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I finally got out of Dallas. Time to heal.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MattD1995, May 28, 2019.

  1. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thanks Marko! I'm actually not planning to finish a 4 year degree. I'm just going to finish my associates since I only have 6 hours left. My college advisor told me that an associate's can actually get me in the door at many places unless I'm trying to be a doctor or a lawyer or something advanced. I just need enough money right now to get by honestly. The rest of my focus is on my health. A million dollars won't matter if I'm sick. I would trade anything right now for my health back.
  2. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Being out of work for over a week has been interesting. I’ve noticed that I tend to spend my money at the same rate that I accumulate it. Since being out of work, I’ve dramatically cut back on spending by necessity, and I don’t really feel like I’m lacking in anything. Just makes me realize how much money I’ve wasted on supplements, food, and other treatments that didn’t work. I have more money at the end of one week of unemployment than I usually do after a week of employment. Oh the irony. Also makes me realize that a good environment + low stress negates many of the other things we need to survive. When I’m less stressed, I’m able to eat more casually. When I get more sun, I’m able to feel better for free without working extra to pay for expensive seafood. Tomorrow I see my hematologist to discuss iron overload and further testing for my very large liver. I’m hopeful something positive will come from the appointment. Jack has a post from a while back discussing iron overload/hemochromatosis. It’s a relatively easy fix. Phlebotomies and light.

    My focus right now is just to get a simple, low-stress job. Life guarding looks like the best option as I was a lifeguard in high school and enjoyed it. Just going to spend the next few months working casually and focusing on my liver/potential iron overload.

    Simplicity is my focus right now. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be in Florida or Mexico by the end of the year. Dallas doesn’t have much left to offer me aside from my family being here. I have no social life. Only 2 friends who I can rarely see. No job currently. It’s almost as if the universe is ripping away everything that is tying me down to Dallas in an attempt to make me leave. I’m listening. A few more wacks in the head from the cosmos, and I’ll be just about ready to live out of the back of a pickup truck in Destin.
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    lots and lots of young people live out of the back of their pick up trucks here!
  4. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I cant even tell, Matt, how glad I am that you are starting to find answers!!! :) :) :) This is sooo good, because now you know what to do! And iron overload is thankfully pretty simple to remedy through giving blood. I am starting to think, iron overload is more common as we think it is... and in todays world with more and more nnEMF it is going to be even more destructive for health. Really something everyone should be aware of, that is not regularely menstruating.
  5. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    That's my goal! Just have to save up enough for the truck.

    Thanks Inger! No guarantee that's the primary issue yet, but I'm seeing a liver specialist Monday who will be helping me rule out iron overload as well as other causes.

    A strange realization hit me today after seeing a recent interview with Justin Bieber and Ellen. As many of you probably know, Justin is quite sick with Lyme. In the interview with Ellen, he references his teen years and all the "dopamine" that was depleted from late nights, drugs, bright lights, touring, etc... I started thinking about all the celebrities who are absolutely miserable and physically suffering DESPITE all the money and fame they have. Lady Gaga is dealing with fibromyalgia. Johnny Depp is still reeling from his divorce and drowning himself in alcohol and drugs. Justin Bieber has Lyme. Selena Gomez has lupus. Lil Wayne has epilepsy. These are just the actors suffering from chronic diseases. Let's not forget all the actors dealing with drug addiction, depression, and other mitochondrial issues that are still simply deemed "mental illness".

    I've spent a large portion of my life believing I needed to have a certain number of things in place for me to be happy (70K job a year, my own place in Dallas near my family, the ability to go out on the weekend and party like every other 24 year old, etc...).

    All my life I've heard the cliche "happiness is a mindset" and "money doesn't make you happy"...yet nobody was ever able to explain to me what exactly COULD make me happy.

    The more I learn about light and dopamine and the circle of 6 and magnetism, the more I'm realizing now that happiness is heavily based upon quantum biology. You can't just "think" or "believe" your way into happiness in a shit environment.

