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I finally got out of Dallas. Time to heal.

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MattD1995, May 28, 2019.

  1. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    You can buy this water pump for $43:


    You can buy a 25' foot hose or however long the distance is to your bathroom shower drain for $10.

    You can buy a plastic floor mat for $20 to $40 so you don't get the carpet wet.

    When you need to fill it, I recommend buying a Big Berkey shower filter for $60 to $80 and a shower head splitter for $12. Just attach the hose when you need to fill.

    So for under $200 you can have filtered CT in the privacy of your room.
  2. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    What freezer do you have?
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  3. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Missed this post before, you need to see what it is you're eating:

    Just because you don't think it's affecting you doesn't mean it isn't.

    Nothing in this universe is not unique. DHA does not equal DHA.
  4. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Dr Kruse has posted that farmed salmon is a better option than grassfed steak. I’m going to take his word for it and continue with the salmon. I appreciate the concern though. My salmon is not Norwegian btw, it’s Atlantic.
  5. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thank you for the recommendations and ideas. I’m definitely going to look into this as an option.
  6. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    We're all microwaved. No one knows everything. Even Jack said in a presentation he questions any and everything he himself believes to be true.

    Atlantic's not significantly different from Norwegian. The salmon is toxic, sorry to read you'll continue with it.
  7. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    I would venture to say all of our food is highly toxic now. Organic produce is now estimated to have as many pesticides as non-organic produce due to contaminated rain water. I’ve heard reports that even the wild salmon is now contaminated. That’s what CT and the sun are for. They haven’t managed to contaminate the cold or the sun yet. Both cold and sun are non-contaminated variables that can be used to deplete the deuterium we accumulate from our contaminated food.

    There’s a spectrum of action that can be taken. From the American who is eating McDonald’s, working night shift, and consuming bluelight to the tribes in Africa untouched by civilization who walk barefoot, get constant sun exposure, and only eat wild kill. What would be optimal is if we all formed a tribe, banned technology, ate oysters all day, and our bodies never experienced a lack of grounding or sunlight again. Obviously, none of us are going to go live in a tribe and forsake all civilization. You do what you can with what you have. Thats what we’re all here doing. Some of us can buy better fish than others. Some of us can take longer ice baths than others. Some of us get 12 hours of sun, some only 12 minutes. It’s a journey. And we all know enough to listen to our guts. And my gut says to eat the salmon.

    Obviously, Dr Kruse doesn’t know everything. But he’s gotten more answers right than any of the other 15+ doctors I’ve seen throughout my health journey. I go by results. I’ve had more results with his ideas than anything else. And until they stop working, I’ll continue.

    I do appreciate everyone’s concern and advice tremendously. Hopefully, I’ll have an answer on the housing situation tonight as I’m going to look at another place.

    Current physical symptoms are extreme dizziness, fatigue, and brain fog. Most of my allergies seem to be gone since getting more sun. Neurological symptoms are mostly gone as well, aside from tinnitus and blurry vision.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  8. Bob Stirling

    Bob Stirling New Member

    If you can't use water for CT what about the gel freezer packs used for camping and that? They are self contained and would just need to be frozen. A sleeping bag, freezer packs, thin foil backed bubble type insulation. You would be cold without the water.
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  9. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Oh all food is the same now eh.

    Jack didn't invent the sun or CT.

    And don't think for one minute nnUVC is helping you.

    Have you even checked your freezer for its electric field? I bought an energy efficient fridge couple years ago and it gives off 400 v/m^2 at the door. That's not a level you want to spend more than 30 seconds in or around.
  10. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Hey Bob, this is actually something I’ve tried. Ice packs/ice just isn’t the same as the cold tub for me. It definitely gets my skin cold, but the mental/physical effects are nowhere near what I get from cold water submersion.
  11. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Did I say Jack invented cold or sun? Nope, I didn’t. Did he put out more science on cold, sun, DHA, and magnetism than any other doctor in modern times? Yes, he did.

    I don’t turn the freezer on. I find that if I add ice every 3-4 days, the insulation of the freezer maintains at 40-50 degrees. So no, I haven’t checked it and have no reason too.

    Thank you for your concerns. However, based on the tone of your posts, your ego seems overly invested in convincing me to do things your way. Once you’re putting out the quality and quantity of information that Dr Kruse is, I’ll listen to you instead. Until then, I’m going to continue listening to the actual doctor.
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  12. drezy

    drezy Gold

    For a young guy I think you're good at reading people.

    What I've read in Doc's tons of free blogs is amazing and literally changes the conversation for those that bother to read it and work on understanding it. The paid blogs and webinars take it to a whole new level.

