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Huck - My Journey (BP and Aortic Stenosis)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Huck, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. sooperb

    sooperb New Member

    Phew, I was holding my breath reading that. Sometimes bravery isn't about heroic acts :) Well done for lasting it out and great, great news Huck. Onward and upward.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Congratulation on winning lottery ticket.
    No PC is a great news.

    The remaining, BPH and prostatitis are not easy to deal with, wonder if dr Kruse could point you some promising direction.

    You have given me good learning experience.

    1-Look for wide 3t/MRI. (Comfort and accuracy).
    2-know your prostate size before evaluating PSA level.

    All these about 20 years at the (supposedly) leading hospital) Sloan Kettering, I have newer came across this (logical) approach to evaluate PSA.

    Where have you learned about that? You said from radiologist, where is he working?



    What is meant by prostate volume when evaluating PSA value?
    I had mine measured in 2005.

    Prostate volume=70.2cc
    Transition zone=42cc

    From pov of evaluating PSA, should the two volumes be added or only prostate volume is taken into consideration and trasition zone is not.

  3. Huck

    Huck Silver

    You bet it is.
    I hope so.

    The wide 3t/mri isn't more accurate, but it should solve my claustrophobia problem.

    I found the information about prostate size and psa here.
    I don't know, but my guess would be prostate volume. Otherwise you could have a PSA of 11 that was considered normal.

    I've got a question for you jans. Suppose I was able to kill existing cancer in the prostate by maintaining a low glucose diet. Would the result be BPH? In other words, would the nodules still be there, just not cancerous?
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Next look,
    prostate have at least four zones.

    The next question would be, which zone produces PSA? (My first guess, all of them).
    1-Peripheral zone (PZ)
    Fraction of gland, Up to 70% in young men
    It is from this portion of the gland that ~70–80% of prostatic cancers originate.

    2-Central zone (CZ)
    Fraction of gland, Approximately 25% normally
    The central zone accounts for roughly 2.5% of prostate cancers although these cancers tend to be more aggressive and more likely to invade the seminal vesicles.

    3-Transition zone (TZ)
    Fraction of gland, 5% at puberty
    ~10–20% of prostate cancers originate in this zone.

    4-Anterior fibro-muscular zone (or stroma)
    Fraction of gland, Approximately 5%
    This zone is usually devoid of glandular components,




    Transitional zone (TZ)

    Surrounds the prostatic urethra proximal to the veru (aka preprostatic urethra)
    Endodermal in origin
    In young men, accounts for only 5-10% of prostatic glandular tissue.
    Only ~20% of prostate cancer arise from TZ
    Gives rise to BPH


    Prostate cancer and BPH are two different phenomena.

    You already have BPH.
    That means that your transitional zone is enlarged.

    Nodules, you were told that they are not cancerous.

    As I am looking at the diagrams of prostate,
    the TZ transition zone is around urethra, going thru the middle of prostate.
    So, when they measured and given me:

    Prostate volume=70.2cc
    Transition zone=42cc

    I think the 42cc of TZ is part of the Prostate volume.

    So those two values are not additive when considering volume size for PSA evaluation.
    So I would use Prostate volume=70.2cc to figure out my allowable values for PSA.
    Per criteria here:
    it would be:

    70.2/10=7.02 normal

    Greater than 7.01*1.5=10.515 would be abnormal.
    This would give some possible explanation when my friend's doctor (in Poland), got concerned only after his PSA went over 10 (or similar value close to that).
    Unfortunately my friend have PC.
    Unfortunately his prostate was removed, and 5-6 years latter he found PC in his sacral bone, size of a dime, luckily far enough from multitude of nerves there.
    So far all is ok after cyber knife radiation, but he went thru unnecessary pain of surgery and discomfort of hormone ablation therapy.

    But the radiation therapy went thru without stress.

    He is done with hormone therapy.
    His (natural) testosterone is growing back and is about 800ng/dL, (not bad for 75yo man).


    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So happy for you Huck ... great news!
  6. Gracelind

    Gracelind New Member

    Wonderful news on no cancer! What a relief--though you still have issues to solve.

    On the MRI, I was terrified of my first one, also being very claustrophobic. I've had two, now, where my head was put in a hockey-mask type thing that had a mirror so I could see out past my feet to the room and the tech in the control booth. Voila! No claustrophobia.

    I hope you can find a machine that's more comfortable for you.
  7. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Long while since I posted. Right after MRI, weight went up another 45 lbs. Finally started to get a handle on it last month and have lost 20 lbs. I knew I needed to lose weight if I was going to get BP under control, so I really focused on eating epi-paleo, taking my supplements, etc. After losing 10 lbs, my BP went through the roof.

    I believe it was triggered by Bionase Intranasal 63o nm light therapy. I used it one day or maybe 2 and then I had my BP spike to over 220/120. BP was a little high during the day, but started going up around 4 pm and would max out around midnight. Doc had me increase medication, but I don't think it had much, if any, effect.

    After a week, the spike suddenly stopped. That's why I think it was related to the use of the red light. I also lost my appetite for most of the same week and appetite came back at same time that spike stopped.