    My biggest realization from all of this: True happiness and true quality of life can only come from pursuing light and dopamine and AVOIDING that which destroys light and dopamine. Happiness is just as achievable from a BIOCHEMICAL standpoint for the poor as it is for the rich.

    I always wondered why so many centenarians are able to drink alcohol, eat like shit, and still be healthier and happier than I am at 100 years old. Most of them grew up in low stress environments. They weren't surrounded by EMF and bluelight. They spent their days outdoors. They didn't have much materialistically, but they had health at the quantum level because of their environment. And that is something money can't buy.

    These centenarians didn't have to try to be healthy. Their low-stress, high-energy environment made it that easy.

    Meanwhile, I'm 24 years old and have spent the last 3 years throwing every bit of my energy and money towards diets, supplements, and other therapies that didn't work. I'm fucking sick of it. It's not worth it anymore. Living out of a pickup truck on the beach and scraping by would be more worth it at this point. I have no life in Dallas. I can barely hold down a job. I can't maintain friendships or date because of how sick I am.

    An industrialized, highly complex environment requires industrialized, highly complex health solutions. A lower complexity, low stress environment requires lower complexity and creates less stress. Stress = dopamine depletion. My environment is killing me right now faster than I can recover.

    My goal at this point is just to get a truck and get out of Dallas as soon as possible. I'll have to work for 2-3 more months to save enough for a truck, but it's doable. The juice just ain't worth the squeeze anymore. What's the point of living in Dallas to stay near my family and doctors when I'm TOO SICK to interact with my family and my doctors CAN'T HEAL ME??

    Fuck it. I'm ready to migrate out of EMF hell into a higher quantum yielding environment. It's going to be a process to get there, but I don't have an option.
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  6. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Met with the liver specialist today. He ordered a biopsy of my enlarged liver which will allow him to evaluate a variety of possible issues (cancers, iron/copper overload, cirrohsis, etc...).

    I also picked up a front desk job at my local gym. It's not much money, but it's early mornings and low-stress which is exactly what I need right now. More time to be outside as spring approaches, and to try to rest.

    I'm exhausted. It's been 4 years, 15+ doctors, multiple diets, lots of CT and seafood, blue blocking...you name it. I've tried it. The fact that my liver is so severely enlarged has me convinced that my problem at this point is not purely related to my zip code or environment. I have 4 younger brothers with the same genetics, and none of them have the issues that I do. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of the biopsy. The hepatologist seemed to believe that it could provide some much needed answers to why I've been slowly getting worse for the last 4 years despite all the diet/lifestyle changes I've made.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
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  7. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Hey Matt,

    Can you post your exact results for your ferritin, saturation, TIBC, serum iron and copper? Have you had your zinc, hemoglobin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, RBC magnesium tested? If you have, would you mind posting the results?

    Have you had the phlebotomies done?

    Go on YouTube and type in Morley Robbins and listen to some of the podcasts that involve him that were made within the last year or two - don't listen to the old stuff, listen to the new stuff, in particular the info on iron, copper and Vitamin A. He pretty much talks about exactly what you're dealing with and how to fix it. I looked at his stuff years ago and recently revisited his updated info after a comment Inger made re: iron and a comment Dr. Stillman recently made, and I think it's worth your time to look into this.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
  8. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Hi Matt,
    What is your average CT protocol?

    Im very similar to you, maybe not as progressed, but everything you say, I can relate.

    Reason I ask is that I struggle with CT, (20 min in 20C water has me shivering pretty good) and I feel if I just REALLY push through this, and start getting even colder and longer, this might fix me. I can’t seem to cold adapt. But if you have cold adapted, and you can handle decent cold, it really gives me no hope that CT alone will cure me...
  9. Yep... Many ppl struggling in community with low redox to use CT as tool.

    @RMW uses 60-65 in UK and feels best with just 10-15 mins. Lower = more H20 but may still lead to fatigue
  10. This is why you got to move.

    When your castle walls are being breached and you lose your arsenal to the enemy... You got to start planning your retreat and escape.

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