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Hypopituitary...feeling better with PALEO

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by 400lbbenchpress, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. 400lbbenchpress

    400lbbenchpress New Member

    I have had hypopituitarism for a while - I am still in my 20s. In eating paleo and cutting my carbs down to nearly nothing I have quickly noticed my need for cortisol supplementation drop radically. Before while I drank soda throughout the day and ate carbs with every meal. I would need around 60mg/day of cortisol to function. On blood tests it would show high cortisol.

    Dropping the carbs enabled me to cut my cortisol dose basically in half, sometimes even to 20mg/day. I used to take dexamethasone. The nasty effects of chronically high cortisol are very apparent on almost any dose of this drug. Blood sugar was through the roof at almost all times - even though my hemoglobin A1c was near perfect and I had no real history of diabetes or insulin resistance. Stretch marks - moon face, my gym strength had severely weakened (I do hobbyist powerlifting). Switching to hydrocortisone helped, which is basically bioidentical cortisol. Switching to a paleo diet helped tremendously I think with all of my hormone replacement therapy.

    I now feel I need less thyroid hormone too and whenever I do take a hormone I feel its effects as more pronounced. It feels as if all of my hormone receptors (including testosterone) are upregulated on a paleo diet.

    I read that Isaac Newton ate a lot of meat. There is some story of him being delivered all sorts of turkeys and meats and having consumed them in a very short time. I would not be surprised if he too ate mostly a low carb diet. I doubt they had access to sugary drinks such as we do in any event. My point is also that my brain function is much less foggy now. I would combine my high carb diet at times with AMITRYPTALINE, which increases serotonin. If I took a regular 25mg pill of that and a high carb diet, I could sleep 18 hours. That is how I realized that the serotonin increase from carbs alone could be detrimental to health and productivity.

    I now feel like when I take a hormone there is far less resistance to its positive actions - and the negative actions of the high doses of cortisol and thyroid (feelings of weaking bones and joints, muscle wasting) are gone.

    That was perhaps the scariest part of requiring that much cortisol and therefore thyroid hormone...I should not be feeling inflamed knees and back at my young age even on days I was not lifting. But yes - the high cortisol I had to take to match the high insulin I was producing in response to the high sugar I was eating was indeed rotting my bones, teeth, and joints. I felt like an old man.

    The crazy thing is I am writing all of this in just several days of low carbing. My joints do not ache and my energy is through the roof in comparison.

    We are still operating with the same genes as our ancestors who were hunter gatherers for the most part. It is foolish to think that somehow just because we have the luxury of eating a high carb or even medium carb diet that somehow we are adapted for this.

    To clarify, I only took the serotonin increasing drug several times. Even without that I was getting all of these symptoms from the high carb diet which was increasing my hormone resistance/demands. The high carb diet alone was producing so much serotonin that I was having very frequent bowel movements to the point of it hindering productivity and being an inconvenience. I do not have a random bowel disorder. Everything has gone back to normal since eating low carb.

    I need to work on some high calorie paleo recipes...because I am 6 ft and around 240 lbs (mostly muscle though due to the anabolic hormones I take for my condition). I do not really desire to lose weight, but I am interested to see if my lifts in the gym will go up or down on a paleo diet if I can maintain the needed calories to maintain the muscle.

    Just wanted to say thanks to Jack. I don't think I would have made the switch had I not been witnessing my body deteriorate in front of me from the high cortisol mainly needed to sustain the high carb diet I was on. At first I labeled Jack as someone who was just out to start another fad and make money. Then I realized that no he actually practices and loves this science and it is science. When I read some of Gilbert Ling's work I realized that old school cell biology really did not make sense and I had even heard my teacher talk about how vaguely understood it still is. With the advent of quantum science it is amazing we have someone here to guide us through its application to the human body. When I think about how slow even endocrinology is moving to perfect hormone therapy - it is no surprise to me that virtually no doctor until now has applied quantum mechanics to medicine.

    If you sit down and actually listen to Jack on youtube when he talks less technical and more directly, I think if you are a doubter you will see that all of this ties together rather nicely and makes more sense than not.

    I am glad to feel like I have my life back and not feel like I am half hibernating from the default high carb high serotonin diet.

    I am very convinced that putting anyone on a serotonin increasing drug and a high carb diet could produce chronic fatigue. The ensuing insulin resistance and cortisol resistance from just your body trying to defend against a sugar rush is almost immediate. Perpetuating that process could thereby downregulate the positive effects of these hormones and upregulate their negative effects. I have learned that in hormone replacement high doses of any hormone can cause horrible side effects. Well, hormone receptor resistance could essentially cause the same side effects as a hormone overdose. It was very clear to me because I depend on cortisol to survive. IF I do not take this pill I do not get out of bed or get anything done at best. In having to increase my dose majorly in response to a high carb diet and seeing the negative effects on my body it all became very clear to me what was happening. It is truly amazing how easy it is to produce hormone resistance and excess serotonin. Excess serotonin will then lower dopamine signaling and basically you are left a depressed, arthritic, inflamed excuse of a body. It was very clear that either I could enjoy being satiated all day on sugar in some dazed slumber or live my life with control.

    In cows I saw on high carb diets they developed lactic acidosis to the point of burning their intestines (their intestines literally would look charred) from eating grain instead of grass. It made me think of how a high grain, high carb, high sugar diet would affect our intestines. For sure the bacterial environment would favor similar bacteria and probably be detrimental to the host. The host would have little control over this though if a cow had little control over its bacteria in response to grain. Just another thing to think about.

    I guess my main reason for not going paleo earlier was convenience. I then realized that convenience did not save me any time if I spent majority of my day being unproductive and in a haze due to no carb restrictions.

    This then got me thinking...I thought I remember seeing a study on how successful people (financially) slept less then the average people. I figured well...the only way they could most likely do this is by producing less serotonin. This means eating less carbs. This may be an oversimplification but the generalization I could at least apply to my life and it also motivated me to eat low carb. The signs of high serotonin as I mentioned above were very apparent in myself and quickly went away after starting the low carb diet.

    Here I found myself optimizing my hormones, taking vitamins and minerals, getting exercise and sleep, and yet I still felt like crap. Just like Jack said in one of his youtube vids...at some presentation everyone he met in the audience looked like Adonis yet felt like crap. That described me perfectly. I felt like eating paleo was the foundation of the pyramid and that I was doing everything above the foundation but not that. I still am not 100% sure why my hormones are dysfunctional. I am highly optimistic in the quick improvements I have seen though in my hormone resistance. Jack mentioned that he saw high reverse T3 levels in lots of adults with ADHD. I could see how not eating low carb could cause cortisol and then thyroid resistance and high reverse t3 levels and then ADHD. There are just so many diseases which hormone resistance, and therefore diet, can cause.

    Jack also talked about how in ADHD information processing cannot happen during sleep which results in more depression when the individual cannot properly adapt to his environment. After connecting all of these dots I decided the time was now to change my diet.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    So happy for you, thank you for sharing your story! Yeah.. this way of living is surely magic! It is so weird, like with Jacks protocols your hormones get better and better and in the end you almost explode from well-being HUH! Seriously, is it sinful to feel this good? :)
    I am just so happy for everyone that chooses this road... and have a bit patience to wait for the magic to happen :)
  3. zariyab

    zariyab New Member

    Hi Nonchalant. My sleep was growing uncontrollably erratic. It's gotten much better. I forgot to mention that I had a butterfly rash, indicating advancement in autoimmune disease. That's subsiding now along with the NF-1 polyps.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Please put up a human avatar pic

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