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I’m back and locked into quantum reality

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mike David, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I’m off on a new life journey. After a D avg. in high school and a life spent learning trades I’m enrolling into college. I would be the first person in my immediate family to have a masters degree. I WILL BE. Masters in biology with minors in math and physics. Now it’s time to enjoy the ride. Learning for a living huh. Who’d a thought. I’m fortunate my 40 years on this rock have set me up for success in every possible way. I stand here at the base staring at Everest. With the feeling that I climb it already and felt the jubilation tingling in my spine. I’m amped and pumped. Primed and ready. I will be the only first year student to have sat through 500-1000 hours of college lectures on video. Teacher with chalk pacing up and down his lair instilling knowledge to be passed to the masses. I never had a love like the info. I discovered on this site. An immediate connection with primordial senses. It took time to start to even be able to assimilate the Neurosurgeon perspective. It took time to get to know this nature. As I found out more my love only deepened. I head over heels. Not with the man so to speak. To the knowledge the man bestows upon you. He sparked curiosity and a new found love of learning not seen since that day I had to leave the honors class at Oak Ridge Elem. in 4th grade. That broke my will as a little learner. I got caught up in the spokes of life and was sent on a new path. (We moved) I never lived in one place longer than 3 years up till recent times. A wandering vagabond just doin for a living. I loved my work and make the best of any situation. I outranked some of my shipmates in 2 years who were 10-15 years my senior. It became weird at times. I started a family and built up an electrical contracting business. I started then at the base I’m staring at today. I walked the blocks with my kid in his wagon and bags full of flyers. I peppered the populous in discrete locations in mass. The day I started quit never became a word. It ceased to exist. I made up my mind I would go homeless before going back to 7-3. In 5 crazy years I no longer had an advertising budget. It was 0$. People knew who to call and who would answer and be attentive to needs while leaving their pants up. They also don’t all seem to get that if you spend thousands in advertising you need to pull peoples pants down to get by. I was not focused on bottom lines. I focus on helping and caring for specific needs. Except that day I drilled through that poor guys sprinkler pipe. I have no regrets and would not change a thing. I am forged in fire with determined curiosity to once again rise from the ashes and create new greatness.
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  2. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Without 2 how can life begin.
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  3. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    This morning was a great sunrise. It was 21F and the red ball was a beauty. So nice of the leaves to fall so I can see it out front now. I regularly walk around with a t shirt and gloves and a hat with these thin jammy pants that say Dunder Mifflin all over. There is a spot down the street perfect for morning CT. Now the ice has formed in the wider stream above. There is a dam with a 4-5’ deep pool and running water. It’s pretty relaxing even in the cold. It’s getting out that sucks. There were snakes in the bank for a few months but they are gone. There are two duck couples on the other side of the road in the oak island pond. You can walk up the hill to the cemetery and get good sun. Also we love the playground. We play with other kids and have races. Climb ladders and do the zip line and swings. Now you can walk along Lenape River and it’s ice reflects more light like crazy.

    there are not many people in the park at 6AM when your pushin 20F. It’s an alternate world for me. A complete release. I enjoy three well sourced eggs every morning. I use the bacon fat from others food and cook them lightly with shrimp or crab meat. Salt and pepper.
    I’m diggin the sushi. Good snacks. I’ve been eating that raw preserved salmon in a bag with different cheeses. Two bottles of Malbec a week. Glass bottled water. Kept outside. There is a good seafood market 20 min. from me with good fresh stuff. Across the street there is the bakery I used to love. I haven’t been in there in months. I will put a teaspoon of ghee in some coffee and some dark chocolate as a treat. I’ve been playing with broth recipes and it’s fun. I get liver and heart from a different farm 20 min. The other way. They have the blood in the bag. This is where I use sea veggies. I do eat rice with sushi but whatevs. I do put offal and seafood in broth and lightly cook for a while. I do not use much flavorings and try to start with a good salt pepper base. One day I might surprise myself and find a good combo. I like to tinker. I received my RA Optic Nate rays. So I can retire the uvex. I get up naturally around 5:30-6:00 AM. I go right out front and Sphinx on the front steps. Or the half wall. I have a nice compost pile on the side of the house. It’s nice to bare feet in it. I eat at like 9. I take a warm shower after morning CT. Then I walk and play all day. I’m looking into some leather loafers. Something light. I eat last at 5:00-5:30 then like to read at night and just relax. I hit the WiFi off at 10 and go right out. Ive been dreaming better and I feel thinking better. I mean The Blog is starting to make sense. That’s scary.
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  4. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Dr. Kruse says: NON GEEKS ANALOGY PIT STOP: In other words, don’t try to be the greatest marketing executive in the world like Steve Jobs; try instead, to be the greatest marketing executive of small-to-midsize companies that compete only in creating wellness in your industry (life). Moreover, don’t just try to be the highest-paid operations person in the world; instead try to become a top-notch engineering operations person in a way that’s aligned with your values so that you can sustain your work over the long run easily. Optimal health simply requires a sustained effort consistently that allows for an alignment with your goals and your values over time. This is your health context. Forget about other peoples context because they are no equal to yours.

    took longer than I thought to really find this one. This has new meaning one year later.

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