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I’m back and locked into quantum reality

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mike David, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Considering the past experiences my family members have had with the medical industry and the current state of affairs with the utter stupidity of accepted science in medicine. Considering all I have learned through the great doc. I will never step foot into a doctors office or hospital ever again. I’d rather die. I am thoroughly convinced relying on my own faculties is the only option. People around me are continually shit on by this industry and somehow continually accept its false doctrines as truth. Despite my best efforts the Dunning Kruger’s will not repent. I’m on an island of truth like that of Galileo when he challenged church truths. No I won’t wash my hands. No I won’t mask up. No I won’t change my routines. Bacteria is my best friend. I drink from others drinks. I eat food that’s been left out all night. I do everything modern medicine tells you not to do. I’m thriving while those around me are struggling. They refuse to recognize my kind of crazy works. They are the definition of insanity. I withheld vaccines from my kids despite my wife’s best efforts. They will not accept any amt. of evidence into their closed belief systems. There will come a day probably not too far away, where they will label me irresponsible and try to take my custodial rights away. I feel it coming. I’m told I’m endangering my own children. I’m told I’m irresponsible. They stand on their moral majority and drown out truth. They get mad when I ask tough questions. They are offended I challenge their widely accepted reality. They say go to college. They say what do you know. They discount truths by attacking the person rather than address their paradox. I’m above the bs. I will never accept their reality. I will however have to accept their judgements. My circle is dwindling but that’s ok. Making room for the light to shine bright. I will stand against a million men content in my methods and confident in the info. I have uncovered. It’s not about how hard you can get hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep coming. Keep pushing truth into the black hole of dogma. I want them to be astonished at my resilience. Baffled at my ability to overcome. Maybe when they realize my deep determination they will be forced to finally question the bs I fight so hard against. I want them to say shit he means business and will never back down. I will continue to fight because the battle is still raging. Until I’m torn apart limb from limb I will fight to win. I’m willing to lose a thousand battles to win the war. Knowing I have already won my own battle, knowing damn well how to thrive, I continue my own success story regardless of outside interference. I learned from the best. My confidence is unshakeable. My office is always open for when they awaken. My path never veers off course. I am the beacon of light in the dark depths of dark days. I’m showing those around me what’s possible. Consistently keeping it simple. The core tenants work 100% of the time. It’s not that hard. The hardest part is getting started. The hardest part was getting over the fact that we all have been misled. You can have your supplements,medications ect... I drink from the tit of Mother Earth. Her lactate provides all that is needed to thrive. The money I save on modern mans quick fix,I spend on traveling to the sun. You really can’t fix stupid.
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  2. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  3. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Water is 57° I did 20 min. At dawn and 20 min. at dusk. My muscles ache like crazy while in the surf. Then I waddle my way down the coastline for about a mile while I dry off in the sun. Slowly feeling comes back and the pain subsides. Then I start the shivers as I walk the mile back to my towel. When I wrap the towel around by upper torso the shivers go away. I’m slowly embracing the process of CT. I’m not sure what all these details tell about my status on the inside. One thing I know is after the sun goes down I get tired. Lights after sunset become more bothersome. I go to bed at 8-830. Wake at 6. As soon as I get back from the beach I eat. 3 egg omelet with leftovers. This morning it was shrimp and risotto in a curry sauce. I just heat it up in the omelet. Goes down smooth. Then I recruit my people to walk with me on the beach like an hour after breakfast. It’s a slow methodical walk. I breathe deep through my nose taking in the sweet salt water trapped in the air. Then a controlled exhale from the mouth. I noticed when the air temp. is above 60° the little mammals get much more active. I’m vacationing now in GA. It’s my goal when I get back to PA to sit in my outdoor metal tub and repeat the process I do in this beautiful surf. It’s going to be much colder and a much steeper challenge. This CT is the final thing I need to incorporate consistently. It’s mind over matter to make stronger matter that stimulates the stronger mind. Hopefully over time the muscle pain subsides a little but it’s only temporary at least. Since these light cycles decreased after fall my appetite dropped. I skip lunch no problem. I eat dinner at 5. About half the amount as I did 2 months ago. I’m drinking more water. I started with lime flavored seltzer water with breakfast. I feel it helps with digestion. In between its strictly water about 24-36 oz. Then after dinner I enjoy about 12-20 oz. of Malbec Wine. My dreaming is crazy with this new regimen. I usually can’t remember my dreams at all. This is very fascinating to me. Dreaming is so cool.
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  4. @Mike David - Next time you do Cold Therapy, try measuring you heart-rate-variability. What you'll find is that you will go into "coherence" during your times of shiver. This is the most import part of Cold Therapy, don't miss it.