    That next week, bp stayed a little on the high side, but no big evening spikes. I would see a little increase starting in early evening, but it responded to meds. I was still needing the full dosage of meds doc had prescribed.

    Then this week things changed in a major way. BP dropped way down from where it had been the previous week. I had to cut my beta blocker by half, my calcium channel blocker by half, and my other med by about a third. During the day, my BP usually stayed below 125/75. I was concerned that taking my meds would drive it down too far. In late afternoon, I would still see an increase in bp, so tried to time meds as best I could to hit peak around 6 pm.

    Everything was fine until yesterday. BP was even a little lower during the day. I decided to go to every other day on the calcium channel blocker. The reason I picked ccb was because I had increased my magnesium to 1 g/day and mag functions similarly to a ccb. At 8 pm, BP was 129/78, so I took clonidine which usually lowers my bp in 1 - 1 1/2 hrs. I rechecked BP at 9:30 and it was 170/97, an increase of 41/19 in a very short time. I took more clonidine and at 10:15 saw that bp had gone down a little. I decided to not keep monitoring bp last night because I was concerned that monitoring and worrying would likely force my bp even higher, so I went to bed.

    Woke up and checked BP this morning - 124/67. So overnight, bp dropped from 167/85 to 124/67!

    I bought Dr Stephen Sinatra's books on Heart Health and BP and have been taking the supplements he recommends for about a week. Many of the supplements I was already taking, but not at the dosage he recommends. So I think what is happening is my diet and the supplements are controlling my BP during the day. What I still don't know is what causes the evening spikes and why don't they happen every night.

    The 1st occurrence was in October and was only 1 evening long. Then I had the 7 day event in January which I thing was triggered by Bionase. Then I had the event last night. I made 2 changes yesterday, neither of which is jumping out at me as the cause, but I will stop them for now.
    • Phosphatidylcholine - A chelator (lecithin) recommended by doc. I took half the recommended dose
    • ReBoost Decongestion Nasal Spray - I don't recognize the ingredients, so need to look them up
    Possibly I had a rebound last night from cutting back on meds to quickly, but I don't think that was it. The reason is I had only been taking the beta blocker for 2-3 weeks and the calcium channel blocker at the higher dosage for about the same. I talked with a pharmacist who thought I would be OK cutting dosage in half for either. I cut the Clonidine from .6 mg/day to .5, so I think was OK there as well. Maybe it was because I cut all 3 at the same time.
  8. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I obviously know things are different today, but my great-grandfather lived for just under 3 decades after being diagnosed w/ prostate cancer. Just to put things in perspective a little. I hope things are going well
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  9. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Haven't posted for about 1 1/2 years., but I still read the site fairly often. I just couldn't get anything to work. Last December my blood pressure suddenly spiked to over 220/110. Doc increased meds and it finally came down. Mysteriously this summer it started going up again along with a much higher heart rate. The only change I had made was to start taking high dosage probiotics on my docs recommendation. Stopped taking them and bp and heart rate came back down. Still a little higher than it usually is in the summer, but manageable.

    I'm going to try the one thing that did work for me. When I thought I had prostate cancer, I tried to lower my fbg as much as I could to try to starve the cancer. I was able to get it into the high 50's - low 60's. When my fbg was low, I lost weight at a very fast rate and cravings completely went away. I was concentrating on getting my fbg as low as possible and the weight loss was incidental.

    Just my uneducated guess, but I think glucose is a trigger for one of the fat genes. I think when I got my fbg low enough, the gene that tells my body to store fat got turned off and I burned the extra fat. I also did a lot of walking which also brings down fbg as well as burns calories.

    I just ordered some ceylon cinnamon (1.2 tsp/day is supposed to be the magic amount to lower fbg). So on Friday, I restart epi-paleo with an emphasis on lowering fbg. As soon as my body adjusts, I will start intermittent fasting which is what I did last time. And as the inflammation decreases and my joints hurt a little less, I will start walking again. I can walk a little now, but last time I was walking 6-8 miles/day which now would cripple me.
  10. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Read this blog - it should help - other stuff to lower FBG is bitter melon/oregon grape root/banaba leaf/gymnema sylvestre and of course - sunshine:)

    You also might try diatomaceous earth - a guy I know and his wife got completely off their blood pressure meds by doing a tablespoon a day...

    You also might add chitosan w/chromium to feed the distal flora - the above blog has stuff you can eat to feed the distal flora after killing off the pathogens using ketosis + seafood - this helps collagen structure which helps the gut -
    and you don't have POTS?
  11. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Long time since last post. Pattern has been the same. Lose weight over the summer and early fall and then start regaining in late October. Blood pressure starts going up and gets very high in late December into January and February. Starts slowly coming back down in late Spring. Just now starting to see weight loss again.

