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I finally feel like a success story...

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MrPinkies, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I just talked to Kruse. He is not a fan of chelation unless you've got a banging redox potential. I'm going to post a question in Ask Jack for him to address what we discussed on the phone ... I'm going to focus on all the other methylation / liver things.

    I've worked with Dr. Tim on my methylation protocol, Hope. I'm taking methyl folate and Super Oxicell, but he also told me a few other things before I started on those to get my body prepped. I don't recall exactly what was for methylation, what was for other things, as we are addressing a LOT of stuff! My chiro also just recommended a methylation supplement and he did a bunch of infrared laser therapy to support liver phase 2 detox ... my poor liver is toast. In my mind, these are all good "starters," but the glutathione / meyers IVs are the big kahunas. I'm stoked about starting them! And the redox stuff I'm doing seems to be uber-important, too ... I just started the Leptin Rx again and added two more weekly sessions of CT (so 4 per week for me).
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  2. Hope

    Hope Gold

    that is amazing Misty...love it. I have had some issues with folate, even methyl...gives me palpitation so working up to it. love what Jack said....and would explain why it did me no good. so glad i stopped it! wow, infrared laser therapy? Sounds cool! Is that the nasal kind? I am so excited for you with CT...I so want to do more with that but for me the focus is moving out of mold, dealing with it and then getting really into it. Which BTW, have you thought about doing your own journal? I love all you have shared...and always love when you share on the calls/webinars. so cool. you are turning into another Gretchen :)

    PS how do you know your liver is toast? 23andme?
  3. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Yeah, what you're describing about methyl folate is why Dr Tim didn't have me start right away. You've got to get your body to a point where you can leverage the supplementation.

    The laser therapy he did was on acupuncture points, I think. I do have an 810 Vielight, too, that I just started using.

    I know my liver is toast because my phase two detox pathways are just shut down. This was showing up in AK muscle testing before I ever started doing lab work. Labs show it, I'm not methylating, I have bad SNPs for detoxing pesticides, etc. When my Chiro started muscle testing, he found issues with the thalamus and liver big time. He worked with me for quite a while. Also tested me for metals... High mercury and another one I can't remember. I'm doing a urine test and just did a blood test for the metals and we'll compare notes. :)

    I wish I were Gretchen... Nowhere close, unfortunately. She has a grasp of the science that I just don't have (her background is amazeballs.) BUT... I think the more you engage with your own story, the more you lean in to Biohacking and testing and retesting and making adjustments and just LEARNING, the better you get at connecting dots in general and seeing similar patterns in other people's journey so you can help them along, too. I've learned a TON from Gretchen and Dr Tim. They offer something so complementary to Dr Kruse's teachings, and I hope people take advantage of the opportunity to learn from them.

    I don't think I'll ever do an optimal journal... It's just not aligned with my "flow." But I'm logging my journey for you guys in other ways, like creating these eCourses, knowing the kinds of guests to bring in, the bootcamps to create, and I'm going to submit more guest blogs. And now, I'm spending some time on the forums here and there, but there are times I go weeks without logging in. I appreciate why you're asking me to do that, though, and I have thought about it. :) I feel very connected to our community and I'm one of y'all... Trying to crack the code to improve my own health! I've made progress, but there's a hump I'm trying to get over. As I figure it out, I'm taking everyone with me that wants to go!
  4. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    Hmm . . . now this has me wondering if the Magnetico is really a good idea for those who don't detox well. Now that I'm thinking about it I need to go back and look at when we put our 20 gauss pad on the bed and see if it correlates to my latest crash. That would be interesting. Every single stinkin' time I try to detox I crash and this last time I crashed HARD! I'm curious now if it could be from metals getting stirred up and not removed - just recirculating in my body. I'll have to do some more digging . . .

    Oh, and I love the idea of having members share their success stories :)
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  5. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    I need to schedule my follow-up consult with Dr. Tim. This all sounds so promising for you Misty! It sounds very similar to what he had me start and all the issues I have going on too. I was going to give IV glutathione a try too, but I just don't think I'm ready yet. I'm afraid it will make me crash again. I'm going to wait it out a bit and keep working with Dr. Tim to correct all my broken pathways first!

    Please keep us posted on how the IV treatments go for you!!
  6. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    Mmm... I don't know about that... Good question for Ask Jack.

    Yeah, don't do the IVs too soon... Could end up wasting your $$$.
  7. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Misty that is awesome! Love it. Especially the vie light...hope you will share about that at some point, for your n=1. I so want one too...yeah, I sure love learning.....there is so much...I've been at that for 16 years this month. Hard to believe all I have learned. And yet, so much more to learn too. I have yucky SNPs, too, of all kinds. Thankfully my metals are better and better..took a long time. And yes I love all you learn from the labs. I stopped posting mine.....but maybe some day I will start again. :) And yes I get it about the journal....and like I said I love how you share what you are learning about you on the webinars :)
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  8. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver


    You're the best! Your posts just put a smile from ear to ear on my face! Throughout my journey, I have learned SO much.. I have much to share.. and I feel like I need to share, especially when it comes to Autism and the success that we have had.. Life is very very very different from two years ago.. Had I known the changes that we were going to experience and go through, I would have had a camera taping all kinds of things.. melt-downs, the frustration, the waking up at 2 and 4 am just because his body needed to move/sensory input, the inability to communicate in need, the sensory over-load or seeking, shower/self care... to the speaking in full sentences, playing with peers, to sleeping through the night, to getting dressed by themselves, fully potty trained.. We were told so many times that our son would amount to nothing.. I think that Lizzie and myself wouldn't qualify under the new definition of Autism now... It would definitely be interesting to have Ryan reevaluated to see where he's at because he is definitely no longer borderline severe, low functioning. He's currently six years old physically.. and probably 1.5 years behind now.. :D

    As for my weight loss... if my body ever cooperates and I lose this last 1.2 pounds, we shall party-hardy to celebrate 160 lbs lost!

