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hypercortisolism and DHEA

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Matty_M, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I'd like to hear anyone's advice on these numbers. Any suggestions are appreciated. The stuff below this line is a background.

    I'm a 15 year old male, 5' 7" and 145 lbs. I was a vegetarian in poor health from age 7 to 14, then I began the dive through paleo, GAPS, autoimmune paleo, binge eating/dieting cycle, and eventually came upon the Leptin Rx as the best way to help me recover, which I have been working with since around February, and have now made the most progress in the last two weeks (aka no major setbacks- any of which have tended to be food-related issues, specifically with carb craving issues). I had been previously following epi-paleo since december 2014, and paleo since last january (2014), with a good amount of binging on carbs and sugar that summer, which almost stopped completely when the school year began, but occasionally occurred with less bad foods such as dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, starches, or other things with added sugar or carbs- typically not grain/legume/veggie oil containing products, though. Paleo beat those out of me.

    This january I began seeing a functional medicine doc who got a stool test and we found a parasite (blastocystis hominis), for which we used an antibiotic...but I did feel a bit better after, and my stomach issues significantly improved. We are improving my gut health with a variety of supplements while I follow the leptin rx and epi-paleo.

    Just yesterday I saw her again for the results of a saliva test, which showed what I have pictured. She prescribed a supplement called "adaptocrine" and adrenacalm, both by apex energetics, as well as to continue what I'm doing. She also gave me a chiropractic adjustment- which I don't really know much about...

    My current symptoms are waking up like a zombie, having much less energy than I'd like and getting very tired in the middle of the day (while sitting down in school- I had been not eating lunch and just doing the big-ass breakfast and early dinner but am beginning to have a big snack in the middle of the day to avoid the drop in blood sugar and resultant spike in cortisol, only while I am unable to access the PPP. I have a chronic low-level stuffy nose which becomes worse at times, and I believe the main triggers to be certain auto-immune restricted foods, which I will keep out. I am constantly anxious and often stressed without obvious cause, and sometimes extremely irritable. I have memory issues, for example forgetting appointments and similar things completely, my phone calendar usually saving me. Most annoyingly is that I am obsessive, which goes along with the anxious part, specifically about improving my health to an optimal state.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't feel horrible all the time, in fact I'm pretty well. But the sleep and anxiety especially really suck. I am following most (almost all) of the points of Dr. Kruse's work- ketogenic epi-paleo, leptin Rx, leaky gut Rx, grounding, CT introduction, sunlight, light exercise, avoiding EMF (I'm working on my sleep area first), getting lots of sleep, etc.


    - Matt
    FullSizeRender (1).jpg IMG_2652 (1).JPG IMG_2653 (1).JPG
  2. Josh

    Josh Gold

    You are stressed in some way and convert more of your hormones to cortisol so that you end up with less DHEA and other hormones. If you look at a pathway diagram for hormones, you will see these forks in the road.
  3. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    My guess would be that the biggest stress is EMF, then inflammation in my gut, then mental/emotional things at home in combination with stress from trying to balance working towards optimal, friends, and school.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that I should be trying to implement meditation, but then I start thinking about where I will be taking the time from...I just have to put the slightly less important things like homework/school on the back burner, where I can still get good grades just with slightly less focus/stress and more perspective on what's really important.

    Dr. Rooks has me using those two supplements that I mentioned and I'd like to see how they work. Also, I believe that as I become more and more leptin sensitive, the better I will feel, and the better I will be able to heal this up.

    Do you think there's anything really big that I'm overlooking? I'm trying to find happiness in every day, and I'm having great success recently. I try to sleep a lot, although waking up feels nearly impossible. I get grounded as often as possible, am working on lowering EMF exposure, eating very, very well and trying to incorporate more of the leaky gut rx principles, and trying to avoid stress, as well as to see sunrise/lots of sunlight and the sunset/darkness at night, and all that good stuff. It definitely is a lot but I believe it's the best way, and that I have a brain good enough to handle it as long as I try to keep my cortisol lower and my dopamine higher.

    Thanks for the help,

    - Matt
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I try to sleep a lot, although waking up feels nearly impossible.
    Do not use alarm clock.
    Sleep until you wake up naturally.
    Preferably sleep naked on a dirt floor of the shed we talked previously about.

    In healthy men DHEAs participation in major steroid hormones is about 95% by weight.
    You have 50% of the DHEAs that you should have.
    You are missing 50% of steroid hormones.

    Consider doing blood test for DHEAs
    supplement with pills untill you reach top level of your age range.

  5. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Eating a standard american diet + vegetarian diet is really an issue and I'm only realizing the effects more and more with these labs...

    I am currently in school, so sleeping in until I wake up really isn't much of an option for 2 more months, during summer:confused:. Do you think I should consider getting a doctor's note to actually try to sleep in each day? How might I approach this?

    Any supplements would you support for this? I'll get some DHEA stat.

    Thanks for the advice a lot,

    - Matt
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Possibly go earlier to bed. As much as you have to to wake up naturally on time in the morning.

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  7. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I would love to do this, and I think I'll try.

    The issue is, I might have to start considering going to sleep near 8 or 7, and then I will have minimal time to do anything during my day, between cooking/eating, CT, and homework.

    I'm not sure whether I will ever naturally wake up at 5:50 am, but I can try for sure. Anything is worth trying to get out of this constant state of stress.

    I had to turn down a concert that all of my friends are going to tonight because I know I won't physically or mentally be able to handle it. I have to go pretty easy on myself for a while.


    - Matt
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    David Limacher
    posted nice video on light

    There is a statement there, that before invention of electric light most people slept close to 12 hrs/day,
    in that context sleeping 10hrs/night may sound more normal.

    Sleep have cycles. One may naturally wake-up during night at the end of each cycle.
    When one uses alarm clock cycle gets interrupted.
    Assuming that you would sleep the same amount of time,
    you should end up rested more when you awake naturally,
    comparing to other time
    where you would be awaken up by alarm clock in the middle of your sleep cycle.

    Consider arranging your sleep time in such a way that you would wake-up naturally, that would be sometime before the 5:50AM you mention. Say 1/2 to one hour before the 5:50AM. Plan for that, have some morning activities ready and pre-planned so you do not have to waste this morning time.

    Listen to that video, (I did but was being interrupted by my grandchildren).
    There is number of light therapies mentioned there.

    I am thinking if possibly having red and infrared (heat) lights operating during part of your sleeping time may be beneficial.

    Hopefully others may opine.

    http://www.amazon.com/RubyLux-Infrared-Bulb-Near-Individual/dp/B00N4JE9U6/ref=sr_1_9?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1429477109&sr=1-9&keywords=red light therapy
    • Infrared Bulb
    • 850 nm
    • NIR and IR-A (Near Infrared)
    • Intense Incandescent


    http://www.amazon.com/Sunlite-SL24-Fluorescent-Incandescent-Equivalent/dp/B002P4MAXE/ref=sr_1_4?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1429477575&sr=1-4&keywords=red light bulb
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2015

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