    May I suggest: Cold Therapy -> your goal is to stimulate Leptin release. This hormone is cold sensitive. Your goal is 50 to 55 degrees F submersion up to your chin covering the back of your neck as well. If the water is moving, you get extra points; because it is continuously cooling all the "warm" parts; this includes your groan where large blood vessels go from your torso down into your legs, also your arm pits and the blood to your head. Spend at least 20 minutes minimum daily; you get more points for 50 minutes or more; at this point you hopefully will get a good chill/shiver going which could last an hour or more after the therapy session; this shiver is in itself therapeutic; it will send your heart-rate-variability into a strong parasympathetic zone <- This is healing.

    Grandpa John
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  5. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I can empathize with you... a lot:)
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  6. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Thank you sir. Can you expand upon what you mean by coherence. Does this refer to the brain being in better communication with the body?
  7. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    I was on this site a year or two ago. I learned a lot. I however never embraced the cold. I never fully accepted the suck. I was on here looking for acceptance because that is what I was sorely lacking in my personal life. I took exception to those who challenged my new norms. I took pleasure in tearing at others beliefs. It painted me into a dark corner. I turned my back on the gift horse. I blamed anything but myself.
    I no longer suffer from this idee flux. I went away and wiped my glass lens crystal clear. I got consistent. I followed nature’s rules. I discovered my own self worth does not lie in the acceptance of others. I realized my true self worth is brought out by showing others a new normal. A new way to be.
    Hit the surf today at just before dawn. I sat in the crashing waves, allowing nature to have its way with me. I didn’t check a clock. I detached the phone from my routine. All I know is the sun was at about 15° above horizon when my frozen ass got up. I walked down the beach and shivered off. I shivered more after I dried off.
    Man that warm shower after CT is amazing. That is my motivation for getting up and out into the cold. That is simply the best way to wake in the morning. My energy is great. It sustains throughout the day without any Lulls.
    Carb and sugar cravings drop way off. All the sweets people got me for Christmas are just sitting there unopened. You see my people knew Mike likes sweets ALOT! They endowed me with what I liked the most as a gift.
    Little did they know I cut that anchor free and sailed that ship months ago. I discovered my ability to adapt to new routines.
    As far as I know today,toxins are stored in fat when the body doesn’t have the right stimulus to clear them out. (Is this another misconception?) Could this account for the belly pains after CT? When I’m in the cold I feel it most in my shoulders. The pain that is. But I have found this pain becoming lesser each time. Back a couple years ago when I did CT I would get crippling lower back pain. That was the main factor that drove me away from that routine. I’m thinking that was due to my high carb and sugar intake. Seeing that cutting those guys was the main difference between horrid back pain during CT to doable shoulder and belly pain. Funny I never feel shit in my lower back at all. Like I said it’s in the shoulders then after the hot shower it’s focused in the gut. But after 20-30 min. it’s gone.
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  8. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Here’s looking at you 2021!
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  9. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    wishing you the best of an optimal life in 2012!
  11. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Thank you Caroline. You have a wonderful year as swell! Man what I would give to have been here in 2012 at the ground floor.
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It has been a fantastic ride!
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  13. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim New Member

    Talk that shit Mike . Take life into ya own hands !
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  14. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    UPDATE: the custodial issue is permanently on ice. gone are the assumptions that drove anxiety and fear. Gone with the wind. When you bring enough passion and sound judgement coupled with reasonable listening, you get what you want 100%.
    Live a vertical decent of perception. Every stage you let some off as you bring on new passengers. The ones left off get a one way boot in the ass. As you descend you have your go tos. The knowns that base and test all theories. The key thing to remember is. Never go back and never land!
    The only way you land is in the BIG mans lap

    A couple months ago I stopped a pattern of self destruction. I laid down my guilt and said goodbye to comfort control. It was no longer going to be me driving the boat. The laws of nature were staring me in the face in a big way.
    After initially coming here and thriving I did like so many times in my past. I kicked the gift horse into the mouth. I turned my back on optimal just as optimal was about to build my back like a mountain. I gave in to creature
    comforts and the easy way out. I never have much health trouble. Never have. I felt out of place here in my monkey mind. I saw people struggling for results or trying very hard for their wins. Winning always came easy to me. I really know how to get what I want.
    This reality no longer serves me. I turned my back, FOR ONCE, on the thing that got me everything I ever asked for. Myself. The idea of the ME being the pilot and the they that will serve me whatever it is I dream. I now repositioned myself as the basement janitor. Mother Nature is the Captain. Our destination is never certain. The boat never rocks. Even in large swells. We turn on smooth gliding motions. Always turning. We weave a web through the surface avoiding rocking too much. A slow cradle calmly soothing all senses. Soothing and fine tuning all senses to maximum capacity. Reassuring at every step. My work gains meaning and determination envelopes the passion. I replace pissed with pleased. Unfuckwithable. A crazy confidence that could not possibly be construed for arrogance. A calm peaceful Nature with a teaching intent.

