving back to NZ. I own a meter so I will get cracking. I am really committed to the changes. I guess my question is if it is conceivable that I could resolve the iatrogenic injuries with this lifestyle and paradigm shift. All other lifestyle changes I am amped for!

    I didn’t think about live q&a so thanks for the nugget.

    I’ll get cracking on proper format and proper location for this info. Would like people deep I the trenches to comment so it helps to expose it to the right eyes doesn’t it.
  5. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I think of it that it is not just about avoiding degeneration, but "nurturing regeneration". So if my sleep sucks, and I'm being zapped by wifi etc, my chances of nurturing regeneration are pretty low. As for the sunlight, yes its low, but when I compare the difference in day lengths, the opportunity for regenerative sleep is better for me at 21st December than at 21st June. In winter the cold is my friend, as is a minimum of 10 hours total darkness at night (up to 12), and I also invest in a couple of 2 week trips to the Canaries over the winter. For your n=1 you may need to dig deeper or differently to me, but if all the low hanging fruit bases are covered, anything else/different you do has a better chance ….:)
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  6. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    The reference under my avatar as gold came when I first joined and wasn't able to post in the ask jack forum. I put in a ticket to support and gold was put under my avatar at the same time. If you can't post a question in the ask jack forum, it might be worth doing the same. Because of the holidays you might have to wait, but in the meantime (or if you can post in the ask jack forum) if you go to your account details and click on "information" you could put it in the signature section, which is where I've put my Feynman and apologies to Confucius quotes. :)
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome .....Sue has given you great advice ^^^^^^
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  8. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Thanks Sue, great insights, and I like the way you rephrase and redirect the energy from one of negativity to positivity. Although I do consider the hypopituatarism to be an injury and not degenerative, i love the idea of nurturing regeneration which goes hand in hand with redox not detox doesn't it. This sits very comfortably within my own professional and personal paradigm of healing. I may just steal this little nugget for rephrasing the narrative with my own patients.....

    Yes of course you are right, I need to commit to those things I can start upon immediately but I was just hoping there was a quantum way of understanding healing the pituitary gland using the mitochondriac way of words. I'm hungry for the understanding as well as the application.
  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    My maternal mitochondria risk factor is dementia (both my mother and maternal grandmother). One of the things that has fascinated me was on watching a David Eagleman programme on the brain, about a study on nuns who had agreed to donate their brains to AD research when they died, having had regular cognitive tests beforehand. Some of the nuns had no signs of AD in their brains, but had tested as having classic AD symptoms. Others had brains with classic AD pathology, yet had maintained good cognitive function throughout life. So it seems the lines between brain architecture and brain function are not clearly drawn, there are other factors at play, such as perhaps initially good mitochondria, hydrogen bonding network, sociability, feelings of love (oxytocin-pituitary connection?), or how they thought about life …. Number 6 of Jack's six best healers is 6. Friends who connect with you in life and not just on line could make a big difference in my destiny, so cutting negative people out of my life, even if they are family, supports both my brain function, and the conductor of the orchestra in my head that controls the endogenous compound pharmacy, even if my brain structure itself isn't as perfect as it should be. The decision to cut energy vampires was from thought based on better overall redox, after implementing 1-5 from https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/your-first-post-to-read-here-at-jackkruse-com.17829/. Its not something I could have tackled first.

    On many people's journeys here they report better mood, less brain fog, less pain etc before say loss of excess weight or improvement in whatever "diagnosis" brings them here. For chronic conditions that have affected cognitive function, or chronic pain conditions, pain perception in the brain changing, and better decision making ability coming first makes survival sense. (Fits with my complex homeopathy training - healing from the top down ). To do it right, I think the brain has to be able to interpret signals, which is why I think anything that interferes with the signal "tuning" (such as wifi and other forms of nnemf) has to be looked at as a priority, before buying "stuff". If anything I think the brain gets first dibs on healing if its done right. I've pretty much given up practice now because most people want a quick fix, a remedy, nutritional supplement or a diet sheet, and say "I can't …" or think that they are exempt from taking even very baby steps of cleaning up their environment and following the basics.

    I think to nurture regeneration, whatever the label we have been given, it is first about avoiding the circadian rhythm and sleep disruptors, and following the 3 legged stool, working through the 6 healers, to optimise autophagy and apoptosis, and speed and maximise healing and regeneration. For me its not about looking through a hole at my own diagnosed "fault" or my strong maternal mitochondrial "predisposition" but my ability to repair and rewire if necessary and regenerate as a whole, trusting that the regeneration pathways will put first what matters most. :)
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  10. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I thought quite a bit about the "optimize autophagy and apoptosis" when I hit a passage in one of my favorite books:

    "Consider that Mother Nature is not just “safe.” It is aggressive in destroying and replacing, in selecting and reshuffling. When it comes to random events, “robust” is certainly not good enough."

