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I need help with my music education.......

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

  2. Chantelle

    Chantelle New Member

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  3. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    I was really excited finding that band too! I like finding music from countries other than the USA/UK/Canada. And when it's from the '60s onward a lot of the bands were influenced by popular pop and rock bands from the US and England, but they also have the influences of the music from their countries, so it's an interesting combination.

    And sometimes funny

    This one's hilarious


    There are record labels that put together albums that are compilations of songs from various bands (and full albums by one band too). It's a good way to find new songs and bands.



    Numero Group
    https://numerogroup.bandcamp.com/music (Ctrl+F search "Various")
    Sub-label, Eccentric Soul

    Soul Jazz Records

    Analog Africa


    This one's similar to Os Mutantes.
    Marilene - Sinal Vermelho

    Another good song from that same album

    This band's also similar to Os Mutantes, a little weirder (other songs). Their first album was in 2013.

    Another recent band -- soul and funk
    They also made two albums covering Wu Tang beats and a cover album of Isaac Hayes's Walk On By.

    The least obscure recent funk band

    I like the poppy African songs with lyrics I don't understand and lots of people singing (I posted some others like that in earlier posts).

    Jazz with African and Latin influences, "Highlife"

    Similar to that, Mulatu Astatke's Ethiopian jazz

    There's a lot of good dance music influenced by traditional Latin styles

    This one sounds like it could've been a hit for Michael Jackson. Or Sly and the Family Stone. From South Africa, 1975.


    Cheesy Brazilian disco
    05. Robson Robson - Funk-Funk-La
    (the early electric drum kit tom-tom sound on the fills :rofl: being overused or underused?)

    After the disco some cleansing is needed

    (Still cleansing)
    #5 - https://soundsoftheuniverse.com/sjr/product/new-orleans-funk-the-original-sound-of-funk-1960-75

    mashup of that song with Biggie
    --->> https://soundcloud.com/monetrik/monetrik-check-yobucket

    #16 and #18
    full songs:
    Betty Harris - I'm Gonna Git Ya
    Zilla Mayes - All I Want Is You

    Lots of good soul compilations
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  4. Chantelle

    Chantelle New Member

    Brilliant. I'll definitely look through those recommendations. You have great taste;) I have come across Vulfpeck!
    I love to find music outside of the US/UK etc too. Im going to have to share my favourite Italian Singer

    Lucio Battisti

  5. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    I was listening to his albums and got to that song you posted and thought yeah this is one of the best ones. The chord progression and arrangement sounds like lots of songs from that era but it's good when the little details come together and sound just right, you know. And I like the lyrics being in another language because it adds wonder while I feel like I still understand it some.

    I skipped through all of his '70s albums.
    (I took the "https://www." out of the links below so it doesn't slow the page down auto-loading too many videos.)

    02 Ma E' Un Canto Brasileiro
    1:35 sounds Os Mutantes-y. And then the contrast with the electric David Bowie-sounding part after 3:00 and it builds like it's going into a heavy chorus but then instead back into the softness. I like how that complements.

    05. Confusione
    At 3:05 sounds like a synth cat. They only do that one more time at 4:17. I love finding those moments, like the whistles in Cumbia Que Te Vas de Ronda (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...h-my-music-education.9297/page-45#post-292732).

    04. Umanamente Uomo IL Sogno
    I like the whistling in this too. And the whistling and humming being a little out of tune sometimes. The whistling melody at 2:34 is beautiful. That part's perfect.
    I've been relistening to this one lots of times. This one's my favorite. Something about the whistling melodies. This is a good find. Up there with the Os Mutantes 1968 version of Baby.
    I like the soft sound of other songs on that album, too -- "Umanamente uomo: il sogno".

    A short (0:52) fun one
    Gli uomini celesti (Ripresa)

    7 e 40
    1:11 - "Presto presto yeeeaaahhh"; put that on loop for 30 seconds straight over a scene of people triumphantly making dinner fast and you got a golden ticket commercial for a pre-made pasta sauce company, like art should be for.