    Every 6 months or so around here someone with some fringe beliefs blows in here with the breeze. So far nobody was as fun to read as the "no ejaculation" guy about a year ago. You'll witness the longer term member politely try to interact and show the difference between any generic fringe beliefs and what it is to be a mitochondriac. If lack of interest in investing the time studying what we're being taught turns into serial incuriosity these individuals usually blow right back out with the breeze.

    From what I see you are not trying to save the world around you, a common default for many. You seem focused on getting yourself better first and foremost. This is a smart choice and should save you time.
  13. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    People of your age and younger are overly reactive. Social media has a lot to do with this. If you want to eat toxic fish, it doesn't bother me most people do. As we destroy our environment there's no reason any of us should be immune to that destruction.

    You posted you were desperate for CT, I empathized since I can't live without it now too. I gave you a very concrete and easily achievable outline on everything you need to acquire to do CT.

    Appealing to any authority is one of the worst social controls instilled by the matrix.

    You're transparent too drez, fringe was almost funny.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  14. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Thank you, I’m definitely not not trying to save the world I barely have enough energy to save myself these days. But hopefully that continues to improve.

    And I did stumble across the “no ejaculation” guy’s posts while perusing the forums. It was an entertaining read for sure!
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  15. Sounds like you guys wont be drinking the yellow kool-aid soon! Good choice
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  16. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Super inspiring... Man I feel super identified with you and your way of thinking from what I read. Dude, you look even similar to me in the photo (ok.. I may be slightly uglier LOL). I also feel CT will be/ is been key for me. Keep it up and keep sharing please!!! This summer we become health rockstars ;)
  17. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Hell yea man, CT has been the most effective treatment for me to date. Keep me updated on your journey.

    And now a general update...I’ve been in a dark spot for the last week. My joint pain has been ramping back up. My sleep has been even worse than usual since starting APAP for my mild sleep apnea. I haven’t talked about this much in my journal, but there is another major factor I’m looking at right now regarding my health: implanted hernia polypropylene mesh. I had a right inguinal hernia repaired with mesh in 2016. It was around that time that my health worsened. After doing some research, I’ve come across a large amount of information online regarding polypropylene mesh hernia implants and the development of autoimmune and chronic diseases. Because it is a foreign material, hernia mesh can trigger a chronic immune reaction throughout the body and cause symptoms very similar to those of Breast Implant Illness, a widely known issue that more women are discovering. Unfortunately, the removal of mesh is much riskier and much more expensive than Breast Implant Removal. Hernia mesh often adheres to internal organs, spermatic cords, blood vessels, and muscle making total removal extremely risky and sometimes impossible. Unfortunately, just as with Breast Implant Illness, there is no way to confirm that the mesh material is causing my issues. The only way to know for sure is to have it removed.

    I’m so torn right now. Part of me wants to believe that if I just do enough CT, sun, and DHA that I can override any potential toxic effects of the mesh. I do recall Jack mentioning that if one’s redox is good enough, they can override certain toxins in the body like amalgams (he mentioned he still has his in an old video). The surgery carries a high risk of chronic pain, hernia recurrence, bowel damage, sepsis, spermatic cord damage, blood vessel damage, and muscle damage. However, many of the people in the online Facebook groups for hernia mesh who have had theirs removed report (similar to women who have their breast implants removed) a massive, immediate resolution of many of their symptoms. I’m running out of options, and I’m mentally nearing the end of my rope. I’ve been fighting this 4 years. My friends are graduating college, getting married, working out, and living normal lives. Meanwhile, I’m struggling just to make it through each day as I battle intense fatigue, pain, insomnia, etc... The mesh may or may not be a probably cause. I feel like I’ll always wonder though if I don’t take the chance and get it removed. I’ve tried emailing Jack about scheduling a consult to get his opinion on whether I should get it removed, but I was never able to get a response. If anyone has any thoughts regarding the mesh removal surgery, I’d love to hear them. I have two skilled doctors who could perform it. Insurance will cover the majority of it since I’ve met my deductible for the year. I’d be looking at having it done in December.

    Some resources regarding hernia mesh and autoimmune issues:

  18. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    Also, if anyone has better way I can get in contact with Dr Kruse for a consult please let me know. I emailed a while back but didn’t get a reply. I know he’s a busy guy, but he’s really the only doc I trust right now to give me a comprehensive opinion based on my situation.
  19. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    You need to get that poison out of your body, sooner the better.
  20. MattD1995

    MattD1995 Gold

    This is what I’m leaning towards. I’m just terrified at the thought of going through the risky process of removal and a very painful recovery only to discover that removal doesn’t improve my health in any way. I set up a phone consult with a surgeon for Tuesday.

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