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I finally got out of Dallas. Time to heal.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MattD1995, May 28, 2019.

  1. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thank you!


    Surgery went well. I’m in a lot of pain post-op and really hate having to take the hydrocodone (makes me feel bizarre mentally), but my surgeon seems to believe I won’t need it longer than a week so that’s good. Can’t say I notice any improvement yet in any of my symptoms, but it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and I’m still pretty doped up. Hopeful that there will be noticeable and consistent changes over the next month as I heal.
  2. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold


    Finally off the hydrocodone. As the opiates wore off, a few of my old symptoms returned today. Panic attack, muscle twitching, and tinnitus. It’s a bit discouraging to see no immediate change after removal considering I know many others who woke up from surgery with immediate changes. However, I’ve come to accept that I’m in this for the long haul. My body didn’t get sick overnight, and it’s not going to get healthy overnight either. I’ve chosen to live the Black Swan lifestyle. And in the current tech-infested, disease-ridden world, that is a never-ending process. Now that surgery is done, I will continue to focus on what I can control.

    1. Morning Sunlight
    2. DHA intake
    3. Sleep apnea treatment

    Hopefully mesh removal will result with more improvements in the weeks/months to come. There is no fix-all solution. Just one step at a time.
  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Glad you are recovering from surgery...You’re a wise warrior Matt!

    Sending healing energy your way....use your circle to help you heal

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  4. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thank you for the well wishes!

    I'm back home in Texas now. I was just offered a manager position at a local CBD store. The owners want me to start in 2 weeks after I've had a little more time to heal from surgery. I'm pretty damn excited about the opportunity. My hours will be 10 am-8 pm which will leave me plenty of time in the morning for CT + morning sunlight.

    Healing from surgery is going well. The incisions are still a bit sore, but I'm managing well. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my joint and muscle pain. My sleep also seems to be getting better. Prior to surgery, it took me 3 X 25 mg seroquel to even get 4 hours of sleep. Post-surgery, I managed to get a full 6 hours last night from half of a sleep aid. My goal is to be sleeping without any medication or OTC pills by Thanksgiving.

    My daily plan right now:
    1) Salmon or oysters in the morning as I watch the sun rise.
    2) RO water throughout the day + Redmond's salt (3-5 teaspoons)
    3) A swim in my pool during mid afternoon to cool off and soak up some vitamin D.

    Seafood seems to be providing me the most immediate benefits right now in regards to how I feel. Within minutes of eating salmon or oysters, I usually get noticeable clarity of mind. Jack has mentioned before in the linkedin article he wrote on ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia that these diseases are primarily a result of electron deficiency and that DHA is huge part in healing.

    I have no regrets about the surgery at this point. Even though the only noticeable improvement I've seen is muscle/joint pain, I must say I feel less agitated and stressed than I did prior to surgery. Maybe it's just relief that the surgery is done? Maybe my brain is beginning to actually heal now that the mesh is removed? I'm not quite sure. Only time will tell. However, I have spoken with several people on the MESH Facebook groups who told me that they didn't experience improvement until 2-3 months post-removal. All I can do at this point is wait and see as I continue to focus on the small, daily habits that will rebuild my redox.
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  5. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    I’m not sure why, but since I had surgery 10 days ago, I’ve been re-reading many of Jack’s posts, blog posts, and comments and they’re all suddenly clicking on a much deeper level. The importance of dopamine and bluelight blocking, the non-linear effects of morning sunlight on the pituitary, the effects of CT and grounding on magnetism... Jack left a comment about Carnot in relation to mitochondria on a post I made back in December. At the time, the post was total Greek to me. I was a bit frustrated that he didn’t give me a clearer answer at the time.

    I went back yesterday and re-read his reply, and my mind exploded. It made sense suddenly. He’s been trying to get newbies like me to see the bigger, quantum picture all along. He’s been teaching us how to ask the right questions and how to change our paradigms of health rather than just throwing us the answers. I feel a deep excitement as his blog posts begin to resonate with me more and more. It’s like the feeling of discovering buried treasure that everyone else has overlooked.

    I’m excited for the future. Never have I felt more equipped than I do right now to attack my physical problems. Jack has given us all the tools. DHA, water, CT/grounding, sunlight... I’ve been living outside nature’s rules for years, and my lowered dopamine had me convinced for the longest time that I needed a plethora of supplements, expensive therapies, and complex treatments to heal. I was asking the wrong questions. I was operating in the wrong paradigm. I was IGNORING nature. I’m humbled and excited to be taking a different path.

    Sleep, muscle pain, and joint pain have continued to improve since surgery. I’m amazed at how much better I’m feeling day to day. Fatigue, digestion, dizziness, and brain fog are still bad, but I’m hopeful they will improve over time.
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  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    awesome, Matt :) :)
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  7. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    My tinnitus seems to be getting much worse since doing CT. Trying to find any info on why this would be. I know it activates the sympathetic nervous system. Maybe it’s making mine overactive? Not sure. It is a bit annoying though. Other than that, feeling decent. I’m guessing my mitochondria are just so trashed that it’s going to take a while before I fully cold/fat-adapt and the tinnitus improves.

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