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I need more help........to help you better.

Discussion in 'Feedback/Suggestions' started by Jack Kruse, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Kyra I doubt people will help with this........they always complain about the difficulty of the blogs........Then they complain when I tell them to collect DHA to collect electrons and make it simple. You just can not make people happy. Change is two sides of the same coin........what determines the side we see is our redox potential. It is also what determines the choice we make in life.........good redox leads to optimal dopamine and great choices........and conversely the opposite happens. This site is filled with people with a mixed redox sink.........hence why no one decision will make anyone truly satisfied.
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  2. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    I went back and looked at my notes about the blog. The first blog was published on June 1, 2011. ..... So Happy Three Year Anniversary Dr. Kruse.

    Couple of observations jumped out at me ......

    1) Blogs were published much more often, but they were also much smaller in size. ... Might be an idea to return to smaller more bite-size blogs.

    2) I am very fortunate to have found the blog at the very beginning.

    3) Many of the questions being currently asked in the Forum have their answers in older blogs .... especially the first 6 months or so.

    4) The blogs clearly build on the previous ones. Unless a new reader is a highly trained health professional, it is probably not a good idea to start with the current blog. .... In this case, traditional schooling methods have some merits. Grade school is the foundation for middle school, pre-med is the foundation for medical school, etc.

    5) I believe people that don't go back and start with the first blogs are inadvertently setting themselves up for failure. .... The exception would be the topics listed in the Quick Start Guide and any of the Rx blogs.
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  3. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    Jack Kruse blogs for the year 2011:

    06-01-11 - Living an Optimized Life: the Dr. Jack Kruse Story http://jackkruse.com/optimized-life...identical-hormone-replacement-growth-hormone/

    06-02-11 - My Epiphany for Your Future http://jackkruse.com/my-epiphany-for-your-future/

    06-03-11 - Leptin: Chapter One http://jackkruse.com/chapter-one-on-leptin/

    06-05-11 - Leptin Part Deux: Liver http://jackkruse.com/leptin-part-deux-the-liver/

    06-06-11 - Why is Oprah Still Obese? Leptin Part 3 http://jackkruse.com/why-is-oprah-still-obese-leptin-part-3/

    06-08-11 - Hormones 101: Clinical thoughts revealed http://jackkruse.com/hormone-cascade-101/

    06-10-11 - How to Change Your Doctor and Your Life http://jackkruse.com/changing-your-...life-changing-your-weight-changing-your-mind/

    06-12-11 - Why Does Heart Disease Really Occur http://jackkruse.com/why-does-heart-disease-really-occur/

    06-14-11 - What Powers Life and Death? http://jackkruse.com/what-powers-life-and-death/

    06-15-11 - Dancing Between Purity and Pollution http://jackkruse.com/why-we-die-and-why-we-live/

    06-17-11 - A Leaky Life? http://jackkruse.com/a-leaky-life/

    06-20-11 - Why Dietary Biochemistry? http://jackkruse.com/why-dietary-biochemistry/

    06-22-11 - Why Do We Sleep? http://jackkruse.com/why-do-we-sleep/

    06-24-11 - Why Sleep and Leptin are Yoked http://jackkruse.com/why-sleep-and-leptin-are-yoked/

    06-26-11 - Why You Need to Think for Yourself http://jackkruse.com/why-you-need-to-think-for-yourself/

    06-29-11 - My Leptin Prescription http://jackkruse.com/my-leptin-prescription/

    07-06-11 - Could It Be the Gut? http://jackkruse.com/could-it-be-the-gut/

    07-07-11 - Cancer Hits, Whats Next? http://jackkruse.com/what-to-do-with-new-cancer-diagnosis/

    07-08-11 - What Might Casey Anthony and OJ Have in Common? http://jackkruse.com/what-might-casey-anthony-and-oj-have-in-common/

    07-09-11 - Paleo 3.0, Meet Epigenetics http://jackkruse.com/paleo-3-0-meet-epigenetics/

    07-14-11 - Developmental Origins of Disease http://jackkruse.com/developmental-origins-of-disease/

    07-17-11 - Sleep Ya Big Dummy http://jackkruse.com/sleep-ya-big-dummy/

    07-20-11 - Avoiding the Fates of Ronald Reagan or Michael J Fox http://jackkruse.com/avoiding-fates-of-ronald-reagan-or-michael-j-fox/