    This one's silly -- Maledetto Gatto

    --->> I found the song you posted on an album in English. 5:06
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2020
  6. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    I did some more Bandcamp digging.

    This is an interesting album. Very weirdly fun. Traditional Central and South American musical styles mixed with psychedelics and electronic effects makes some interesting genre, but I don't know much about it, what its called and the nuances of subgenres. So I don't know what this would be called more specifically than Colombian Psychedelic? Mayans on LSD?

    Meridian Brothers - Desesperanza

    Something about those simple traditional styles mixed with weird playful electronic effects complement each other so well. It's like alien kids songs.


    Mellow instrumentals

    --> Dexter Story - Spring

    Felbm - Herfstzon

    Felbm - When It Rains

    The Expresso's - Wandering


    Tucker Zimmerman - No Love Lost

    The Newday - Wait a Minute Girl

    Andwella - People's People
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2021
  7. Chantelle

    Chantelle New Member

    Dan you're even better than the Apple Music radio suggestion algorithm !!
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  8. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    I sure hope so. The John Henry of enthusiasm about someone sharing my taste. Tell me which ones you like the most and maybe I could suggest more like it. I'm trying to be picky so as not to be overwhelming with too much.
  9. Chantelle

    Chantelle New Member

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  10. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    Yeah that's a pretty song. I'm interested if you want to share more you find you like. I haven't looked much for more new songs for a few days. There are psychedelic rock themed compilation albums from some of the labels I posted earlier I'll look through some.

    Something I was listening to recently:
    Other good songs from that album:

    You've probably heard these -- Brian Jonestown Massacre.
    From 2:12 here, I love the swell of the bass fill and the way the too loud recording makes the rhythm section mush together into fuzz when it comes back in together and the dynamics of the bass groove being accented by the fuzziness:
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2020
  11. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

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  12. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    smooth volume consistency and gentle interesting sounds, go-to album for putting on loop as background or sleeping music

    The Complete Columbia Studio Solo Recordings of Thelonious Monk: 1962-1968


    Chiwoniso - Zvichapera

    Kokoroko - Abusey Junction

    L'Harmonie Voltaique - Nôglem Nôoma


    (#s 20, 14, 18, 13, 10 ?)

    Michou - Maloya Ton Tisane
    (also track 6 from that album -- Joseph Louise - Ti Kreol Leo)
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2020
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thankyou Dan!
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  14. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

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  15. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    I have a fairly diversified palette when it comes to music. I tend to cycle through different genre's ... This morning The Division Bell has been blaring while outside building a Gabion wall at my northern hideout....It's about time to head south with the sun.

    "I was starring straight into the shinning sun"....

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  16. Butters

    Butters New Member

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  17. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    I thought I'd start a new thread about who to trust but I'll try here first about who you can trust artistically . . . so many of them who write big rebel songs are conspicuously silent right now when it matters most . . .

    Here's a couple who aren"t frozen by the fear - Van Morrison and Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton interview after vaccine adverse reactions

    I have a good BS radar . . . .

    They're coming for the kids people - are we the generation that let that happen??? Whats the point of being optimal if you let this happen . . . . I hope you live a very long time thinking about what you didn't do

    To all those who stood by while it all went down . . . F!U!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2021
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    love Eric Clapton ....thanks
  19. [QUOTE = "Sean Waters, post: 300999, member: 19464"] We need to go back to the traditional basics man ...... Literature, Live Theater, Dancing, Sports, Farming .... got to get the fuck off these devices. [/ QUOTE]
    I played a little guitar once, I should play a little again. Music is not like in the old days, as it once was. Spotify, MP3 is not like an LP player, etc. The technology has taken some of the nuances out of music. Made it flatter in a way. Music was often played at 432 Hz, but that is no longer the case, most of the frequencies have been changed and adapted to a "better" technical standard ... frequencies that are easier for the technology to use.
    Well, I'm not the expert on this, but possibly an area we can increase quality of life?
  20. Jason F

    Jason F New Member

    "In the name of liberty we set off to the sea, in the name of glory fighting to be free"

    From my misspent youth
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