    Hope to sell house and move close to the Gulf. Probably within 25 miles of Lafayette, LA. If any of you have watched Swamp people on Discovery, that part of LA.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Every one of your updates is about a low quantum yield symptom. Environment is the driver folks because mitochondria control epigenetic expression of DNA. Treating symptoms and not reversing disease is like getting a participation trophy. It might make you feel a bit better, but it's not a real prize. My website and forum is built to find your real prize. Today's total truth bomb is about our culture and society and clothing/low quantum yield deficit due to our choices: We all hack the Yarkovsky effect, every time we put on clothes or we live in a low quantum yield microenvironment........and the result is always felt in our subclinical results.
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  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Huck your symptoms scream about you need to go out naked in the sun...in nature away from people and nnEMF
    The seasonal pattern of your suffering is showing it so clearly..... sun deficiency :tears:
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  14. end stage prostate cancer was reversed by direct injection of testosterone into the prostate gland.

    of course the reasons that estrogen and stress hormones are driving the show is where the real fix is, and this may be as jack says the local environment, whereby environment means psychosocial interations, local EM environment, food, light, and even the way in which you see the world (attitudinal)
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    local microenvironment = local melatonin cycles = controlling cycle of mt DNA
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  16. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Have some fantastic news. Going to take a little while to write it up to make sure I get things right.

    A cardiologist helped me by being so set in his ways he didn't hear a word I said to him. Made me so mad I finally figured things out myself!
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am happy for you.
    I do not want you to rush, but good news are not that frequent these days.

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  18. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Here goes. Please correct any assumptions I make that are wrong. This primarily has to do with my blood pressure, not cancer.

    For the last 2 winters, my bp shoots up to something around 220/120. Doctors do brilliant things like switching my meds, which has had no effect. I found that grounding, winter sun, and exercise helps a little, but once it starts going up around 4 pm, nothing seems to stop it.

    Well, my bp started doing the same thing in August, which it has never done before. I had some chest discomfort, so went to nearby clinic to see if I needed to go to er. The nurse practitioner said they had a cardiologist every thursday and recommended I make an appointment for Thursday. The cardiologist was the typical doctor who asked questions and ignored the answers because he had already made up his mind what my problem was. He changed my meds (again) and told me to come back in 3 months. I told him I would prefer 2 months and he agreed.

    He also gave me a prescription for a statin, which I told him he could write, but I wasn't going to get it filled. I guess as long as he wrote it, he was off the hook if I had a heart attack, which he told me I was a prime candidate for. Of course, my ekg was fine, as it always is. He also gave me a prescription for a diuretic, whose side effects made my heart rate and bp even worse. Side effects got worse every day, so I stopped after 5 days.

    I felt helpless and mad. I knew part of the reason my ldl was high was because I had been back on lchf for about 3 weeks and had lost about 15 lbs. I was also doing every other day fasting which also causes a short term spike in ldl. I believe both lchf and fasting flush ldl back into the blood as fat is burned which causes the initial spike.

    Here's the most important point, and I can't find the reference for it! I read that a specific snp that I have indicates that I likely don't make enough digestive enzymes for digesting saturated fat. That was the key clue. I'll add more in next post that explains where I went from here. (I have to go get some wasp spray so I can clean out the shed.)
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I had numerous wasps nests on my yard.
    Last year I was bitten couple times while trying to get them from under the rock.
    Couple days ago got out nest that was in the hole in the ground.
    My experiences:
    Observe wasps during sunny days when they are most active.
    Plan how to spray them.
    Do the spraying at night with flash light.

    Nests in the ground or under stone that are far from buildings,
    pour sufficient amount of gasoline, lit match.

    All doctor prescribed medicines sometime help but always hurt us.
    Practically it is hard to refuse prescribed medicine.
    To counter attack bad medicines and our build in defficiencies,
    I use:
    #1- Jack Kruse advice
    #2-use supplements
    #3-I use Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis to tell me what to take and how much



    Micronutrient Test (MNT)$ 390.00
    CardioMetabolic Risk$ 150.00
    Telomere Test$ 290.00
    MTHFR Genotyping$ 140.00
    Apolipoprotein E Genotyping$ 140.00
    Female Hormone Panel$ 150.00
    Male Hormone Panel$ 150.00
    Thyroid Comprehensive$ 100.00
    Thyroid Comp. Plus Adrenals$ 130.00
    Home Blood Draw$ 75.00
  20. Huck

    Huck Silver

    On the way to the store, I remembered one thing I left out of the previous post. On the Friday before the Tuesday when I went to the clinic, I had an allergic reaction to cod fish and both eyes swelled almost shut. I took a benedry and went to a clinic that was halfway to ER. I wanted to make sure heart and lungs were OK.

    Doctor said I should go to er just in case, but I don't do just in case very well. My BP was very high (200/110) which is partly why she said go to er. I went home and took a bp med that usually works within 30-60 minutes, if it works. It did. After 30 minutes bp was down considerably. Took another benedryl and went to bed. Took about 36 hours for swelling in both eyes to abate.

    So the 2 clues so far are reaction to cod and insufficient digestive enzyme for saturated fat digestion, but at that time I didn't realize they were related. I guess I could say there was a 3rd clue - high blood pressure.

    I'll post more soon unless the wasps win.

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