    07-22-11 - Your VAP - Brain Gut Axis Function http://jackkruse.com/your-vap-brain-love-not-war/

    07-24-11 - What is Biologic Concrete? http://jackkruse.com/what-is-biologic-concrete/

    07-26-11 - Can't Remember? Is Your Protein Bent? http://jackkruse.com/cant-remember-is-your-protein-bent/

    07-29-11 - Why Leaky Guts Lead to MS http://jackkruse.com/why-leaky-guts-lead-to-ms/

    07-30-11 - Leaky Gut Prescription http://jackkruse.com/the-leaky-gut-prescription/

    07-31-11 - Where Autoimmunity, Cancer and Disease Collide http://jackkruse.com/where-autoimmunity-cancer-and-disease-collide/

    08-03-11 - What To Do About Neuropathy? http://jackkruse.com/what-is-peripheral-neuropathy/

    08-05-11 - Is Fish Oil Good or Bad? http://jackkruse.com/is-fish-oil-good-or-bad/

    08-07-11 - My Very Fresh Initial Thoughts of AHS 2011 http://jackkruse.com/my-very-fresh-initial-thoughts-of-ahs-2011/

    08-09-11 - Do Food Electrons Impart a Quantum Effect? http://jackkruse.com/do-food-electrons-impart-a-quantum-effect/

    08-12-11 - Why the Epi-Paleo Diet is Stat Paging Your Brain? http://jackkruse.com/why-the-epi-paleo-rx-is-stat-paging-your-brain/

    08-13-11 - Gnoll.org Opens the Door to Obesity Fight http://jackkruse.com/gnolls-com-opens-the-door-to-obesity-fight/

    08-14-11 - Your Gut, Neurotransmitters and Hormones http://jackkruse.com/your-gutneurotransmitters-and-hormones/

    08-20-11 - Cellular Depletions ... Why Should You Care? http://jackkruse.com/cellular-depletions-why-should-you-care/

    08-23-11 - Sunshine of Your Life http://jackkruse.com/the-sunshine-of-your-life/

    08-26-11 - What Are the Optimizing Labs? http://jackkruse.com/what-are-the-optimizing-labs/

    08-27-11 - Central Leptin Dominance For Health: Part I http://jackkruse.com/central-leptin-dominance-for-health-part-1/

    08-28-11 - Central Leptin Dominance: Part 2 http://jackkruse.com/central-leptin-dominance-part-2/

    08-30-11 - Central Leptin Dominance: Part 3 - King of the Hill http://jackkruse.com/central-leptin-dominance-part-3-king-of-hill/

    09-01-11 - Leptin Rx: FAQs http://jackkruse.com/the-leptin-rx-faqs/

    09-06-11 - Intermittent Fasting and Leptin http://jackkruse.com/intermittent-fasting-and-leptin/

    09-12-11 - Concussions, Diet and Neuordegenerative Disease Part I http://jackkruse.com/concussions-diet-and-neurodegenerative-disease-part-1/

    09-17-11 - MSG, Your Gut and Your Brain, Post-Trauma http://jackkruse.com/msg-your-gut-and-your-brain-post-trauma/

    09-19-11 - Where CTE, Diet and Neurodegeneration Meet http://jackkruse.com/where-concussions-diet-and-neurodegeneration-meet/

    09-24-11 - Concussion / CTE Prescription http://jackkruse.com/concussioncte-prescription/

    09-26-11 - Top 10 Paleo Supplements http://jackkruse.com/intermittent-fasting-and-leptin/

    10-01-11 - How to Find Your Inner Masterpiece http://jackkruse.com/how-to-find-your-inner-masterpiece/

    10-05-11 - To B or Not to B ... Or Is It Protein? http://jackkruse.com/to-b-or-not-too-b-or-is-it-protein/

    10-09-11 - What Should HCG / Paleo Users Consider As Adjuncts? http://jackkruse.com/what-should-hcgpaleo-users-consider-as-adjuncts/

    10-14-11 - The "Not So Hard" Truth About Hair Loss http://jackkruse.com/the-not-so-hard-truth-about-hair-loss/

    10-22-11 - The "Teeth" In Disease http://jackkruse.com/the-teeth-in-disease/

    10-26-11 - How Does the Leptin Rx Work? http://jackkruse.com/how-does-the-leptin-rx-work/