    In thinking about what I've learned here from Kruse, I think we are going to hold off of the DMSA, etc... Chris was rereading a blog or two and realized we can just up our garlic, onions, etc.. We have worked too damn hard to keep our food and anything else we intake clean.. we shall see what happens! Monday can't come soon enough!!!
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I really love to read all this and how you guys are sharing.....I really can't add anything because these aren't my stories .....and my own personal n=1 is so very different and so my focus is quite different.
    I do want to support y'all as much as possible though.........
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The magnetico is not a detox problem........you environmental Ca efflux is. Magnetico helps that. When your redox is in the toilet you feel like a rat in a maze and have no clue where to go. Begin to control your environment. then water..........then food. Food is never the first answer. It is just the easy answer for people because of their beliefs. Fear melts like ice when we allow love's divine light to shine upon our ignorance. The 3 legged stool is that light.......begin to let it shine on your semiconductors. That will help your redox potential faster than any of these thoughts I see BJK77. You must come to grips with the real problem. Hard is hard for us all.
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  11. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    I see... I've been paralyzed by Chris's fear of detoxing that I've lost sight of the bigger picture of things... thanks for the smack back into reality!
  12. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    ^^^^ THIS.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I am telling you this belief that food is the key metric is the source of most of people's problems...........it is a very very small part.
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  14. Hope

    Hope Gold

    thanks for the reminder. i am struggling with it today....a friend in his 50s, small bowel cancer, just left for hospice, after chemo did nothing. it's too late for him, but i doubt his family would be open....to considering it's about magnetism and water. for themselves, and the kids.
  15. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I need to bring someone in to help us all deal with this kind of stuff emotionally and spiritually. It is hard to see people suffer, to be helpless to help them. To surrender, to let go ... I've been mulling this for a coupla weeks.
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  16. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I will simply say based on what Max Gerson described in his 50 Cases of Cancer book, it is never too late. Nicholas Gonzalez MD is the most up to date version of Gerson and many people just do it themselves. It may be harder now with the EMF's. I do not know if it has become impossible. There is also DCS and Burzynski. However, unless people are willing, there is little one can do. I agree with Misty, it is a pregnant opportunity to practice surrender and be present....



  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I honestly think .....and Jack has said this over and over.......When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired - then the penny drops.........

    and then you will turn over every stone to find answers .......

    I see so many people every day who I could at, least, point in the right direction....
    They just aren't there yet.....

    At the end of the day - the only life I can make better - is mine.....

    The odd thing is ..... this has been an amazing journey of a life time - I am having the time of my life ... why doesn't everyone want this???
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
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  18. Josh

    Josh Gold

    I am having the time of my life as well....it is a blessing to have a few people to sound out what has been cooking for 40 years or so....
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  19. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    This is such a difficult process to "teach" because you are in the realm of belief....and as Jk and others have mentioned beliefs are the most challenging aspect of human nature to change. What I see here is often a reflection of all these tangles. The concept of boundaries can help (I believe!). If JK didn't have a sense of higher purpose in his life he would have lost weight, felt great and gone on live his three legged stool life on his own...perhaps with a few family members too. He didn't, so here he is pouring out his experience and learning on a forum which is available to anyone. But if he didn't have boundaries, he wouldn't be able to do it....the emotional cost of creating good things for others can take you away from your own path so easily. (i.e. consults that were helpful for many were turned back on him as a weapon, patterns of bad labs with too much computer time, frustration, etc the benefits of sharing the load <go Misty!>)

    This problem takes us right to the deepest part of us...what is our identity and destiny as individual beings and what is our identity and destiny as entangled beings. Having overarching beliefs can really muddy these waters...I speak from my own experience raising our two daughters....I believed that being a good mother was all about putting everybody first...plus my whole family had some pretty extreme health issues that kept us in a kind of crisis/survival mode for years. So, I ended up a "good" mother but lost my health. Are we all further ahead? No.

    Since reclaiming my autonomy I am able to model (not teach)what I would like my girls to do as well. Learn what it is that makes them thrive in this world that we live in. At the same time that I'm far more connected to my own self I've been compelled to offer one way for others to learn about themselves (this is the horse work I do). That didn't come because I was wanting to save the world, it came about because I knew I could do it and stay healthy myself..in fact it serves as a constant meditation on this process of maintaining boundaries. And the most amazing part of this is that having more clarity takes you to a much deeper connection with those you do encounter.

    Which is just another echo of what Josh wrote above.....having a few people to connect with is a blessing. And my reflection on what Audrey is saying is simply that many people will not wake up in their lives....that is a given. Struggling to do this initial wake up FOR others is a huge waste of energy...supporting and pouring our souls into the process of learning and healing AFTER that point is just a wonderful circular stream of energy.....
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  20. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Holy goodness! The magneticos arrived.. who's coming over to help me get these bad-boys up the stairs???!?!?!?

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