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Hurricanes/S.E.Forcasted above average

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Marilynn Stebbins, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Marilynn Stebbins

    Marilynn Stebbins New Member

    How are you other mitachondriacs still choosing to relocate to Florida? And if so, has anyone else heard that the Tampa area is less prone to be as hard hit with hurricanes, or how are you navigating where to move to,
    Are there any other mold avoider[w/serious mold allergies plus biotoxin illness] been healed and thrived in Florida, not only w/the rainy weather, swampy air[I've heard]and especially after a hurricane? If not to Florida, has anyone moved to southern Texas?
    I heard that Austin is also very humid and an author and functional doctor use to have serious issues w/ humidity there. Before learning of Jack Kruse, I had seriously considered Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico. These unfortunate democratic states are also a lot closer to my Pacific Northwest roots, family, relatives and friends, but Dr. Kruse doesn't recommend them. Hawaii would only be a possibility as far as a holiday, as it is the most expensive of all places to live. No one I know, would want to visit me in Bend, Oregon w/ the cold and snow, at least not during the holidays
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Would you consider looking at the map of the USA that shows cancer frequencies and avoid high-frequency locations?

    United States Cancer Statistics: Data Visualizations





    Septicemia definition is - potentially life-threatening invasion of the bloodstream by pathogenic agents and especially bacteria along with their toxins from a localized infection (as of the lungs or skin) that is accompanied by acute systemic illness—called also blood poisoning.

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  3. Marilynn Stebbins

    Marilynn Stebbins New Member

    Thanks JanSZ., for those very informative maps. Florida still looks like the best consideration as far as optimal health is concerned. I wonder what accidents are being considered? I wonder when these maps originated?

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