    11-01-11 - Osteoporosis Part One http://jackkruse.com/osteoporosis-part-one/

    11-08-11 - Osteoporosis 2: The Vitamin K2 Story http://jackkruse.com/osteoporosis-two-the-vitamin-k2-story/

    11-11-11 - Osteoporosis 3: Related Drugs and Diseases http://jackkruse.com/osteoporosis-three-related-drugs-and-diseases/

    11-13-11 - Osteoporosis Rx http://jackkruse.com/the-osteoporosis-rx/

    11-16-11 - Completed the Leptin Rx? What's Next? http://jackkruse.com/so-you-completed-the-leptin-rx-what-is-next-2/

    11-27-11 - What Can You Find Out About Your Own Health? http://jackkruse.com/what-can-you-find-about-your-own-health/

    12-08-11 - Primal Cortisol Response http://jackkruse.com/primal-cortisol-response/

    12-14-11 - Finding Your Primal Sense http://jackkruse.com/finding-your-primal-sense/

    12-21-11 - What is the Primal Spirit? http://jackkruse.com/what-is-the-primal-spirit/

    12-31-11 - Principles of Optimal Living http://jackkruse.com/the-primal-principles-of-optimal-living/
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  4. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Sweet! If I could hug you I would.
  5. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    Kyra, the next step would be adding Jack's "Readers Summary" for each blog title on the list. Each blog has 4-6 Readers Summaries, and that would give readers a short idea of the most important ideas in each blog. Maybe somebody in the crowdsource will volunteer for that project.
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  6. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Yes, True.

    It is difficult telling folks it is not possible for them to make good decisions because their brain doesn't have enough electrons. When I have told clients this they go blank in the eyes. Some feel insulted instead of looking at that statement as a fact, based on quantam, not a judgement and then doing something to improve their brain so they make better choices.

    I have clients who ask me the exact same questions over and over and over. They simply cannot process the information I tell them that I learn here. It's like I am speaking Chinese. After a while instead of repeating myself I tell them. They don't have enough electrons in their brain to change what they are doing and then I explain below:

    "Open up the hood of your car and look at the battery. The battery has a positive and negative terminal if you open up the chamber on top of the battery you will see water. Water connects to negative and positive. Same thing happens in your body. What connects water to every other part of your body? The protein called Collagen. It’s the wires that go off your terminals that go to your starter that start your car. What happens in the electronics in your house, what happens in your car, what happens everywhere around you also happens in you. This is the scale that we all need to understand.

    When we drink water and then sit in the sun what does the sunlight do to water? It charge separates it into negative and positive charges. This is where the redox potential starts. And if this process is broken in you.. you become broken. You set the stage for heart disease, atherosclerosis, autoimmunity, neurodegeneration and cancer. What determines what disease you get? How low the environmental sink is of how deep your redox problem is. Your main goal is to protect your redox potential. To find out exactly where it is at now, get it to it’s optimal level and then protect it. "

    I personally am half way there to finding out exactly where my redox is, via tons and tons of lab work and other tests which (results start coming back next week), next step will be to optimize it and then protect it. This study guide will help me.. and I really do need to start from the beginning and work forward to the most recent post. I've watched all the webinars but I need to to the reading of the blogs.
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  7. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Alt_Paleo stepped up. So I have a good start. How cool is that!
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  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    That's awesome, thanks so much
  9. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    I am working putting all of 2011 into one study guide from the links that Alt_Paleo put together. As soon as it's available I will post it Here http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/study-guide.10996/so as not to completely hijack this theread!!

    I am thinking to make it a word document instead of a PDF that way others can download it and add their own personal notes to it unless you all prefer a PDF instead.
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  10. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Great positive initiative Kyra!
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  11. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Thats a great initiative in order to build the ultimate 'Kruse Academy' :D

    BTW, not quite exactly about the blogs, but several days ago I found a playlist on youtube about biology that I think it can help a lot to build some foundational knowledge to help understand better what is all about specially when you try to put quantum physics on the mix. It's from the Bozeman Science Youtube Channel.