    Sending the signaling for proper A&A is critical to NOT be dragging along on senescent cells just waiting for disaster.
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  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I've been down the mitochondrial fission/fusion rabbit hole for a while now. Its a deep one … :confused::D
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  12. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Sue, that's the fun zone!
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  13. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Yep you guys have dived down the rabbit hole and become part of the 'hive' brain. Your language indicates it. From a 'long time lurker' to a now active participant I can see that over time people who dive in change their language as their understanding reaches new depths.

    Sue again thank you. You have an inherent ability to reframe. Your background in Complex homeopathy comes as no surprise to me as the Philosophy of homeopathy is congruent with the original Chiropractic model and I feel quite resonant with your communication style. I feel like you've given me a gentle aha moment, a new way to look at healing myself is to step out of my own way and get on with it.I like the idea of "trusting it will heal what matters the most first", given that my whole approach to health and wellness has almost always been trust in nature she knows best, create coherence and step away and what matters most will occur this felt good to hear. After all Nature needs no help just no interference.

    Drezy what book is that?

    Do either of you know the lens I am meant to ask for from my optometrist if I want to have my own blue blocking glasses made in the UK? It is cost prohibitive to buy raoptics from the UK. I had it somewhere and have lost it.
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  14. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    Sue. thank you--love how you think and express and share--love your guts.
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  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    someone here on the forum talked about lenses in the U.K. - I remember Jack saying that he hadn't heard of them. Sorry I don't remember who - but someone else will I am sure.
  16. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    I found BNI tinting. Is that correct? Do I ask for 500-550 range tints for red and what about the yellow for daytime use?

    *Edit -BPI tint
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  17. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Can you give the link? What are you using now? What environments are you looking to use them with and at what time of day? Are you short or long sighted? I need corrective glasses to read, but don't need them for say the TV. :)
  18. Mork-eye

    Mork-eye Gold

    Sure I’ll try find the link.

    I’m neither short or long. I have a mild Diplopia from the trochlea palsy and wear a corrective lens on my right eye for it, therefore glasses to hold the lens.

    I’d like to get my own blue blocking glasses made in the UK for red after sunset and yellow for indoors during the day as unfortunately currently I work under leds. I’m sure I recall Jack suggest asking your optometrist if they can use BNI tinting in the 500-550 range.
  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    You've mentioned right inputs, but I think its worth considering them as a whole.

    I left a stressful but fantastically paying job in my mid thirties to earning nothing for 2 years. My mistake was leaving it until my health meant I had no choice. And 25 years ago the environment was nothing like it is now in terms of lighting, mobile phones, home computers and wifi generally.

    My decision not to buy corrective blue blockers for work is based on deciding that they wouldn't be enough to compensate for a poor working environment in terms of lighting etc. The inputs from bad lighting would still be reaching me through uncovered skin, particularly my scalp if it was uncovered. Then after using a meter, there's other factors such as wifi, and fields emitted from equipment or appliances in the workplace to consider, how many hours a day I'm subjected to it, and whether I can mitigate it before and after exposure. My other consideration is that I think my damaged brain would do better by getting changing inputs from the changing solar frequencies throughout the day, rather than spending my working day with "same" blue blockers on. My N=1 starting point and decisions about my workplace, hours spent there, my sleep pattern and ability to mitigate could make the difference as to whether I move forward with the healing process, stay the same, or just get worse more slowly because I'm only blue blocking my eyes. My brain and other surfaces are still being irradiated, whilst I'm not connected to the light cycle for large parts of the day, at - a biggie - a latitude that doesn't get decent sunshine all year round. If I get worse more slowly, I will reach a point when my crashed health means I'm not able to work at all, with everything else that comes with that scenario. :eek:

    The full support of my other half included me virtually retiring to avoid a less than optimal workplace, downsizing to a small flat for the winter without heating or any overhead lights on, and spending the summer living in a mobile home in the sticks, where I can do outside CT and nude sunbathing. Doing what it takes has been inconvenient and uncomfortable at times and meant earning a lot less. On the plus side truly appreciating my other half's support does wonders for my dopamine and oxytocin levels, :D I only accept work that interests me and won't drain me, and it encourages me to learn more and try and think more about the non linear effects of my spending decisions.:)
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  20. drezy

    drezy Gold


    The hive concept sounds a bit icky.

    When I look out over the forums I see wildly different people.

    It's like walking through a bazaar and having the light of so many different types of lamps to look at and interact with.

    If you haven't read this I think it is worth reading for you:


    The article linked to is very interesting, but don't miss the comments section with emphasis on the use of the phrase "When your mitochondria are on life support (glioma presence is proof)..."

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