    I spent the 2020 in a depressive neverland. Smoking and eating like an asshole. Relaxing and not being mindful enough. Once the pumpkins came I saw nothing but a shell staring back at me. WTF man the mirror man said. Stop this now. You should be unstoppable. Paging the captain, the rookie pilot is ashore. Adrift in the wilderness. SOS. We are aground. As the weather faded I saw a chance at more life. A second stanza better than the first.
    It started cross legged in underwear on the front step. The sunrise was clouded and the temp. dropped below 50 for the first time in months. I sat there with no thoughts. Staring breathing refocusing. Passing the time by making it stand still. I kneecapped that fucking monkey. It happened on the front step in my underwear. It was glorious. I cried like a baby shivering my ass off. As I stood my legs vibrated and shook. It was an intense vibrating. I howled at the sun in deep deep tones. I scared the kids as they were awoken. My heart was pounding and the tears were cold. The demons made their decent into the fury below. They were boiled alive and didn’t make a peep.
    I embraced the cold. But little did I know it was only the air conditioner. My inner monkey still blocked my full potential. Because most things come easy to me, I never had to get too submurssive into any one subject to succeed. Jack was the opposite. That was scary. I saw how deep he goes and it scared the shit out of me. I gave it the college effort and thought that was going to be good enough. It wasn’t this time. My curiosity would not let me forget those great first years I spent here. My philosophy has always been, if you find the golden goose make love to it then set it free. If it is true to you it will return. Caviat: when and if it does it’s like somehow all these random new truths coalesced in my sub conscious. I haven’t been mindful in this area in a good time span. But so many dots have been connected. So fast too. This happened with Jacks work. I was and am able to drill deeper than ever before.

    The devil goes down to Georgia with a soul to be set in the sea. Set free. I submerged myself in the 50 degree sea. I became more persistent in my actions and much more mindful in my ways. I started cutting the fat quick. My adaptation to the cold has been a pleasant experience. Like when I talked to the recruiter about boot camp and thought how can I do this. Then passing by 13 weeks in Chicago in Jan. like it was 1 week. I performed feats I never thought possible. I proved to myself back then in Chicago what I proved to myself again in Savannah on the Tybee coastline. I’m no monkey. I’m a eutherian Sherpa dog. Following my master like a savant.
    Today I prepare to go where no monkey would possibly go. I’m turning over my metal horse trow. Filling it with hose water and taking the plunge. Air temp is 37 F and humid. I got my gloves,socks and top hat. Shits gonna get real quick.
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  15. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  16. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    My noise

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Sorry, Mike but:
    @Jack Kruse
    is better than
    Jonny and the Devil.

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2021
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  18. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

  19. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

    Did the starlight in the night sky in the 12th stanza of the 20 th beat of the second sun. (12/1/2020-12/25/2020) As the blue and red moons danced planets aligned. With ridiculous percussion. The docking of the 5th and sixth giants marked the passage of time.
    Judging by the views and likes this is not well known. But soooooo Apropos to humans in conscious of the day of the dead! As the H star rose,from 5 days of exhaustion, a christening cleansed. A water was born. To bear from his crippling cup. The leaky facets were plugged and drained. Then a buildup of pressure became galactic. Then on comes the fire hose.

    what’s this mean??

    when you live in confusion paradox is everywhere. When you live in the moment life just flows. Nothing taught me this like wog/shellback initiation.
    You see the crew has street smarts floating in a steel can at mother nature’s mercy. You have you and your shipmates to navigate life with the fulls of responsibility. When you cross the equator the ones who have gone before are shellbacks. The ones first crossing are scaly wags. We get flocked and mocked on the top deck. We crawl on non skid for forever. I retrieved apples from a chem bath (broken glow lights in water) I had crisco caked on my long hair. Then a brutal shave down on the aft deck in the equator sun. Baking in chem juice and crisco on the non skid deck. Then crawling up starboard side. Delirious and not knowing what’s next. Just letting it fall through to gain the acceptance and admiration that comes with prideful initiation. Then into the glory hole!!!!!’

    After the 534’ vertical gradient crawl on nonskid we reached the zenith of the vessel. The mighty USS Fletcher.
    Us wogs packed into the rails surrounding the bow i lined up close to the middle port/starboard. Lined up with the radar towers. 25’ from the bow point where the port/starboard guard rails meet. About 50’ above the ocean.
    They rolled out the fire hoses from the base of the crows nest. Behind watertight doors, out came flat cevlar tubes with massive control lever at the head. They turned those things on us and chaos ensued. I sat and took it as others scattered. I was pushed up the nonskid in waves. I wanted to be the last one sitting. Lying letting the push cleanse the soul in the equator sun. I and some other great patriots sang Kumbays and old boot camp songs for encouragement. The shellbacks served us out last supper. Afterwards in the moonlight when most were sleeping certain ones were chosen to be awaken. It was implored immediately to be quiet and follow. I did.
    On the same bow I was treated to an exhibition of true brotherhood and astounding beauty from nature. In the moonlight the sea sparkled like diamonds. Colors were abound and diverse. The green sea stars are the best. We drank laughed told stories and the wise showed the young true guidance and love.
    Easily one of the best days of my life.
    Maybe sometime I’ll tell you what happened in the middle of the night the night before.
  20. Mike David

    Mike David Same name new person

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