    Biology: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7A750281106CD067
    Physics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL495D7879B0AB8AB7

    There are more lists about other things such as anatomy, science, etc. if you have a look at the channel, all helps!
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  12. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    He reminds me of Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.... Thanks for this. Kahn Academy is also a good one. Although I think Jack would say that parts of what they are teaching is not correct but these kinds of videos are helpful when something isn't clicking..
  13. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Yep, but I doubt we would find any source that reunites such bang for the buck in terms of putting things like biology in simple terms that most can understand and being very accurate regarding with what we talk here, at the same time. That's why this site is unique in its own way. But, even like this, I find it helpful to know the basics about science from the lens of the rest of the world, so you can argue then when you know better :D. Some of the videos are quite up to date, the one that explains enthalpy and entropy I think is really useful because it's a critical concept that I find it's not easy to grasp, etc. Good starting point at least. Reading Jacks posts with no background must suck, I don't have much, but I cannot imagine how someone who has zero can get here to improve their health and get something useful from the blogs without having to do a big act of faith...
  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I think you might be stretched a bit thin as you have a big heart - I mean think about all the places where people have access to you - and the idea was to get away from all this media... Do your blogs with whatever frequency you want - I like once a week - it's very exciting when a new one comes out - answer the questions related to the blog that require clarification - this is what makes the gold in the comments and skip giving free medical advice that has nothing to do with the message - I mean it's very nice of you, but you too need a life - the idea of this blog is to present information with a quantum view - not to solve every medical problem that comes along - very nice of you but save yourself...

    I also like the forest before the trees approach to any writing, but really, what you are talking about is quite complicated to understand but simple enough to put into practice - you don't have to be a physicist to stick your face in some cold water and eat seasonally and walk in nature barefoot -

    One last suggestion concerning your blog format - I read a blog once that was technical and the guy actually had laid out vocabulary links and all kinds of stuff so before you even got to his message, the groundwork was there - you might try something like that but really, I find your writing quite good and going back a rereading the stuff uncovers a pearl or two each time:)

    The last gripe which would be easy to implement software-wise is the "by date" order of the blogs is now gone and there is this mass of blogs listed by disease... most people here had the advantage of reading these blogs in order so they made more sense as the info built upon the previous posts... now, if you try to access the blogs in the order they were posted, it is impossible - this would be very beneficial IMHO -
  15. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo New Member

    Jack Kruse blogs for the year 2012:

    01-08-12 - Hey Lyme Disease, Meet Leptin! http://jackkruse.com/hey-lyme-disease-meet-leptin/

    01-13-12 - Do You Have a Grain Brain? http://jackkruse.com/do-you-have-a-grain-brain/

    01-20-12 - Why Perspective Matters? http://jackkruse.com/why-perspective-matters/

    01-28-12 - CPC 1: Tourette Syndrome Meets Evolutionary Medicine http://jackkruse.com/primal-cpc-1-tourette-syndrome-meets-evolutionary-medicine/

    02-04-12 - CPC 2: Eating Disorder Etiology http://jackkruse.com/primal-cpc-2-eating-disorder-etiology/

    02-08-12 - Rewiring the Leptin Rx Reset http://jackkruse.com/rewiring-the-leptin-rx-reset/

    02-11-12 - Cold Thermogenesis Protocol http://jackkruse.com/the-evolution-of-the-leptin-rx/

    02-14-12 - Paleo Summit: Is The Paleo Diet The Answer? http://jackkruse.com/the-paleo-summit-is-the-paleo-diet-the-answer/

    02-19-12 - Rewarding Feeling of Safe Starches http://jackkruse.com/the-rewarding-feeling-of-safe-starches/

    02-20-12 - Peri-Operative Optimal Surgical Considerations http://jackkruse.com/peri-operative-optimal-surgical-considerations/

    02-21-12 - CT 1: Theory To Practice Begins http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-1-theory-to-practice-begins/

    02-22-12 - CT 2 http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-two/

    02-23-12 - CT 3 http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-three/

    02-27-12 - CT 4: The Holy Trinity http://jackkruse.com/the-holy-trinity-ct-4/

    03-05-12 - CT 5 http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-5/

    03-06-12 - CT 6: The Ancient Pathway http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-6-the-ancient-pathway/

    03-13-12 - On The Eve of PaleoFX http://jackkruse.com/on-the-eve-of-paleo-fx/

    03-18-12 - My Top Ten PaleoFX Moments http://jackkruse.com/my-top-ten-paleo-fx-moments/

    03-21-12 - CT 7 http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-7/

    04-02-12 - CT 8 http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-8/

    04-09-12 - CT 9: Theory Meets Practice http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-9-theory-meets-practice/

    04-16-12 - CT 10: Is Good The Enemy of Great? http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-10-is-good-the-enemy-of-great/

    04-25-12 - CPC # 3: Do You Need a Gallbladder? http://jackkruse.com/cpc-3-do-you-need-a-gallbladder/

    04-27-12 - CT 11: Paleo FX To Practice http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-11-paleo-fx-to-practice/

    05-04-12 - Book Review I: Make Shift Happen & Sweet Potato Power http://jackkruse.com/book-review-1-dean-dwyer-and-ashley-tudors-books/

    05-08-12 - CT 12: Getting Back "On Board" With My Message http://jackkruse.com/ct-12-getting-back-on-board-with-my-message/

    05-15-12 - Paleo f(x) http://jackkruse.com/paleo-fx/

    05-19-12 - CPC # 4: Evolutionary Friend or Foe? http://jackkruse.com/cpc4-evolutionary-friend-or-foe/

    05-26-12 - E=MC2: Making Factor X Actionable http://jackkruse.com/emc2-making-factor-x-actionable/

    06-02-12 - CT 13: The FAQ's http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-13-the-faqs/

    06-10-12 - CPC # 5: The Leaky Gut / Adrneal Fatigue Case http://jackkruse.com/cpc-5-the-leaky-gutadrenal-fatigue-case/

    06-16-12 - Brain Gut 1: Who Are We, Really? http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-1-who-are-we-really/

    06-22-12 - Brain Gut 2: Viral Marketing http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-2-viral-marketing/

    06-30-12 - Hormone CPC # 1: DHEA http://jackkruse.com/hormone-cpc-1-dhea/

    07-04-12 - Brain Gut 3: Look In The Past to See Your Prologue http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-3-look-in-the-past-to-see-your-prologue/

    07-11-12 - Brain Gut 4: What was Homo's Solution? http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-4-what-was-homos-solution/

    07-18-12 - Brain Gut 5: Paradigm Drifts Paradigm Shifts - Epi-Paleo http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-5-paradigm-drifts-paradigm-shifts-epi-paleo/

    07-27-12 - Brain Gut 6: Epi-Paleo Rx http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-6-epi-paleo-rx/

    08-05-12 - Brain Gut 7: Intro To Your Gut Microbiome http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-7-intro-to-your-gut-microbiome/

    08-12-12 - Brain Gut 8: Their Trip Down the Rabbit Hole http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-8-their-trip-down-the-rabbit-hole/

    08-20-12 - Brain Gut 9: What Really Killed Michael Jackson http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-9-what-really-killed-michael-jackson/

    08-30-12 - Brain Gut 10: The Other Trip Through the Rabbit Hole http://jackkruse.com/the-other-trip-through-the-rabbit-hole/

    09-06-12 - Brain Gut 11: Is Technology An Achilles Heel? http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-11-is-technology-your-achilles-heel/

    09-15-12 - Brain Gut 12: Dare to Disagree? http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-12-dare-to-disagree/

    09-27-12 - Brain Gut 13: Where Optimal Meets All World Performance http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-13-where-optimal-meets-all-world-performance/

    10-09-12 - Brain Gut 14: Personal Ground Zero http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-14-personal-ground-zero/

    10-18-12 - Brain Gut 15: Creating Your Health IPO http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-15-creating-your-health-ipo/

    10-28-12 - CT and the Epi-Paleo Rx Meet the Olympics http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-and-the-epi-paleo-rx-meet-the-olympics/

    11-05-12 - Brain Gut 16: Adrenal Fatigue Rx http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-16-adrenal-fatigue-rx/

    11-15-12 - Change Rx http://jackkruse.com/the-change-rx/

    11-28-12 - Dopamine Rx = Good Choices or Bad http://jackkruse.com/the-dopamine-rx-good-choices-or-bad/

    12-13-12 - Brain Gut 17: The Power Squat http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-17-the-power-squat/

    12-21-12 - Winter Solstice Special Blog: "The Inger Effect" http://jackkruse.com/winter-solstice-special-blog-the-inger-effect/

    12-24-12 - The Christmas Rx: 2012 http://jackkruse.com/the-christmas-rx-2012/
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  16. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Awesome! I'm on it! Thank you :)
  17. Josh

    Josh New Member

    working on 13 and 14
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  18. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    WOW! That's awesome Josh. Thank you sooo much! I'm on these too!
  19. Jude

    Jude Gold

    GREAT WORK ......................thank you

    ALT, Betsy ( Kyra) and Josh...............fantastic

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  20. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Thank you so much Josh. Looks like I got a bunch of reading to do.

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